I don’t want to bore the reader with tautology but the concept within amystology as has been said in other articles is that man is a material being with a behaviour purely created by physio-chemistry.
The reason for this conclusion is because the universe itself is an enormous assemblage of chemicals including man himself.Therefore, man’s awareness,his mood [i.e his joy and his pain,] his existence (i.e his vitality [life],his mortality [death] ) his conduct [i.e ethics ] etc. in total can be reduced to chemical reactions and biology.
Therefore, the understanding of chemistry can be used as a tool for solving humanities issues and challenges including ethics.Starting from enhancing man’s intellectual capacity,ethical enginneering, mood enhacement, longevity and immortality.
There is no Universe,Galaxy,Stars,planets,humanbeings,awareness,joy,pain,life or death but processess of chemistry.Can you mention something beyond chemical ??? Something which cannot be reduced to matter ???
Mystics abuse our senses by questions like Is matter conscious ? How can matter move itself ? How can we formulate ethics from a test tube and from the theory of materialism ? blah..blah and other statements to shake our certainity on reality and the sovergnity of nature—So as to doubt ourselves and be uncertain about simple self-evident demonstrating facts.This is the trick that they play on our senses and minds inorder to incuclcate their delusions and toxic immaterial nonsense into our consciousness.
It is absolutely POSSIBLE to formulate not just behaviour and ethics from a test tube but an entire organism. for example, whether he becomes a she or a he; has six fingers or five; has a calm personality or a pugnacious personality; has blue eyes or brown eyes; is black skined or white skined; is a cyborg or a human; etc..We can practically design a humanbeing from scratch with the desired traits and expected behaviours on the outside world.Therefore,the source of ethics IS biology.
I believe that the root of all human behaviour is biological by editing and enhancing his natural design we can edit his behaviour on the ground.The flaw of idealists and mystics is that despite the presense of abhorable designs within human nature which are responsible for heinous behaviours they try to rectify man’s behaviour by formulating commandments which do not address and rectify its SOURCE.
Thus, these superficial laws will be broken by the natural design of man. We witness for example unexpected weird behaviours like holy men sexually abusing young boys; the most erudite intelligent men delving into turpitude and rage ; Leaders of nations caught up in sex scandals; people commiting embezzelment and money laundrying; people violently massacring each other and loothing each other’s properties in national conflicts without mercy; sexual perversions of all types; irrationality and senselessness; malevolent humans poisioning and murdering each other and all other ill-behaviours are exhibited before us to our repugnance.Hence,first we must understand the root of all these human behaviours which is ofcourse the human design.
So, even the question of ethics itself is and can be reduced to chemistry and natural processes which can only be answered by biological engineering !—-By rectifying what is abhorable and enhancing what is commendable we can create better ethical humans and a better world for our descendants.
Ethics has many branches but in general it is concerned with what is the ‘ideal’ human character and this ‘ideal’ human character can be created in the laboratory by biological engineering.Natural science can create this ideal creature and intelligently designed being solving ALL ethical issues.This might sound radical but given the current state of humanity radical challenges do deserve radical solutions.
Understanding naturalism is the solution to everything !
Our imagination and cognition is the limit as to what design and behaviour the human organism should have—–The options are basically limitless.What i want to stress here is that without ethical engineering and embracing the fact that the source of human behaviour is biological hence, requiring a biological solution there will be NO resolution in regard to morality.
The world will continue as it is inundated in war,famine,altercations,tribulations,sufferring and tumult due to the fact that humans have accepted to live with their imperfect designs responsible for all these manifestations.
The question of morality may sound a question for the social sciences but actually it’s root is in biology.Without understanding and tweaking nature we can never formulate a sound moral theory.All the Constitutions,Bill of rights, Codes ,Cultures,values, and regulas are basically ineffective if they are not in alignment with human design.which we already know that it has flaws and is in desperate need of purging its defects and enhancing its strengths.
The ideal human character can be invented by science if we allow it !
We should save our selves the labour of formulating philosophies,ethical rules,norms,customs etc. and focus on formulating the best natural blueprint from which the best human behaviour can emanate.This should be our pre-occupation.
The current human behavior itself emanates from our natural blueprint designed by nature.This design has so many flaws as stated above as it is observable by the current state of our planet.
We should NOT be afraid to ameliorate the human condition through biological engineering which i consider to be absolutely moral.The immoral thing to do is to leave man with his abhorable defects to suffer for their consequences.The only moral objective is the masterdom of man. An organism free from flaws and full of happiness.
The opposition to ethical engineering may come only from those who either are incapable of providing efficacious solutions to ethical issues or have an interest in the derailment of human philosophy from the virtueous path of naturalism.
Ask yourself these questions why do idealists and mystics oppose a science which is open for new evidence ??? why do they oppose naturalism which has stated several times it is open for corrigibility if new attestment is presented ??? Is it logically sound to oppose something which is open for new evidence ??? How can you oppose something which is not a dogma ??? Their abhorance towards science and materialism has no sound foundation at all.
If for example if you think that evolution as a theory is wrong then why not rectify the origins of humanity by what is the true—providing necessary evidences rather than hope and hot air ???
I believe that the normally expected behaviour of a humanbeing should be to vehemently detest claims which do not have evidence and which are dogmatic. Because they are incontrary to our design and inconflict with our health.
Idealists and mystics without a shred of evidence sensationally excorite objective theories which happen to be in contradiction to either their fables or their illusions.They neither help out in objective investigation nor create their own.They are like obscurant children who prohibit grown ups from accomplishing grown up work.
Materialism is NOT a dogma.It is a demonstratable fact. Any attempt to spurn naturalism is really just an attempt of resisting reality not denying it because reality is not going anywhere—-or anti-naturalism may exist due to lack of insight into the workings of nature and her laws which determine us all. The next time you hear a reprobation of science which can not either produce evidence or logically discredit which has already been established consider it as nothing but HOT AIR. Our motto to defend ourselves from the mind tricks of Idealists and mystics should be –please produce evidence not hot air-.
Diligently observe reality and you will discern who is in charge !
By blocking our thought train by totalitarianism and shocking our souls by terrorism they thought our mind will be ready for their meaningless theories and delusions. So that we can share their morbidity and be in a state of day dreaming induced by their toxic twaddle.
whether we like it or not reality is independent of its observer as long as there is no evidence for us to analyze claims they are useless to our objective mind.Hot air and hope provided by idealists and mystics can NEVER be entertained in place of evidence and demonstration.Therefore, lets name and shame those disoriented impostors as the enemies of humanity and naturalism.
Finally, i think we must understand the axiom that we as human beings are determined by natural laws and physio-chemistry; our behaviour manifests as a consequence of these laws and physio-chemical reactions. If so then the solution of creating a desired world can ONLY rest on a desired design. If we desire ethical transformation of humans we must first need to understand what is their source of behaviour in the first place and devise a natural emendment to bring about a desired ethical behaviour.
Nature and her laws reign over reality !