It does not matter whether it is the string theory,the evolutionary theory or the God theory all claims MUST satisfy two criterias reason and evidence i.e they have to be consistent and evident.
Nothing must taken for granted without scrutiny and examination on trust ,faith or authority .Because all natural causes are capable of being verified. Nebeism is a heresy as is the entire red zone which is the object of criticism and dejection in amystology.The inability and incapability to demonstrate and support one’s claims with irrefragable consistent evidence due to the intricate nature of reality is the very factor which is creating these avalanches of pseudosciences.
May be it is because our monkey brain has not fully matured enough into an all capable agency with the capabilities to comprehend the nature of nature. A hypothesis or theory which is not sensible even worse which tells us to suspend our intellect because we cannot understand their theory with our puny mind is to suggest to not discern anything at all. Some of the zealots of pseudoscience even employ terror to force us to accept their claims.Some tell us that we just need to have hope evidence is on its way and their claims will soon be substansiated.
So there are individuals who tell us to suspend our intellect and abandon our reason altogether and wonder like a zombie because reason cannot discern their concept or theory. If reason can’t comprehend their concepts then their theory is not made for man !. Can we honestly imagine a humanbeing without reason driven just by instincts and caprice ??? if this is their request then they are ordering us to reduce ourselves below the levels of animals who infact have a strong sense of self-preservation. we must NEVER forget that reason is man’s precious,inalienable and indispensible possession there is NO knowledge beyond reason. It is only those who are indolent sham theoriticians who lack the ability to provide evidence who paint a target mark on reason.
And next there are claimants who are employing terror to drive their theory down our throats.Traumatizing our minds to subjugation through terrorism. And finally we have those theoriticians who assure us that the evidence for their claims is in the pipe line we just need to have hope and do as we are told.
The lack of consistency and attestment renders ANY theory factitious.Therefore, we should never submit to Irreason, fear or hope. Always stick to the foundations of truth i.e REASON and EVIDENCE.The incapability of theoriticians to provide evidence is not our problem and responsibility it is their burden. As it is impossible to conceive a human without reason it is also impossible to conceive the truth without evidence.
Some people might argue why we should be insistive of rationalism and empiricism as our sole epistemological theories.
The answer is simple….
The only defence we have against impostors is skepticism and the rigtheous path of infidelism notwithstanding their short comings.I say short comings because i am lamenting the weaknessess of the human brain which can be deceived by distorted perceptions as in illusion trickery.We do not have an option but to stick with our imperfect brain with all its weaknessess and embrace rationalism and empiricism whether the data presented to us through our senses is distorted on purpose to give us erroneous concepts or not we must imbibe reality.The presence of an imperfect perceiver cannot make reality inauthentic.
To abandon rationalism and empiricism to seek knowledge via ‘short cuts’ like ‘intuitionism’ will only short circuit our brain these actions will not further our cause it will further entangle our concepts and complicate our understanding of existence. The desertion of the green zone for the red zone [these are concepts in amystology (see diagram 1) ] will only throw us in to the world of the invalid.The world of words without meanings [ex.intuition,spirit,God,collective ]-subjects without objects-theories without substance [ex.communism,alturism,idealism]-concepts without percepts and topsyturvyness .
We must never abandon the green zone despite our weakness in our material brain in comprehending nature totally.we must always employ rationalism and empiricism in our engagement with reality despite our fully undeveloped capabilities because frankly we don’t have an alternative.

Green and red zone
All pseudosciences are the rejection of the green zone unless otherwise they end up substansiating their claims.They make philosophy a crime and a dirty word independent thought an imaginable vice and blasphemy which should never be attempted so that we can be the perfect idiotic unempowered and tammed subjects to their tommyrot theories.
They denominate criticality as immoral, empowerment illegal, individuality a corruption,freedom of thought a perversion.whereas, faith,indifference, collectivism and totalitarianism the awed and venetated virtues. If this is the case then pseudoscientists are not asking us to accept a theory but to accept thralldom.
Therefore,pseudoscience whether spiritual or material is not for you or for me it is a slavery to nonsense and to peoples ambition. let them have their deluded and sensationalistic army by their side we will have reason and evidence by our side;let them chase after the riches of the planet we will chase after the true nature of reality; let them have their empire of gullibles we will have our empire of sensible men; let them have their names carved on stone revered by their disoriented subjects we will have the truth carved on stone cogitated by freethinkers throughout history.
Let them satisfy their urge of empirial domination;we will satisfy our urge of truth identification; let them express their misanthrophy through their sadistic laws we will express our philanthrophy through our humanitarian laws; let them satisfy their urge of driving man of a cliff we will satisfy our urge of self-preservation;let them have their chance at hoodwinking humanity; we will have our chance of empowering humanity.
Freethought is mother of all inventions. It is only when people are free and endowed with preoption that they can reach their maximum potential.when man breaks off the fetters of collectivism that is when he can develop and prosper .It is only when laissez-faire is accepted as a concept that man becomes the master of his accomplishments.
The very fact that pseudoscientists are totalitarian and not willing to give us the right of preoption is an attestment by itself that their theory is sham and inane designed to entrap as many subjects as possible so that they can roar in zeal the cry of a conquerer by placing their foot on subjugated bodies.


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