Banemania is another term i coined to discribe the attitudes and irressitable impulse of mystics to bring bane on their bodies and wellbeing.The tenacity to which they hold on to mythical doctrines due to a lack of commonsense and reason to analyze that nature is NOT mystical,spiritual or non-evident causes them to blindly and impulsively drive themselves by instincts like a lower animal rather than employing their reason like a higher animal.
It is in the desert of ignorance where the thorn of faith and pseudosciences flourish.The need to believe arises from the need to establish a pseudoscientific cult.Evidence based sciences have no pre-requisition or a pre-condition for faith.Whereas, pseudoscientific cults have a precondition of faith because they are LIES !!!.
Faith itself can be a tell-tale sign of a pseudoscience.Nihilistic mental and psychological attitudes are exhibited by pseudoscientists rather than a calm objective and rational attitude because they lack evidence and most pseudoscientists are legal mental patients. Observe their behaviour for yourself ! and you will discover a personality emotionally and psychologically severly disturbed and in dire need of salubrism.
Mystics have destroyed themselves in an attempt to personify and deify nature into a person.So that they can have a communication to amend their livelyhood by prayers,repentance,and sacrifices as if nature is a person.They have discovered the dimension of delusion and schizophrenia destroying their health and wellbeing.
Protestant churches and other similar houses of legalized colleges of insanity have created more mental patients suffering from with hallucinations,schizophrenia and the Jesus delusion.Nature will chasitize anyone who digresses from naturalism either by destroying their health or other consequences.
Mystics suffer from all types of illnesses from gastritis due to excessive fasting to please an angry personified nature; to pyschosis,delusions,hallucinations, and other forms of illnesses that were mentioned earlier.
I don’t really understand why people are having a hard time trying to distinguish something which works from something which doesn’t ???
Is analyzing a theory for it’s efficacy challenging ??? It is the simplest thing ever ! We just need to utilize our COMMONSENSE and skeptical merciless minds !!! A question might arise in this current moment which is——what level of intelligence do we really have nowadays to distinguish fact from fiction ??? Is it so low that it incapacitates us of sensible judgement ??? Are people becoming indolent to enligthen themselves with wisdom ??? Is the agony of empowerment forbiding people from being erudite ???
Do they not have time to do so in this hectic 21st century life style and ending up dimwit and subordinates of zealous impostors ??? Who like in the games of little children who play the ‘patient and the Doctor’.They order medicines which are ridiculous in nature like Holy water,Holy egg of an eagle or an Ostrich to be drunk to cure diseases ranging from asthma to HIV/AIDS and other preposterous remedies like crocodile body parts and other mystical treatments which makes people even MORE morbid psychologically and physically.—Hence, the answer to all of the above mentioned questions may be YES !!! It is only when people become ignormus that pseudosciences and mysticism fester in the society.
Hence, the cure for ignormity is hard work and enlightenment.But anyways i believe it is NOT hard to tell apart efficacy from spuriousness if we are really erudite and most importantly mentally healthy.How hard could it be to tell apart astrology from astronomy; alchemy from chemistry; phrenology from psychology; Non-evidence based medicine [which is massacring millions by the way] like Ayurveda,homeopathy,faith healing,Dianetics,Naturopathy,Iridiology,reflexology,Chinese medicine,vitalism,acupuncture,cupping therapy, and other pseudosciences diguised as religions like Islam,christianity,etc..and so forth from the evidence based mainstream medicine and evidence based Sciences ???
I believe it is the dearth of commonsense and intelligence which makes people fall for befuddling inane theories.If i decided to delve and discribe every pseudosicence i believe it would be like taking a tour inside a disoriented mind.Therefore, i will leave the job of understanding every pseudoscientific cult which were mentioned above to the reader because, frankly i don’t want to be infected and contaminated by the ideas of pseudo-nonsense.
It is not salutary for my wellbeing.Nor does it has the capability to enlighten my ignorant and callow ape brain.Diagnosing pseudosciences requrires only as stated above your commonsense.Calmly analyze the theory and it’s evidence that it forwards if it has one—But most pseudosciences NEVER do ! That’s why they are called pseudosciences.
Therefore, this impulse to destroy one self with pseudoscience emerges from mental illness or from the ignorance of people.Most followers of pseudosciences don’t even understand what they are following ! . Hence,we NEED to empower ourselves as much as we can to separate ourselves from the lower animals who are blinded by instinct and sensationalism animated by caprice and irreason driving themselves and anyone who they can grab—off into the abyss of extermination.
Individuals possessed by banemania don’t really have a functioning REASON which operates to see their digressions and heresy from naturalism.Sensationalism antagonizes REASON it forces it shut down.So that the weeds of pseudoscientific doctrines take root in a mind where there is no gardener i.e REASON to pluck out those poisioness weeds that have grown and which are being maintained and sustained by slothfulness.
The mind of a sloth is infested with mystical stories of spirits,demons,Gods,etc..Realistic concepts of the Cosmos are basically non-existent in his mind.He rush’s to attribute the cause of manifestations to fictional characters which only exist in his mind because the ignorance of natural causes has left a vacancy in his awareness where insubstansial subjects take root.
All Pseudosciences starting from spiritualism which includes all religions throughout history to material mysticisms are products of lower intelligence.If the founders of these cults had higher intelligence they need not have diverted to inpalpable explainations for palpable manifestations.They need not have digressed to sensationalism but to REASON if they their claims were really true.

Pseudoscience may probably be the cause of the 6th extinction !
It is in the desert of ignorance where the thorn of faith and pseudosciences flourish !
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