Man is innately an empirical,realistic and objective animal.Idealism is a disorder of the natural order,function,design and identity of the the human organism.when we discuss the issue of epistemology or the topic of acquiring knowledge only empiricism and rationalism constitute as valid. Man has no option but to imbibe empirical data or perceptions whether they are distorted illusions as in a magic trick or non-distorted normal perceptions to create concepts in his mind because man is innately a material animal.
Reality exists beyond the observer whether he is conscious,unconscious,biased [by magicians or personal interests],unbiased,present or absent.Any attempt to acquire knowledge beyond reason is not just a futile labour but an impossible endeavor which is against our very identity.Man is designed for the material world;he posseses a material mind;he can either function the way he is designed to function or malfunction.Unfortunately, these are the exclusive options presented before him within the exclusive realm of reality; sensibility facesoff with zanity.
‘Intiution’ is not a means of gaining knowlegde because intution itself is an idea/concept not a perceptual organ like the eye,nose,ear,skin and tongue.Therefore, one cannot perceive a percept with a concept.There is only one correct direction of epistemology which is percepts give birth to concepts; objects create subjects not the other way around.Hence, idealism,subjectivism and intutionism are just topsyturvy theories contrived by confounded idealistic minds.They are not ‘alternative’ propositions but symptoms of a disordered mind and consciousness biased either by naivity or personal interests.
what if there is a dimension beyond matter ? what then ? well, this should not concern Man because it’s against and beyond his design.He cannot be held accountable for what is beyond his nature.In this case would it harm him if he just had ‘faith’ in what is beyond reason because of his incapability to know anything the material world ? YES it would harm him to have a blind faith because he would be once again attempting to malfunction to counterfeit and abandon his identity as a material animal.Hence, will be chasitised with consequences by nature. what are the consequences ? The concequences are damages to psycho-physical health and wellbeing due to an attempt to transgress his design.
If the objects/percepts beyond the observer did not exist if they were just ‘ideas’ as idealists propose why did nature bother in giving us senses to SENSE ??? can’t we forward the senses of man as an evidence for realism and objectivism ? If concepts preceeded percepts then we have no need of senses we should have just possessed smooth faces without inlets for data.The fans and retinues of Berkeley and his confounded theory of idealism should provide an answer for this argument.
If the consciousness created reality acccording to our idealist opponents why don’t they ‘create’ a blissful,utopian planet free from challenges and ups and downs of life just by the dint of their wishes ? why don’t they utilize their ‘what ever you can conceptualize you can materialize’ motto to use and create for us a perfect planet and universe ? we just need to be like little chidren with a wish list invoking any desire we wish to materialize.I believe idealists are adult children who are fooling themselves.They and their followers can be analogized as The dumb and the dumbers.It is reality which creates the consciousness; the consciousness does not create reality; idealists have it the other way around; wouldn’t it be a misdenomination to state that the consciousness as self-existent ??? because consciousness is a passive term and definition not an active term and designation.It denotes an action where ‘something’ is being perceived and that something is reality.
In her book For the new intellectual p.124 Ayn rand states “Existence exists-and the act of grasping that statement implies two corollary axioms:that something exists which one perceives and that one exists possessing consciousness,consciousness being the faculty of perceiving that which exists.If nothing exists,there can be no consciousness:A consciousness conscious of nothing but it self is a contradiction in terms:before it could identify itself as consciousness, it had to be conscious of something.”
I believe by this time we have understood already that idealism is pure peurility.Spiritual idealists state that if you have a strong ‘faith’ and believe hard enough you can move a mountain,heal the lame,turn water into wine,cure pestilence.Material idealists like ‘the law of attractionists,biocentrists,scientologists etc. and other branches of idealism state what ever you can imagine in your consciousness you can materialize whatever it maybe.Hence, according to idealism YOU are the centre of creation.
But idealists do not realize their fallicious position because we must understand that the ‘consciousness’ is a passive terminology denoting an act of awareness of something and that ‘something’ is reality.consciousness does not denote creation but perception.It is reality which creates the consciousness not the other way around.How can any man be conscious without anything to be conscious about ??? couldn’t we forward the consciousness itself as an evidence for realism ??? Because that ‘anything’ mentioned above is reality.
Anyone who believes that their ‘faith’ or consciousness is the creator of reality rather than reality being the creator of the consciousness are all idealists.Idealist are experts in topsyturvy discourses.Idealism is not a legitimate theory but a symptom of peurility and disordered consciousness.
Amystology as a philosophy which defends reality and advocates its masterdom aspires for the day that mankind aided by reason and commonsense gets FULL understanding of Isness and tresspasses it’s limitations of developing technologies to dominate reality.What creates imaginary escapism i.e forcing people to create imaginary Gods and imaginary laws is either the uncomfortability or the unintelligibility of reality.

Hence,idealism whatever form it may take is the ignorance of reality.The challenges which are by part the consequences of our low half-baked intelligence and the intricate nature of reality itself is the number one source for the creation of idealism and idealistic theories because they are childish and easy to formulate like writing children’s stories.Compared with the cerebral and demanding field of realism and objective sciences.

Whether we are comfortable with reality or whether we understand it or not; reality exists.It is not going anywhere;it is eternal.we can understand and master it or divert into heretic idealism and mysticism floundering in a labryinth of confusion and agony.This is the reason why amystology was launched with a motto -defend and master- that is defending reality from delusions,illusions,deceptions,heresy,digressions,pseudosciences,pseudoscientists etc. while at the same time advocating masterdom i.e the complete and full understanding of reality by humanbeings.

Idealists by commiting the divergence fallacy are not helping themselves or their disoriented votaries.Because reality is tough that does not mean that it is an illusion.Reality is a self-existent domain.The reason for the creation of all religions and pseudo-cults is the intricacy and challenging nature of reality as stated above.
When human intelligence augments in the future there awaits so much facinating discoveries in reality which will amuse us just like the discovery of the DNA molecule responsible for variations was an amusement when it was identified in 1953.There is still so much to discover and understand about reality which will eventually transform our lives like genetic engineering has transformed our lives in terms of providing better crops eliminating hereditary diseases,understanding interspecies relationships,and currently considered for enhancing humanbeings which is a nobel idea.Transhumanism is not science on steroids BUT COMMONSENSE on steriods.Which we desperately need nowadays in a planet where the voice of reason has been drowned by the ranting of mystics and being over populated by derranged apes who have lost touch with reality and slaughtering each other due to their ignorance of reality. Transhumanism is a marvellous philosophy which really has understood the soverignity of reality and is attempting to turn humans into self-sufficent creatures free from suffering.

The discovery of so much elements of reality by Nicholas Copernicus,Galileo galilei,Sir Isaac Newton,Michael Faraday,Louis pasteur,Albert einstein,Georges lemaitre,James watson & Francis Crick,Dmitry Mendeleev,Wilhelm Roentgen,Niehls Bohr,James Clerk Maxwell,Heinrich Hertz,Guglielmo Marconi,Jonas salk,Sir Alexander flemming,Sir Charles darwin,and many other investigaters of reality have given us invaluable gifts by which we can enlighten ourselves and liberate our minds from the fetters of ignorance and manintain a comfortable life with the discoveries they have brought forth.
BUT reality is still not fully comprehended yet there is still so much to know about this magnificent realm.Hence,we need young curious minds; the Darwins and Copernicuses of the 21st century who would pre-occupy themselves with the nature of reality and the philosophy of realism.Inorder to benefit the next generation who would inturn appreciate them for their hard work just like we are appreciating the scientists of the past.Therefore,as a conclusionary message let’s preoccupy ourselves with the philosophy of realism and the exclusive dimension of reality.Inorder to protect ourselves from the corruption,bane and extinction brought about by imaginary escapism.

Defend and master reality !!!
Reason is our saviour !!!

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