If man had a higher understanding and cognition of reality he would have amended his condition according to his desire.Man could have apprehended the strange but interesting domain of reality for his own good or he can vanish for his own disadvantage reality does not really care. Unfortunately,these two options are the exclusive options presented before him.
Therefore, the logical and sensible approach for all of humanity is the following three steps:


Which means inorder to live a mirthful existence free from suffering we must first defend reality—> and next apprehend reality –> and next amend our conditions with the apprehension we have possessed in step two to ameliorate what ever we are suffering from which maybe  an ‘incurable’ disease, a car accident, plane crashes,impecuniousity,relationship issues, even death just about ANYTHING that we are lamenting about in our daily lives on these tiny speck of dust that we call earth.

Any thing is amendable IF we have a higher understanding of reality we can prevent or amend these phenomena because we possess something precious which is INTELLIGENCE however limited and flawed it maybe.Creating fictional toys and fictional characters and calling them gods like little children to amend our livelihoods like Jesus,Allah,Shiva,Amun,Marduk,Yahweh and so forth will NEVER satisfy our aspirational needs but derail us into heresy and even further derrangement.
Jesus pandira had a tail. He was just a man !. He was an ape like everyone of us. He was the leader of a failed revolution to liberate his country from Roman empirialism were this political fact was romanticized into a theological fairytale by some novelist long after he was killed by the Romans.Jesus pandira the son of a Roman soldier was turned into  a son of God by giving him another name Jesus christ. Hence, what ensued was the philosophy of Christianity to be adorned by millions globally.I wonder why fiction sales so much than fact? Anyways lets grow up and stop fooling ourselves in this swamp of imaginary escapism and be seduolus enough to apprehend reality inorder to usher in the era of Homo-Domini.Where man’s intelligence is augmented exponentially to be the master of nature.
It is only then that ALL suffering ceases to exist.The magnificent philosophy of transhumanism has to be embraced by every man without fear and apprehension if they want to live a happy and serene existence.There is nothing to be afraid of about reality but sometimes the forces of nature may be scary like lightening for instance.In ancient Roman mysticism they even deified this force into a God called jupiter.

In the US according to the Insurance institute for high way safety High way loss data institute car crashes took 32,675 lives in the country this is a lot of people dead.They are the fathers,mothers,sisters and brothers of somebody who would miss them.This is really really a very sad tragedy for a weak human being to endure.
The recent death of 239 people by plane crash of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH37 is a recent memory and other related deaths that we think we can’t do any thing about can be mentioned .BUT the good news is YES ! There is something we can do about these manifestations; these are NOT the act of Gods ! These are natural phenomenons deserving natural solutions.They can be controlled by humanbeings.I will repeat the above statement inorder to signify its importance.They can be controlled and prevented with absolute precision.

There is no such thing as the act of God which is translated by mystics and idealists as improvidence or providence.God is the terminology designated subjectively and arbitrarily to the forces of nature.Mystics assign everything to God like an infant assigns the appellation Dada ! or daddy to everyone because of his immaturity and low intelligence.We have come to understand that this force throughout our evolutionary history is begining to be understood bit by bit and now we finally are having the audacity that our ancestors did not have to finally claim that we can master this force to our interests and benefits.Man is slowly stopping to cower in fear under the forces of nature and starting to acquire valiance and assertivenesss to master nature.Breaking the fetters put in place by the theory of ‘Spiritualism’.

I don’t even understand what Spiritualism denotes which is a term without a representative in the objective world but the votaries of this defunct ‘theory’ of antiquity might be outraged to hear that they are animals.They have deluded themselves into thinking that they are ‘spiritual’ beings.So let’s ask a sensible and deserving question How can there be a spiritual being with Balls and canines ??? How can there be a ‘spiritual’ being which devours other animals inorder to survive ??? Does it even make any sense ??? So I believe we are 21st centry people hence we must behave as so we must be smarter than our ancestors who formulated these speculative theories.

Man is travelling a long distance from polytheism to monotheism then to atheism and the final stage of selfdeification or selftheism which is pending.
The stage of selftheism ofcourse has not yet materialized but the process has began and it’s on track.This era or the eon of Homo-domini could only materialize ofcourse when we acquire full and absolute understanding of reality which is called in amystology as The stage of masterdom.

At this stage man will possess complete intelligence enabling him to utilize this intelligence to amend any of his conditions hence, coronating himself as a Supemebeing at the end.I hope I reach this stage of masterdom in my life time to reach that inevitable era of Homo-domini.

Selftheism can only come about as discussed above when only we reach masterdom but on this current date on on April 30,2016  I believe we have not reached that stage yet.Hence,Selftheism cannot materialize.In order for it to manifest we need to invest more into research and technology to unravel the secrets of nature or reality.

Research and development are the indispensable tools that we must practise inorder to reach the eon of Homo-domini and Selftheism.To save ourselves from lamentation and suffering masterdom is our only salvation.Realism must be our philosophy ; reason our beacon.
Reality is eternal it is not going anywhere ! it does not matter what form it takes.As long as there is a perceiver there will ALWAYS be a percept.This principle in amystology is called The self-exclusion principle.Perception and percept exist in tandem one CANNOT exist without the other it is meaningless and a metaphysical imposibility.
A mind nothing to perceive or shall i say cannot percieve is not a mind; a percept which can never be perceived is not a percept.Unless otherwise both the mind and the percept are non-existent entities.If there is a mind there must be a percept consistent with itself and vise versa.This is the reason I state that reality is eternal.
Continuing with the count down of the many lamentations and short comings that we posses and are distraught about lets talk about AIDS my speciality as a health professional the virus which has caused the deaths of about 1.2 million in just 2014 let alone the number of people it killed since it evolved in central africa and western africa from non-human primates as a zoonosis from a related virus called Simian (monkey) immunodeficeincy virus [SIV] in the 1920’s has been a major humanitarian challenge that mankind has ever faced. The number of the infirmed is also staggeringly sad at the end of 2014 approximately there are 36.9 million fellow humans living with HIV.

When one considers the sensible question why do we still suffer from natural challenges ? rather than the insensible question why do this things happen ? the answer is very simple indeed to vociferate but hard to implement due to our weak intelligence.
Which is our lack of understanding of reality.Then what is holding us to enhance ourselves and our squeaking technology to a higher standard ? and the answer for this is may be fear or indolence or any other answer which is not really important.BUT what is important is we MUST augment our understanding of nature or reality it does not matter how hard it is.Man can never be happy until he becomes the master of nature !

Freethought and empowerment are not a sport but mandatory ! if we like to survive and lead a blissful existence and dominate reality.Let those individuals who have been fobbed by Iron age fairytales fool themselves with superstitious toys like the cross and the Kabba we will focus our attention as grown ups in to the real source of our blessings and sufferings which is reality let them join us when they come to their senses and heal themselves from emotional zealotry which is forcing them to produce turpitude and hot air rather than technologies to amend man’s condition.

We will continue to enhance the precious creature which is man gifted by a cortex that no other animal of his kind possess to contemplate the origin of matter and metaphysics an intelligent being but still with weaknesses that ever walked the planet.Who produces symphonies,mathematical and universal formulas,magnificent paintings, and so forth even with his limited intelligence.Let’s focus on reality the one and only eternal dimension to liberate ourselves from the sufferings we endure in every aspect of life inorder to reach the ultimate destination of selftheism and the eon of Homo-Domini.


Science as the systematic investigater of reality is the only redeemer for mankind !!!
In reason I trust !!!
Commonsense will never let me down !!!


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