All idealistic and mystical concepts are houses erected on nothingness. As a consequence inorder to sustain themselves they resort to terrorism and optimism rather than ebeism.They adopt arrogant positions due to their lack of attestments.One can only sustain a theory without evidence is via terrorism,optimism and vagueness (chamelonism) reconciling mysteries by other mysteries.

If we observe idealistic concepts they hardly make any sense at all they are inundated in nebulousity.The incapability of idealists to reinforce their claims by evidence forces them to resort to the above mentioned  behaviours and to terrorism,optimism and nebulousness.

All religions and other pseudoscientific cults as legalized derrangements are founded on some so sort of hope and ramified by the force of fear. I believe this is very important in distinguishing pseudosciences from eusciences because as i might have said elsewhere if a claim is veracious there will be no need for faith,optimism and terrorism.The evidence will speak for itself.

You can either embrace the evidence or ignore it for your own consequences.Hence, i believe that  what we really need  in the natural world in NOT faith but COMMONSENSE.To discern facts from fiction; impostors from liberators; phantasm from reality; mental illness from mental wellness.

The false promises of ‘prophecies’ have given us  unreal expectations and the cascades of terrorism have instilled upon us a distorted temper shaking our salubrity and endangering our very existence.Despite the illusion of optimism that pseudoscience distributes  which continues to be shattered by the tyrany of natural laws and the dictum of reality we still haven’t come to our senses to realize who is the boss of our universe and the answer to that is nature and her laws.

By abondoning commonsense and industriousness what we get in return is  insanity,sluggishness and slavery to personified nature or cult leaders.Founders of pseudosciences are either biased by self-interest or corrupted by naivety and callowness.The schools that they found might gain more followers because as Baron says i am parasphrasing here ‘The number of the unempowered is many.’

Therefore, the size and number of clamouring idiots cannot make a theory a fact.We should NEVER fall for the   glamour,lustre,hummbleness,terror,optimism,comfortability of any theory.The TRUTH is tough to establish and pinpoint by our weak undeveloped ape brain but it DOES exist ! Reality exists beyond us !

We should not fall into the abyss of idealism which states that  nothing exists except ideas and in this process the truth is not a fact on the ground but an idea in our heads which means that whatever an individual is convinced to believe will be the truth.This manner of thinking is against the design of our innately objective mind.Idealism will destroy our mind  and  turn us into delusional animals. Reality DOES exist beyond us as  observers, whether we are present absent,conscious,unconscious,dead or alive !!!

But establishing  the truth is challenging first due to the intricate nature of our creator which is nature herself and second due to our weak and imperfectly designed intelligence.So nature is not an intelligent designer it is a clumsy designer with a hit and a miss.

Emotional intelligence is critical in discerning between these tricks placed before us inorder to ensnare us to thralldom of idealism and empty theories propagated by mystics. Rivers have been stained by the  blood of  many and expectations have been broken for centuries  by terrorism and optimism. We can even notice the current state of our world in the middle-east for example were nihilism has been exchanged for naturalism as  virtue  and compassion for sadism.We are witnessing groups dedicated to the terrorism.

In the 21st century we are seeing  iron-age imbecility and  brutality.Unfortunately,the middle-east has descended from being the beacon of civilization to the beacon savagery.It’s  once  proud house of wisdom which produced prominent worldly scholars and scientists has been replaced by medressas  which preach hate, genocide,mystical reveries  and inhumane savage sharia laws .I wonder what the great scientists like Al-Farabi, AL-kindi and Aviccena would think of  their home land if they witnessed it today which is inundated in terrorism and nihilism  governed by tyrants who abhore the individual, his liberty and his enlightenment.

An Evil state can only come about when a society is fettered by the three axis of evil which are tyrany,mysticism,and collectivism. Tyrany obscures enlightenment of the individual by entangling him with restlessness; mysticism destroys his Reason and commonsense;  collectivism proscibes him from being left alone to developing his own personality and empower himself.

Obscurancy and totalitarianism are the symptoms of unenlightenment.We must revere our Geniouses and intellectuals for their contribution to humanity and leave them alone. But unfortunately, when light shimmers from a corner within a society unenlightened totalitarian sensational tyrants rush to extinguish it leaving all of us in darkness to be directed by our caprice.

Why should our intellectuals be victims of the the three axis? rather than being encouraged to contribute more to humanity ? Tyrants, mystics and collectivists like to intimidate,chase and even corrupt our geniouses exposing their own stupidity.How much more intellectuals should be terrorised,imprisoned or sacrificed inorder for us to plunge into  absolute darkness ? Socrates, Aristotle, Antonie Laurent de Lavoiser,Thomas Hobbes, and todays intellectuals like Salman rushdie etc.

Freethought and patronage by dedicated leaders is what brought about the Islamic golden age of naturalism and scientific explosion.The intellectuals in this era were dualists ofcourse but contributed tremendously to naturalism they were,philosophers,musicians,mathematicians and physicians.They were NOT purely mystical.The current  young middle-easterners which are sensationalisticly joining terrorist groups are unfortunately as we can observe nihilistic who can’t wait to explode in an airport in the name of a fictional character murdering as many innocent people as possible than to preach geometry,mathematics and alchemy to empower as many people as possible like their ancestors in a campus of wisdom.

It is never to late to bring back the golden era of middle-eastern naturalistic domination and triump.It is possible to bring back not just the middle-east away from terrorism and nihilism to ebeism and naturalism but the ntire world which seems to be bogged down in the swamp of confusion.It is the responsibility as hard as it may sound of the leaders of the world to formulate policies to guide the young to empower themselves through freethought and crticism,inorder for them to contribute something to society.

It is only when people are encouraged to empower themselves without fear and  procrastination that we can have an enlightened better society which can bring about a peaceful world.In contrast, a society fettered by tyrants,mysticism and collectivism is a receipe for disaster waiting to happen.

Liberalism,materialism and individualism should be installed in place of the three axis of evil. Man must be free physically,psychologically,and emotionally inorder for him to reach his maximum potential.We must always remember that a tyranical state and mystical institutions like theology are the venoumous enemies of the individual.Religious leaders and tyranical statesmen are partners sharing the spare keys to the prison where the individual is incarcerated.

Terrorism and optimism are utilized as bad cop and good cop emotional tools to confuse and control the individual who is crying out for evidence.In religion they tell us we will burn in hell if we reject their claims and in material mysticism like the law of attractionists  tell  us if we  reject their prescribtion then we will  continue suffer in our current state of misery.And this step one i.e terrorism and step two is optimism those who believe will be rewarded by eternal happy abodement called heaven and so on.

Like a lab rat they want to manage our actions with punshiment and reward so as to follow their guidelines of daily doses of prescribed doctrines.

Inorder, for us to lead a sound life i believe that ebeism is extremely critical.we should never be distracted by theories which attempt  to tame us by the counterplay of terrorism and optimism.We should not allow fear or hope to cloud our reasoning.let’s maintain a sharp rational mind and a strong commonsense.

Keep on requesting  evidence !


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