OH ! Dear Nature The Almighthy ,The merciful and The Glorious.
Don’t unleash your furry on your minions, your Gloriousness.
Hold on your punishments of landslides,earthquakes,tornadoes,famine,epidemics and volcanoes.
We will repent for our sins that we are incapable of commiting due to your monopoly of volition in your kingdom.
We will offer sacrifices to please your outraged temper and Immutable-self-sufficient essence, your gloriousness !
we will establish a designated altar and a house of abodement where you will be deified and praised day in and day out by ranting enthusiastic vulgars denominated by so many different nomenculatures in different cultures and ethic groups throughout the world and throughout history.—Some will call you Shiva and others might call you Allah,Marduk,Yahweh,Jesus,Amun,Saturn and just simply God.We will assign a priest as your minister and ambassador to communicate your precepts.
Oh ! Dear nature !
Your words coming from the caprice of the ambassadors will be inscribed in a scripture called a Holy book.We will consider the whim of your ambassadors as your dictum to be strictly followed and highly revered.
we will establish a house of worship in your honour and we will call it The House of God !
And the land that it will be established on as a Holy land !
In there we will offer sacrifice; we will splash some milk and honey, spread bread crums.
We will confess our dirty little secrets that you already know to your ministers so that they can supplicate your forgiveness and so that you know our crimes that you already know before-hand before you unleash your vengence that your merciful epithet proscribes you from accomplishing.We will beg for forgiveness for our disobedient and licentiousness nature which you designed us with in the first place.
We will take full responsibility of guilt for your design.
I don’t really see the point of confessing our sins that we can’t commit or apologizing for our animal nature that determines us in the first place to an all-knower almighty nature who is responsible for ALL manifestations.
BUT anyways i apologize for rationalizing the situation by my rational mind and reason that you gave me to utilize as a guidance in this world.
Forgive me Glorious nature.
Any ways coming back to my prayers….
The blood of Goats,oxen,chicken,children,women and even some infidels will be offered to please you and to flavor things up ! just for your taste oh ! merciful nature ! forgive us all.
Just hold on your onslaught of punishments we will behave and be perfect subordinates.


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————————————————————————God is a personofied nature.