The bin-laden effect is a term i coined to define a psychological state of mind given to us by mystical and pseudoscientific institutions.This state of mind is a feeling we get when confronted by mystical and pseudoscientific doctrines or claims.These institutions exhibit splendor infrastructures and worship establishments which can be equated with castles.They appear and express hummbleness by donating charity and exhibiting selflessness.They exhibit terrorism to shock our souls into submission.They might also exhibit piles of mystical litreatures which can be used as door stoopers which are inculcated with contradictions and meaningless insubstancial twaddle.
The combination of terrorism,lustre,litreature and humbleness are the four wheels which mystical and pseudoscientific instituions carry themselves inoder to give themselves a sense of legitimacy without bothering themselves with providing evidence.So that we can fall for their claims.Humbbleness,terrorism,lustre and sominferous litreatures CANNOT be a replacement for EVIDENCE/DEMONSTRATIBILITY/EFFICACCY.Those who fall for the Bin-laden effect are called believers and those who don’t are called skeptics.
So next time you visit the Vatican or the blue mosque [i.e Sultanahmet] in turkey the feeling you get is the bin-laden effect.The marvels of the architecture paralyze your reason and you start to fall for mystical and pseudoscientific bosh.If you have noticed very carefully the attitudes of mystics they either try to look resplendent,humbble,erudite or ferocious .While missing the huge gist which is EVIDENCE.
Despite their fradulent nature these institutions seem genuine to our mesmerized brain. A brain abused by resplendence,humbbleness,inane litreature,and terror. The 2007 Makkah Grand mosque fourth extension project for example which is estimated to last till 2020 costed 10.6 billion US dollars.[1] If, for instance the millions of dollars spent in lustre projects in the name of personified nature [i.e God] throughout the world was instead used to fund naturalism [i.e research and development] to cure cancers,alzeimers, AIDS, and other human challenges—–our planet would have been a better place.
Instead of investing billions into splendor establishments of worship of personified nature like idiots ! that we are not ! we must invest that money into the study of the principles of nature.Inorder, to understand it and utilize that understanding to make ourselves happier and relieve ourselves from suffering. Can you image if the Grand mosque of Mecca was a meeting ground for millions of researchers throughout the world ; an institution like The house wisdom rather than a place of worship of nature ? The ammount of solutions that we could have created would have been enormous !
Similarly, if the millions of dollars of money being channelled to terrorist groups in the name of personified nature [i.e God] by tycoons who ‘think’ they are fulfilling the word of God and If the funds injected to the so called ‘holy wars’ and ‘holy terrorisms’ to create havoc and human suffering on earth was channelled into R&D [research and development] to create relief and bliss how happy humanity could have been ?!
If the ink spelt to inscribe nonsensical twaddle was used instead to inscribe the principles of nature.To uncover it’s operations; and to dymsytify it’s essence inorder to enlighten and empower all of humanity about the true nature of their creator without mystical and spiritual digressions and heresy—Humanity could have seen a better day.
Reason and evidence must be our indispensible tools to analyze hypotheisis,theories and claims because nature has evidence for ALL it’s operations.We should never fall for the splendor,humbbleness,inane scripts,and terror posed by claimants. We should not be the victims of the Bin-laden effect.
We MUST trust our reason and even analyze our own nature and behaviour to prove to ourselves the soverignity of nature [i.e that we are determined by our natural design and ALL manifestations have attestments].We will realize and discern the fact that we are determined by our nature entailing the deduction that nature is the only determining force.
Therefore,verifying the fact that nature possesses evidence for ALL it’s operations.The workings of nature may be challenging to comprehend but it is NEVER mysterious, spiritual or mystical.The workings of nature are purely material, natural and self-evident waiting to be unravelled by valiant and skeptical investigators.The only leash holding us back from progress and happiness is our low intelligence which deserves to be enhanced and augmented so as to comprehend nature faster and efficaciously.
The Bin-laden effect should not derail us from ebeism; contradictory scriptures should not befuddle our minds into submission to mysticism; terror should not disrupt the functions of our reason; humbbleness should not distract us from the true nature of pseudosciences which are destructive in all five spectrums pyschologically,emotionally,physically,economically and socially.
People who are sapient enough to save themselves from mysticism,pseudoscience and the Bin-laden effect will be called infidels,blasphemers and charged with impeity.But we MUST at this very point ask the question who is the real infidel ??? The man who is rejecting evidence or the man who is requesting evidence ??? In reality it is those mystics and pseudoscientists who are the true infidels; the renegades of reality and evidence for fiction and reverie.They are the ones who refuse to see the overwhelming attestments for scientific theories.They should be the one who should be charged with impeity and blasphemy against reason and commonsense.They are not either willing or sage enough to understand the evidences brought forth by natural investigations; The truth is either against their interests or more sophisticated than their level of intelligence.Therefore,when they accuse us of infidelity which is not a legitimate litigation in the first place we MUST accuse them of delusionality.

Let’s stick to reason and evidence !

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