The concept of idealism stated plain and simple is that the human consciousness not just can but IS the creator of reality.
But when we analyze the term consciousness and reality we understand that consciousness is a passive terminology and a passive object whereas, reality is an active term and an active object where the consciousness embraces the imprinting of perceptions and reality does the generation and creation of perceptions.Hence, reality is the creator of the consciousness not the other way around.
For those who have seen the video or read the book called ‘The secret’ which promotes material idealism by stating that there is a law which ‘responds’ to our thoughts and feelings depending on their nature i.e whether they are pleasant or nocuous hence, their consequences on the ground manifest accordingly.
Therefore,by controlling our thoughts and feelings we can control experience or reality.The famous example in the video was that of Gini who says ‘Your wish is my command.’ like an eight year old girl we just have to make a wish list demanding what we want; if idealism worked our universe would have been just the way we wanted it; idealists are seeking  an absolute knowledge and trying to formulate an ideal theory as an explaination for metaphysics.
spiritual idealists look for an ideal spirit and material idealists seek an ideal law.There is nothing wrong with hypothesis and theories but verification and substansiation always is mandatory and falls as a burden on the speculator.I do not have any problem if a spirit or an ideal law was discovered i would be more than happy to embrace facts but until now there isn’t a shred of evidence either the law of attraction or a universal spirit exists.
According to the ‘secret’ poverty,diseases,relationship issues,quadriplegia,just about any problem can be solved by the ‘law’ we see within the video allegedly  Phd psychologists speaking side by side with preachers assuring as that the law of attraction exists despite their promotion of nebeism. we just have to ‘trust’ them and embrace their theory.But as discussed in the introduction article of this blog amystology is founded on a single pillar of ebeism.Hence, trust and faith are rejected.
One might ask are you going to ask for evidence in every miniscule event and confrontation in you life ? well, what idealist are proposing is a metaphysical theory of every thing which needs to be taken seriously because it determines everything.Hence, requesting evidence is a necessity not just a cautious and prudent measure.Incontast, is it ok to trust individuals for using you phone to make emergence calls where they fall into a mishap of a dead battery might be optional because even if you give them your phone as a good gesture to help them out and loose it on the process you will buy another one but when it comes to HUGE metaphysical theories of the universe and our origin then trust and faith should NEVER be employed.
So, coming to the concept of ‘the law of attraction’ the famous quote in the video was ‘how bad do you want change ?’ they are pushing us to embrace the secret without evidence because we are miserably poor in our state of existence not because it is true. Is this a logical position ??? should we embrace anything just because we believe in a theory ‘anywhere but here’ ? Isn’t this a dangerous route ??? aren’t we selling ourselves ??? Idealist are experts in exploiting people at their weakest points.
Their totalitarian approach to paralyze reason and commonsense is obvious for those who contemplate and perlustrate their arguments.The misantrophy shines through their concepts and theories.
The sensational nature and emotional appeal of the theory is exceptional who wouldn’t want to solve all their issues just by ‘thinking right’ as stated in the video ? who wouldn’t want to be rich just by ‘desiring’ money ? who wouldn’t want to walk again just by imagining himself as a healthy person ? who wouldn’t want to ‘picture’ himself in a good relationship so that he can ‘attract’ good companions and partners ? All these idealistic notions should remind us what ‘the law of attraction ‘ is just another form of idealism which comes short of demonstration.
The law of attractionists are telling that our consciousness is the creator of reality. whatever you can imagine you can create.They do not notice the pitfall in their hypothesis that they are imagining but they are not realizing.i.e substansiating.They behave like adult children in a la-la candy land.
If the outside world is nothing but ‘ideas’ and can be transformed by the mind as desired then the law of attractionists and other idealists should demonstrate a utopian universe free from poverty,pestilence,war, and tribulations.
Controlling your thoughts and feelings will NEVER give a world,experience and life that you want; your thoughts and feelings are created by reality i.e by disturbances and movements within in the natural world not viseversa; your mind is a passive organ where the dictums of reality are impressed.The retinues of idealist George Berkeley in the 21st century calling themselves biocentrists,scientologists, the law of attractionists and so on are just in a business of confusion and derrangement.
The very cause why idealism is attractive and appealing is because it purports to forward a theory of everything and suspends man from the ardour and toil of investigating the material world.
The most fascinating thing about realism and materialism is that any theory emanating from them works efficiently and is indisputably self-evident. Idealist and mystical theories throughout the ages are as may have been said before brain childs of a confused and disordered consciousness bogged down in nebeism.They are not self-defending and sustaining theories but symptoms of a disorder mind.
Therefore, if you were wondering if ‘The law of attraction’ works ? or if you were asking yourself it wouldn’t hurt to embrace ‘The law of attraction’ then you are in for a huge surprise of bankruptcy and dispossession. Because the hallmark of all idealistic and mystical theories is sophistry and fallaciousness.
When man gets sensational his reason ceases to function; his critical faculty will be rendered lax .Hence, he will start embracing theories without evidence. he will start to ‘believe’ in those theories despite their untenability and despite the corrigibile dictum of reality.
So the bottomline in this artcle is that we should never care for any theory if it is not self-evident.It does not matter how lustre,humbble and genuine it may appear or how consoling it may feel to our emotions. we must always evaluate evidence or else we will be the jackasses at the end.