Your awareness is the most precious possession that you have you must protect it from being abused and doctrinized by others with their toxic and poisoness ideology and propoganda.Predators are after your awareness they want to infuse their doctrines through either direct preaching or surreptitious means via the multimedia i.e news,music,games,movies,posters,billboards etc. inorder to shape your orientation and attitude according to their interests.
Authoritarian Governments abuse the senses of their subjects through the radio,Tv,billboards,pamplets,books, and so forth with a disregard for the dignity, absolute preoption and health of the individual.These types of gov’t s and other idealistic/mystical ‘philosophers’ are after your awareness.They are looking for a host to their toxic ideas.
It is through your awareness that you are what you are; your awareness defines your identity and personality.Hence, you should always monitor your consciousness and defend it against poisoness ideologies and recalcitrant impostors whether philosophers or governments.
According to sociology man is born without culture and is socialized and doctrined starting from primary socialization i.e the family and continuing throughout by many social forces in his life time.Therefore,this means man has certain influence in controlling his very identity by monitoring and managing his senses.
One must control his senses which are responsible for the creation of concepts in the individuals mind.Inorder for him to protect himself from corruption;he has to manage what type of person he would end up becoming; by controlling his senses he will control his life.
Today’s zeal and obsession with sham and claptrap ideologies of radical Islam and other mythological delusion inducing ideologies is due to the fact that people have deserted their most precious possession i.e their awareness unguarded to be doctrinized and abused by arrogant impostors who do not have any respect for the indivduals dignity and his absolute right of preoption.
People today are ignorant of the fact that they are being used as hosts to other people’s ideas and agenda.They have no clue that they are being fobbed and herded little cattle.Opening up their senses and awareness to anything and anybody.It is this type of people who end up destroying our world.
You should be the monitor and manager of your own senses sifting through useful knowledge and toxic useless nonsense.Things only exist to you if you perceive them.If an individual controls what he sees;what he hears; what he perceives through his five senses then he will control what what he knows.Therefore, if you want to stay away from poisoness doctrines then you MUST control your senses only exposing your senses and awareness to your preferences.
If one ask’s why toxic and sham ideologies get more followers ??? The answer is very simple because the ammount of blankslated and sick people is numerous than the ammount of sophisticated and healthy people.Therefore, corruptors will have more awarenesses to abuse and doctrinize.
The reason why we have a violent world inundated in terrorism and savagery from Australia to North america is due this fact mentioned above. This is the reason why we see people animated by inane doctrines commiting the most heinous crimes aginst humanity.
Empowerment is a hard and challenging venture which requires enthusiasm and fortitude while mental health requires a psychiatrist but in our very time those who seek knowledge and enlightenment are rare and limited just like the ammount of psychiatrists on the planet.
Hence, ignorance and mental illness are becoming a serious issue and treat to humanity. Unsophisticated people are the first to fall victim to profound non-sense and mad individuals are the first source of societal illness.It is their sick ideas which infects others and unleash them in a rabid destructive rampage.
We can observe this in our world today from certain corrupted and deluded groups like Al-shabab,Boko-haram,ISIS and so on.People who join and venetate these nihilistic inhumane groups are either callow or sick.Because mysticism and nebeism as said elsewhere is the refuge of the shallow and the morbid.
Shifting to related topic it is mutual agreements on ideologies which creates unions/societies/groups.The integration and disintegration of a union is solely based on individual agreements.People who support these claptrap ideologies of the above mentioned groups must be shallow or morbid inorder to agree in their promises.Because who would agree to ideas which are so dark and tormenting rather than bright and liberating ???
People must be taught that they have a responsibility to guard and defend their awareness.Inaddition, they have an absolute right to preoption and deliberation in their decision making process.They should be encouraged to empower themselves and maintain their health against damage by nocuous doctrines and corrupted ‘philosophers’.so that they can choose ONLY sapient ideas and doctrines which benefit humanity rather than harm it.
I believe by launching Amystology as a skeptical philosophy which is founded on a single pillar of ebeism and which promotes the seven values of Realism-Rationalism-Objectivism-Naturalism-Salubrism-Capitalism and Liberalism the world will be a better place for humanity because man will be protected against the devastating and nocuous doctrines founded on Nebeism promoting Idealism-Intuitionism-Subjectivism-Spiritualism-Alturism-Communism and Totalitarianism which have and are creating havoc on our world.
Therefore, by distancing our awareness from these sicknening ideologies we would be doing yourseves and humanity in general a huge favor in terms of maintaining our salubrity in all five spectrums.Any theory can be categorized into either the Realist camp or the Idealist camp .By careful examination you can figure out where it fits Reflexology,Ufology,Scientology,Astrology, and so forth for example are idealistic doctrines which are not realistic or ebeical.
Once you understand these doctrines are not realistic you categorize them in the idealist camp and ignore them until they embrace reason and are verified.This is how you protect your awareness from injury by the detrimental,baneful and corrupting cult of Idealism and its several branches which come with several hyponyms.
It does not matter into what branch of Idealism it fits whether it is the material branch or the spiritual branch ANY theory which does not embrace Reason and evidence can be designated as Idealism and mysticism.Hence, inorder to protect our awareness from injury we must ALWAYS hold on to reason and evidence inorder to distinguish idealistic fairytales from realistic facts.