I recently wanted to buy a smart phone and went to a local electronics shop while arriving the shop keeper started to elaborate on one of their phones responing to my request he said ” This phone has a front camera of 2 Mega pixels and back camera of 6 Mega pixels; has wifi , Bluetooth connections ; a 4 Gb internal memory with additional 8 Gb external memory it can take pictures even in the dark with good quality; it has a shock resistant touch screen; and several applications etc…etc ” and he went on…What the vendor was specifying was the DESIGN of the phone which determines it’s behaviour and dictates it’s function.
All entities within nature including humans have a designated design which determines their function and dictates their ESSENCE.Hence, design dictates nature; nature determines function and essence deterimes behaviour.If this is so—if design determines essence what is the design of one of the constituents of the universe i.e man ??? Can we determine the essence of man ? Can we solely attribute his behaviour excusively to his ESSENCE ? Just like the behaviour of the phone mentioned above which emanates from its design; man’s behaviour also emanates from his design.
All behavioural traits and manifestations on the ground on our planet like empirialism,racism,nationalism,terrorism,liberalism,capitalism,individualism,totalitarianism, humanitarianism,sadism,socialism,collectivism,atheism,rationalism,sensationalism, subjectivism, objectivism etc…etc. and all other human behaviours exhibited by man emanating from his design which determines his essence and behaviour.Therefore, it is the ESSENCE of nature which shapes the world in it’s own image.
Nature moves itself by it own essence without the need for a master as long as it has a specific design.The first thing we must look for in the components of nature is their design.Because once we understand their design we can figure out their function.
As there is no entity beyond nature the pre-occupation of man should exclusively be the understanding of the essence of nature inorder to usher in the era of masterdom. The solution to all challenges we face from inter-personal challenges,poverty,ailments,global warming,famine etc. are natural challenges not retributions from the ‘Gods’ because only Intranaturalism reigns over reality.
This challenges brought about by natural forces can only be resolved by understanding the essence of nature. When we acquire the total cognition of the essence of nature the era of masterdom will come about resolving all issues and turning our livelyhood into a paradise.This is the reason why amystology as a philosophy pushs for and waits for that day when man acquires absolute cognition of reality.
That being will be a being with absolute intelligence and capabilities if you want to use the mystical term ‘God’ to define this being then you can use it if you like but be careful not to lose yourself in what amystology opposes as a school ! So let’s call him a higher being instead.Man will turn into a higher being from his current state as a humanbeing in the eon masterdom solving all his issues and satisfying all his needs.But this era cannot manifest overnight given the slow pace of technological progress .
I believe it is only when man masters all natural causes that our world will turn into a mirthful realm where diseases,violence,conflict,wars,depression,paranoia,delusions,famine,unhappiness and all other challenges disappear to be replaced by buxom,serenity,harmony,mental health,plenitude and joy.This can only happen if we first embrace the fact “Essence entails behaviour ” In a cascade formation this concept can be demonstrated as Design–>nature—>essence—> behaviour.
Amystology embraces the above mentioned concept and as a philosophy promotes values which are salutary and salubrious to humanity.For example, Mystics promote martyrdom,nebeism,spiritualism,masochism,and totalitarianism; amystology promotes masterdom,ebeism,naturalism,salubrism and liberalism.
Some readers might find some terms in CAMIDRCS blog like masterdom, nebeism,ebeism,intranaturalism etc and say what the heck do they mean ? so let me elaborate— masterdom is a state in time where man acquires the understanding of ALL natural causes.Nebeism means non-evidence based existence which is promoted by mytics which amystology rejects.Ebeism means evidence based existence which is the foundation pillar of amystology and Intranaturalism is a concept which states that one natural force is the mover of another within the exclusive realm or domain of nature.
Now let’s come back to the topic at hand which is understanding the essence of nature.—As i was saying earlier the very design of entities finally determines their behavior.Inorder to solve man’s challenges in nature first he has to understand his nature and the nature of other components of the natural world.Then, by acquiring the state of masterdom he can use this potential [i.e know how ] to manipulate nature to his interest.
Hence, without understanding nature and her laws there is no salvation to mankind.It is the ignorance of the natural world which is causing ALL human sufferings.If we had the technology for curing AIDS our fellow humans need not suffer;If we had interstellar traveling technology to travel to the recently discovered earth’s twin planet Kepler-452b announced by NASA on july 23 2015 we would have gone there already.
If we had the technology to cure Alzeimers people need not lose their mental weal; if we had the technology to cure death our loved ones need not die; if we had the technology for effective human engineering people can travel to outterspace to visit other worlds in a cyborg form liberated from their human defects and short comings.
So what we need is more understanding of the essence of nature our true creator inorder to make our lives happier.This might sound very strange or weird for some people but i valiantly say without a nano-second hesitation that Science IS the one which is systematic study of God [mystical term for personified nature] ! i.e nature. The problem with humanity is that they mystify,personify and spiritualize natural phenomena and processes but we must remember that there is NOTHING mystical or spiritual about nature. Nature IS NOT a person [i.e God.] It is a force which determines us all. Mysticism and spiritualism derail us from the true nature of nature which is purely material in essence and can only be understood objectively.
Our epistemological principles must therefore be the first three values of amystology Realism,Rationalism, and objectivism our metaphysical principle must ofcourse, be Naturalism which is the 4 th value of amystology.By utilizing the above mentioned values we must study nature and uncover it’s secrets and liberate ourselves from the ignorance which has clouded and entangled our minds in confusion leading us astray to the cult of spurious idealism.
The rise of athesim and commonsense globally is not due to the success of naturalism but due to the FAILURE of mysticism.People have come to realize that what they have been told to embrace since infancy till the age of commonsense; all that totalitarian fiction that their forefathers and fathers imposed upon them doesn’t really work or make any sense at all.They will come to realize that everything seems to be conspiring against their liberation,enlightenment,preoption,wellbeing and even existence to keep them ensnared to authoritarian dictums either coming from the state or from mystical figures.Their innately objective minds report to them the devastation that their prejudicied opinions has brought forth on their minds and bodies urging them to come back to their senses inorder to salvage themselves and discern their true origins.
Finally, at the end of it all they understand that the beliefs and opinions that they have been holding by fear-grip is nothing but a sheer lie.
The ignorance of nature has and is creating an avalanche of sham beliefs,cults,customs and pseudosciences which are creating havoc in human societies throughout the world.Notwithstanding, the cumbersome and challenging nature of understanding the essence of nature, technology is the only tool we have inorder to make ourselves self-sufficient.
Don’t personify nature i.e Don’t create Gods !
Don’t mystify nature ! i.e Don’t establish systems of worship !
Don’t spiritualize nature ! Don’t worship nature !
Just understand objectively the essence of nature and it’s laws which determine us all !

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Freethought is not a crime.