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(coalition against mysticism in defence of reason commonsense and science)


April 2016

All suffering is due to the ignorance of reality.The full apprehension of reality will bring about relief and selftheism._The eon of selftheism is upon us._ Homo-domini is coming.

If man had a higher understanding and cognition of reality he would have amended his condition according to his desire.Man could have apprehended the strange but interesting domain of reality for his own good or he can vanish for his own disadvantage reality does not really care. Unfortunately,these two options are the exclusive options presented before him.
Therefore, the logical and sensible approach for all of humanity is the following three steps:


Which means inorder to live a mirthful existence free from suffering we must first defend reality—> and next apprehend reality –> and next amend our conditions with the apprehension we have possessed in step two to ameliorate what ever we are suffering from which maybe  an ‘incurable’ disease, a car accident, plane crashes,impecuniousity,relationship issues, even death just about ANYTHING that we are lamenting about in our daily lives on these tiny speck of dust that we call earth.

Any thing is amendable IF we have a higher understanding of reality we can prevent or amend these phenomena because we possess something precious which is INTELLIGENCE however limited and flawed it maybe.Creating fictional toys and fictional characters and calling them gods like little children to amend our livelihoods like Jesus,Allah,Shiva,Amun,Marduk,Yahweh and so forth will NEVER satisfy our aspirational needs but derail us into heresy and even further derrangement.
Jesus pandira had a tail. He was just a man !. He was an ape like everyone of us. He was the leader of a failed revolution to liberate his country from Roman empirialism were this political fact was romanticized into a theological fairytale by some novelist long after he was killed by the Romans.Jesus pandira the son of a Roman soldier was turned into  a son of God by giving him another name Jesus christ. Hence, what ensued was the philosophy of Christianity to be adorned by millions globally.I wonder why fiction sales so much than fact? Anyways lets grow up and stop fooling ourselves in this swamp of imaginary escapism and be seduolus enough to apprehend reality inorder to usher in the era of Homo-Domini.Where man’s intelligence is augmented exponentially to be the master of nature.
It is only then that ALL suffering ceases to exist.The magnificent philosophy of transhumanism has to be embraced by every man without fear and apprehension if they want to live a happy and serene existence.There is nothing to be afraid of about reality but sometimes the forces of nature may be scary like lightening for instance.In ancient Roman mysticism they even deified this force into a God called jupiter.

In the US according to the Insurance institute for high way safety High way loss data institute car crashes took 32,675 lives in the country this is a lot of people dead.They are the fathers,mothers,sisters and brothers of somebody who would miss them.This is really really a very sad tragedy for a weak human being to endure.
The recent death of 239 people by plane crash of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH37 is a recent memory and other related deaths that we think we can’t do any thing about can be mentioned .BUT the good news is YES ! There is something we can do about these manifestations; these are NOT the act of Gods ! These are natural phenomenons deserving natural solutions.They can be controlled by humanbeings.I will repeat the above statement inorder to signify its importance.They can be controlled and prevented with absolute precision.

There is no such thing as the act of God which is translated by mystics and idealists as improvidence or providence.God is the terminology designated subjectively and arbitrarily to the forces of nature.Mystics assign everything to God like an infant assigns the appellation Dada ! or daddy to everyone because of his immaturity and low intelligence.We have come to understand that this force throughout our evolutionary history is begining to be understood bit by bit and now we finally are having the audacity that our ancestors did not have to finally claim that we can master this force to our interests and benefits.Man is slowly stopping to cower in fear under the forces of nature and starting to acquire valiance and assertivenesss to master nature.Breaking the fetters put in place by the theory of ‘Spiritualism’.

I don’t even understand what Spiritualism denotes which is a term without a representative in the objective world but the votaries of this defunct ‘theory’ of antiquity might be outraged to hear that they are animals.They have deluded themselves into thinking that they are ‘spiritual’ beings.So let’s ask a sensible and deserving question How can there be a spiritual being with Balls and canines ??? How can there be a ‘spiritual’ being which devours other animals inorder to survive ??? Does it even make any sense ??? So I believe we are 21st centry people hence we must behave as so we must be smarter than our ancestors who formulated these speculative theories.

Man is travelling a long distance from polytheism to monotheism then to atheism and the final stage of selfdeification or selftheism which is pending.
The stage of selftheism ofcourse has not yet materialized but the process has began and it’s on track.This era or the eon of Homo-domini could only materialize ofcourse when we acquire full and absolute understanding of reality which is called in amystology as The stage of masterdom.

At this stage man will possess complete intelligence enabling him to utilize this intelligence to amend any of his conditions hence, coronating himself as a Supemebeing at the end.I hope I reach this stage of masterdom in my life time to reach that inevitable era of Homo-domini.

Selftheism can only come about as discussed above when only we reach masterdom but on this current date on on April 30,2016  I believe we have not reached that stage yet.Hence,Selftheism cannot materialize.In order for it to manifest we need to invest more into research and technology to unravel the secrets of nature or reality.

Research and development are the indispensable tools that we must practise inorder to reach the eon of Homo-domini and Selftheism.To save ourselves from lamentation and suffering masterdom is our only salvation.Realism must be our philosophy ; reason our beacon.
Reality is eternal it is not going anywhere ! it does not matter what form it takes.As long as there is a perceiver there will ALWAYS be a percept.This principle in amystology is called The self-exclusion principle.Perception and percept exist in tandem one CANNOT exist without the other it is meaningless and a metaphysical imposibility.
A mind nothing to perceive or shall i say cannot percieve is not a mind; a percept which can never be perceived is not a percept.Unless otherwise both the mind and the percept are non-existent entities.If there is a mind there must be a percept consistent with itself and vise versa.This is the reason I state that reality is eternal.
Continuing with the count down of the many lamentations and short comings that we posses and are distraught about lets talk about AIDS my speciality as a health professional the virus which has caused the deaths of about 1.2 million in just 2014 let alone the number of people it killed since it evolved in central africa and western africa from non-human primates as a zoonosis from a related virus called Simian (monkey) immunodeficeincy virus [SIV] in the 1920’s has been a major humanitarian challenge that mankind has ever faced. The number of the infirmed is also staggeringly sad at the end of 2014 approximately there are 36.9 million fellow humans living with HIV.

When one considers the sensible question why do we still suffer from natural challenges ? rather than the insensible question why do this things happen ? the answer is very simple indeed to vociferate but hard to implement due to our weak intelligence.
Which is our lack of understanding of reality.Then what is holding us to enhance ourselves and our squeaking technology to a higher standard ? and the answer for this is may be fear or indolence or any other answer which is not really important.BUT what is important is we MUST augment our understanding of nature or reality it does not matter how hard it is.Man can never be happy until he becomes the master of nature !

Freethought and empowerment are not a sport but mandatory ! if we like to survive and lead a blissful existence and dominate reality.Let those individuals who have been fobbed by Iron age fairytales fool themselves with superstitious toys like the cross and the Kabba we will focus our attention as grown ups in to the real source of our blessings and sufferings which is reality let them join us when they come to their senses and heal themselves from emotional zealotry which is forcing them to produce turpitude and hot air rather than technologies to amend man’s condition.

We will continue to enhance the precious creature which is man gifted by a cortex that no other animal of his kind possess to contemplate the origin of matter and metaphysics an intelligent being but still with weaknesses that ever walked the planet.Who produces symphonies,mathematical and universal formulas,magnificent paintings, and so forth even with his limited intelligence.Let’s focus on reality the one and only eternal dimension to liberate ourselves from the sufferings we endure in every aspect of life inorder to reach the ultimate destination of selftheism and the eon of Homo-Domini.


Science as the systematic investigater of reality is the only redeemer for mankind !!!
In reason I trust !!!
Commonsense will never let me down !!!


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Masterdom 4

An open invitation to Realism.

Man is innately an empirical,realistic and objective animal.Idealism is a disorder of the natural order,function,design and identity of the the human organism.when we discuss the issue of epistemology or the topic of acquiring knowledge only empiricism and rationalism constitute as valid. Man has no option but to imbibe empirical data or perceptions whether they are distorted illusions as in a magic trick or non-distorted normal perceptions to create concepts in his mind because man is innately a material animal.
Reality exists beyond the observer whether he is conscious,unconscious,biased [by magicians or personal interests],unbiased,present or absent.Any attempt to acquire knowledge beyond reason is not just a futile labour but an impossible endeavor which is against our very identity.Man is designed for the material world;he posseses a material mind;he can either function the way he is designed to function or malfunction.Unfortunately, these are the exclusive options presented before him within the exclusive realm of reality; sensibility facesoff with zanity.
‘Intiution’ is not a means of gaining knowlegde because intution itself is an idea/concept not a perceptual organ like the eye,nose,ear,skin and tongue.Therefore, one cannot perceive a percept with a concept.There is only one correct direction of epistemology which is percepts give birth to concepts; objects create subjects not the other way around.Hence, idealism,subjectivism and intutionism are just topsyturvy theories contrived by confounded idealistic minds.They are not ‘alternative’ propositions but symptoms of a disordered mind and consciousness biased either by naivity or personal interests.
what if there is a dimension beyond matter ? what then ? well, this should not concern Man because it’s against and beyond his design.He cannot be held accountable for what is beyond his nature.In this case would it harm him if he just had ‘faith’ in what is beyond reason because of his incapability to know anything the material world ? YES it would harm him to have a blind faith because he would be once again attempting to malfunction to counterfeit and abandon his identity as a material animal.Hence, will be chasitised with consequences by nature. what are the consequences ? The concequences are damages to psycho-physical health and wellbeing due to an attempt to transgress his design.
If the objects/percepts beyond the observer did not exist if they were just ‘ideas’ as idealists propose why did nature bother in giving us senses to SENSE ??? can’t we forward the senses of man as an evidence for realism and objectivism ? If concepts preceeded percepts then we have no need of senses we should have just possessed smooth faces without inlets for data.The fans and retinues of Berkeley and his confounded theory of idealism should provide an answer for this argument.
If the consciousness created reality acccording to our idealist opponents why don’t they ‘create’ a blissful,utopian planet free from challenges and ups and downs of life just by the dint of their wishes ? why don’t they utilize their ‘what ever you can conceptualize you can materialize’ motto to use and create for us a perfect planet and universe ? we just need to be like little chidren with a wish list invoking any desire we wish to materialize.I believe idealists are adult children who are fooling themselves.They and their followers can be analogized as The dumb and the dumbers.It is reality which creates the consciousness; the consciousness does not create reality; idealists have it the other way around; wouldn’t it be a misdenomination to state that the consciousness as self-existent ??? because consciousness is a passive term and definition not an active term and designation.It denotes an action where ‘something’ is being perceived and that something is reality.
In her book For the new intellectual p.124 Ayn rand states “Existence exists-and the act of grasping that statement implies two corollary axioms:that something exists which one perceives and that one exists possessing consciousness,consciousness being the faculty of perceiving that which exists.If nothing exists,there can be no consciousness:A consciousness conscious of nothing but it self is a contradiction in terms:before it could identify itself as consciousness, it had to be conscious of something.”
I believe by this time we have understood already that idealism is pure peurility.Spiritual idealists state that if you have a strong ‘faith’ and believe hard enough you can move a mountain,heal the lame,turn water into wine,cure pestilence.Material idealists like ‘the law of attractionists,biocentrists,scientologists etc. and other branches of idealism state what ever you can imagine in your consciousness you can materialize whatever it maybe.Hence, according to idealism YOU are the centre of creation.
But idealists do not realize their fallicious position because we must understand that the ‘consciousness’ is a passive terminology denoting an act of awareness of something and that ‘something’ is reality.consciousness does not denote creation but perception.It is reality which creates the consciousness not the other way around.How can any man be conscious without anything to be conscious about ??? couldn’t we forward the consciousness itself as an evidence for realism ??? Because that ‘anything’ mentioned above is reality.
Anyone who believes that their ‘faith’ or consciousness is the creator of reality rather than reality being the creator of the consciousness are all idealists.Idealist are experts in topsyturvy discourses.Idealism is not a legitimate theory but a symptom of peurility and disordered consciousness.
Amystology as a philosophy which defends reality and advocates its masterdom aspires for the day that mankind aided by reason and commonsense gets FULL understanding of Isness and tresspasses it’s limitations of developing technologies to dominate reality.What creates imaginary escapism i.e forcing people to create imaginary Gods and imaginary laws is either the uncomfortability or the unintelligibility of reality.

Hence,idealism whatever form it may take is the ignorance of reality.The challenges which are by part the consequences of our low half-baked intelligence and the intricate nature of reality itself is the number one source for the creation of idealism and idealistic theories because they are childish and easy to formulate like writing children’s stories.Compared with the cerebral and demanding field of realism and objective sciences.

Whether we are comfortable with reality or whether we understand it or not; reality exists.It is not going anywhere;it is eternal.we can understand and master it or divert into heretic idealism and mysticism floundering in a labryinth of confusion and agony.This is the reason why amystology was launched with a motto -defend and master- that is defending reality from delusions,illusions,deceptions,heresy,digressions,pseudosciences,pseudoscientists etc. while at the same time advocating masterdom i.e the complete and full understanding of reality by humanbeings.

Idealists by commiting the divergence fallacy are not helping themselves or their disoriented votaries.Because reality is tough that does not mean that it is an illusion.Reality is a self-existent domain.The reason for the creation of all religions and pseudo-cults is the intricacy and challenging nature of reality as stated above.
When human intelligence augments in the future there awaits so much facinating discoveries in reality which will amuse us just like the discovery of the DNA molecule responsible for variations was an amusement when it was identified in 1953.There is still so much to discover and understand about reality which will eventually transform our lives like genetic engineering has transformed our lives in terms of providing better crops eliminating hereditary diseases,understanding interspecies relationships,and currently considered for enhancing humanbeings which is a nobel idea.Transhumanism is not science on steroids BUT COMMONSENSE on steriods.Which we desperately need nowadays in a planet where the voice of reason has been drowned by the ranting of mystics and being over populated by derranged apes who have lost touch with reality and slaughtering each other due to their ignorance of reality. Transhumanism is a marvellous philosophy which really has understood the soverignity of reality and is attempting to turn humans into self-sufficent creatures free from suffering.

The discovery of so much elements of reality by Nicholas Copernicus,Galileo galilei,Sir Isaac Newton,Michael Faraday,Louis pasteur,Albert einstein,Georges lemaitre,James watson & Francis Crick,Dmitry Mendeleev,Wilhelm Roentgen,Niehls Bohr,James Clerk Maxwell,Heinrich Hertz,Guglielmo Marconi,Jonas salk,Sir Alexander flemming,Sir Charles darwin,and many other investigaters of reality have given us invaluable gifts by which we can enlighten ourselves and liberate our minds from the fetters of ignorance and manintain a comfortable life with the discoveries they have brought forth.
BUT reality is still not fully comprehended yet there is still so much to know about this magnificent realm.Hence,we need young curious minds; the Darwins and Copernicuses of the 21st century who would pre-occupy themselves with the nature of reality and the philosophy of realism.Inorder to benefit the next generation who would inturn appreciate them for their hard work just like we are appreciating the scientists of the past.Therefore,as a conclusionary message let’s preoccupy ourselves with the philosophy of realism and the exclusive dimension of reality.Inorder to protect ourselves from the corruption,bane and extinction brought about by imaginary escapism.

Defend and master reality !!!
Reason is our saviour !!!

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Glossary: Some selected terms and phrases in amystology with their corresponding symbolic representation.[part-I]

The divergent fallacy: A error in thought where due to the short comings in understanding reality, attributes are paid to causes which are even more obscure.

The divergent fallacy
Example: Because we cannot account what the consciousness is yet, we label consciousness with even more obscure terms calling it a ‘spirit’ and so on instead of diving deeper into nature to figure out what it is and how it came about.

The fallacy of misplaced attribution: This is an act of Attributing responsibilities for irresponsible causers.

Example:God created the universe.
Diseases are punishment from the gods.
mental illnesses are caused by spirits,demons,ginis etc..

The fallacy of misplaced attribution.
Intranaturalism: A principle which states that nature moves itself by itself due to it’s own essence.

The symbol for intranaturalism.

Ebeism: evidence based existence.

The symbol for ebeism.

Amystology:-Lets try to define the field itself in a terse manner-Amystology is an anti-mysticism decipline in particular and anti-pseudoscience philosophy is general,Which perlustrates,exposes and denounces all pseudosciences inaddition to studying the behaviours of pseudoscientists .

Nebeism: Non-evidence based existence.

A symbol for nebeism.
Banemania: A state of self-destruction in a state of irrational whimism,irritability,violence and vagary.

A symbol for banemania.
The bin-laden effect: A state of corruption due to an illusion of reality induced by impostors via emotional and psychological cajole.
The state of normativity: A state of mind where one states that ‘ he knows what he already knows and doesn’t what he doesn’t.’ This can be equated with agnosticism.

A symbol for normativity.

Orthodox materialism: A state of pure reason and naturalism without any duality.

The symbol for orthodox materialism.

Heretic mysticism: A state of divergence from the true nature of reality towards spiritual nonsense.
There are three levels of mysticism:

Level-I Idolatric mysticism:
The mystification of natural objects like trees,sun,oceans,thunder,statues,animals,etc.These people are called polytheists who have personified and mystified natural components.In an attempt to open a channel of dialogue and amend their condition.These people can atleast see what they have ended up called Gods physically so they are not in a worse condition than level-II mystics eventhough they are as misdirected as the second level of mystics who have abandoned nature altogether for spiritualism.
Level-II Spiritual mysticism:
The denigration and abandonment of nature for a ‘spirit’ which is considered by the believer as the influencer of nature.In this attitude and state the mystics assign a ‘spirit’ outside of nature and try to influence it by invoking this entity that they created.These stage of mysticism is extremely dangerous and the worsest form of mysticism because these mystics are not intouch with reality.They have not only rejected the materialistic nature of nature but have detached themselves from what they are i.e material beings inorder to influence and understand the natural world.hence,they are more likely to suffer from delusional and psychotic disorders. Both level one and level two mystics are miss directed and astrayed because nature is not a person which can be physicalized into Saturn-jupiter or Shiva as i have said i don’t know may be a thousand times and also it is not driven by a spirit as is the belief in level-II mysticism.
Level-III dualistic mysticism:
In this level of mysticism the individual seems to be entangled between orthodox materialism and heretic mysticism.He can be a level-I or level-II mystic who thinks that either nature can be personified to have a dialogue with as in level-I mysticism or that it is a useless heap of dead matter without an essence moved by what he calls a ‘spirit’ that he created as in level-II mysticism.We must understand and signify the irrational position of a dualist.He is an individual who states on one hand that nature is self-existent moving herself by laws embracing realism and on the other he states that it is a heap of dead matter without an essence moved by a ‘spirit’ which he cannot explain without a contradiction and provide a palpable attesment for.

The symbol for heretic mysticism.

The inverse proportionality of Di and mu: This is a concept showing the inverse or viseversa relationship between pseudosciences and eusciences by observing the orthoher graph.

The orthoher graph: The name orthoher comes from two words orthodoxy and heresy.This graph was developed to show the orthodoxy and heresy of human behaviour from the nature of reality while he is in action.It analyzes whether he is practicing eusciences or pseudosciences and whether his life is progressing towards masterdom or martyrdom.

Salubrism: This is the ethical principle of amystology which states that the individual should maintain his salubrity in five spectrums as much as he can namely psychological,emotional,physical,economically and socially by performing the calculation ratio.Inorder, for an action to be salubrious it has to entail one spectrum of salubrity. Otherwise,that action is abandoned and declared as masochism or alturism.

Symbol for salubrism

The Minus principle: This principle states that people are more credulous to nonsense when they are less empowered and highly skeptical when they are more empowered.We must put under consideration that education and empowerment are two different things. People may be skilled in certain area but are ignorant in other area these people are not empowered but educated. It is only when an individual possesses several skills in several areas that we call him an empowered man.

Symbol for minus principle

The fallacy of Glookism: This term denotes an action of avoidance of cogent and vivid evidence presented forth due to a bias in psychological,emotional,economic or other interests.The individual avoids the clear evidence in vagary rather than discredit it with an equivalent evidence to it’s contrary.

Fallacy of glookism.

The red-outburst: A prejudiced and overwhelming agitation and wrath in defence of a pseudoscience.

A symbol for the red-outburst.

The state of Compulsivity: An irresistable pulse to subjugate mankind by totalitarianism to a particular pseudoscience or volition.

A symbol for compusivity..jpg
The misplaced expectation: This is the attitude of pseudoscientists where unreal expectations are begotten from an already unreal system.
The Bogswa state:The state of helpless wondering in a swamp of perplexion as is seen in the behaviours of the followers of Pseudo cults.

A symbol for the Bogswa state..jpg
Derelectism: The state of abandoning the individual to be as he chooses without any psychological,emotional,physical,economical, and social pressure,constraints and totalitarianism.This is a state where the individual is dignified and is free from fear.

A symbol for derelictism.

Predatorism: This is the opposite of derelectism.It ccan be equated with toatalitarianism which is employed by pseudeoscientists to subjugate humanity to their inane and inefficacious nonsense through incapacitating commonsense,reason and pre-option of the individual by surrounding his life from every corner and aspect.

A symbol for predaotism.
Material fetishism: An irrational affinty for superstitious material objects like the cross,Kabba or other similar physical statues.

A symbol for material fetishism.
The pseudo-vituperation: This is an attempt to denigrade and spurn the natural world because it is challenging ,and intricate.To divert into systematic floundering and derrangement towards pseudoscience.

The symbol for the p-v.jpg

The nature of reality: The state of truth which we can infer from observing the natural world.

A symbol for the nature of reality.
Delusion: The state of perceiving non-existent entities due to organic mental illness. (A professional and detailed explaination may be acquired from The DSM-book series [ Diagnostical and statistical manual of mental disorders book series.])

The inherency principle: This is the most important principle in amystology which states that nature/matter exists and moves itself due to it’s own inherent essence.There cannot exist an entity without an essence and there cannot exist an essence without and entity. A pen for example has an essence called writing. A pen without writing is meaningless ! and can NEVER exist because it is writing which makes an entity called Pen to exist.The essence of entities determine what they are ? what they do ? and what they will be ? Hence, simply stated the inherency principle is stated as existence begets essence and essence determines existence. I personally believe that it is this principle which governs everything [i.e whatever exists.]


The Sezlers phenomenon: This is a designation which states that people are more often enthusiastic votaries/exponents of something they think they know but never understand.

A symbol for sezlers phemonon.
Adaptationism: This concept states that matter is consciousness in goldilock zones but is just alive [not conscious] in other zones.


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An invitation to apostacy: A skeptical essay about one of the pseudosciences and heresy called theism._The Cozeners,the Gullibles and the holy insanity.

Ignorance begets credulousness, arrogance and violence.The more people are ignorant the more they are credulous.The more erudite they are the more skeptical they get.The epidemic of the heretic cult of faith continues to proliferate across the earth like a cancer flourishing in a society where enlightenment and skeptical inquiry have been decreed as dirty phrases.
Nature has been derided by so many charlatans throughout history either by spite or naiveity as a collection of inert dead matter incapable of self-actuation and evolution which receives it’s animation from something higher than itself.According to the immaterialist definition of this ‘higher’ entity this being is not just unknown BUT unknownable to a humanbeing given his design. Nature does move itself by it’s own essence which we witness everyday ! without the precept of a ‘super’ natural entity.
Inorder to demonstrate this claim i challenge you to denonunce TNT (trinitrotoulene) as a useless, inert , dead matter,—ignite it and hold it in your hand firmly if you really believe that matter is a useless and inert dust without an essence.You will be able to change your mind or shall i say your prejudice about the natural world if you survive the blast. [This is just an argument DO NOT DO THE EXPERIMENT.]
God is a mystical reference or appellation to nature and theism is the apotheosis of natural forces or their personification which is a heresy and digression from the true nature of nature itself. All mystics and spiritualists are heretics they don’t see nature for what it really is according to the law of identity [i.e A is A.] They are the apostates of reason and reality and apostles of instinct and insanity.They are the real infidels who have refused to accept the clear evidence brought on to them with bona fide.There is NOTHING mystical about nature as I have said so many times elsewhere to the boredom of the reader. Nature is purely material operating according to natural laws.—which is evidently demonstrated before our senses in our daily lives !!!
If a philosophy or theory ends up without a representative object in the objective world ,then it ends up joining the category of whimism or idealism rather than realism.A believer is a deluded man.To believe is to be illuded and to have faith is to have a delusion. Dupes arrogantly hold on to their either discredited or unverified beliefs that they blindly inherited from their forefathers or that they bought from impostors.
They can be represented in an analogy with a maniac who continues to push on a door despite the presence of a clear sign which says PULL.He ignores the clear red sign stuck on the door instead he trusts his intuition and holds on to faith that he has been warned to hold firm by whimologists that the door will open inwards and continues to bang on the door.
How can we explain this type of creature ??? Can we say that he is totally out of his mind ??? His nihilistic and sensational behaviour is disturbing for us to observe ofcourse.But, in addition if we observe diligently we understand that he is in a state of banemania fobbed by the bin-laden effect.
The fact that the door does not open inspite of his relentless effort is not seen by him as an erroneous approach and discouragment giving him the heed he desperately deserves to come to his senses but a sign that he is a ‘weak believer’ demanding a requisite even for more delusion and whimology.
This is how devastating and dangerous the ideology of faith is.—It is going to enslave you to ridiculous inane ideas and your own figments until you DIE ! .They want you to be in absolute thralldom to their authoritive and obsessed personality.
Cozeners [i.e founders of whimsical sciences] don’t really care about humanity, their obsession is with their empire that they are salivating to build by millions of gullibles and minions who praise their name and spread their fame from one corner of the planet to the other by peaceful means or otherwise.
They don’t care about the bliss of man, his success or his masterdom.
Despite the presence of clear evidence of bones and fossils believers like to hold on to pipe line dreams. Despite the presence of attestments incontrary to their beliefs they keep on maintaining their erroneous attitudes with a smirk on their faces like retarded idiots. Just like the example of the man who continues to bang on the door like an outraged zombie they continue in their path bringing devastation upon themselves and distress upon observers.
Seeing their social order that they formulate above everybody else is their primary agenda. They are pre-occupied by questions like how can I create more deluded followers ? How can I ressurrect a massive army to take over the planet ? and so on. They are concerned about their fame and surface area of their empire whether or not their social system and ideology is based on truth and salubrity of ALL mankind is not really their concern this is how misanthropic they are inregard to humanity eventhough, they like to clothe themselves in the Red cross humanitarian T-shirts handing out free meals for flood victims to present themselves as philanthrophic.
Man is actuated by his nature in particular and whole nature in general.There is NO reason for him to believe in ANYTHING .All actuating forces are demonstratable, palpable and understandable.Natural phenomena are absolutely comprehendable to our material consciousness.There is no need for us to swallow mysterious incomprehedable doctrines and principles by the order of frowning Idealists,mystics and spiritualists [i.e whimologists].
Nature our creator is purely material ! we should not personify,mystify and spiritualize it.— we just have to objectively investigate the domain of reality to understand all natural causes to relieve ourselves from buffedlement and sufferring.
If you ask an ordinary mystic on the street why he is a Hindu,Buddist,Christian,Scientologist,Rasteferian,Muslim etc. ? Their eyes role in confusion and he might answer ” I don’t know, because it is my family heritage….” or he might say “I don’t know because it is cool ?!” or he might say because it is comfortable ,therapeutical, and feels good.” etc. He does not really give you a resounding sensible response.Most believers don’t even understand their faith ! .They don’t get the mythical nature of what they have accepted by habit from their forefathers and see no reason to examine it.They may be attracted towards faith because of desperation and need of relief from emotional,economic,health challenges etc. and misfortunes which by the way could only have natural solutions.
Most believers can’t even read what their scriptures say and understand what they stand for—they just trust the so called ambassadors [i.e prophets and priests] of ‘God’ in translating their meanings for them.There are billions of gullibles who believe in Islamic myth for example.—from these believers most of them can’t even read and understand the position of the Quran and they have no idea who wrote it ; what it stands for and represents to see it’s vision for the society and social order.They believe just by habit. Islamic mythology which emanated from Muhammeds whim is no different than any other branch of mysticism or non-evidence based pseudoscience.
All mystics share the same abhorance towards Naturalism,Reason,Individuality,pre-option,liberty,reality and truth. Despite the discord among themselves about which whim is the greatest reverie and road towards ‘redemption’. A sensible man might ask how can differrent beliefs be righteous at the same time despite having different systems of worship; different Gods and accusing each other of heresy ??? which system is real and which one is not ??? which God is real and which one is not ??? So he will begin to have doubts !!!
Many children of differrent faiths are raised since infancy being told that ‘others’ are infidels and their faith is ‘unique’,’special’, and the ‘choosen’ one.
Their rational mind will be coddled to dormancy by romantic fables,supressed by terror and fettered by totalitarianism to make them perfect subjects to their faiths. But sooner or later they will realize that the church and the state are their rancorous enemies comploting against their liberty,enligthenment,empowerment,serenity and even life.They will notice that irresistable pulse in their clergy to enslave them to their volitions and doctrines.To proscribe their journey towards pure reason and naturalism to see the world for what it is according to the law of identity A is A. Because they [i.e the state and the church] understand that an empowered man is unslaveable.
Here is a blog and a philosophy for the liberated men and individuals who are free thinkers, atheists, agnostics, amystics and so on which is an anti-mystical blog in particular and anti-pseudoscience in general which perlustrates,exposes and denounces all non-evidence based concepts,claims and schools of thoughts which are contrary to the nature of reality.While, promoting pure reason, naturalism and eusciences.
The propaganda of the cozeners, the number of the gullibles, and the cases of insanity seem to increase everyday but hopefully people will come to their senses and realize that apostacy is a commendable and salutary action.while,infidelity is a righteous virtue which protects us from whimism and the Holy insanity.

Apostasy is a valour and a necessity !
Belief is a dirty word !
Natural science is the only salvation for mankind !
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A Graphic and symbolic representation of central ideas in amystology describing the relationship between Eusciences and pseudosciences.

The following infography elucidates the relationship between Eusciences and pseudosciences in a graph called the Orthoher graph where the green line represents a progress in the euscience domain which will ultimately lead us to masterdom.
Whereas,the yellow line representing a descent into pseudoscience domain which will eventually lead us to martyrdom.There is also a red line travelling diagonally between the green line and the yellow line which represents dualism.
There are also equations illustrated in the picture representing Positive and negative orthoher equation and so on. which we can understand from the infography because the meanings of the symbols has been already given.But for the sake of convenience let’s talk about the bin-laden effect.
The bin-laden effects stands for tools of enforcement of a hypothesis,theory,claim,or school of thought by terrorism,resplendence,euphoria,intellectualization,blandishing,delectation,tantalization,inveiglement etc…etc.
which means that because a hypothesis is terrifing it is true.
because a hypothesis is resplendent it is true.
because a hypothesis is euphoric it is true.
because a hypothesis looks highly intellectual therefore it is true.
And other many many tools of enforcing claims can be utilized by pseudoscientists except the use of evidence.Then we call these tools of enforcement as the bin-laden effect.
In the picture there are four equations representing positive orthoher equation,negative orthoher equation,euscience equation [which is a general representation of the truth but we must also already include and put into consideration two variables whether they are written or not which are spite and flaws of humanbeings ALL the time into the equation when we calculate the truth value] and finally the pseudoscience equation [which we should also put into consideration the same variables which are the spite and flaws of humanbeings in calculating the pseudoscience equation.]
Symbolic infography.jpg

Banemania: An irresistable impulse to destroy one’s life with a pseudoscience.

Banemania is another term i coined to discribe the attitudes and irressitable impulse of mystics to bring bane on their bodies and wellbeing.The tenacity to which they hold on to mythical doctrines due to a lack of commonsense and reason to analyze that nature is NOT mystical,spiritual or non-evident causes them to blindly and impulsively drive themselves by instincts like a lower animal rather than employing their reason like a higher animal.
It is in the desert of ignorance where the thorn of faith and pseudosciences flourish.The need to believe arises from the need to establish a pseudoscientific cult.Evidence based sciences have no pre-requisition or a pre-condition for faith.Whereas, pseudoscientific cults have a precondition of faith because they are LIES !!!.
Faith itself can be a tell-tale sign of a pseudoscience.Nihilistic mental and psychological attitudes are exhibited by pseudoscientists rather than a calm objective and rational attitude because they lack evidence and most pseudoscientists are legal mental patients. Observe their behaviour for yourself ! and you will discover a personality emotionally and psychologically severly disturbed and in dire need of salubrism.
Mystics have destroyed themselves in an attempt to personify and deify nature into a person.So that they can have a communication to amend their livelyhood by prayers,repentance,and sacrifices as if nature is a person.They have discovered the dimension of delusion and schizophrenia destroying their health and wellbeing.
Protestant churches and other similar houses of legalized colleges of insanity have created more mental patients suffering from with hallucinations,schizophrenia and the Jesus delusion.Nature will chasitize anyone who digresses from naturalism either by destroying their health or other consequences.
Mystics suffer from all types of illnesses from gastritis due to excessive fasting to please an angry personified nature; to pyschosis,delusions,hallucinations, and other forms of illnesses that were mentioned earlier.
I don’t really understand why people are having a hard time trying to distinguish something which works from something which doesn’t ???
Is analyzing a theory for it’s efficacy challenging ??? It is the simplest thing ever ! We just need to utilize our COMMONSENSE and skeptical merciless minds !!! A question might arise in this current moment which is——what level of intelligence do we really have nowadays to distinguish fact from fiction ??? Is it so low that it incapacitates us of sensible judgement ??? Are people becoming indolent to enligthen themselves with wisdom ??? Is the agony of empowerment forbiding people from being erudite ???
Do they not have time to do so in this hectic 21st century life style and ending up dimwit and subordinates of zealous impostors ??? Who like in the games of little children who play the ‘patient and the Doctor’.They order medicines which are ridiculous in nature like Holy water,Holy egg of an eagle or an Ostrich to be drunk to cure diseases ranging from asthma to HIV/AIDS and other preposterous remedies like crocodile body parts and other mystical treatments which makes people even MORE morbid psychologically and physically.—Hence, the answer to all of the above mentioned questions may be YES !!! It is only when people become ignormus that pseudosciences and mysticism fester in the society.
Hence, the cure for ignormity is hard work and enlightenment.But anyways i believe it is NOT hard to tell apart efficacy from spuriousness if we are really erudite and most importantly mentally healthy.How hard could it be to tell apart astrology from astronomy; alchemy from chemistry; phrenology from psychology; Non-evidence based medicine [which is massacring millions by the way] like Ayurveda,homeopathy,faith healing,Dianetics,Naturopathy,Iridiology,reflexology,Chinese medicine,vitalism,acupuncture,cupping therapy, and other pseudosciences diguised as religions like Islam,christianity,etc..and so forth from the evidence based mainstream medicine and evidence based Sciences ???
I believe it is the dearth of commonsense and intelligence which makes people fall for befuddling inane theories.If i decided to delve and discribe every pseudosicence i believe it would be like taking a tour inside a disoriented mind.Therefore, i will leave the job of understanding every pseudoscientific cult which were mentioned above to the reader because, frankly i don’t want to be infected and contaminated by the ideas of pseudo-nonsense.
It is not salutary for my wellbeing.Nor does it has the capability to enlighten my ignorant and callow ape brain.Diagnosing pseudosciences requrires only as stated above your commonsense.Calmly analyze the theory and it’s evidence that it forwards if it has one—But most pseudosciences NEVER do ! That’s why they are called pseudosciences.
Therefore, this impulse to destroy one self with pseudoscience emerges from mental illness or from the ignorance of people.Most followers of pseudosciences don’t even understand what they are following ! . Hence,we NEED to empower ourselves as much as we can to separate ourselves from the lower animals who are blinded by instinct and sensationalism animated by caprice and irreason driving themselves and anyone who they can grab—off into the abyss of extermination.
Individuals possessed by banemania don’t really have a functioning REASON which operates to see their digressions and heresy from naturalism.Sensationalism antagonizes REASON it forces it shut down.So that the weeds of pseudoscientific doctrines take root in a mind where there is no gardener i.e REASON to pluck out those poisioness weeds that have grown and which are being maintained and sustained by slothfulness.
The mind of a sloth is infested with mystical stories of spirits,demons,Gods,etc..Realistic concepts of the Cosmos are basically non-existent in his mind.He rush’s to attribute the cause of manifestations to fictional characters which only exist in his mind because the ignorance of natural causes has left a vacancy in his awareness where insubstansial subjects take root.
All Pseudosciences starting from spiritualism which includes all religions throughout history to material mysticisms are products of lower intelligence.If the founders of these cults had higher intelligence they need not have diverted to inpalpable explainations for palpable manifestations.They need not have digressed to sensationalism but to REASON if they their claims were really true.

Pseudoscience may probably be the cause of the 6th extinction !
It is in the desert of ignorance where the thorn of faith and pseudosciences flourish !
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The Bin-laden effect.

The bin-laden effect is a term i coined to define a psychological state of mind given to us by mystical and pseudoscientific institutions.This state of mind is a feeling we get when confronted by mystical and pseudoscientific doctrines or claims.These institutions exhibit splendor infrastructures and worship establishments which can be equated with castles.They appear and express hummbleness by donating charity and exhibiting selflessness.They exhibit terrorism to shock our souls into submission.They might also exhibit piles of mystical litreatures which can be used as door stoopers which are inculcated with contradictions and meaningless insubstancial twaddle.
The combination of terrorism,lustre,litreature and humbleness are the four wheels which mystical and pseudoscientific instituions carry themselves inoder to give themselves a sense of legitimacy without bothering themselves with providing evidence.So that we can fall for their claims.Humbbleness,terrorism,lustre and sominferous litreatures CANNOT be a replacement for EVIDENCE/DEMONSTRATIBILITY/EFFICACCY.Those who fall for the Bin-laden effect are called believers and those who don’t are called skeptics.
So next time you visit the Vatican or the blue mosque [i.e Sultanahmet] in turkey the feeling you get is the bin-laden effect.The marvels of the architecture paralyze your reason and you start to fall for mystical and pseudoscientific bosh.If you have noticed very carefully the attitudes of mystics they either try to look resplendent,humbble,erudite or ferocious .While missing the huge gist which is EVIDENCE.
Despite their fradulent nature these institutions seem genuine to our mesmerized brain. A brain abused by resplendence,humbbleness,inane litreature,and terror. The 2007 Makkah Grand mosque fourth extension project for example which is estimated to last till 2020 costed 10.6 billion US dollars.[1] If, for instance the millions of dollars spent in lustre projects in the name of personified nature [i.e God] throughout the world was instead used to fund naturalism [i.e research and development] to cure cancers,alzeimers, AIDS, and other human challenges—–our planet would have been a better place.
Instead of investing billions into splendor establishments of worship of personified nature like idiots ! that we are not ! we must invest that money into the study of the principles of nature.Inorder, to understand it and utilize that understanding to make ourselves happier and relieve ourselves from suffering. Can you image if the Grand mosque of Mecca was a meeting ground for millions of researchers throughout the world ; an institution like The house wisdom rather than a place of worship of nature ? The ammount of solutions that we could have created would have been enormous !
Similarly, if the millions of dollars of money being channelled to terrorist groups in the name of personified nature [i.e God] by tycoons who ‘think’ they are fulfilling the word of God and If the funds injected to the so called ‘holy wars’ and ‘holy terrorisms’ to create havoc and human suffering on earth was channelled into R&D [research and development] to create relief and bliss how happy humanity could have been ?!
If the ink spelt to inscribe nonsensical twaddle was used instead to inscribe the principles of nature.To uncover it’s operations; and to dymsytify it’s essence inorder to enlighten and empower all of humanity about the true nature of their creator without mystical and spiritual digressions and heresy—Humanity could have seen a better day.
Reason and evidence must be our indispensible tools to analyze hypotheisis,theories and claims because nature has evidence for ALL it’s operations.We should never fall for the splendor,humbbleness,inane scripts,and terror posed by claimants. We should not be the victims of the Bin-laden effect.
We MUST trust our reason and even analyze our own nature and behaviour to prove to ourselves the soverignity of nature [i.e that we are determined by our natural design and ALL manifestations have attestments].We will realize and discern the fact that we are determined by our nature entailing the deduction that nature is the only determining force.
Therefore,verifying the fact that nature possesses evidence for ALL it’s operations.The workings of nature may be challenging to comprehend but it is NEVER mysterious, spiritual or mystical.The workings of nature are purely material, natural and self-evident waiting to be unravelled by valiant and skeptical investigators.The only leash holding us back from progress and happiness is our low intelligence which deserves to be enhanced and augmented so as to comprehend nature faster and efficaciously.
The Bin-laden effect should not derail us from ebeism; contradictory scriptures should not befuddle our minds into submission to mysticism; terror should not disrupt the functions of our reason; humbbleness should not distract us from the true nature of pseudosciences which are destructive in all five spectrums pyschologically,emotionally,physically,economically and socially.
People who are sapient enough to save themselves from mysticism,pseudoscience and the Bin-laden effect will be called infidels,blasphemers and charged with impeity.But we MUST at this very point ask the question who is the real infidel ??? The man who is rejecting evidence or the man who is requesting evidence ??? In reality it is those mystics and pseudoscientists who are the true infidels; the renegades of reality and evidence for fiction and reverie.They are the ones who refuse to see the overwhelming attestments for scientific theories.They should be the one who should be charged with impeity and blasphemy against reason and commonsense.They are not either willing or sage enough to understand the evidences brought forth by natural investigations; The truth is either against their interests or more sophisticated than their level of intelligence.Therefore,when they accuse us of infidelity which is not a legitimate litigation in the first place we MUST accuse them of delusionality.

Let’s stick to reason and evidence !

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The prayer of a mystic who has deified nature inorder to amend his condition.

OH ! Dear Nature The Almighthy ,The merciful and The Glorious.
Don’t unleash your furry on your minions, your Gloriousness.
Hold on your punishments of landslides,earthquakes,tornadoes,famine,epidemics and volcanoes.
We will repent for our sins that we are incapable of commiting due to your monopoly of volition in your kingdom.
We will offer sacrifices to please your outraged temper and Immutable-self-sufficient essence, your gloriousness !
we will establish a designated altar and a house of abodement where you will be deified and praised day in and day out by ranting enthusiastic vulgars denominated by so many different nomenculatures in different cultures and ethic groups throughout the world and throughout history.—Some will call you Shiva and others might call you Allah,Marduk,Yahweh,Jesus,Amun,Saturn and just simply God.We will assign a priest as your minister and ambassador to communicate your precepts.
Oh ! Dear nature !
Your words coming from the caprice of the ambassadors will be inscribed in a scripture called a Holy book.We will consider the whim of your ambassadors as your dictum to be strictly followed and highly revered.
we will establish a house of worship in your honour and we will call it The House of God !
And the land that it will be established on as a Holy land !
In there we will offer sacrifice; we will splash some milk and honey, spread bread crums.
We will confess our dirty little secrets that you already know to your ministers so that they can supplicate your forgiveness and so that you know our crimes that you already know before-hand before you unleash your vengence that your merciful epithet proscribes you from accomplishing.We will beg for forgiveness for our disobedient and licentiousness nature which you designed us with in the first place.
We will take full responsibility of guilt for your design.
I don’t really see the point of confessing our sins that we can’t commit or apologizing for our animal nature that determines us in the first place to an all-knower almighty nature who is responsible for ALL manifestations.
BUT anyways i apologize for rationalizing the situation by my rational mind and reason that you gave me to utilize as a guidance in this world.
Forgive me Glorious nature.
Any ways coming back to my prayers….
The blood of Goats,oxen,chicken,children,women and even some infidels will be offered to please you and to flavor things up ! just for your taste oh ! merciful nature ! forgive us all.
Just hold on your onslaught of punishments we will behave and be perfect subordinates.


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————————————————————————God is a personofied nature.

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