There exists matter and consciousness matter’s purpose is to stimulate the consciousness into being conscious of reality i.e matter.It is a self-evident truth that man can NEVER acquire knowledge beyond reason.Non-material entities may or may not exist but how is it possible for an eye designed for photons to perceive a spirit ??? or a non-material entity ??? how can we categorize this form of epistemology ??? Can a VHS player entertain a DVD ? Can a Tiger designed to be a carnivore with canine teeths function as a herbivore ? Can a dolphin designed for the ocean be an airborne animal ? Can a polar bear designed for extreme cold dwell in the tropics ? Is the Cactus plant designed for the arctic region ??? To inquire whether man can conceive immaterial notions is like to inquire whether a man can bear a child ?
All of the above mentioned weird combinations are stated to elucidate the fact that an organism can NEVER function in contrary to his design.It would be awkward for any organism including Man himself to function against his design.Therefore, nothing will be more sensible than realism as an epistemologically righteous and correct position for the human organism because it is in alignment with his very design.
Man with a material consciousness and material senses has to entertain reality i.e matter inorder to create a concept that is called KNOWLEDGE. It would be helpful first if we understood what is the design of man himself.Inorder to formulate a sound epistemological theory.
Realism is a theory stating that reality i.e matter exists beyond the observer and this reality is the creator of man’s every single perception and consequently his conceptions.Realism always puts into consideration the design of man.
Other epistemolgist’s like Idealists and spiritualists state that there are entities beyond matter either controlling matter or influencing it some how because they say matter is not ‘conscious’ and cannot direct itself.Our answer to this argument will be immateriality is against our design [i.e human nature] hence,the so called spiritual or immaterial dimension may or may not exist; we cannot prove or disprove immateraility either through reason or evidence because the idea of immateriality will NEVER enter the human mind.
You can believe in any immaterial or ‘occult’ entities if you like and set up a system of spiritualism but rest assured that not even a single idea of the occult will enter your mind.Hence, amystology shares the agnostic position that it is only possible to understand the material world.Because as may have been elaborated earlier in several places amystology as a skeptical philosophy is founded on a single pillar of ebeism (evidence based existence) and other values.Therefore when we say evidence we mean material evidence for a material mind; material perceptions for material senses of the human organism.
The discordia among fact,fiction and faith as components within human nature is the reason why we have rancorous debates, groups and parties conflicting with each other on the ground.Facts are elements which can be proved via reason and evidence and are deemed essential for human existence;fictions are tales of fables which are just for recreation; faith is a behaviour of blind belief in anything despite the presence of contradiction and non-evidence.Plunging man into a malfunctioning,impaired and disordered state of existence.Faith is extremely dangerous as a position.
Nevertheless, all fact,fiction and faith are part of human nature and behaviour where facts are the products of reason; fiction the product of man’s fancy and faith the product of man’s ignorance/fear/arrogance. Epistemology as a branch of philosophy studies theories of knowledge i.e how knowledge is acquired. Reason and evidence must always be employed to prove or disprove any theory.The theory must be rationally explainable and empirically evident.Reason and evidence are the guardians of humanity protecting mankind from suicide.Faith is a gammble with one’s destiny to believe anything without reason and evidence is to commit blasphemy against self-preservation.
Because non-rational and non-evident theories are nothing but deleterious cults of self-destruction.Hence, one should NEVER believe in any theory which can be rationally and empirically discreditable.Idealism for instance is rationally falsifiable i.e is inconsistent and contradictory also empirically non-evident i.e if the outside world are just ‘ideas’ created by our mind why haven’t we created a utopia planet free from challenges ???.Hence, idealism is just a profound nonsense.
whereas, realism states that matter or reality is independent of the observer [i.e man] and reality creates percepts where man stimulated by these percepts creates concepts.This argument is rationally sound [i.e in alignment with reason and empirically self-evident i.e in alignment with evidence.]
Unfortunately, for those people obsessed with the idea of ‘meta’ i.e beyond matter the comprehendibilty of this issue is beyond human nature and their design.Therefore, why flounder in futile labor trying to discover entities incompatible with ourselves ? why not persist in investigating and understanding reality which is apprehensibile ? why fool ourselves in tenacity trying to prove dimensions absolutely useless to our kind ?
The real crime is not to be a realist but an idealist who fools himself that his consciousness is the creator of reality.Hence,he indulges in prayer and mind monitoring of his thoughts and feelings so that he can have a ‘prefered’ outcome and life experiences. As if his mind can influence matter.The topsyturvy nature of idealists is overwhelmingly ridiculous.They can be pictured as an individual who dresses his attire from the inside out and who has exchanged his right shoes with the left to wear them on opposite sides and goes to prom night priding himself as the well dressed smart man at that occassion.
Idealism is not just strange and weird but may also be a symptom of unclassifed mental illness.I am not a psychiatrist but according to my observation i think that is what it is.The only exclusive way one can influence reality is through the understanding of the natural world [i.e through technology] not by prayer,sacrifice,fasting,supplications,having faith or hope,thought monitoring,ranting ‘prophet’ dissertations, reciting rhapsodies, and other mystical approaches which can collectively be designated as desperate acts of floundering born out of ignorance in an attempt to influence reality. It is only the understanding of natural causes which has the power to influence reality in our favour by providing us with technology.Hence, the entire red zone starting from nebeism to totalitarianism is not just a waste of time but a deleterious approach and doom to humanity.
The attempt to designate a supernatural cause to the natural world is a confession of ignorance about the causes for the natural.Even if there was a supernatural cause to natural manifestations how are we supposed to be aware of this very cause which we are told is immaterial in nature ??? Therefore, Reality is the exclusive metaphysical entity in existence which due to our befuddlement and indolence is still not fully understood we just have to keep on investigating and understanding more natural causes combating Idealism on one hand while comprehending realism on the other.
when an individual expresses his faith in an idealistic and non-evident [i.e non-efficacious] concepts like God or The consciousness he is confessing his ignorance of natural causes.Science as a systematic study of nature is the real hope that humanity has in leading a comfortable and mirthful life.Stigmatizing realism and materialism could only bring about the dark ages of Idealistic domination where the preoccupation and investigation of reality is replaced by indolence and cogitation of zero.
Where,clarity will be replaced by discomfiture; efficacy by spuriousness; serenity by disquietude; mainstream medicine will be replaced by alternative medicine; pre-optionism by pre-ordainism; individualism by collectivism; enlightenment by obscurancy; masterdom by martyrdom; Intranaturalism by supernaturalism; self-preservation by self-mortification; philanthrophy by misanthrophy; feminism by misogeny; rationalism by intutionism; objectivism by subjectivism; aspirationalism by terrorism; capitalism by communism; salubrism by masochism; materialism by mysticism; ebeism by nebeism; compassion by sadism; observation by insouciance; freedom by thralldom;liberalism by totalitarianism; democracy will be replaced by theocracy; mental health will be replaced by mental illness; and finally ushering in the end of mankind.
This is the very reason that The school of CAMIDRCS and Amystology prepared a list of categories called the green zone and the red zone inorder to highlight the dangerous of idealism by its spiritual or material branch possed to humanity by placing it in the red zone.The defence and promotion of the green zone will bring about the unprecedented prosperity and success to humanity.Realism which is placed as the first value in the greenzone will enable man to function according to his design and focus on reality.Rationalism as the second value promotes reason and rational thinking the summit of human paragon.Objectivism empowers people that objects are creators of subjects in the human consciousness.Naturalism teaches that nature is the only exclusive metaphysical truth.Salubrism instructs people that self-preservation is of prime importance and self-sacrifice is a nocouous notion.Capitalism despite its brutal nature is the only theory which works interms of capital creation.And finally as the last value Liberalism where rational freedom is encouraged for the individual but not anarchy because no one can survive anarchy and his absolute right for uninfluenced decision or preoption is maintained.
Therefore, realism as one of the values of Amystology is an esteemed and righteous value to embrace and route to take inorder to realize the ultimate goal of masterdom. Try to be a realist not an idealist or a dualist.Because these later positions are contradictions. Lets join hands and be industrious in the investigation of reality. To relieve man of his unhappiness and derrangement.
Reason is my saviour and Realism the exclusive position !