Man MUST be the master of nature.The source of all his suffering and the source of all his blessing IS nature.Man should not enslave himself to natural forces but instead understand them inorder to tame them and DETERMINE his destiny.Destiny can be in our hands if we have a higher understanding of the natural world.

The source of all misfortune  is our ignorance of  natural causes. Man should NEVER cower in fear of nature and resort to futile superstition which neither solve his challenges or enlighten his ignorant mind.The ONLY  viable option available to him is naturalism.He can try to understand the natural world and solve his issues  through the understanding he acquires or—He can digress to mysticism and superstition to fool himself and be a psychotic patient.

Being an infidel is a blessing  !  and a protection against unverified absurdities and delusions because ALL natural manifestations have evidences to substansiate their existence. Hence, there is no need to believe because there is NOTHING supernatural. [i.e something beyond your rational mind] Mysticism orders man to surrender his dignity and sacrifice himself as a martyr to either a God or a cult leader—–So that all his natural challenges could be resolved.

Martyrdom is the exact opposite of what is promoted by amystology.When we say mysticism we include all branches which have their basis on nebeism and have an interest in fobbing us. [i.e religions,cults,superstitions,spiritualisms,illusionists etc.] These groups demand blind faith and sacrifice to personified nature [in the case of religionists]—–whether it is your time,money or even life.

When we ananlyze illusionists they also demand your belief  these groups are the enemies of reason and their art of deception toxic to our rational mind. I don’t personally like magic shows because it is disruptive to my rational mind.

In opposition to mysticism amystology promotes masterdom—–the transformation of enlightenend and valiant man into a master of the natural world through realistic and objective investigation of nature which produces technology.Whereas, in mysticism he is ordererd by Doctors of ignorance to reduce himself into a minion providing sacrifices,libations,rhapsodies, repentances and litany to ameliorite his natural challenges and be a slave of personified nature [i.e God].

Borrowing human emotions and natures like vision,hearing,locution,thought,anger,love,hate,rage,joy,gratitude,lust,revenge,clemency,sadism, etc. and  bestowing  these articles upon nature and her forces to create a personifed character called God will NEVER solve all our issues and challenges brought upon us by unpersonified natural forces.

We should remember that the term ‘God’ is either abused by mystics to impose their will on others but mostly it is a euphemism for nature herself.In consideration of these facts which approach is sensible ??? Realistic and objective study of nature/God to produce technology to solve our problems or Idealistic and subjective study of nature/God to produce confusion and even more problems ??? A sage man will choose the former.

The end game of mysticism is extinction but the end game of amystology is survival.The objective,systematic and thorough study of our creator Nature !!!.Understanding nature MUST be our purpose in life without any mystical or spiritual tendencies and digressions. Inorder for us to reach the destination of masterdom.

We can either understand our creator or vanish !

So martyrdom is a dirty word in amystology because the forces of nature are not people ! like us which demand sacrifice—-Personification of nature is  what ignorant minds ended up calling God which is not going to get us anywhere or shielding us from the onslaught of natural calamities as i mentioned earlier. Attempting to please a raging tornadoe or a severe earthquake or a devastating epidemic through supplication,repentance,dole etc. to a personified nature is frankly a silly,childish and futile endeavour.

The only saviour we have against natural forces is our understanding of these forces so as to produce technology to defend our survival and amend the human condition.So nature is not a person which demands sacrifice to calm down and be appeased.This fact by itself nullifys mysticism and all its branches which are the ignorance of natural causes and institutions of systematic derrangement.

Make commonsense your guiding principle ; Naturalism your only metaphysical preoccupation and reason your scrutinizing tool don’t fall for the mind tricks of mystics trying to confuse and twist  you innately objective mind so that it can’t tell facts from fiction. So that you can be their perfect subject  prostrating in awe to their pugancious megalomaniac personality. Stay strictly materialistic because that’s what your are—— a matter.

Embrace realism,rationalism and objectivism as epistemological tools to study your creator and amend your condition.

Choose life not death be a master not a martyr Choose sensibility not insanity why be a slave when you can be a master ???

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