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May 2016

Illusion is a toxic and fatal pseudoscience to our rational mind.

Illusion is a stratagem. By distorting incoming perceptions illusionists or magicians as they are commonly called abuse our senses and insult our intelligence, compelling us into creating  distorted concepts about the real world,metaphysical truths and our empirical experience in general.

Since ancient times magic and mysticism were closely related.Today’s stage ‘performance’ styled magic or illusion may seem non-superstitious, performed just for ‘fun’ and seem entertainment, but we should never forget were it came from.It is still a mysticial art of confounding the objective mind and destroying reason.In this case we must be vigilant about this hoax and claptrap called illusion as we ought to be, when we are confronted with similar other pseudosciences which are a treat to our reason and mental salubrity.


Pseudosciences take several shape and form,some of them seem like an art of entertainment;some look like a system of worship;some look like therapeutic medical systems but what makes them all identical is their abhorance for truth and reality.Their hatred towards reason and the material world.

Their unwillingness or incapability to be engaged with reality and truth.Their repugnance towards evidence based existence or ebeism.Their irressitable pulse to deceive mankind and maintain their own selfish interests.These individuals are skilled actors they are experts in totalitarian subjugation of the human mind to distortions and lies.They are either naive themselves or perform and promote their pseudosciences,theories, arts of fobbing etc.  due to spite.


Magic was mostly associated with rituals and sacrifices in the past before it became some sort of stage art .If I am asked whether magic is an entertainment I would say No.I would further enunciate that I am being abused by magicians rather than being ‘entertained’,because  how can we say that somebody  is being ‘entertained’ while his awareness and reason is under onslaught from purposely distorted percept and perceptions ?


Reality is more facinating and salubrious to witness than illusion.A walk in a park within nature is more salutary than to seek entertainment from an abusive unhealthy stage art. A real magic is when I see a seed slowly turn into unfledged plant, a black hole in space burping into space after devouring a star; a cell undergoing mitosis; a macrophage engulfing an invading bacteria in our body; copper sulphate solution and zinc  undergoing oxidation reaction; a chameleon changing it’s appearance in alignment with it’s surrounding.Now these are the priceless  shows of magic of nature.This is were we need to invest our attention on the magnificent shows of natural phenomena without any mystical interpretations with a pure objective and scientific approach.


Mysticism is ofcourse what preceded objective science before the scientific method.It was the begining of science.Mystics,magicians,witches, and sorcerers were primordial scientists with their potions,herbs,rituals,trepanations,exorcisms,sacrifices and so forth.This is how science commenced,with witchcraft and sorcery.In an attempt by mankind to explain nature and provide remedies to his challenges magic,mysticism,and superstition were established to provide answers to metaphysical questions and cures to metaphysical ailments.Resolving the question of ontology by answers like pantheism or monotheism and diagnosing ailments as caused by evil spirits and demons or anger of the Gods etc.


They attempted to influence even control nature for their own interests; for example they wanted to  create rainfall in times of drought by prayers,ritual dancing,libations,supplications,sacrifices etc.Magic,mysticism, and superstition, are primordial and precursors of the present objective and evidence based science.Our ancient ancestors  attempted to explain the natural world from a  mystical and superstitious vantage point.


The science that began with magic,sorcerey and superstition has advanced tremendously into a materialistic objective discipline providing real objective answers and real demonstrable cures. Unfortunately,the mystical philosophy, interpretation and vantage point of ancient times has become toxic to the 21 century rational man and his way of life who dwells  in a rapidly advanced objective materialist society.The ancient interpretation of the natural world must leave the throne to the modern objective interpretation of the natural world.

What we are witnessing today  is the standoff between primordial science and modern science. The conflict between mysticism and materialism.The conflict between reason and whim.The conflict between ebeism and nebeism.The conflict between commonsense and vagary.The art of ancient mysticism is being held as a form  of dogmatic life style by the current 21st century descendents as something not to be discarded and held firm in opposition to  the uptodate discoveries and theories of the modern world.


The philosophy of our ancestors should never be a dogma it has to be discarded in place of  modern science.So that we can live our lives based on evidence rather than dogma,materialism rather than mysticism,naturalism rather than spiritualism.Many of the theories of our ancestors explaining ailments  for example has been proven today as not a ‘demonic’ posession ,but a simple chemical imbalance in or brains; Earth quakes are not anger of the Gods but due to tectonic plates and so on.Therefore,magical,mystical and superstitious beliefs of our primitive ancestors should never be held dogmatically just because they are old.


Old does not mean right.


The reason I have discussed thus far more about superstition and mysticism rather than the art of illusion should not be taken as a digression from the topic of the article I am doing this on purpose because I want to show and stress the point to the reader that the current stage art of illusion as it is called today is still a form of superstition because that is were it came from as is discussed here in this reference material.


Coming back to our title of this article,illusion grew from the soil of superstition and pagan religion.It emanated from magic.Therefore,it is not an objective science which is based on reason,but on trickery and deception of the audience.The illusionist on the 21st century as a mystic is biased by his interest,he aspires for wealth,fame or power.The title illusionist itself should already make clear what this art stands for; it is an art which stands in opposition to realism.


The primary objective of illusion is not the discovery of truth it is either the distortion or the smoothering of truth to the dismay of our consciousness.It’s objective is not to shine light on the truth but to shed the truth away from the light.Illusion short circuits our rational mind with trickery and this cannot be sensibly termed as an act of entertainment or empowerment.Illusion is not healthy for the audience or for anyone who practises it due to it’s antipathy to realism.


So when you watch a magic show you are not being entertained you are being abused and retarded.We all live in the realm of reality any digression or attempt to distort it will result in a disorder and malfunctioning of our natural design.We should also understand that most illusions themselves are plagiary of scientific phenomenon,for example the use of electricity and laughing gas,mirrors,cables,prearranged instruments, hiring actors,installing audience members etc. to perform stage tricks and labeling as ‘magic’.There is nothing ‘supernatural’ about what magicians demonstrate,it is either purely a natural phenomenon borrowed from science or a well contemplated art of deception of our senses.If magicians had supernatural powers why did the most famous of all magicians Harry Houdini die in a magic trick ??? Thus,we must Protect our consciousness from gullibility,delusion and distortionism so that we can stay within the righteous path of reason and naturalism.


Never believe in magic, belief is a dirty word to believe is to sell oneself ! Employ your reason at all times, because you can rest assured that there is nothing beyond nature and it’s natural phenomena.Therefore,whatever manifestations you behold, it can NEVER transcend beyond nature.


Stay a stubborn unbeliever !

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A discourse on dengue virus.

What is dengue virus ?
Dengue fever virus also called break bone fever virus is an RNA virus of the family Flaviviridae and genus Flavivirus.Other viruses which share the same genus include Yellow fever virus,west nile virus,japanese encephalitis virus,tick borne encephalitis virus, and others.
The dengue virus genome contains about 11,000 nucleotide bases which form the three different types of proteins which build the virus particle.And other seven proteins make are used for the replication of the virus.
The virus has five strains or stereotypes,the first four are called DENV-1,DENV-2,DENV-3 and DENV-4 and the fifth one.The differences among these strains is ofcourse by their capability to bind with a group of products that have adaptive immunity.[i.e by their antigenicity.]
The first record in history of the disease comes from a Chinese medical encyclopedia from the Jin Dynasty.But the most laudable reports of this epidemic of the disease comes from the 1779 and 1780 across Asia,Africa,and north america.In 1906 the disease was shown to be transmitted via Aedes mosquito. The virus infects 50-528 million people world wide and about 20,000 deaths.It is common in 110 countries.
what is the pathology of the virus ?
Dengue is vector borne virus [i.e mosquito.] Symptoms commence after 3-14 days after infection.High fever,headache,muscle and joint pain (hence termed as breakbone fever),vomiting and a characterstic skin rash.The progression of the disease has a febrile,critical and recovery phases.
The febrile phase includes a high fever over 40′ c with a headache and pain lasting for 2-7 days. As fever resolves the critical phase commences, here there is a leakage of plasma from blood vessels which may result in fluid accumulation in the chest wall and abdominal cavity here decreased fluid in the patients system.The recovery phase happens with the reabsorbtion of the leaked fluid from the systems.Hence,fluid overload may affect the brain and result in decreased consciousness or seizures.Dengue fever affects several bodily systems including the brain,heart and the liver.
The primary transmitters of this virus are Aedes aegypti and other Aedes species.These mosquitoes exist between latitudes of 35′ north and 35′ south on an elevation of 3,300ft.They bite during early morning as well as in the evenings. Similar to malaria humans are primary hosts of the virus when the female mosquito takes a blood meal from a patient in the febrile phase of the disease 2-10 day, it becomes infected and the virus infects the cells lining its gut , then on from the 8th to the 10th days later the salivary gland of the mosquito gets infected.Hence,releasing the virus into another non-infected human via a bite.The virus can also be transmitted via blood transfusions,organ donations,and vertical transmissions.
what is the treatment or prevention ?
As with malaria, and Zika the prevention mechanism is to erradicate stagnant water used by Aedes mosquito to lay its egg.Inaddition,insecticides and biological control can be utilized.Using mosquito repellant,mosquito nets, and fully covering dresses can be used as a personal prevention measure.
When we come to treatment there is no vaccine present currently.But a partially effective vaccine produced by Sanofi called Dengvaxia is 60% effective.Maintaining a proper fluid balance or oral rehydration is important.Paracetamol is used to reduce fever and pain.Blood transfusion maybe initiated in those patients with low heamatocrit.Finally in the recovery period fluid adminstration is discontinued inorder to stop fluid overload in the circulatory system.The fatality rate is 1-5 % and less than one with accurate treatment.Those patients with low blood pressure are the one at high risk for death.That is why hydration is emphasized as discussed above.







A discourse on Zika virus.

what is zika virus ?
The zika virus was first isolated in 1947 from a Rhesus macaque monkey which was placed in a cage in the Zika forest of uganda by the scientists of the Yellow Fever Research Institute. Another isolation was performed from a mosquito A.africanus in 1948. The virus is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae and genus Flavivirus.This virus is related to dengue,yellow fever,Japanese encephalitis and west nile viruses.
Like other flaviviruses, Zika virus is enveloped and icosahedral and has a non-segmented single stranded, positive-sense RNA genome.A positive-sense RNA can be directly translated to viral ptoteins.
what is the pathology of the virus ?
Zika is primarily spread through the female Aedes aegypti mosquito which is active in day time.This virus has also been isolated from Aedes africanus, A.apicoargenteus,A.furcifer,A.hensilli,A.luteocephalus and A.vittatus with an extrinsic incubation period in mosquitoes of about 10 days.
Zika has been reported to be transmitted via sexual intercourse.A United states biologist who was bitten while studying mosquitoes in senegal transmitted the virus to his wife via sexual action.May be the well advertised means of the viruses pathology is it’s vertical transmission i.e mother to fetus during pregnancy or birth which is a true matter of fact.Transmisssion via blood transfusion has also been reported.
Zika replicates in the mosqito’s mid gut epithelial cells and then in its salivary gland cells.Even after 5-10 days Zika can be found in the mosquitos saliva.If the mosquito’s saliva alone is inoculated into a human subject,the virus can infect epidermal keratinocytes,skin fibroblasts and langerhans cells.Then it is hypothesised the virus moves on to the lymph nodes and blood stream.
Common symptoms of the infection include mild headaches,maculopapular rash,fever,malaise,conjuctivitus and joint pain.Thus, far Zika fever has been a comparatively mild malady with only one in five persons developing symptoms with no fatalities.The symptoms last for 2-7 days.The virus has been identified to exist in Africa,the americas, Asia and the pacific.
What is the treatment for the virus ?
In this current year of 2016 no vaccine is available, but preventative measures like mosquito nets,repellants, clearing stagnant water can be utilized.The symptoms are mainly managed via rest,paracetamol(acetaminophen),fluids and other nonsteroidal anti-inflamatory drugs can be used if Dengue virus has been ruled out from diagnosis.WHO experts have advised for the development of inactivated vaccines, so that it can be safe to use on pregnant women.
Since january the NIH vaccine research centre,Bharat Biotech International, and other 18 companies and institutions are working on developing a vaccine against zika virus but they have not reached human trials.





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