The term ‘God’ has been abused by many throughout history sometimes as a pseudonym for the so called ‘prophets’ themselves or anyone who used it as a scarecrow to dictate their social policies and satisfy their interests.Hence,this character  that ‘prophets’ and their gullible slaves talk about has a begining.

I am not stating that i don’t have a cause. I do have a cause or reason for my existence but that cause is something i am not acquianted with yet and i don’t know what it is.But it has to be a natural cause force or law because of the exclusivity of nature herself.

Spiritual idealists found inventing something higher than themselves to gain more acceptance by people a necessity.Inorder, to reign their social order and impose it on society.All religions are the invention of men not ‘revelations’.These social systems are not revelations but dissertations devised by cunning impostors.Therefore,when you embrace Islam you are enslaving  yourself to mohammedocracy; when you embrace christianity  you are enslaving yourself to whoever wrote the Bible; when you embrace buddhism you are enslaving yourself to Buddaocracy not to ‘Almighty’ God as you have been fobbed to think.

If there was a true God outside matter as theologians profess then he would have had a single visage.The fact that we had and have thousand of Gods is an evidence by itself that it is a fictional scarecrow invented by the human mind.Then why do people invent Gods albeit they know that it is fictional ??? According to my analysis the answer seems to be three things.

1-Fear:-Humans as an evolved creatures are methaphorically like orphans abandoned in a train station.Who have no idea what to make of their surroundings. we exist in a strange and mysterious universe that we know little about;we don’t know totally our origins; our purpose; and environment.Hence, we feel frightenend and lonely.When people are afraid and lonely they invent imaginary friends.If you have observed people in solitary confinement it is their behaviour to draw or make objects to befriend.In a gigantic scale humans as orphans in the universe have invented physical or imaginary God to reduce their anxiety of ignorance.

Therefore, behind every God that is created there is a Man who is the creator.

2-Ignorance:-In the polytheist systems of ancient middle east and Europe due to the abnormally high rate of ignorance at that time; people had Gods for pretty much every aspect of life.For agriculture,farming,war,rain,ocean,fertility,persuasion,thunder,medicine,Sun,the underground,women etc.As human understanding of these sectors grew; when man mastered agriculture,fertility,rain and the oceans etc. the need for Gods died out with the ignorance.No more sacrifice,worship,supplication was necessary anymore they were discarded and replaced by natural understanding.The mountain of unknowns that human face is getting smaller and smaller as time and technology progresses forward.

The only God left is the God of the universe we are at the age of monotheism rather than polytheism.So that name tag plastered on the universe by idealist’s  will still persist until we comprehend the origins of the universe itself.The monotheistic God will be abandoned and replaced by  natural understanding and self-esteem on the behalf of human.

3:-Uncertainity:-In an age where reason has been abandoned as a means of certitude people are trusting their whims and caprice.People seem to be uncertain about so many things we are not even certain that we can live the next day.We gain an illusion of certainity and fool ourselves by sticking stickers of Gods in our car for example to have a  feeling of certainity and a safe journey.we have a fetish for superstitious physical objects whether it is the cross,the wailing wall or the Kabba to relieve ourselves of the anxiety of uncertain life events.

Therefore, the above mentioned reasons seem to be some of the factors responsible as ingredients for the creation of Gods.As long as these factors remain in the society there will always be a God. I don’t really understand why we have a field called ‘Theology’ which studies ignorance.Because God is the expression of ignorance/incapacity/befuddlement within human nature.How can there be a field which is dedicated to human incapacity ??? It does not make any sense at all.

In monotheistic religions theologians made God an imaginary being from his previous polytheistic statue state which is defenceless against gravity and the elements it supposedly created.Hence, inorder to make spiritual idealism convincing to the public  spiritualists made the modern day God invisible without any direction or place of abodement.That through mystifying God they aspired to maintain and preserve the influence of theology and its power in the society.

They want us to cogitate the unperceivable; praise the invisible; supplicate the unknownable.They want us to waste away physically and mentally in absolute devotion to an imaginary figure.The want us to enslave ourselves to our own minds.If this is so then theology is an open invitation to morbidity and mortality.

When we analyze the society we find no one death loving than mystics.They have lost themselves in their imagination to the extent that they just can’t wait till they join the dimension that they adore so much which is the realm of non-existence.

They say that the ‘new’ God of monotheism is imperceivable to man due to his inferiority.If so then the entire  fable  riddled establishment of religion will have to collapse because an inferior unperceiving Man and a perceiving superior God can NEVER have a ,communication,conversation or a day of judgement and restitution.

Man can only perceive what is real and existent.where there exists only one dimension the dimension of reality.You can choose to perceive it or choose to enslave yourself to your imagination to walk around in the world in a state of delirium and finally conclude your existence by martyrdom to nothingness.Delirium is the suspension of reason and a first step in a descend towards non-existence.

Mystics tell us to smother the cry of our critical faculty and submit in silence to their doctrines and assert what they vociferate is the word of God.If so why do we have many Spiritualists in dissention among one another quarreling which text is the word of God ??? How can God contradict himself and have ‘messengers’ in dispute among eachother ??? accusing eachother of infidelity and heresy ??? Doesn’t this quarrel seem a quarrel of competition  of philosophers after global domination ???

Some mystics say God is one; but others beg to differ waving around their handful of polytheist Gods.Some mystics profess that God does not begeth or is born; But fellow Augurs of Roman mysticism dissent bitterly because in their version of myticism jupiter is the son of Saturn.Some state that God is unique and has no equivalent but again fellow Flamen maiores who served the archaic triad in ancient Rome will disagree and provide equivalents of their own.

The field of Idealism or mysticism in general is so contradictory that  it crummbles on it self due to its own weight without a need for a critic.The claims they suppose cancel out each other exposing what it is a nothing.

They say that God is the all mover and intervenes in our daily lives as if the universe is a dead and motionless entity which derives its motion from a figment of our imagination.As if it is sensible for matter to stop for a moment and consult God on which direction to go and what to do next ? Even if we consider their argument for a second and ask them how God moves the world ? They have no clear answer they just keep on paralyzing our critical faculty by nebulous responses and terrorism.

The domain of the theologian is  the imaginary mind.Evidently there were and are people  today who are ignorant of natural causes and despise the scientific method of investigating true causes.Since the ancient Romans until today.They say that it is impiety,vituperation,blasphemy not to lose your self in delirium according to their prescription.To even be critical and analyze the physical God which can’t defend itself from gravity if it fell or the imaginary God  which can’t defend itself from reason.If i cannot analyze God how can i understand what it is ? They frown upon any cognitive function concerning their God and terrorize us citing the fate of Prodicus of Ceos and Socrates whose critical faculties where to radical for Athenian government.

The word of Oracles is embraced as the word of God; their policies as policies of God; delirium is replaced inplace of vivacity; psychosis is held in high regard than buxom;totalitarianism replaces individuality; terrorism replaces aspirationalism; rituals replace research; tribulation replaces serenity; worship replaces industriousness; alternative medicine replaces true medicine; concupiscence becomes a crime than a delectation;self-preservation is replaced my self-mortification to a scarifice loving God Dracula starting from innocent children i.e that of son of Abraham to Critics,freethinkers,realists,atheists,agnostics,heretics and even other mystics.So mystics do not even spare their own kind being a believer cannot save you from other believers.what a predicament !!! The vision of mystics for a society is so dark,nauseating and loathsome.

The history of sacrifice goes back even before monotheism in ancient greece emperor Marcus aurelius used to sacrifice a white castrated Ox ! for Jupiter because for his success in the battle fields. As if a white marble had something to with his victories.Eventhough the neo-mystics of today designate the ancient mystics as pagans they are identical.They want you to believe their version of mysticism is ‘unique’ inorder to sell their version of mysticism more than their predecessors.

The Saturn of yesterday has been replaced by the Jesus-Allah-buddha and Shiva of today.Superstition and mythology have no distinction throughout history it’s all the same.Mytsics  commits what i call the fallacy of misplaced attribution which means due to lack of understanding of natural causes they attribute effects to irresponsible causers.

What type of merciful and loving God massacres his own ‘intelligently designed’ creatures by famine,earthquakes,Tsunamis,tornados and pestilence ?

Lets now see what God is according to their definition.Islamic mythology tries to define it just by four sentences in the Quran at chapter 112.So the formerly  inexplicable infinite God all of a sudden becomes explicable in just four sentences ! Yes ! the contradictions in mythology are overwhelming because of its nothingness. God is a pacifier for adult children and a scarecrow for little children who are entangled in fear and befuddlement of this mysterious universe. As i stated earlier there is no difference between God Marduk-God Saturn-God Ashur-God Enlil-God Zeus,God Jupiter-God Jesus-God-Shiva or God Allah.They are all expressions of human limitations and inventions.

If this is the case wouldn’t it be absurd for me to embrace any form of mythology and in the process consecrate,adjure,worship,fear, my own inventions ??? The modern day Augurs give us a fleer when we start to be reasonable because they know that their myths and doctrines are mirages impotent against reason.They want to defend their irrational systems by irrational attitudes.

Let them have their sneer we will have our reason and we will see who prevails and who vanishes.The obscurants tell us that this planet is a providence and a blessing from almighty God to his ‘beloved’ slaves so that we can be grateful  to our creator day in and day out. In a world of species cannibalism where one species is ACTUALLY designed to devour another just to survive how can we honestly say that it is a providence and blessing for all species ??? where the misfortune of certain animals is the fortune for others ???

Holyness is a mental blindness a man without reason is like a Saw machine without an operator.The term ‘Holy’ immediately suspends reason and make any behaviour  it does not matter how heinous it may be acceptable and moral when it is written side by side next to other words.Holy bribe,Holy sacrifice,Holy land,Holy water,Holy bread,Holy wine,Holy blood,Holy carcases,Holy oil,Holy embezzlement,Holy rape,Holy war,Holy king and so on.

If God was beyond human comprehension and material senses why did he labor to create us with a rational mind ??? mythologists as humanbeings themselves  try to define their indefinable immaterial God via attributes and meditate upon his incomprehendable greatness by their uncomprehending mind.

Considering that nobody has a free will including the devil himself except the will of God how can there be this thing called a sin ??? How can entities below God commit a sin without a free will ??? If you state that the devil has a free will and can rebel independently against God  to mislead humans then you are placing the devil above God. How can humans be held accountable for their actions that they are not willing ??? Wouldn’t it be sensible to accuse God himself who has an absolute monopoly on volition as the villain ???

Therefore,if humans cannot be held accountable for their actions then there will not be a day of jugdement no hell or heaven.further analysis of christian mythology brings out so many points for instance a God bigger than the universe wants to impergnate a women inorder to create God junior whom he sacrifices for humans that are commiting sins that they can’t will. Is this a sapient plan on the behalf of God ??? why does God need a sex scene considering his purity from animal nature  ??? Because lewd is  a nature reserved only for our kind. Why does it have to be a gestation ? why not say let there be Jesus ! and he might have been ??? I don’t see the point where God lowers his dignity to animals of our species to beget a son.

You might say God works in mysterious ways ! well why then he due to his mercifulness make our life on planet earth mysteriously lax and blissful ???  Mystics state that God is the all knower; he knows everything if this is the case then why would he bother to create a universe which he already knows the answer to ??? following this contradictions God is an impossible character to exist.Theology as an art of contradiction is more of an entertainment to its audiences that a means of empowerment.

Religion is a legalized mental illness guarded by the state and revererd by the vulgars.Its proposal for a way life is simple indolence and self-thralldom to chimeras that we create ourselves. Rather than investigating our real origin and nature of reality.

The word of Oracles must be taken as the word of God and their caprice as the rule of law.Some might argue if we abolish religion in particular and idealism in general from the world anarchy will reign and there will neither be morality or ethics and peace to man kind.But my argument against this idea is lets observe the most religious part of the world to verify the fact that religion brings about peace and morality lets go to jerusalem the so called melting pot of religion.We observe since the incipience of religiousity in this north eastern part of Asia it has been the most unstable,violent,sanguine place on earth stained by the blood of thousands throughout history until this very day.Jerusalem has been the melting pot of carcases rather than seemingly ‘peaceful’ religions.

So the argument that without religion the world will descend into chaos and ochlocracy is unreasonable given the above evidence.Actually the world is IN chaos and ochlocracy due to the presence of religion.Jews,Christians, and muslims fighting amongst themselves and one another based on a dispute on novels. I am not saying that abolishing religion as a mental illness will bring about absolute peace to mankind because there still will be other reasons of  possible conflicts like nationalism,racism,resources,sexism,power,etc. but what i am saying is that atleast people will stop killing eachother for fictional inane theories and violence will be reduced drastically because the motive for violence based on fiction will disappear.

Others might argue if we abolish religion life will be boring and meaningless there will be no Passover,Shavout,Epiphany,Christmas,Easter,ID-alfitr,Diwali and no massacring infidels so it will be quiet, peaceful  and boring. My response to this argument will be what will be more meaningful than uncovering  the truth ??? what could be more meaningful than uncovering our true origin rather than fooling ourselves with inane superstituous systems ???

What could be meaningful than unraveling the mystery’s of the natural world ??? So  my counter offer is lets be mature enough to ditch our toys and sedulous enough to figure out our true origin.

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