When man’s understanding of nature augments exponentially and reaches the level of masterdom man will be able to be a real god rather than enslaving himself to the fictional gods he created and the labyrinth of meaningless theories he concocted.Instead of cowering and lamenting as a minion under the forces of nature he would be the master of all natural forces.He will be FREE and wanton,a self-sufficent,self-sustaining and a self-existent superbeing.He won’t subjugate his soul to the church and his mind to the state.He won’t be entangled by piles of regula’s restricting his existence.There will be no distraught,diseases,and suffering.There will be no rulers and subordinates human nature will transform from defection to absolute perfection.He will be FREE of all wants and needs, puny man will become almighty man.
The ignorance of natural causes which has contained him in a perpetuating unhappiness will fade away and be replaced by absolute understanding of the natural world.

The complot to keep man subjugated to the state and the church will be broken at the stage of masterdom.The individual will prevail as a victor.Reason will triump over schizophrenia; liberalism will triump over totalitarianism; Realism will triump over idealism; and masochism will die once and for good.

when man attains absolutism his environment shaped by his nature will also acquire perfection.There will be no ethical issues, no wars,no conflicts,global or multiversal challenges.It is only here that man could actually be happy.We must be sage enough not to bestow our hopes on fictional arrival stories of long dead middle eastern shepards as mesiahs to liberated humanity from it’s unhappiness.It is only when man himself reaches masterdom that he can be a happy self-existent god.

Man has no saviour except reason, and redeemer except naturalism and coronater except the stage of masterdom.Man must guard himself from reactionaries i.e idealists who are trying to drive man into extinction.Those challenged men who are anti-immortalists,anti-masterdom and anti-salubrity.The individual must understand his enemies these are the state and the church plus all totalitarian pseudoscientists.He must watch himself not to fall into their traps and fall for their baits.Most pseudosciences nowadays look like genuine eusciences at first inorder to trick you in to giving them legitimacy.Once they acquire this legitimacy they will show their true colors, a cult of totalitarian floundering.

I myself might not attain and reach the technology of masterdom and immortality but as long i live whether i reach that moment in time where the technology has already been acquired or not.I will advocate it to the benefit of mankind.To liberate humanity from the fetters of pseudosciences and the cult of death.

Humans are really in a precarious situation between a rock and a hard place in this century we are seeing a refugee crises that has never been witnesseed since the second world war,diseases,famines,hot and cold wars of proxy’s,climate challenges,interstellar travel challenges, and so forth.These problems may seem beyond us but infact what is currently beyond us is the intelgnos [natural understanding] to remedy these issues which will eventually come about.Man has been socialized to feel inferior and prostrate in submission before deified and personified natural forces by the decrees of the self appointed ambassadors of God.

He was doctrinized since infancy that he was the creation of a God that he is incapable of understanding not due to the oxomoronic and chimerical nature of the character God; which is translated by the ambassodors not as an enigma of incompatible attributes but as a character of supremacy.Hence, this poor child as an abandoned orphan was forced to hold on to this very belief that he was inferior that nature was superior and he should enslave himself to her forces which have been designated by the ambassadors by various different names Tlaloc,Chalchiuhtlicue,Anyanwu,Malakbel,Shapash,Amun,Apollo,Ravi,Vanyu,Aoelus,Enlil,and so forth.He was dictated to worship these Gods rather than investigate nature to amend his condition.

Freethought was seen as a vice contemplation a perversion.Hence man suffered in silence under the yoke of mysticism.He enslaved his volition to the ambassadors of these Gods.He even requested permission in how to think and animate himself.In totalitarian subjugation man became a minion when infact if he understood nature he could have been a master and a self-sufficient supremebeing.

Most often ignorance begets violence and overwhelming wrath.This has been utilized by the ambassadors as a very effective tool in sustaining their mythological institutions.By decreeing blasphemy and similar edicts to contain the individual from freethought as if there can be a blasphemy against Homer Simpson and similar fictional characters if he belittled his image for example the ambassadors conspired to contain the individual within the evil triangle.Their instituions flourished under tyrany and totalitarian systems.Most commonly we witness mythical institutions as the allies of Tyrants because they can be utilized as a weapon to control the individual inorder to herd him.

Hence,the marriage between Tyranny and mysticism was established without any space for divorce.Totalitarianism and mysticism comploted against the individual to subjugate him to their volition and vagary.The individual in confusion and hopelessness even wished suicide to end his suffering.The rock [the state] and the hard place [the church] that the individual was inserted and clenched became unbearable.If he was liberated and dignified as an intelligent being with a potential to be a supreme master of nature herself; he would have acquired that bliss he eagerly aspires for.

The science and technology today is much advanced than the natural philosophy that existed in Aristotles time hence,making it possible for us living in this current age to contemplate natural domination and masterdom.But still the intelgnos [i.e natural understanding] we possess today is not complete.Hence, more investement and attention should be given into developing technologies.I aspire a high tech society and civilization like the movies presented to us via science fiction movies like Star Trek and so forth.This is the only route we ought to take into a society fully bogged down and pre-occupied in scientific way of life way afar from mystical floundering,mythology and alternative nonsense.

A society based on science and innovation were the tools of technology are utilized to enhance humanbeings to amend their condition and their surroundings.A society free from superstition,ignorance and totalitarianism.A society based on reason and evidence with an aspiration to understand the natural world.

A world of grow ups who can never be convinced with myths and fables by recalcitrant cozeners.A society of freethinkers and skeptics who do not take any theory at face value and for granted.Where reason,realism and objectivism become respectable words.where Faith,idealism,and subjectivism as a pre-occupation for confonded callow minds and insignias of fiction.A society of empowerment and sedulity in the investigation of reality.A society of individualism,naturalism and transhumanism.This is the kind of society i aspire and want to dwell in as well as prepare for my descendants.

It is only here in this kind of society that man can really attain the stage of self-sufficiency and supremacy.It is only when he is liberated,dignified and encouraged to inquire into the nature of reality than be suffocated by the evil triangle of totalitarianism i.e between the state,the society and the church that he can acquire his maximum potential.Freethought, pure reason and naturalism are the facilitators to the ultilmate destination of masterdom and supremacy.

As has been said in other articles it is the ignorance of reality which is the radix of our unhappiness hence,the understanding of reality will provide the reverse.Inorder for this to manifest the individual must be left alone and be under protege to reach self-sufficency and supremacy.


Nature awaits to be conquered.