God as a spirit is a chimera composed of various human and non-human borrowed characterstics and ephitets.The father,The merciful,The merciless,The punisher,The king,The judge, etc. are borrowed from human identity/nature and bestowed upon this character.The immutable,The Almighty,The all knower,The redeemer,The creator, etc. are fictionally entailed titles to purify this character from human weaknessess.
So finally we have a character who is a Father prone to concupiscence like an animal and an immutable almighty creature. I hope i am not the only one noticing the paradox here.This by itself can be an evidence that God is an invention of the human mind. Because how can two conflicting characters exist in the same subject ??? How can God be like an animal and have children and be immutable free from animal weaknesses not just at the same time but even in different time ???
How can a spirit whatever that might represent possess animal lust ??? Therefore the various contradictory characters MUST be borrowed from other animals from the material world and from non-existent fictional entities inorder to create this disordered intermingled black and white creature.The reason it is impossible to understand God as a concept is because it is a chimera which throws people in enigma created out of various incompatible characters borrowed from so many entities.
It will be a fact then when we return these borrowed characters to their rightful owners either to humans or non-humans then God will end up becoming a nothing. An entity created by borrowed epithets from the material world and from the world of fancy will cease to exist.Therefore, to believe in God will be to believe in nothing.To enslave yourself to God is to enslave yourself to nothing.
The greatest philosopher that ever lived according to my judgement Baron d’holbach says in his book Good sense year 1772 article 20 “Metaphysics teach us, that God is a pure spirit. But, is modern theology superior to that of the
savages? The savages acknowledge a great spirit, for the master of the world. The savages, like all
ignorant people, attribute to spirits all the effects, of which their experience cannot discover the true
causes. Ask a savage, what works your watch? He will answer, it is a spirit. Ask the divines, what
moves the universe? They answer, it is a spirit.” Inaddition in arcticle 21 “The savage, when he speaks of a spirit, affixes, at least, some idea to the word; he means thereby an
agent, like the air, the breeze, the breath, that invisibly produces discernible effects. By subtilizing every
thing, the modern theologian becomes as unintelligible to himself as to others. Ask him, what he
understands by a spirit? He will answer you, that it is an unknown substance, perfectly simple, that has
no extension, that has nothing common with matter. Indeed, is there any one, who can form the least idea
of such a substance? What then is a spirit, to speak in the language of modern theology, but the absence
of an idea? The idea of spirituality is an idea without model.” Hence, the idea of a spirit is unfathomable and perplexing to a material human mind because of the nature of the character in examination itself which is God who is a frankenstein monster created out of antagonizing paradoxical characters and body parts.
The enslavement to nothing is a state guarded affair nowadays this is how far the folly of humanity has reached.Theocratic states proudly hoist their flag at the UN as if it is something to be proud about ; a nation founded on antagonistic inane theories and immaterial pipe line prophecies.
Commonsense-reason-and evidence are becoming rare virtues nowadays.It is really becoming hard to find someone who is sensible and rational; our world is falling to inane doctrines and being overcrowded by mental patients.Spiritualism as a concept of nothing is a slavery to fiction and nothingness. Hence, why not recede to reason and commonsense to search for somethingness ? why not regress to nature to seek entities which are non-contradictory and self-evident ??? rather than sticking arrogantly with contradiction and nebeism ??? why do we need to create chimeras that no one could ever understand ???
why are we obssessed in creating concepts without respresentative precepts which can only exist in our minds ??? why should we be preoccupied in creating monstrosities which can never stand on its own let alone stand for us ???
If you notice spiritualism itself it is sect of unintelligable twaddle; an amalgamation of so much conflicting atributes and notions.If you have observed some of the Gods in Asian mysticism for example God Ganesha and others they are antromorphous monsters compiled from other various animals by the human mind Elephant+humanbeings+monkey and so forth. what a ridiculous predicament !!! So the God formula for the ones which are physical chimeras and for the ones which are non-physical characterstic chimeras alike must be Body part 1 + Body part 2 +Body part 3 + fancy 1+ fancy 2 +fancy 3 = God.
How can we denominate a spirit with a carnal apetite which impergnates a female human animal to have a son called Jesus while at the same time be free from human animalistic nature to become an immutable ,flawless guardian and monarch of nature ??? How can we label a creature with an elephant head, a human torso, upper four limbs and two lower limbs ??? How about calling it a meaningless farrago ?
I can imagine that there can be meaningful hodgepodges like a collection of different alphabets arranged logically to create words and sentences which give us meaning.But can there be anything meaningful about a grotesque creature either physical or literal [i.e terminologically] with antagonistic qualities ??? Can there be a Spirit who is an animal and non-animal ? Can there be a Spirit who is immutable and mutable who fatigues like an animal after the the 7th day of creation ? Can there be a spirit who is merciful and merciless like an animal ??? Hence,according to the law of excluded middle in logic the term ‘spirit’ will be nullified.
So when we come to monotheistic religions their chimeras are not mostly physical but terminological but when we come to polytheistic spiritualism they are as discussed above both physical and also terminological chimeras.The invisible God of monotheism is as a meaningless salad as the visible physical God of polytheists made up of stolen body parts.
So the next time you hear the word spirit understand that it is a subject without an object representing a chimera.Just another of those words without a meaning representing an oxymoron with opposing incompatible qualities cancelling out each other to leave us with nothing.