Ignorance begets credulousness, arrogance and violence.The more people are ignorant the more they are credulous.The more erudite they are the more skeptical they get.The epidemic of the heretic cult of faith continues to proliferate across the earth like a cancer flourishing in a society where enlightenment and skeptical inquiry have been decreed as dirty phrases.
Nature has been derided by so many charlatans throughout history either by spite or naiveity as a collection of inert dead matter incapable of self-actuation and evolution which receives it’s animation from something higher than itself.According to the immaterialist definition of this ‘higher’ entity this being is not just unknown BUT unknownable to a humanbeing given his design. Nature does move itself by it’s own essence which we witness everyday ! without the precept of a ‘super’ natural entity.
Inorder to demonstrate this claim i challenge you to denonunce TNT (trinitrotoulene) as a useless, inert , dead matter,—ignite it and hold it in your hand firmly if you really believe that matter is a useless and inert dust without an essence.You will be able to change your mind or shall i say your prejudice about the natural world if you survive the blast. [This is just an argument DO NOT DO THE EXPERIMENT.]
God is a mystical reference or appellation to nature and theism is the apotheosis of natural forces or their personification which is a heresy and digression from the true nature of nature itself. All mystics and spiritualists are heretics they don’t see nature for what it really is according to the law of identity [i.e A is A.] They are the apostates of reason and reality and apostles of instinct and insanity.They are the real infidels who have refused to accept the clear evidence brought on to them with bona fide.There is NOTHING mystical about nature as I have said so many times elsewhere to the boredom of the reader. Nature is purely material operating according to natural laws.—which is evidently demonstrated before our senses in our daily lives !!!
If a philosophy or theory ends up without a representative object in the objective world ,then it ends up joining the category of whimism or idealism rather than realism.A believer is a deluded man.To believe is to be illuded and to have faith is to have a delusion. Dupes arrogantly hold on to their either discredited or unverified beliefs that they blindly inherited from their forefathers or that they bought from impostors.
They can be represented in an analogy with a maniac who continues to push on a door despite the presence of a clear sign which says PULL.He ignores the clear red sign stuck on the door instead he trusts his intuition and holds on to faith that he has been warned to hold firm by whimologists that the door will open inwards and continues to bang on the door.
How can we explain this type of creature ??? Can we say that he is totally out of his mind ??? His nihilistic and sensational behaviour is disturbing for us to observe ofcourse.But, in addition if we observe diligently we understand that he is in a state of banemania fobbed by the bin-laden effect.
The fact that the door does not open inspite of his relentless effort is not seen by him as an erroneous approach and discouragment giving him the heed he desperately deserves to come to his senses but a sign that he is a ‘weak believer’ demanding a requisite even for more delusion and whimology.
This is how devastating and dangerous the ideology of faith is.—It is going to enslave you to ridiculous inane ideas and your own figments until you DIE ! .They want you to be in absolute thralldom to their authoritive and obsessed personality.
Cozeners [i.e founders of whimsical sciences] don’t really care about humanity, their obsession is with their empire that they are salivating to build by millions of gullibles and minions who praise their name and spread their fame from one corner of the planet to the other by peaceful means or otherwise.
They don’t care about the bliss of man, his success or his masterdom.
Despite the presence of clear evidence of bones and fossils believers like to hold on to pipe line dreams. Despite the presence of attestments incontrary to their beliefs they keep on maintaining their erroneous attitudes with a smirk on their faces like retarded idiots. Just like the example of the man who continues to bang on the door like an outraged zombie they continue in their path bringing devastation upon themselves and distress upon observers.
Seeing their social order that they formulate above everybody else is their primary agenda. They are pre-occupied by questions like how can I create more deluded followers ? How can I ressurrect a massive army to take over the planet ? and so on. They are concerned about their fame and surface area of their empire whether or not their social system and ideology is based on truth and salubrity of ALL mankind is not really their concern this is how misanthropic they are inregard to humanity eventhough, they like to clothe themselves in the Red cross humanitarian T-shirts handing out free meals for flood victims to present themselves as philanthrophic.
Man is actuated by his nature in particular and whole nature in general.There is NO reason for him to believe in ANYTHING .All actuating forces are demonstratable, palpable and understandable.Natural phenomena are absolutely comprehendable to our material consciousness.There is no need for us to swallow mysterious incomprehedable doctrines and principles by the order of frowning Idealists,mystics and spiritualists [i.e whimologists].
Nature our creator is purely material ! we should not personify,mystify and spiritualize it.— we just have to objectively investigate the domain of reality to understand all natural causes to relieve ourselves from buffedlement and sufferring.
If you ask an ordinary mystic on the street why he is a Hindu,Buddist,Christian,Scientologist,Rasteferian,Muslim etc. ? Their eyes role in confusion and he might answer ” I don’t know, because it is my family heritage….” or he might say “I don’t know because it is cool ?!” or he might say because it is comfortable ,therapeutical, and feels good.” etc. He does not really give you a resounding sensible response.Most believers don’t even understand their faith ! .They don’t get the mythical nature of what they have accepted by habit from their forefathers and see no reason to examine it.They may be attracted towards faith because of desperation and need of relief from emotional,economic,health challenges etc. and misfortunes which by the way could only have natural solutions.
Most believers can’t even read what their scriptures say and understand what they stand for—they just trust the so called ambassadors [i.e prophets and priests] of ‘God’ in translating their meanings for them.There are billions of gullibles who believe in Islamic myth for example.—from these believers most of them can’t even read and understand the position of the Quran and they have no idea who wrote it ; what it stands for and represents to see it’s vision for the society and social order.They believe just by habit. Islamic mythology which emanated from Muhammeds whim is no different than any other branch of mysticism or non-evidence based pseudoscience.
All mystics share the same abhorance towards Naturalism,Reason,Individuality,pre-option,liberty,reality and truth. Despite the discord among themselves about which whim is the greatest reverie and road towards ‘redemption’. A sensible man might ask how can differrent beliefs be righteous at the same time despite having different systems of worship; different Gods and accusing each other of heresy ??? which system is real and which one is not ??? which God is real and which one is not ??? So he will begin to have doubts !!!
Many children of differrent faiths are raised since infancy being told that ‘others’ are infidels and their faith is ‘unique’,’special’, and the ‘choosen’ one.
Their rational mind will be coddled to dormancy by romantic fables,supressed by terror and fettered by totalitarianism to make them perfect subjects to their faiths. But sooner or later they will realize that the church and the state are their rancorous enemies comploting against their liberty,enligthenment,empowerment,serenity and even life.They will notice that irresistable pulse in their clergy to enslave them to their volitions and doctrines.To proscribe their journey towards pure reason and naturalism to see the world for what it is according to the law of identity A is A. Because they [i.e the state and the church] understand that an empowered man is unslaveable.
Here is a blog and a philosophy for the liberated men and individuals who are free thinkers, atheists, agnostics, amystics and so on which is an anti-mystical blog in particular and anti-pseudoscience in general which perlustrates,exposes and denounces all non-evidence based concepts,claims and schools of thoughts which are contrary to the nature of reality.While, promoting pure reason, naturalism and eusciences.
The propaganda of the cozeners, the number of the gullibles, and the cases of insanity seem to increase everyday but hopefully people will come to their senses and realize that apostacy is a commendable and salutary action.while,infidelity is a righteous virtue which protects us from whimism and the Holy insanity.

Apostasy is a valour and a necessity !
Belief is a dirty word !
Natural science is the only salvation for mankind !
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