As long as transhumanism as a scientific movement aiming to enhance and empower man in to a higher being stays strictly materialistic and does not take a U-turn into mysticism like Scientology—-I believe it will be the paragon of all movements in the objective sciences.

As an Atheist and fervent exponent of Naturalism and as an amystologist who vehemently rejects mysticism and idealism—I believe that the understanding of ALL natural causes is the solution to ALL humanities problems. If we consider the maxim statement that “Human nature shapes the world in it’s own image” then it will be rational that by manipulating  and shaping human nature via technology we can shape the outside world according to our desire.

what could be more sensible than to reconfigure and redesign abhorably  designed man to liberate him from his lower self and flaws exhibited in his makeup and in his nature ? we have already established that nature and her laws are the exclusive metaphysical truths.Therefore, inorder to solve any issues we are confronted with in the exclusive realm of reality that we exist in we must approach it through the scientific method.All challenges within the universe are natural with a corresponding natural solution.Science and technology are not just option ‘B’ to our challenges.But the exclusive options available to us.

The supernatural option ‘A’ has been dead for so long because canididly ‘supernaturalism’ is a fictive tale which died and went down to the Grave with the many self proclaimed ‘Prophets’ in the Iron age.

The time has long passed for believing in fairytale concepts of salvation by fictional characters and prophecies which will NEVER materialize because they don’t exist in the first place.Thus,we are left with the true creator and sovereign in existence i.e Nature and her laws. Which is not a perfect and ideal force she is riddled with flaws and defects.Abhorable design exists in pair with intelligent design in our observable world.we are begining to understand that natural forces are the ones at the reigns of power and goverment within the universe.

We are begining to notice slowly that supernatural doctrines are ignorance of natural causes.we are begining to notice the absolute tyrany of natural laws which govern reality.Hence, finally reaching the conclusion that we don’t have a saviour except our understanding of natural laws.Hence, what could be more sensible than to support a movement dedicated to the understanding of all natural causes within the natural world inorder to benefit mankind and liberate it from it’s shortcomings and defects.

As Baron wisely say’s in his preface of  the System of nature volume-I:1770  “The source of man’s unhappiness is his ignorance of Nature. The pertinacity with

which he clings to blind opinions imbibed in his infancy, which interweave

themselves with his existence, the consequent prejudice that warps his mind,

that prevents its expansion, that renders him the slave of fiction, appears to

doom him to continual error.” Therefore,humanity does not have an alternative which can solve its issues and resolve its challenges except Science which produces technology.

As long as Mahadi or jesus are no where to be seen i will stick with naturalism and what works efficaciously and to what i can understand as a material animal.As i am determined by my physio-chemistry it will be sensible for me to support a movement which works for the betterment of my chemical processes.Which can enhance and transport me to the ultimate destination of masterdom.

Man is not that different naturally from a tomato which goes through genetic enhancement to make it a better product free from flaws.This fence of fear that man is something unique and untouchable which is holding back the enhancement and research on humanbeings MUST be demolished because fear and totalitarianism are the tools of Idealists and mystics who have lost touch with reality and obsessed with misanthrophy and the extinction of the human species.

We must teach people that they are natural products not ‘choosen’ species by a non-existent God.They as other segments with in nature are just components of nature.The only manner they can solve any of their issues is through technology EXCLUSIVELY.Once this notion is comprehended then i believe that man will start focusing his eyes into earth rather than space.The understanding of the natural world will either elevate him into a master or the ignorance of the natural world will reduce him into a slave of his own imagination.

Idealism is  the best example here we see man enslaved to his own figments behaving like a child.whereas, in realism we see sapient grown up  humanbeings trying to understand and manipulate nature to the benefit of mankind.This is where transhumanism comes in with reason and commonsense encouraging people to engage the microscope and ditch the cross or any other superstitous toy and grow up ! Inorder to understand the fact that natural challenges have only natural solutions.

Let not your fear fetter you in ignorance and enslave you to fiction and interests of arrogant imposters who know little of what they speak.Due to their sham theories resort to terrorism and totalitarianism to subdue us in their social order.I will hold your hands in support preventing you from the abyss of Idealism and pulling you up to the plateau of realism.I will stand shoulder to shoulder in support of your right to masterdom.You don’t have anything to loose abandoning you faith in Idealism and mystical nonsense except you peurility.I will not betray your trust like the cozeners.I am your friend trying to save you from your lower self.

I will extend my hand even to the idealist himself to join our movement of natural understanding and enhancement it will be better for him as it will be for us.Let him Join us in our endeavor and give us a hand in our toil of  understanding mysterious nature rather than standing aside engaged in terrorism,sensationalism,totalitarianism and obscurancy clinging to toys.

I my self as a founder of Amystology and supporter of the value called masterdom—Nothing goes hand in hand with my philosophy than transhumanism itself because naturalism is the fourth value of amystology.Hence, i am obliged to embrace any objective scientific movement in natural science as my own value.

I believe that the world will never be a better place without the enhancement of man into a higher being.It does not matter what type of philosophy we formulate or constitutions we promulgate nothing will be better because the source of  man’s unhappiness is his design !!!  which bears defects and short comings.Considering  the fact that he has evolved from lower animals.This is the reason why CAMIDRCS promotes the value of masterdom.In alignment with the transhumanist movement.


why should man live with his defects as if they are some type of souveniors to be esteemed about ??? why should we wait until the sun dies out and cremate us with its dieing blaze because we think we are ‘special’ and untouchable—Hence unreformable  and unimprovable creatures ??? why should man suffer and be unhappy due to his flaws ??? It does not make any sense at all !!! Lots of funding and research must go the enhancement of man !!!  Despite the cry’s of opposition from the trepidated and the disoriented.That is only when the human condition and his surroundings start to turn for the better and reach the ultimate destination of masterdom.

The source of man’s unhappiness is his design. By altering his design we can make him happy !!!

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