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March 2016

Distinguishing ebeism from terrorism and optimism.

All idealistic and mystical concepts are houses erected on nothingness. As a consequence inorder to sustain themselves they resort to terrorism and optimism rather than ebeism.They adopt arrogant positions due to their lack of attestments.One can only sustain a theory without evidence is via terrorism,optimism and vagueness (chamelonism) reconciling mysteries by other mysteries.

If we observe idealistic concepts they hardly make any sense at all they are inundated in nebulousity.The incapability of idealists to reinforce their claims by evidence forces them to resort to the above mentioned  behaviours and to terrorism,optimism and nebulousness.

All religions and other pseudoscientific cults as legalized derrangements are founded on some so sort of hope and ramified by the force of fear. I believe this is very important in distinguishing pseudosciences from eusciences because as i might have said elsewhere if a claim is veracious there will be no need for faith,optimism and terrorism.The evidence will speak for itself.

You can either embrace the evidence or ignore it for your own consequences.Hence, i believe that  what we really need  in the natural world in NOT faith but COMMONSENSE.To discern facts from fiction; impostors from liberators; phantasm from reality; mental illness from mental wellness.

The false promises of ‘prophecies’ have given us  unreal expectations and the cascades of terrorism have instilled upon us a distorted temper shaking our salubrity and endangering our very existence.Despite the illusion of optimism that pseudoscience distributes  which continues to be shattered by the tyrany of natural laws and the dictum of reality we still haven’t come to our senses to realize who is the boss of our universe and the answer to that is nature and her laws.

By abondoning commonsense and industriousness what we get in return is  insanity,sluggishness and slavery to personified nature or cult leaders.Founders of pseudosciences are either biased by self-interest or corrupted by naivety and callowness.The schools that they found might gain more followers because as Baron says i am parasphrasing here ‘The number of the unempowered is many.’

Therefore, the size and number of clamouring idiots cannot make a theory a fact.We should NEVER fall for the   glamour,lustre,hummbleness,terror,optimism,comfortability of any theory.The TRUTH is tough to establish and pinpoint by our weak undeveloped ape brain but it DOES exist ! Reality exists beyond us !

We should not fall into the abyss of idealism which states that  nothing exists except ideas and in this process the truth is not a fact on the ground but an idea in our heads which means that whatever an individual is convinced to believe will be the truth.This manner of thinking is against the design of our innately objective mind.Idealism will destroy our mind  and  turn us into delusional animals. Reality DOES exist beyond us as  observers, whether we are present absent,conscious,unconscious,dead or alive !!!

But establishing  the truth is challenging first due to the intricate nature of our creator which is nature herself and second due to our weak and imperfectly designed intelligence.So nature is not an intelligent designer it is a clumsy designer with a hit and a miss.

Emotional intelligence is critical in discerning between these tricks placed before us inorder to ensnare us to thralldom of idealism and empty theories propagated by mystics. Rivers have been stained by the  blood of  many and expectations have been broken for centuries  by terrorism and optimism. We can even notice the current state of our world in the middle-east for example were nihilism has been exchanged for naturalism as  virtue  and compassion for sadism.We are witnessing groups dedicated to the terrorism.

In the 21st century we are seeing  iron-age imbecility and  brutality.Unfortunately,the middle-east has descended from being the beacon of civilization to the beacon savagery.It’s  once  proud house of wisdom which produced prominent worldly scholars and scientists has been replaced by medressas  which preach hate, genocide,mystical reveries  and inhumane savage sharia laws .I wonder what the great scientists like Al-Farabi, AL-kindi and Aviccena would think of  their home land if they witnessed it today which is inundated in terrorism and nihilism  governed by tyrants who abhore the individual, his liberty and his enlightenment.

An Evil state can only come about when a society is fettered by the three axis of evil which are tyrany,mysticism,and collectivism. Tyrany obscures enlightenment of the individual by entangling him with restlessness; mysticism destroys his Reason and commonsense;  collectivism proscibes him from being left alone to developing his own personality and empower himself.

Obscurancy and totalitarianism are the symptoms of unenlightenment.We must revere our Geniouses and intellectuals for their contribution to humanity and leave them alone. But unfortunately, when light shimmers from a corner within a society unenlightened totalitarian sensational tyrants rush to extinguish it leaving all of us in darkness to be directed by our caprice.

Why should our intellectuals be victims of the the three axis? rather than being encouraged to contribute more to humanity ? Tyrants, mystics and collectivists like to intimidate,chase and even corrupt our geniouses exposing their own stupidity.How much more intellectuals should be terrorised,imprisoned or sacrificed inorder for us to plunge into  absolute darkness ? Socrates, Aristotle, Antonie Laurent de Lavoiser,Thomas Hobbes, and todays intellectuals like Salman rushdie etc.

Freethought and patronage by dedicated leaders is what brought about the Islamic golden age of naturalism and scientific explosion.The intellectuals in this era were dualists ofcourse but contributed tremendously to naturalism they were,philosophers,musicians,mathematicians and physicians.They were NOT purely mystical.The current  young middle-easterners which are sensationalisticly joining terrorist groups are unfortunately as we can observe nihilistic who can’t wait to explode in an airport in the name of a fictional character murdering as many innocent people as possible than to preach geometry,mathematics and alchemy to empower as many people as possible like their ancestors in a campus of wisdom.

It is never to late to bring back the golden era of middle-eastern naturalistic domination and triump.It is possible to bring back not just the middle-east away from terrorism and nihilism to ebeism and naturalism but the ntire world which seems to be bogged down in the swamp of confusion.It is the responsibility as hard as it may sound of the leaders of the world to formulate policies to guide the young to empower themselves through freethought and crticism,inorder for them to contribute something to society.

It is only when people are encouraged to empower themselves without fear and  procrastination that we can have an enlightened better society which can bring about a peaceful world.In contrast, a society fettered by tyrants,mysticism and collectivism is a receipe for disaster waiting to happen.

Liberalism,materialism and individualism should be installed in place of the three axis of evil. Man must be free physically,psychologically,and emotionally inorder for him to reach his maximum potential.We must always remember that a tyranical state and mystical institutions like theology are the venoumous enemies of the individual.Religious leaders and tyranical statesmen are partners sharing the spare keys to the prison where the individual is incarcerated.

Terrorism and optimism are utilized as bad cop and good cop emotional tools to confuse and control the individual who is crying out for evidence.In religion they tell us we will burn in hell if we reject their claims and in material mysticism like the law of attractionists  tell  us if we  reject their prescribtion then we will  continue suffer in our current state of misery.And this step one i.e terrorism and step two is optimism those who believe will be rewarded by eternal happy abodement called heaven and so on.

Like a lab rat they want to manage our actions with punshiment and reward so as to follow their guidelines of daily doses of prescribed doctrines.

Inorder, for us to lead a sound life i believe that ebeism is extremely critical.we should never be distracted by theories which attempt  to tame us by the counterplay of terrorism and optimism.We should not allow fear or hope to cloud our reasoning.let’s maintain a sharp rational mind and a strong commonsense.

Keep on requesting  evidence !


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Nature is the master inserted.


Ethical engineering: The provenance of ethics is biological._Morality can be contrived from a test tube._The source of human behaviour is his design._Morality is based on natural laws.

I don’t want to bore the reader with tautology but the concept within amystology as has been said in other articles is that man is a material being with a behaviour purely created by physio-chemistry.
The reason for this conclusion is because the universe itself is an enormous assemblage of chemicals including man himself.Therefore, man’s awareness,his mood [i.e his joy and his pain,] his existence (i.e his vitality [life],his mortality [death] ) his conduct [i.e ethics ] etc. in total can be reduced to chemical reactions and biology.
Therefore, the understanding of chemistry can be used as a tool for solving humanities issues and challenges including ethics.Starting from enhancing man’s intellectual capacity,ethical enginneering, mood enhacement, longevity and immortality.
There is no Universe,Galaxy,Stars,planets,humanbeings,awareness,joy,pain,life or death but processess of chemistry.Can you mention something beyond chemical ??? Something which cannot be reduced to matter ???
Mystics abuse our senses by questions like Is matter conscious ? How can matter move itself ? How can we formulate ethics from a test tube and from the theory of materialism ? blah..blah and other statements to shake our certainity on reality and the sovergnity of nature—So as to doubt ourselves and be uncertain about simple self-evident demonstrating facts.This is the trick that they play on our senses and minds inorder to incuclcate their delusions and toxic immaterial nonsense into our consciousness.
It is absolutely POSSIBLE to formulate not just behaviour and ethics from a test tube but an entire organism. for example, whether he becomes a she or a he; has six fingers or five; has a calm personality or a pugnacious personality; has blue eyes or brown eyes; is black skined or white skined; is a cyborg or a human; etc..We can practically design a humanbeing from scratch with the desired traits and expected behaviours on the outside world.Therefore,the source of ethics IS biology.
I believe that the root of all human behaviour is biological by editing and enhancing his natural design we can edit his behaviour on the ground.The flaw of idealists and mystics is that despite the presense of abhorable designs within human nature which are responsible for heinous behaviours they try to rectify man’s behaviour by formulating commandments which do not address and rectify its SOURCE.
Thus, these superficial laws will be broken by the natural design of man. We witness for example unexpected weird behaviours like holy men sexually abusing young boys; the most erudite intelligent men delving into turpitude and rage ; Leaders of nations caught up in sex scandals; people commiting embezzelment and money laundrying; people violently massacring each other and loothing each other’s properties in national conflicts without mercy; sexual perversions of all types; irrationality and senselessness; malevolent humans poisioning and murdering each other and all other ill-behaviours are exhibited before us to our repugnance.Hence,first we must understand the root of all these human behaviours which is ofcourse the human design.
So, even the question of ethics itself is and can be reduced to chemistry and natural processes which can only be answered by biological engineering !—-By rectifying what is abhorable and enhancing what is commendable we can create better ethical humans and a better world for our descendants.
Ethics has many branches but in general it is concerned with what is the ‘ideal’ human character and this ‘ideal’ human character can be created in the laboratory by biological engineering.Natural science can create this ideal creature and intelligently designed being solving ALL ethical issues.This might sound radical but given the current state of humanity radical challenges do deserve radical solutions.
Understanding naturalism is the solution to everything !
Our imagination and cognition is the limit as to what design and behaviour the human organism should have—–The options are basically limitless.What i want to stress here is that without ethical engineering and embracing the fact that the source of human behaviour is biological hence, requiring a biological solution there will be NO resolution in regard to morality.
The world will continue as it is inundated in war,famine,altercations,tribulations,sufferring and tumult due to the fact that humans have accepted to live with their imperfect designs responsible for all these manifestations.
The question of morality may sound a question for the social sciences but actually it’s root is in biology.Without understanding and tweaking nature we can never formulate a sound moral theory.All the Constitutions,Bill of rights, Codes ,Cultures,values, and regulas are basically ineffective if they are not in alignment with human design.which we already know that it has flaws and is in desperate need of purging its defects and enhancing its strengths.
The ideal human character can be invented by science if we allow it !
We should save our selves the labour of formulating philosophies,ethical rules,norms,customs etc. and focus on formulating the best natural blueprint from which the best human behaviour can emanate.This should be our pre-occupation.
The current human behavior itself emanates from our natural blueprint designed by nature.This design has so many flaws as stated above as it is observable by the current state of our planet.
We should NOT be afraid to ameliorate the human condition through biological engineering which i consider to be absolutely moral.The immoral thing to do is to leave man with his abhorable defects to suffer for their consequences.The only moral objective is the masterdom of man. An organism free from flaws and full of happiness.
The opposition to ethical engineering may come only from those who either are incapable of providing efficacious solutions to ethical issues or have an interest in the derailment of human philosophy from the virtueous path of naturalism.
Ask yourself these questions why do idealists and mystics oppose a science which is open for new evidence ??? why do they oppose naturalism which has stated several times it is open for corrigibility if new attestment is presented ??? Is it logically sound to oppose something which is open for new evidence ??? How can you oppose something which is not a dogma ??? Their abhorance towards science and materialism has no sound foundation at all.
If for example if you think that evolution as a theory is wrong then why not rectify the origins of humanity by what is the true—providing necessary evidences rather than hope and hot air ???
I believe that the normally expected behaviour of a humanbeing should be to vehemently detest claims which do not have evidence and which are dogmatic. Because they are incontrary to our design and inconflict with our health.
Idealists and mystics without a shred of evidence sensationally excorite objective theories which happen to be in contradiction to either their fables or their illusions.They neither help out in objective investigation nor create their own.They are like obscurant children who prohibit grown ups from accomplishing grown up work.
Materialism is NOT a dogma.It is a demonstratable fact. Any attempt to spurn naturalism is really just an attempt of resisting reality not denying it because reality is not going anywhere—-or anti-naturalism may exist due to lack of insight into the workings of nature and her laws which determine us all. The next time you hear a reprobation of science which can not either produce evidence or logically discredit which has already been established consider it as nothing but HOT AIR. Our motto to defend ourselves from the mind tricks of Idealists and mystics should be –please produce evidence not hot air-.
Diligently observe reality and you will discern who is in charge !
By blocking our thought train by totalitarianism and shocking our souls by terrorism they thought our mind will be ready for their meaningless theories and delusions. So that we can share their morbidity and be in a state of day dreaming induced by their toxic twaddle.
whether we like it or not reality is independent of its observer as long as there is no evidence for us to analyze claims they are useless to our objective mind.Hot air and hope provided by idealists and mystics can NEVER be entertained in place of evidence and demonstration.Therefore, lets name and shame those disoriented impostors as the enemies of humanity and naturalism.
Finally, i think we must understand the axiom that we as human beings are determined by natural laws and physio-chemistry; our behaviour manifests as a consequence of these laws and physio-chemical reactions. If so then the solution of creating a desired world can ONLY rest on a desired design. If we desire ethical transformation of humans we must first need to understand what is their source of behaviour in the first place and devise a natural emendment to bring about a desired ethical behaviour.
Nature and her laws reign over reality !





Masterdom: The ultimate destination of amystology.

Man MUST be the master of nature.The source of all his suffering and the source of all his blessing IS nature.Man should not enslave himself to natural forces but instead understand them inorder to tame them and DETERMINE his destiny.Destiny can be in our hands if we have a higher understanding of the natural world.

The source of all misfortune  is our ignorance of  natural causes. Man should NEVER cower in fear of nature and resort to futile superstition which neither solve his challenges or enlighten his ignorant mind.The ONLY  viable option available to him is naturalism.He can try to understand the natural world and solve his issues  through the understanding he acquires or—He can digress to mysticism and superstition to fool himself and be a psychotic patient.

Being an infidel is a blessing  !  and a protection against unverified absurdities and delusions because ALL natural manifestations have evidences to substansiate their existence. Hence, there is no need to believe because there is NOTHING supernatural. [i.e something beyond your rational mind] Mysticism orders man to surrender his dignity and sacrifice himself as a martyr to either a God or a cult leader—–So that all his natural challenges could be resolved.

Martyrdom is the exact opposite of what is promoted by amystology.When we say mysticism we include all branches which have their basis on nebeism and have an interest in fobbing us. [i.e religions,cults,superstitions,spiritualisms,illusionists etc.] These groups demand blind faith and sacrifice to personified nature [in the case of religionists]—–whether it is your time,money or even life.

When we ananlyze illusionists they also demand your belief  these groups are the enemies of reason and their art of deception toxic to our rational mind. I don’t personally like magic shows because it is disruptive to my rational mind.

In opposition to mysticism amystology promotes masterdom—–the transformation of enlightenend and valiant man into a master of the natural world through realistic and objective investigation of nature which produces technology.Whereas, in mysticism he is ordererd by Doctors of ignorance to reduce himself into a minion providing sacrifices,libations,rhapsodies, repentances and litany to ameliorite his natural challenges and be a slave of personified nature [i.e God].

Borrowing human emotions and natures like vision,hearing,locution,thought,anger,love,hate,rage,joy,gratitude,lust,revenge,clemency,sadism, etc. and  bestowing  these articles upon nature and her forces to create a personifed character called God will NEVER solve all our issues and challenges brought upon us by unpersonified natural forces.

We should remember that the term ‘God’ is either abused by mystics to impose their will on others but mostly it is a euphemism for nature herself.In consideration of these facts which approach is sensible ??? Realistic and objective study of nature/God to produce technology to solve our problems or Idealistic and subjective study of nature/God to produce confusion and even more problems ??? A sage man will choose the former.

The end game of mysticism is extinction but the end game of amystology is survival.The objective,systematic and thorough study of our creator Nature !!!.Understanding nature MUST be our purpose in life without any mystical or spiritual tendencies and digressions. Inorder for us to reach the destination of masterdom.

We can either understand our creator or vanish !

So martyrdom is a dirty word in amystology because the forces of nature are not people ! like us which demand sacrifice—-Personification of nature is  what ignorant minds ended up calling God which is not going to get us anywhere or shielding us from the onslaught of natural calamities as i mentioned earlier. Attempting to please a raging tornadoe or a severe earthquake or a devastating epidemic through supplication,repentance,dole etc. to a personified nature is frankly a silly,childish and futile endeavour.

The only saviour we have against natural forces is our understanding of these forces so as to produce technology to defend our survival and amend the human condition.So nature is not a person which demands sacrifice to calm down and be appeased.This fact by itself nullifys mysticism and all its branches which are the ignorance of natural causes and institutions of systematic derrangement.

Make commonsense your guiding principle ; Naturalism your only metaphysical preoccupation and reason your scrutinizing tool don’t fall for the mind tricks of mystics trying to confuse and twist  you innately objective mind so that it can’t tell facts from fiction. So that you can be their perfect subject  prostrating in awe to their pugancious megalomaniac personality. Stay strictly materialistic because that’s what your are—— a matter.

Embrace realism,rationalism and objectivism as epistemological tools to study your creator and amend your condition.

Choose life not death be a master not a martyr Choose sensibility not insanity why be a slave when you can be a master ???

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Transhumanism: The beacon of ALL philosophies._The paragon of ALL movements._The solution of everything.

As long as transhumanism as a scientific movement aiming to enhance and empower man in to a higher being stays strictly materialistic and does not take a U-turn into mysticism like Scientology—-I believe it will be the paragon of all movements in the objective sciences.

As an Atheist and fervent exponent of Naturalism and as an amystologist who vehemently rejects mysticism and idealism—I believe that the understanding of ALL natural causes is the solution to ALL humanities problems. If we consider the maxim statement that “Human nature shapes the world in it’s own image” then it will be rational that by manipulating  and shaping human nature via technology we can shape the outside world according to our desire.

what could be more sensible than to reconfigure and redesign abhorably  designed man to liberate him from his lower self and flaws exhibited in his makeup and in his nature ? we have already established that nature and her laws are the exclusive metaphysical truths.Therefore, inorder to solve any issues we are confronted with in the exclusive realm of reality that we exist in we must approach it through the scientific method.All challenges within the universe are natural with a corresponding natural solution.Science and technology are not just option ‘B’ to our challenges.But the exclusive options available to us.

The supernatural option ‘A’ has been dead for so long because canididly ‘supernaturalism’ is a fictive tale which died and went down to the Grave with the many self proclaimed ‘Prophets’ in the Iron age.

The time has long passed for believing in fairytale concepts of salvation by fictional characters and prophecies which will NEVER materialize because they don’t exist in the first place.Thus,we are left with the true creator and sovereign in existence i.e Nature and her laws. Which is not a perfect and ideal force she is riddled with flaws and defects.Abhorable design exists in pair with intelligent design in our observable world.we are begining to understand that natural forces are the ones at the reigns of power and goverment within the universe.

We are begining to notice slowly that supernatural doctrines are ignorance of natural causes.we are begining to notice the absolute tyrany of natural laws which govern reality.Hence, finally reaching the conclusion that we don’t have a saviour except our understanding of natural laws.Hence, what could be more sensible than to support a movement dedicated to the understanding of all natural causes within the natural world inorder to benefit mankind and liberate it from it’s shortcomings and defects.

As Baron wisely say’s in his preface of  the System of nature volume-I:1770  “The source of man’s unhappiness is his ignorance of Nature. The pertinacity with

which he clings to blind opinions imbibed in his infancy, which interweave

themselves with his existence, the consequent prejudice that warps his mind,

that prevents its expansion, that renders him the slave of fiction, appears to

doom him to continual error.” Therefore,humanity does not have an alternative which can solve its issues and resolve its challenges except Science which produces technology.

As long as Mahadi or jesus are no where to be seen i will stick with naturalism and what works efficaciously and to what i can understand as a material animal.As i am determined by my physio-chemistry it will be sensible for me to support a movement which works for the betterment of my chemical processes.Which can enhance and transport me to the ultimate destination of masterdom.

Man is not that different naturally from a tomato which goes through genetic enhancement to make it a better product free from flaws.This fence of fear that man is something unique and untouchable which is holding back the enhancement and research on humanbeings MUST be demolished because fear and totalitarianism are the tools of Idealists and mystics who have lost touch with reality and obsessed with misanthrophy and the extinction of the human species.

We must teach people that they are natural products not ‘choosen’ species by a non-existent God.They as other segments with in nature are just components of nature.The only manner they can solve any of their issues is through technology EXCLUSIVELY.Once this notion is comprehended then i believe that man will start focusing his eyes into earth rather than space.The understanding of the natural world will either elevate him into a master or the ignorance of the natural world will reduce him into a slave of his own imagination.

Idealism is  the best example here we see man enslaved to his own figments behaving like a child.whereas, in realism we see sapient grown up  humanbeings trying to understand and manipulate nature to the benefit of mankind.This is where transhumanism comes in with reason and commonsense encouraging people to engage the microscope and ditch the cross or any other superstitous toy and grow up ! Inorder to understand the fact that natural challenges have only natural solutions.

Let not your fear fetter you in ignorance and enslave you to fiction and interests of arrogant imposters who know little of what they speak.Due to their sham theories resort to terrorism and totalitarianism to subdue us in their social order.I will hold your hands in support preventing you from the abyss of Idealism and pulling you up to the plateau of realism.I will stand shoulder to shoulder in support of your right to masterdom.You don’t have anything to loose abandoning you faith in Idealism and mystical nonsense except you peurility.I will not betray your trust like the cozeners.I am your friend trying to save you from your lower self.

I will extend my hand even to the idealist himself to join our movement of natural understanding and enhancement it will be better for him as it will be for us.Let him Join us in our endeavor and give us a hand in our toil of  understanding mysterious nature rather than standing aside engaged in terrorism,sensationalism,totalitarianism and obscurancy clinging to toys.

I my self as a founder of Amystology and supporter of the value called masterdom—Nothing goes hand in hand with my philosophy than transhumanism itself because naturalism is the fourth value of amystology.Hence, i am obliged to embrace any objective scientific movement in natural science as my own value.

I believe that the world will never be a better place without the enhancement of man into a higher being.It does not matter what type of philosophy we formulate or constitutions we promulgate nothing will be better because the source of  man’s unhappiness is his design !!!  which bears defects and short comings.Considering  the fact that he has evolved from lower animals.This is the reason why CAMIDRCS promotes the value of masterdom.In alignment with the transhumanist movement.


why should man live with his defects as if they are some type of souveniors to be esteemed about ??? why should we wait until the sun dies out and cremate us with its dieing blaze because we think we are ‘special’ and untouchable—Hence unreformable  and unimprovable creatures ??? why should man suffer and be unhappy due to his flaws ??? It does not make any sense at all !!! Lots of funding and research must go the enhancement of man !!!  Despite the cry’s of opposition from the trepidated and the disoriented.That is only when the human condition and his surroundings start to turn for the better and reach the ultimate destination of masterdom.

The source of man’s unhappiness is his design. By altering his design we can make him happy !!!

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embrace prn





God has a begining: God is a pseudonym for prophets themselves or anyone who dictates precepts on his behalf._[Part-I]

The term ‘God’ has been abused by many throughout history sometimes as a pseudonym for the so called ‘prophets’ themselves or anyone who used it as a scarecrow to dictate their social policies and satisfy their interests.Hence,this character  that ‘prophets’ and their gullible slaves talk about has a begining.

I am not stating that i don’t have a cause. I do have a cause or reason for my existence but that cause is something i am not acquianted with yet and i don’t know what it is.But it has to be a natural cause force or law because of the exclusivity of nature herself.

Spiritual idealists found inventing something higher than themselves to gain more acceptance by people a necessity.Inorder, to reign their social order and impose it on society.All religions are the invention of men not ‘revelations’.These social systems are not revelations but dissertations devised by cunning impostors.Therefore,when you embrace Islam you are enslaving  yourself to mohammedocracy; when you embrace christianity  you are enslaving yourself to whoever wrote the Bible; when you embrace buddhism you are enslaving yourself to Buddaocracy not to ‘Almighty’ God as you have been fobbed to think.

If there was a true God outside matter as theologians profess then he would have had a single visage.The fact that we had and have thousand of Gods is an evidence by itself that it is a fictional scarecrow invented by the human mind.Then why do people invent Gods albeit they know that it is fictional ??? According to my analysis the answer seems to be three things.

1-Fear:-Humans as an evolved creatures are methaphorically like orphans abandoned in a train station.Who have no idea what to make of their surroundings. we exist in a strange and mysterious universe that we know little about;we don’t know totally our origins; our purpose; and environment.Hence, we feel frightenend and lonely.When people are afraid and lonely they invent imaginary friends.If you have observed people in solitary confinement it is their behaviour to draw or make objects to befriend.In a gigantic scale humans as orphans in the universe have invented physical or imaginary God to reduce their anxiety of ignorance.

Therefore, behind every God that is created there is a Man who is the creator.

2-Ignorance:-In the polytheist systems of ancient middle east and Europe due to the abnormally high rate of ignorance at that time; people had Gods for pretty much every aspect of life.For agriculture,farming,war,rain,ocean,fertility,persuasion,thunder,medicine,Sun,the underground,women etc.As human understanding of these sectors grew; when man mastered agriculture,fertility,rain and the oceans etc. the need for Gods died out with the ignorance.No more sacrifice,worship,supplication was necessary anymore they were discarded and replaced by natural understanding.The mountain of unknowns that human face is getting smaller and smaller as time and technology progresses forward.

The only God left is the God of the universe we are at the age of monotheism rather than polytheism.So that name tag plastered on the universe by idealist’s  will still persist until we comprehend the origins of the universe itself.The monotheistic God will be abandoned and replaced by  natural understanding and self-esteem on the behalf of human.

3:-Uncertainity:-In an age where reason has been abandoned as a means of certitude people are trusting their whims and caprice.People seem to be uncertain about so many things we are not even certain that we can live the next day.We gain an illusion of certainity and fool ourselves by sticking stickers of Gods in our car for example to have a  feeling of certainity and a safe journey.we have a fetish for superstitious physical objects whether it is the cross,the wailing wall or the Kabba to relieve ourselves of the anxiety of uncertain life events.

Therefore, the above mentioned reasons seem to be some of the factors responsible as ingredients for the creation of Gods.As long as these factors remain in the society there will always be a God. I don’t really understand why we have a field called ‘Theology’ which studies ignorance.Because God is the expression of ignorance/incapacity/befuddlement within human nature.How can there be a field which is dedicated to human incapacity ??? It does not make any sense at all.

In monotheistic religions theologians made God an imaginary being from his previous polytheistic statue state which is defenceless against gravity and the elements it supposedly created.Hence, inorder to make spiritual idealism convincing to the public  spiritualists made the modern day God invisible without any direction or place of abodement.That through mystifying God they aspired to maintain and preserve the influence of theology and its power in the society.

They want us to cogitate the unperceivable; praise the invisible; supplicate the unknownable.They want us to waste away physically and mentally in absolute devotion to an imaginary figure.The want us to enslave ourselves to our own minds.If this is so then theology is an open invitation to morbidity and mortality.

When we analyze the society we find no one death loving than mystics.They have lost themselves in their imagination to the extent that they just can’t wait till they join the dimension that they adore so much which is the realm of non-existence.

They say that the ‘new’ God of monotheism is imperceivable to man due to his inferiority.If so then the entire  fable  riddled establishment of religion will have to collapse because an inferior unperceiving Man and a perceiving superior God can NEVER have a ,communication,conversation or a day of judgement and restitution.

Man can only perceive what is real and existent.where there exists only one dimension the dimension of reality.You can choose to perceive it or choose to enslave yourself to your imagination to walk around in the world in a state of delirium and finally conclude your existence by martyrdom to nothingness.Delirium is the suspension of reason and a first step in a descend towards non-existence.

Mystics tell us to smother the cry of our critical faculty and submit in silence to their doctrines and assert what they vociferate is the word of God.If so why do we have many Spiritualists in dissention among one another quarreling which text is the word of God ??? How can God contradict himself and have ‘messengers’ in dispute among eachother ??? accusing eachother of infidelity and heresy ??? Doesn’t this quarrel seem a quarrel of competition  of philosophers after global domination ???

Some mystics say God is one; but others beg to differ waving around their handful of polytheist Gods.Some mystics profess that God does not begeth or is born; But fellow Augurs of Roman mysticism dissent bitterly because in their version of myticism jupiter is the son of Saturn.Some state that God is unique and has no equivalent but again fellow Flamen maiores who served the archaic triad in ancient Rome will disagree and provide equivalents of their own.

The field of Idealism or mysticism in general is so contradictory that  it crummbles on it self due to its own weight without a need for a critic.The claims they suppose cancel out each other exposing what it is a nothing.

They say that God is the all mover and intervenes in our daily lives as if the universe is a dead and motionless entity which derives its motion from a figment of our imagination.As if it is sensible for matter to stop for a moment and consult God on which direction to go and what to do next ? Even if we consider their argument for a second and ask them how God moves the world ? They have no clear answer they just keep on paralyzing our critical faculty by nebulous responses and terrorism.

The domain of the theologian is  the imaginary mind.Evidently there were and are people  today who are ignorant of natural causes and despise the scientific method of investigating true causes.Since the ancient Romans until today.They say that it is impiety,vituperation,blasphemy not to lose your self in delirium according to their prescription.To even be critical and analyze the physical God which can’t defend itself from gravity if it fell or the imaginary God  which can’t defend itself from reason.If i cannot analyze God how can i understand what it is ? They frown upon any cognitive function concerning their God and terrorize us citing the fate of Prodicus of Ceos and Socrates whose critical faculties where to radical for Athenian government.

The word of Oracles is embraced as the word of God; their policies as policies of God; delirium is replaced inplace of vivacity; psychosis is held in high regard than buxom;totalitarianism replaces individuality; terrorism replaces aspirationalism; rituals replace research; tribulation replaces serenity; worship replaces industriousness; alternative medicine replaces true medicine; concupiscence becomes a crime than a delectation;self-preservation is replaced my self-mortification to a scarifice loving God Dracula starting from innocent children i.e that of son of Abraham to Critics,freethinkers,realists,atheists,agnostics,heretics and even other mystics.So mystics do not even spare their own kind being a believer cannot save you from other believers.what a predicament !!! The vision of mystics for a society is so dark,nauseating and loathsome.

The history of sacrifice goes back even before monotheism in ancient greece emperor Marcus aurelius used to sacrifice a white castrated Ox ! for Jupiter because for his success in the battle fields. As if a white marble had something to with his victories.Eventhough the neo-mystics of today designate the ancient mystics as pagans they are identical.They want you to believe their version of mysticism is ‘unique’ inorder to sell their version of mysticism more than their predecessors.

The Saturn of yesterday has been replaced by the Jesus-Allah-buddha and Shiva of today.Superstition and mythology have no distinction throughout history it’s all the same.Mytsics  commits what i call the fallacy of misplaced attribution which means due to lack of understanding of natural causes they attribute effects to irresponsible causers.

What type of merciful and loving God massacres his own ‘intelligently designed’ creatures by famine,earthquakes,Tsunamis,tornados and pestilence ?

Lets now see what God is according to their definition.Islamic mythology tries to define it just by four sentences in the Quran at chapter 112.So the formerly  inexplicable infinite God all of a sudden becomes explicable in just four sentences ! Yes ! the contradictions in mythology are overwhelming because of its nothingness. God is a pacifier for adult children and a scarecrow for little children who are entangled in fear and befuddlement of this mysterious universe. As i stated earlier there is no difference between God Marduk-God Saturn-God Ashur-God Enlil-God Zeus,God Jupiter-God Jesus-God-Shiva or God Allah.They are all expressions of human limitations and inventions.

If this is the case wouldn’t it be absurd for me to embrace any form of mythology and in the process consecrate,adjure,worship,fear, my own inventions ??? The modern day Augurs give us a fleer when we start to be reasonable because they know that their myths and doctrines are mirages impotent against reason.They want to defend their irrational systems by irrational attitudes.

Let them have their sneer we will have our reason and we will see who prevails and who vanishes.The obscurants tell us that this planet is a providence and a blessing from almighty God to his ‘beloved’ slaves so that we can be grateful  to our creator day in and day out. In a world of species cannibalism where one species is ACTUALLY designed to devour another just to survive how can we honestly say that it is a providence and blessing for all species ??? where the misfortune of certain animals is the fortune for others ???

Holyness is a mental blindness a man without reason is like a Saw machine without an operator.The term ‘Holy’ immediately suspends reason and make any behaviour  it does not matter how heinous it may be acceptable and moral when it is written side by side next to other words.Holy bribe,Holy sacrifice,Holy land,Holy water,Holy bread,Holy wine,Holy blood,Holy carcases,Holy oil,Holy embezzlement,Holy rape,Holy war,Holy king and so on.

If God was beyond human comprehension and material senses why did he labor to create us with a rational mind ??? mythologists as humanbeings themselves  try to define their indefinable immaterial God via attributes and meditate upon his incomprehendable greatness by their uncomprehending mind.

Considering that nobody has a free will including the devil himself except the will of God how can there be this thing called a sin ??? How can entities below God commit a sin without a free will ??? If you state that the devil has a free will and can rebel independently against God  to mislead humans then you are placing the devil above God. How can humans be held accountable for their actions that they are not willing ??? Wouldn’t it be sensible to accuse God himself who has an absolute monopoly on volition as the villain ???

Therefore,if humans cannot be held accountable for their actions then there will not be a day of jugdement no hell or heaven.further analysis of christian mythology brings out so many points for instance a God bigger than the universe wants to impergnate a women inorder to create God junior whom he sacrifices for humans that are commiting sins that they can’t will. Is this a sapient plan on the behalf of God ??? why does God need a sex scene considering his purity from animal nature  ??? Because lewd is  a nature reserved only for our kind. Why does it have to be a gestation ? why not say let there be Jesus ! and he might have been ??? I don’t see the point where God lowers his dignity to animals of our species to beget a son.

You might say God works in mysterious ways ! well why then he due to his mercifulness make our life on planet earth mysteriously lax and blissful ???  Mystics state that God is the all knower; he knows everything if this is the case then why would he bother to create a universe which he already knows the answer to ??? following this contradictions God is an impossible character to exist.Theology as an art of contradiction is more of an entertainment to its audiences that a means of empowerment.

Religion is a legalized mental illness guarded by the state and revererd by the vulgars.Its proposal for a way life is simple indolence and self-thralldom to chimeras that we create ourselves. Rather than investigating our real origin and nature of reality.

The word of Oracles must be taken as the word of God and their caprice as the rule of law.Some might argue if we abolish religion in particular and idealism in general from the world anarchy will reign and there will neither be morality or ethics and peace to man kind.But my argument against this idea is lets observe the most religious part of the world to verify the fact that religion brings about peace and morality lets go to jerusalem the so called melting pot of religion.We observe since the incipience of religiousity in this north eastern part of Asia it has been the most unstable,violent,sanguine place on earth stained by the blood of thousands throughout history until this very day.Jerusalem has been the melting pot of carcases rather than seemingly ‘peaceful’ religions.

So the argument that without religion the world will descend into chaos and ochlocracy is unreasonable given the above evidence.Actually the world is IN chaos and ochlocracy due to the presence of religion.Jews,Christians, and muslims fighting amongst themselves and one another based on a dispute on novels. I am not saying that abolishing religion as a mental illness will bring about absolute peace to mankind because there still will be other reasons of  possible conflicts like nationalism,racism,resources,sexism,power,etc. but what i am saying is that atleast people will stop killing eachother for fictional inane theories and violence will be reduced drastically because the motive for violence based on fiction will disappear.

Others might argue if we abolish religion life will be boring and meaningless there will be no Passover,Shavout,Epiphany,Christmas,Easter,ID-alfitr,Diwali and no massacring infidels so it will be quiet, peaceful  and boring. My response to this argument will be what will be more meaningful than uncovering  the truth ??? what could be more meaningful than uncovering our true origin rather than fooling ourselves with inane superstituous systems ???

What could be meaningful than unraveling the mystery’s of the natural world ??? So  my counter offer is lets be mature enough to ditch our toys and sedulous enough to figure out our true origin.

CAMIDRCS_2016 (C) All right reserved.



Intuition is an invalid term NOT an organ of perception.

what is meant by this term intuition ? does it have a representative in the material world to attest its verasciousness and efficacy ? If not it will join the cascade of invalid terms without representatives and sometimes without meaning like ‘The collective’,’Ghosts’,’spirits’,’demons’,’vampires’,’unicorns’,’Ginis’ and so on.

Can a feeling be a means of percerption ? Can an indivdual who is robbed off  of all his  senses apprehend and appreciate Beethoven’s symphony or the super bowl’s festivity without a need for any of his senses just by a feeling ? How can he distinguish imagination/paranoia/delusion from reality in this condition ??? Isn’t intuition any of those terms without a representative in the objective world ? which does not put into consideration the design and nature of the human organism ??? wouldn’t terms like intuition go against our innately acquired objective nature ??? Because ALL true entities have representatives in the objective world. wouldn’t  it be sensible to label articles beyond our nature as non-existent subjective ideas ? Is it even in our nature to function irrationally and unempirically ??? How can we differentiate a paranoia and delusion from intutition ?

Can a ‘hunch’ be a legitimate replacement for empirical or rational data ??? Isn’t intutition just another term from a disoriented and befuddled mind ? Hence, a disorder ? The systematic ignorance of the natural world is the creator of the entire redzone where ‘intutition’ happens to be a part of  in the category of epistemology [see the diagram below] in opposition to Rationalism in the green zone.


If the green zone and the redzone had books dedicated to them the above table will represent them in a terse manner.Hence,inorder to understand  the philosophy of Amystology it will be necessary to comprehend the above table. where, the green zone is promoted and the redzone demoted.Intuition as part of the red zone is a concept without a substance according to amystology because it is impossible for man to acquire ANY knowledge beyond the five senses.

Therefore, the ‘sixth sense’ concept can only work and be applicable only in fictional novels  and thrillers.Spiritual idealists state that they can perceive revelations from an ideal candidate that other individuals with the same senses as themselves cannot perceive.They invoke intuition as their source of knowledge and communication with this creature.hence, we have the so called ‘holy’ litreatures imposed upon man throughout history.

Material idealists on the other hand state that their consciousness is the creator of the universe.They also proclaim to perceive via intuition.They try to ‘control’ and monitor their thoughts and feelings so that they can have a desired experience in life.

Which beg’s the question in both cases whether in spiritual idealism or material idealism where and what is intuition ???  what type of perceptual organ is it ??? Is it an invisible organ even to the intutionist himself  ??? Or are they forcing us to accept a concept they don’t even  understand themselves ??? How can you prove its existence without evidence ??? Is every whim and caprice an intuition ??? If this is so is being driven by instinct the highest virtue that there can ever be ??? Rather than being directed by reason ???

As i mentioned in the begining of this article How can one tell the difference between a delusion and an intuition ???

Hence,according to the foundation and pillar of amystology which is ebeism we will say as long as idealists can’t prove their claims of an organ called intuition as a ‘sixth perceptual organ’ we designate intuiton as an invalid term without a meaning.

Can a feeling be a means of perception ???  Is it possible to run the world just by intuition not by empirical data ??? Can we advice policy makers throughout the world to employ intutionism in their desicion making processes ???

I personally believe that it is childish to forward intuition as an epistemological theory. To act on intuitive ideas is to act on conjectures.So i  kindly reject the calls to follow my whim and caprice and redirect my attention to follow my reason as the only means of knowledge and certitude.Despite the imperfections of the human brain nothing can come closer or stand as an alternative to rationalism and empiricism.

Understanding the natural world can only be possible through reason as the higher function of the human organism.Empirical data streaming to our senses have no defects in themselves.There is NO defect in reality but in the perceiver which is not a fully developed higher being  which can be cozened by magic tricks and chemical imbalances in his brain leading to distorted concepts, delusions and paranoia.

The outside world beyond the imperfect perceiver is self-existent the imperfections of man cannot make reality imperfect and even worse the creation of the perceiver.We don’t understand reality in full completeness yet.We are discovering and understanding its parts bit by bit throughout time.Just because we don’t understand it totally we don’t have to delve into idealistic  floundering to destroy what we have already accomplished by inventing inane words like idealism and intuitionism.

Lets stick to rationalism and finish the work of understanding ALL natural causes by employing reason that has been started by Great schools of the past like The Charvakas and The Peripatetics by prominent naturalists like Brihasphati and Aristotle to usher in the bright era of masterdom.Where man stops staggering in ignorance-arrogance and fear.To perceive the world from a realistic-rational and objective vantage point.where he becomes inundated with technologies to make himself and his fellow humanbeings happier.

To abandon Reason is to commit an insidious sucide !










Realism: reality the one and only dimension._reality is the creator of the consciousness_It is impossible to known anything beyond matter._immaterial entities may or may not exist._man with a material mind can only KNOW material entities._Hence,agnosticism is a sensible and logical position.

There exists matter and consciousness matter’s purpose is to stimulate the consciousness into being conscious of reality i.e matter.It is a self-evident truth that man can NEVER acquire knowledge beyond reason.Non-material entities may or may not exist but how is it possible for an eye designed for photons to perceive a spirit ??? or a non-material entity ??? how can we categorize this form of epistemology ??? Can a VHS player entertain a DVD ? Can a Tiger designed to be a carnivore with canine teeths function as a herbivore ? Can a dolphin designed for the ocean be an airborne animal ? Can a polar bear designed for extreme cold dwell in the tropics ? Is the Cactus plant designed for the arctic region ??? To inquire whether man can conceive immaterial notions is like to inquire whether a man can bear a child ?
All of the above mentioned weird combinations are stated to elucidate the fact that an organism can NEVER function in contrary to his design.It would be awkward for any organism including Man himself to function against his design.Therefore, nothing will be more sensible than realism as an epistemologically righteous and correct position for the human organism because it is in alignment with his very design.
Man with a material consciousness and material senses has to entertain reality i.e matter inorder to create a concept that is called KNOWLEDGE. It would be helpful first if we understood what is the design of man himself.Inorder to formulate a sound epistemological theory.
Realism is a theory stating that reality i.e matter exists beyond the observer and this reality is the creator of man’s every single perception and consequently his conceptions.Realism always puts into consideration the design of man.
Other epistemolgist’s like Idealists and spiritualists state that there are entities beyond matter either controlling matter or influencing it some how because they say matter is not ‘conscious’ and cannot direct itself.Our answer to this argument will be immateriality is against our design [i.e human nature] hence,the so called spiritual or immaterial dimension may or may not exist; we cannot prove or disprove immateraility either through reason or evidence because the idea of immateriality will NEVER enter the human mind.
You can believe in any immaterial or ‘occult’ entities if you like and set up a system of spiritualism but rest assured that not even a single idea of the occult will enter your mind.Hence, amystology shares the agnostic position that it is only possible to understand the material world.Because as may have been elaborated earlier in several places amystology as a skeptical philosophy is founded on a single pillar of ebeism (evidence based existence) and other values.Therefore when we say evidence we mean material evidence for a material mind; material perceptions for material senses of the human organism.
The discordia among fact,fiction and faith as components within human nature is the reason why we have rancorous debates, groups and parties conflicting with each other on the ground.Facts are elements which can be proved via reason and evidence and are deemed essential for human existence;fictions are tales of fables which are just for recreation; faith is a behaviour of blind belief in anything despite the presence of contradiction and non-evidence.Plunging man into a malfunctioning,impaired and disordered state of existence.Faith is extremely dangerous as a position.
Nevertheless, all fact,fiction and faith are part of human nature and behaviour where facts are the products of reason; fiction the product of man’s fancy and faith the product of man’s ignorance/fear/arrogance. Epistemology as a branch of philosophy studies theories of knowledge i.e how knowledge is acquired. Reason and evidence must always be employed to prove or disprove any theory.The theory must be rationally explainable and empirically evident.Reason and evidence are the guardians of humanity protecting mankind from suicide.Faith is a gammble with one’s destiny to believe anything without reason and evidence is to commit blasphemy against self-preservation.
Because non-rational and non-evident theories are nothing but deleterious cults of self-destruction.Hence, one should NEVER believe in any theory which can be rationally and empirically discreditable.Idealism for instance is rationally falsifiable i.e is inconsistent and contradictory also empirically non-evident i.e if the outside world are just ‘ideas’ created by our mind why haven’t we created a utopia planet free from challenges ???.Hence, idealism is just a profound nonsense.
whereas, realism states that matter or reality is independent of the observer [i.e man] and reality creates percepts where man stimulated by these percepts creates concepts.This argument is rationally sound [i.e in alignment with reason and empirically self-evident i.e in alignment with evidence.]
Unfortunately, for those people obsessed with the idea of ‘meta’ i.e beyond matter the comprehendibilty of this issue is beyond human nature and their design.Therefore, why flounder in futile labor trying to discover entities incompatible with ourselves ? why not persist in investigating and understanding reality which is apprehensibile ? why fool ourselves in tenacity trying to prove dimensions absolutely useless to our kind ?
The real crime is not to be a realist but an idealist who fools himself that his consciousness is the creator of reality.Hence,he indulges in prayer and mind monitoring of his thoughts and feelings so that he can have a ‘prefered’ outcome and life experiences. As if his mind can influence matter.The topsyturvy nature of idealists is overwhelmingly ridiculous.They can be pictured as an individual who dresses his attire from the inside out and who has exchanged his right shoes with the left to wear them on opposite sides and goes to prom night priding himself as the well dressed smart man at that occassion.
Idealism is not just strange and weird but may also be a symptom of unclassifed mental illness.I am not a psychiatrist but according to my observation i think that is what it is.The only exclusive way one can influence reality is through the understanding of the natural world [i.e through technology] not by prayer,sacrifice,fasting,supplications,having faith or hope,thought monitoring,ranting ‘prophet’ dissertations, reciting rhapsodies, and other mystical approaches which can collectively be designated as desperate acts of floundering born out of ignorance in an attempt to influence reality. It is only the understanding of natural causes which has the power to influence reality in our favour by providing us with technology.Hence, the entire red zone starting from nebeism to totalitarianism is not just a waste of time but a deleterious approach and doom to humanity.
The attempt to designate a supernatural cause to the natural world is a confession of ignorance about the causes for the natural.Even if there was a supernatural cause to natural manifestations how are we supposed to be aware of this very cause which we are told is immaterial in nature ??? Therefore, Reality is the exclusive metaphysical entity in existence which due to our befuddlement and indolence is still not fully understood we just have to keep on investigating and understanding more natural causes combating Idealism on one hand while comprehending realism on the other.
when an individual expresses his faith in an idealistic and non-evident [i.e non-efficacious] concepts like God or The consciousness he is confessing his ignorance of natural causes.Science as a systematic study of nature is the real hope that humanity has in leading a comfortable and mirthful life.Stigmatizing realism and materialism could only bring about the dark ages of Idealistic domination where the preoccupation and investigation of reality is replaced by indolence and cogitation of zero.
Where,clarity will be replaced by discomfiture; efficacy by spuriousness; serenity by disquietude; mainstream medicine will be replaced by alternative medicine; pre-optionism by pre-ordainism; individualism by collectivism; enlightenment by obscurancy; masterdom by martyrdom; Intranaturalism by supernaturalism; self-preservation by self-mortification; philanthrophy by misanthrophy; feminism by misogeny; rationalism by intutionism; objectivism by subjectivism; aspirationalism by terrorism; capitalism by communism; salubrism by masochism; materialism by mysticism; ebeism by nebeism; compassion by sadism; observation by insouciance; freedom by thralldom;liberalism by totalitarianism; democracy will be replaced by theocracy; mental health will be replaced by mental illness; and finally ushering in the end of mankind.
This is the very reason that The school of CAMIDRCS and Amystology prepared a list of categories called the green zone and the red zone inorder to highlight the dangerous of idealism by its spiritual or material branch possed to humanity by placing it in the red zone.The defence and promotion of the green zone will bring about the unprecedented prosperity and success to humanity.Realism which is placed as the first value in the greenzone will enable man to function according to his design and focus on reality.Rationalism as the second value promotes reason and rational thinking the summit of human paragon.Objectivism empowers people that objects are creators of subjects in the human consciousness.Naturalism teaches that nature is the only exclusive metaphysical truth.Salubrism instructs people that self-preservation is of prime importance and self-sacrifice is a nocouous notion.Capitalism despite its brutal nature is the only theory which works interms of capital creation.And finally as the last value Liberalism where rational freedom is encouraged for the individual but not anarchy because no one can survive anarchy and his absolute right for uninfluenced decision or preoption is maintained.
Therefore, realism as one of the values of Amystology is an esteemed and righteous value to embrace and route to take inorder to realize the ultimate goal of masterdom. Try to be a realist not an idealist or a dualist.Because these later positions are contradictions. Lets join hands and be industrious in the investigation of reality. To relieve man of his unhappiness and derrangement.
Reason is my saviour and Realism the exclusive position !


All pseudosciences are the ignorance of natural causes devised to deceive and ensnare mankind to a particular interest.

It does not matter whether it is the string theory,the evolutionary theory or the God theory all claims MUST satisfy two criterias reason and evidence i.e they have to be consistent and evident.
Nothing must taken for granted without scrutiny and examination on trust ,faith or authority .Because all natural causes are capable of being verified. Nebeism is a heresy as is the entire red zone which is the object of criticism and dejection in amystology.The inability and incapability to demonstrate and support one’s claims with irrefragable consistent evidence due to the intricate nature of reality is the very factor which is creating these avalanches of pseudosciences.
May be it is because our monkey brain has not fully matured enough into an all capable agency with the capabilities to comprehend the nature of nature. A hypothesis or theory which is not sensible even worse which tells us to suspend our intellect because we cannot understand their theory with our puny mind is to suggest to not discern anything at all. Some of the zealots of pseudoscience even employ terror to force us to accept their claims.Some tell us that we just need to have hope evidence is on its way and their claims will soon be substansiated.
So there are individuals who tell us to suspend our intellect and abandon our reason altogether and wonder like a zombie because reason cannot discern their concept or theory. If reason can’t comprehend their concepts then their theory is not made for man !. Can we honestly imagine a humanbeing without reason driven just by instincts and caprice ??? if this is their request then they are ordering us to reduce ourselves below the levels of animals who infact have a strong sense of self-preservation. we must NEVER forget that reason is man’s precious,inalienable and indispensible possession there is NO knowledge beyond reason. It is only those who are indolent sham theoriticians who lack the ability to provide evidence who paint a target mark on reason.
And next there are claimants who are employing terror to drive their theory down our throats.Traumatizing our minds to subjugation through terrorism. And finally we have those theoriticians who assure us that the evidence for their claims is in the pipe line we just need to have hope and do as we are told.
The lack of consistency and attestment renders ANY theory factitious.Therefore, we should never submit to Irreason, fear or hope. Always stick to the foundations of truth i.e REASON and EVIDENCE.The incapability of theoriticians to provide evidence is not our problem and responsibility it is their burden. As it is impossible to conceive a human without reason it is also impossible to conceive the truth without evidence.
Some people might argue why we should be insistive of rationalism and empiricism as our sole epistemological theories.
The answer is simple….
The only defence we have against impostors is skepticism and the rigtheous path of infidelism notwithstanding their short comings.I say short comings because i am lamenting the weaknessess of the human brain which can be deceived by distorted perceptions as in illusion trickery.We do not have an option but to stick with our imperfect brain with all its weaknessess and embrace rationalism and empiricism whether the data presented to us through our senses is distorted on purpose to give us erroneous concepts or not we must imbibe reality.The presence of an imperfect perceiver cannot make reality inauthentic.
To abandon rationalism and empiricism to seek knowledge via ‘short cuts’ like ‘intuitionism’ will only short circuit our brain these actions will not further our cause it will further entangle our concepts and complicate our understanding of existence. The desertion of the green zone for the red zone [these are concepts in amystology (see diagram 1) ] will only throw us in to the world of the invalid.The world of words without meanings [ex.intuition,spirit,God,collective ]-subjects without objects-theories without substance [ex.communism,alturism,idealism]-concepts without percepts and topsyturvyness .
We must never abandon the green zone despite our weakness in our material brain in comprehending nature totally.we must always employ rationalism and empiricism in our engagement with reality despite our fully undeveloped capabilities because frankly we don’t have an alternative.

Green and red zone
All pseudosciences are the rejection of the green zone unless otherwise they end up substansiating their claims.They make philosophy a crime and a dirty word independent thought an imaginable vice and blasphemy which should never be attempted so that we can be the perfect idiotic unempowered and tammed subjects to their tommyrot theories.
They denominate criticality as immoral, empowerment illegal, individuality a corruption,freedom of thought a perversion.whereas, faith,indifference, collectivism and totalitarianism the awed and venetated virtues. If this is the case then pseudoscientists are not asking us to accept a theory but to accept thralldom.
Therefore,pseudoscience whether spiritual or material is not for you or for me it is a slavery to nonsense and to peoples ambition. let them have their deluded and sensationalistic army by their side we will have reason and evidence by our side;let them chase after the riches of the planet we will chase after the true nature of reality; let them have their empire of gullibles we will have our empire of sensible men; let them have their names carved on stone revered by their disoriented subjects we will have the truth carved on stone cogitated by freethinkers throughout history.
Let them satisfy their urge of empirial domination;we will satisfy our urge of truth identification; let them express their misanthrophy through their sadistic laws we will express our philanthrophy through our humanitarian laws; let them satisfy their urge of driving man of a cliff we will satisfy our urge of self-preservation;let them have their chance at hoodwinking humanity; we will have our chance of empowering humanity.
Freethought is mother of all inventions. It is only when people are free and endowed with preoption that they can reach their maximum potential.when man breaks off the fetters of collectivism that is when he can develop and prosper .It is only when laissez-faire is accepted as a concept that man becomes the master of his accomplishments.
The very fact that pseudoscientists are totalitarian and not willing to give us the right of preoption is an attestment by itself that their theory is sham and inane designed to entrap as many subjects as possible so that they can roar in zeal the cry of a conquerer by placing their foot on subjugated bodies.


CAMIDRCS_All rights reserved_2016


———————————————————————————————————————Free from pseudosciences inserted.

Spiritualism: The confession of ignorance._The slavery to nothingness._The legalized disorder._Senselessness reinforced by terrorism and totalitarianism.

God as a spirit is a chimera composed of various human and non-human borrowed characterstics and ephitets.The father,The merciful,The merciless,The punisher,The king,The judge, etc. are borrowed from human identity/nature and bestowed upon this character.The immutable,The Almighty,The all knower,The redeemer,The creator, etc. are fictionally entailed titles to purify this character from human weaknessess.
So finally we have a character who is a Father prone to concupiscence like an animal and an immutable almighty creature. I hope i am not the only one noticing the paradox here.This by itself can be an evidence that God is an invention of the human mind. Because how can two conflicting characters exist in the same subject ??? How can God be like an animal and have children and be immutable free from animal weaknesses not just at the same time but even in different time ???
How can a spirit whatever that might represent possess animal lust ??? Therefore the various contradictory characters MUST be borrowed from other animals from the material world and from non-existent fictional entities inorder to create this disordered intermingled black and white creature.The reason it is impossible to understand God as a concept is because it is a chimera which throws people in enigma created out of various incompatible characters borrowed from so many entities.
It will be a fact then when we return these borrowed characters to their rightful owners either to humans or non-humans then God will end up becoming a nothing. An entity created by borrowed epithets from the material world and from the world of fancy will cease to exist.Therefore, to believe in God will be to believe in nothing.To enslave yourself to God is to enslave yourself to nothing.
The greatest philosopher that ever lived according to my judgement Baron d’holbach says in his book Good sense year 1772 article 20 “Metaphysics teach us, that God is a pure spirit. But, is modern theology superior to that of the
savages? The savages acknowledge a great spirit, for the master of the world. The savages, like all
ignorant people, attribute to spirits all the effects, of which their experience cannot discover the true
causes. Ask a savage, what works your watch? He will answer, it is a spirit. Ask the divines, what
moves the universe? They answer, it is a spirit.” Inaddition in arcticle 21 “The savage, when he speaks of a spirit, affixes, at least, some idea to the word; he means thereby an
agent, like the air, the breeze, the breath, that invisibly produces discernible effects. By subtilizing every
thing, the modern theologian becomes as unintelligible to himself as to others. Ask him, what he
understands by a spirit? He will answer you, that it is an unknown substance, perfectly simple, that has
no extension, that has nothing common with matter. Indeed, is there any one, who can form the least idea
of such a substance? What then is a spirit, to speak in the language of modern theology, but the absence
of an idea? The idea of spirituality is an idea without model.” Hence, the idea of a spirit is unfathomable and perplexing to a material human mind because of the nature of the character in examination itself which is God who is a frankenstein monster created out of antagonizing paradoxical characters and body parts.
The enslavement to nothing is a state guarded affair nowadays this is how far the folly of humanity has reached.Theocratic states proudly hoist their flag at the UN as if it is something to be proud about ; a nation founded on antagonistic inane theories and immaterial pipe line prophecies.
Commonsense-reason-and evidence are becoming rare virtues nowadays.It is really becoming hard to find someone who is sensible and rational; our world is falling to inane doctrines and being overcrowded by mental patients.Spiritualism as a concept of nothing is a slavery to fiction and nothingness. Hence, why not recede to reason and commonsense to search for somethingness ? why not regress to nature to seek entities which are non-contradictory and self-evident ??? rather than sticking arrogantly with contradiction and nebeism ??? why do we need to create chimeras that no one could ever understand ???
why are we obssessed in creating concepts without respresentative precepts which can only exist in our minds ??? why should we be preoccupied in creating monstrosities which can never stand on its own let alone stand for us ???
If you notice spiritualism itself it is sect of unintelligable twaddle; an amalgamation of so much conflicting atributes and notions.If you have observed some of the Gods in Asian mysticism for example God Ganesha and others they are antromorphous monsters compiled from other various animals by the human mind Elephant+humanbeings+monkey and so forth. what a ridiculous predicament !!! So the God formula for the ones which are physical chimeras and for the ones which are non-physical characterstic chimeras alike must be Body part 1 + Body part 2 +Body part 3 + fancy 1+ fancy 2 +fancy 3 = God.
How can we denominate a spirit with a carnal apetite which impergnates a female human animal to have a son called Jesus while at the same time be free from human animalistic nature to become an immutable ,flawless guardian and monarch of nature ??? How can we label a creature with an elephant head, a human torso, upper four limbs and two lower limbs ??? How about calling it a meaningless farrago ?
I can imagine that there can be meaningful hodgepodges like a collection of different alphabets arranged logically to create words and sentences which give us meaning.But can there be anything meaningful about a grotesque creature either physical or literal [i.e terminologically] with antagonistic qualities ??? Can there be a Spirit who is an animal and non-animal ? Can there be a Spirit who is immutable and mutable who fatigues like an animal after the the 7th day of creation ? Can there be a spirit who is merciful and merciless like an animal ??? Hence,according to the law of excluded middle in logic the term ‘spirit’ will be nullified.
So when we come to monotheistic religions their chimeras are not mostly physical but terminological but when we come to polytheistic spiritualism they are as discussed above both physical and also terminological chimeras.The invisible God of monotheism is as a meaningless salad as the visible physical God of polytheists made up of stolen body parts.
So the next time you hear the word spirit understand that it is a subject without an object representing a chimera.Just another of those words without a meaning representing an oxymoron with opposing incompatible qualities cancelling out each other to leave us with nothing.





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