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February 2016

Awareness: The most precious possession of the individual._The need for protecting,defending and controlling your awareness from abuse and docrination by Idealistic and mystical flummery.

Your awareness is the most precious possession that you have you must protect it from being abused and doctrinized by others with their toxic and poisoness ideology and propoganda.Predators are after your awareness they want to infuse their doctrines through either direct preaching or surreptitious means via the multimedia i.e news,music,games,movies,posters,billboards etc. inorder to shape your orientation and attitude according to their interests.
Authoritarian Governments abuse the senses of their subjects through the radio,Tv,billboards,pamplets,books, and so forth with a disregard for the dignity, absolute preoption and health of the individual.These types of gov’t s and other idealistic/mystical ‘philosophers’ are after your awareness.They are looking for a host to their toxic ideas.
It is through your awareness that you are what you are; your awareness defines your identity and personality.Hence, you should always monitor your consciousness and defend it against poisoness ideologies and recalcitrant impostors whether philosophers or governments.
According to sociology man is born without culture and is socialized and doctrined starting from primary socialization i.e the family and continuing throughout by many social forces in his life time.Therefore,this means man has certain influence in controlling his very identity by monitoring and managing his senses.
One must control his senses which are responsible for the creation of concepts in the individuals mind.Inorder for him to protect himself from corruption;he has to manage what type of person he would end up becoming; by controlling his senses he will control his life.
Today’s zeal and obsession with sham and claptrap ideologies of radical Islam and other mythological delusion inducing ideologies is due to the fact that people have deserted their most precious possession i.e their awareness unguarded to be doctrinized and abused by arrogant impostors who do not have any respect for the indivduals dignity and his absolute right of preoption.
People today are ignorant of the fact that they are being used as hosts to other people’s ideas and agenda.They have no clue that they are being fobbed and herded little cattle.Opening up their senses and awareness to anything and anybody.It is this type of people who end up destroying our world.
You should be the monitor and manager of your own senses sifting through useful knowledge and toxic useless nonsense.Things only exist to you if you perceive them.If an individual controls what he sees;what he hears; what he perceives through his five senses then he will control what what he knows.Therefore, if you want to stay away from poisoness doctrines then you MUST control your senses only exposing your senses and awareness to your preferences.
If one ask’s why toxic and sham ideologies get more followers ??? The answer is very simple because the ammount of blankslated and sick people is numerous than the ammount of sophisticated and healthy people.Therefore, corruptors will have more awarenesses to abuse and doctrinize.
The reason why we have a violent world inundated in terrorism and savagery from Australia to North america is due this fact mentioned above. This is the reason why we see people animated by inane doctrines commiting the most heinous crimes aginst humanity.
Empowerment is a hard and challenging venture which requires enthusiasm and fortitude while mental health requires a psychiatrist but in our very time those who seek knowledge and enlightenment are rare and limited just like the ammount of psychiatrists on the planet.
Hence, ignorance and mental illness are becoming a serious issue and treat to humanity. Unsophisticated people are the first to fall victim to profound non-sense and mad individuals are the first source of societal illness.It is their sick ideas which infects others and unleash them in a rabid destructive rampage.
We can observe this in our world today from certain corrupted and deluded groups like Al-shabab,Boko-haram,ISIS and so on.People who join and venetate these nihilistic inhumane groups are either callow or sick.Because mysticism and nebeism as said elsewhere is the refuge of the shallow and the morbid.
Shifting to related topic it is mutual agreements on ideologies which creates unions/societies/groups.The integration and disintegration of a union is solely based on individual agreements.People who support these claptrap ideologies of the above mentioned groups must be shallow or morbid inorder to agree in their promises.Because who would agree to ideas which are so dark and tormenting rather than bright and liberating ???
People must be taught that they have a responsibility to guard and defend their awareness.Inaddition, they have an absolute right to preoption and deliberation in their decision making process.They should be encouraged to empower themselves and maintain their health against damage by nocuous doctrines and corrupted ‘philosophers’.so that they can choose ONLY sapient ideas and doctrines which benefit humanity rather than harm it.
I believe by launching Amystology as a skeptical philosophy which is founded on a single pillar of ebeism and which promotes the seven values of Realism-Rationalism-Objectivism-Naturalism-Salubrism-Capitalism and Liberalism the world will be a better place for humanity because man will be protected against the devastating and nocuous doctrines founded on Nebeism promoting Idealism-Intuitionism-Subjectivism-Spiritualism-Alturism-Communism and Totalitarianism which have and are creating havoc on our world.
Therefore, by distancing our awareness from these sicknening ideologies we would be doing yourseves and humanity in general a huge favor in terms of maintaining our salubrity in all five spectrums.Any theory can be categorized into either the Realist camp or the Idealist camp .By careful examination you can figure out where it fits Reflexology,Ufology,Scientology,Astrology, and so forth for example are idealistic doctrines which are not realistic or ebeical.
Once you understand these doctrines are not realistic you categorize them in the idealist camp and ignore them until they embrace reason and are verified.This is how you protect your awareness from injury by the detrimental,baneful and corrupting cult of Idealism and its several branches which come with several hyponyms.
It does not matter into what branch of Idealism it fits whether it is the material branch or the spiritual branch ANY theory which does not embrace Reason and evidence can be designated as Idealism and mysticism.Hence, inorder to protect our awareness from injury we must ALWAYS hold on to reason and evidence inorder to distinguish idealistic fairytales from realistic facts.


Is there a difference between Apollo and jesus ? Juno and Mary ? Vishnu and Jupiter ? Amun and Allah ? Ancient religions of the Greeks,romans,egyptians and today’s religions ? Is their a specially ‘right’ version of mysticism ?

Mysticism throughout the ages is identical it does not matter what form it takes i.e language and culture.The Gods of ancient Greeks and Romans are as manmade as the God/Gods of today’s christians and muslims utterly powerless fictive creatures like their counterparts.
Just as Jesus of our time is revered and worshiped by millions throughout the world so was the marble statue of jupiter and juno.The fact that mystics are arrogant about their belief or their biased attitude that their mystical toys are ‘special’ from other mystics CANNOT make them any different.The fact that christian mysticisim insults and degrades ancient mystics with derisive terms like pagans and heretics does not make their version of mysticism superior or veracious.
Islamic mysticism,christian mysticism,Greek mysticism,Roman mysticism,buddist mysticism,hindu mysticism,zoroastrian mysticism,jewish mysticism, are all one and the same notwithstanding the era they were invented or practised.They are all sham arts of self-deception.

Mysticism in general does not matter when and in which culture it was practised it is all one and the same the ancient religion of the Hitites is in no manner different from today’s christianity or Islam. All religions it does not matter were i.e in which culture and in what era i.e time they appear are all fiction. Goddess Juno is no more inferior or superior to Goddess Mary of christianity; God Amun of the egyptians is no different from God Allah of the arabs.They are all mythology created by people to relieve themselves the anxiety and fear of the unknown.
Mystics slaughter each other accusing one another of polytheism,heresy, and infidelity.Forcing one another to embrace their own Gods as the righteous ones; Sunnis accuse shias of heresy and vise versa; orthodox christians accuse protestants as heretics and so on.Therefore, mere belief by itself won’t legitimize an individual.Everyone has to fool himself precisely according to the prescription of respective mystics and their inventions.Every branch of mystical school expect us to embrace their God which they invented and carved out of heaps of clay by their whim.
It is really ridiculous to see adults in turpitude insulting and cursing one another for not playing with the same toys as another; they behave like little children quarreling on a play ground.Mythological litreatures like the Theogony,Bible,Veda and the Quran are the diaries and brain children of poets ,novelists.

Considering these facts the correct version of Genesis 1:1 should have read as –In the begining Man created God and religion. – not as “In the begining God created the heavens and earth.” Genesis 1:26 should have read as -Then man said: let us make God in our own image according to our likeness…..- not as “Then God said : let us make man in our own image according to our likeness…..” and lastly Genesis 1:27 should have read -And man went on to create God in his image, in his image he created him; male and female he created them. not as ” And God went on to create the man in his image,in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.” The Theogony is no different from the Bible,Veda,or the Quran they are all layers of fiction and mythology.The outrage of mystics by these arguments does make their position any apodictic.
Believers are the slaves of novelists and impostors who would love to build an empire on the corpses of their hoodwinked,deluded, and enslaved identity.The glory and numerousity of their cullible army is more significant to them than natural truths.
The most important issue that people must understand throughout the ages is that mysticism is all and the same in whatever culture it emanates from; in what language it is written; in what era it is invented.Hence,we should not fool ourselves that our version of mysticism or religion is the righteous and superior one.None of them are; they are all bunk.

Apollo was the God of music ,poetry,art,oracles,archery,plague,medicine,sun,light and knowledge .He was one of the 12 important olympian deities in Greek mythology i.e Zeus,Hera,Poseidon,Demeter,Athena,Apollo,Artemis,Ares,Aphrodite,Hephaestus,Hermes and either hestia or Dionysus. [1]
Jesus on the other hand is considered by christians as a healer,and savior and so forth with the same attributes entailed to Apollo as a God of medicine. Juno used to be the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth in ancient Roman religion just as Mary is considered as a deity supplicated in childbirth in today’s christian mythology within Orthodox christianity.
Vishnu as the most significant deity in Hinduism is considered as ‘the protector’ just as Jupiter is considered as the guardian of the state.The Trimurti or trinity in hinduism of Brahma,vishnu and shiva is not in any way different from the trinity of The father,The Son and Holy spirit of christian mythology.The hymns and poems of Hesiod and Homer are no more different than the hymns and poems of Muhammed’s Quran.
The list of God names enumerating the qualities of Gods like the 99 names attributed to the God of the Arabs i.e Allah is no more different than the 108 names and titles of Krishna from the Gaudiya Vaishnavism tradition or with the 7 names of God in rabbinic judaism.what we can observe from this phenomenon is that mysticism is IDENTICAL throughout the diverse cultures and traditions of humanity.

It is possible to build an empire based on mythology and fiction inhabited by mental patients if the cozener is a misanthroph who is preoccupied with his fame than the wellbeing of humanity and the discovery of natural truths.
Amystology as a rejection of mysticism founded on the pillars reason and evidence provides you with the shield to defend yourself against delusion and to categorize fiction as fiction ;facts as facts accordingly.It is the best state of mind it liberates you from the snare of mysticism which promotes fiction as fact which is in plain terms an act of inducing delusion !.It gives you a perspective and vantage point where you can figure out what is true and what is inane.It empowers you with reason to perlustrate theories and claims inorder to maintain your salubrity.It shows you that there is absolutely NO difference between the Gods of the ancient and the Gods of the present; the myths of the past and the myths of the present.

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‘The law of attraction’: yet another branch of idealism and pseudoscience.

The concept of idealism stated plain and simple is that the human consciousness not just can but IS the creator of reality.
But when we analyze the term consciousness and reality we understand that consciousness is a passive terminology and a passive object whereas, reality is an active term and an active object where the consciousness embraces the imprinting of perceptions and reality does the generation and creation of perceptions.Hence, reality is the creator of the consciousness not the other way around.
For those who have seen the video or read the book called ‘The secret’ which promotes material idealism by stating that there is a law which ‘responds’ to our thoughts and feelings depending on their nature i.e whether they are pleasant or nocuous hence, their consequences on the ground manifest accordingly.
Therefore,by controlling our thoughts and feelings we can control experience or reality.The famous example in the video was that of Gini who says ‘Your wish is my command.’ like an eight year old girl we just have to make a wish list demanding what we want; if idealism worked our universe would have been just the way we wanted it; idealists are seeking  an absolute knowledge and trying to formulate an ideal theory as an explaination for metaphysics.
spiritual idealists look for an ideal spirit and material idealists seek an ideal law.There is nothing wrong with hypothesis and theories but verification and substansiation always is mandatory and falls as a burden on the speculator.I do not have any problem if a spirit or an ideal law was discovered i would be more than happy to embrace facts but until now there isn’t a shred of evidence either the law of attraction or a universal spirit exists.
According to the ‘secret’ poverty,diseases,relationship issues,quadriplegia,just about any problem can be solved by the ‘law’ we see within the video allegedly  Phd psychologists speaking side by side with preachers assuring as that the law of attraction exists despite their promotion of nebeism. we just have to ‘trust’ them and embrace their theory.But as discussed in the introduction article of this blog amystology is founded on a single pillar of ebeism.Hence, trust and faith are rejected.
One might ask are you going to ask for evidence in every miniscule event and confrontation in you life ? well, what idealist are proposing is a metaphysical theory of every thing which needs to be taken seriously because it determines everything.Hence, requesting evidence is a necessity not just a cautious and prudent measure.Incontast, is it ok to trust individuals for using you phone to make emergence calls where they fall into a mishap of a dead battery might be optional because even if you give them your phone as a good gesture to help them out and loose it on the process you will buy another one but when it comes to HUGE metaphysical theories of the universe and our origin then trust and faith should NEVER be employed.
So, coming to the concept of ‘the law of attraction’ the famous quote in the video was ‘how bad do you want change ?’ they are pushing us to embrace the secret without evidence because we are miserably poor in our state of existence not because it is true. Is this a logical position ??? should we embrace anything just because we believe in a theory ‘anywhere but here’ ? Isn’t this a dangerous route ??? aren’t we selling ourselves ??? Idealist are experts in exploiting people at their weakest points.
Their totalitarian approach to paralyze reason and commonsense is obvious for those who contemplate and perlustrate their arguments.The misantrophy shines through their concepts and theories.
The sensational nature and emotional appeal of the theory is exceptional who wouldn’t want to solve all their issues just by ‘thinking right’ as stated in the video ? who wouldn’t want to be rich just by ‘desiring’ money ? who wouldn’t want to walk again just by imagining himself as a healthy person ? who wouldn’t want to ‘picture’ himself in a good relationship so that he can ‘attract’ good companions and partners ? All these idealistic notions should remind us what ‘the law of attraction ‘ is just another form of idealism which comes short of demonstration.
The law of attractionists are telling that our consciousness is the creator of reality. whatever you can imagine you can create.They do not notice the pitfall in their hypothesis that they are imagining but they are not realizing.i.e substansiating.They behave like adult children in a la-la candy land.
If the outside world is nothing but ‘ideas’ and can be transformed by the mind as desired then the law of attractionists and other idealists should demonstrate a utopian universe free from poverty,pestilence,war, and tribulations.
Controlling your thoughts and feelings will NEVER give a world,experience and life that you want; your thoughts and feelings are created by reality i.e by disturbances and movements within in the natural world not viseversa; your mind is a passive organ where the dictums of reality are impressed.The retinues of idealist George Berkeley in the 21st century calling themselves biocentrists,scientologists, the law of attractionists and so on are just in a business of confusion and derrangement.
The very cause why idealism is attractive and appealing is because it purports to forward a theory of everything and suspends man from the ardour and toil of investigating the material world.
The most fascinating thing about realism and materialism is that any theory emanating from them works efficiently and is indisputably self-evident. Idealist and mystical theories throughout the ages are as may have been said before brain childs of a confused and disordered consciousness bogged down in nebeism.They are not self-defending and sustaining theories but symptoms of a disorder mind.
Therefore, if you were wondering if ‘The law of attraction’ works ? or if you were asking yourself it wouldn’t hurt to embrace ‘The law of attraction’ then you are in for a huge surprise of bankruptcy and dispossession. Because the hallmark of all idealistic and mystical theories is sophistry and fallaciousness.
When man gets sensational his reason ceases to function; his critical faculty will be rendered lax .Hence, he will start embracing theories without evidence. he will start to ‘believe’ in those theories despite their untenability and despite the corrigibile dictum of reality.
So the bottomline in this artcle is that we should never care for any theory if it is not self-evident.It does not matter how lustre,humbble and genuine it may appear or how consoling it may feel to our emotions. we must always evaluate evidence or else we will be the jackasses at the end.


Naturalism:The righteous endeavor and pursuit._The substansiated and demonstrated fact._The redeemer of humanity_The expression of the higher self within human nature._The child of commonsense.

There are strengths and weaknesses within human nature.The strength can be called the higher self and the weakness can be called the lower self.The higher self is expressed by Naturalism and the lowly self is expressed by mysticism.Naturalism is the expression of human potency whereas, mysticism is the expression of human impotence.Man is an amalgamation of the higher self and the lower self.where the higher self aided by reason and sensibility ponders on the construction of nature; while the lower self aided by whim and zanity ponders on the destruction of nature.
When we observe our environment and all manifestations nothing becomes more vividly evident than the sovergnity of nature and her laws which are responsible for ALL operations on the ground and in space.The study and investigation of the these operations will give us an insight into the workings of Nature and as to how to manipulate the operations in our favor giving birth to technology.
The technology brought forth by these inquiries enable man to cure himself from pestilence; enable him to cook his pabulum; build himself spaceships; build himself skyscrappers; build airplanes to fly over oceans; build telecommunication networks to communicate with his loved ones; invent drugs to acquire immortality; and so forth basically with technology the possiblities of human achievements are LIMITLESS.

Technology is the child of a curious rational mind and a tool acquired by the industrious, diligent observation of nature.Eventhough, naturalism is the self-evident and demonstrated truth we humanbeings seem to have a natural craving for spiritualism; I don’t really understand this predicament.where is this emotional need for spiritualism emanating from ? Is it emanating from the lower nihilistic weak self within human nature which is destructive in character of all forms of salubrity ??? I tend to believe so.
I believe spiritualism is the expression of the lower self, human impotence or weakness and hopelessness whereas, naturalism is the expression of the higher self ,human potency or capability and hopefulness.
These two conflicting opponents were,are and probably will create tumult within the individual and on the ground throughout human history.where spiritualism trys to drag every man on earth kicking and screaming to a masochistic,nihilistic death cult called martyrdom.Incontrast, naturalism call’s on man to a salubrious, naturalistic longevity called masterdom.
Irreason,insensibility,spirituality,mysticism,idealism,pugnacity,the digestive system,the reproductive system are some of the many other entities which represent the lower beastial self. whereas,reason,sensibilty,naturalism,materialism,realism and civility are some of the many representatives of the higher cerebral self.The Transhumanist movement as a bold scientific movement really needs to be applauded and encouraged for its attempt to augment human capabilities and the representatives of the higher self in quantity and quality.They need to be funded and supported in their endeavor to liberate man from his lower self.
Spiritualists pride themselves or must i say fool themselves as if they have discovered another dimension; but in reality the only dimension one can discover beyond the dimension of reality is the dimension of delusion.If the universe was made up  of ‘spirits’ as they propose they would have provided the world with ALL solutions to all the issues man is facing on the ground in an ideal manner from diseases to climate change just by invoking ‘spirits’ but unfortunately, that is not the case the natural dimension is made up of known natural facts and unknown natural facts.Spiritualists hold on to the ‘unknown’ or yet unexplainable segment of the natural world and lose themselves in a deviant,speculative,derisive, theories of ‘immateriality’.Their disordered and sluggish minds would not allow them to venture further in fortitude in the investigation and comprehension of the unknown segment of the natural world.
Infact spiritualists instead of standing in assistance to sedulous naturalists in their endeavor in making sense of reality they become derisive,and vulgar towards the naturalist,naturalism and the natural world. Asking questions like is an atom conscious ? did it invent itself ? Are you a hylozoist ??? and so forth.First of all we can already observe matter as a live entity with properties of it’s own authoring manifestations in the observable world.If you place half a beaker of H2SO4 out in the open, it starts to absorb water vapor from the air and might even overflow; if you place iron fragments next to a magnet they start to move; if you store picric acid dry carelessly rather than in a wet container you are putting your life in danger because picric acid is sensitive to shock and vibrations; if you mix nitric acid with water heat will be produced; if you inhale enough ammounts of carbonmonoxide you WILL die; if you are exposed to chloroform of 20-30 mg % you will lose consciousness [1] and other many examples can be given which means that we possess a demonstratable evidence that matter is alive.Hence,according to the foundation of Amystology which is ebeism it will be sensible for me to call myself a hylozoist because of the evidence provided.But another sequential question might arise which is does matter have a mind ??? This I DO NOT KNOW because i do not have evidence.
Spiritualism is the product of indolence,ignorance and confusion biased with self interest. If we had trusted the spiritualists humanity will be living under the blanket of darkness enslaved to mere speculative theories like geocentrism.Naturalism has proved itself over and over again.Its objective methods have overrun and out won subjective nonsenses.It’s rational approach have solved so much metaphysical issues than the ‘intuitive’ floundering and confoundment of spiritualists.
How can we designate the unknown segment of the natural world as a ‘spirit’ without even knowing what it is in the first place ??? the unknown natural world is still unknown so how can it be a spirit ??? what if it is some sort of natural event ??? how can a material mind KNOW what an ‘immaterial’ spirit is in the first place ??? how can an immaterial entity ever enter the human mind ??? where naturally the eyes are designed for photons; the ears for sound waves; the cutaneous sensory nerves for texture; the nose for odor molecules; the tongue for taste molecules ??? A spirit is not a photon, a disturbed particle in motion,a texture, an odor molecule, or a taste molecule.So how is it possible to understand a spirit ??? Is it ever possible that the immaterial can have a concomitance with the material ??? Absolutely NOT immateriality and materialism;spirituality and naturalism are absolutely incompatible.Immateriality needs to be cancel out inorder to make sense.
Nowadays, the new frontier for the perplexed spiritualists is the consciousness they propose that the consciousness is ‘immaterial’.Well,then we must ask a very interesting question if the consciousness is ‘immaterial’ why do we possess senses which are material ??? we have said earlier that immaterial entities and material entities are UNRELATABLE, INCOMPATIBLE.If this is the case then material senses cannot be in concomitance with an ‘immaterial’ consciousness but with a material consciousness.Hence, i wouldn’t be further from the truth based on ebeism if i state that the consciousness itself is material attested by the effects of drugs on the human mind like LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide ),amphetamines,alcohol,anaesthesia,anti-psychotics,anti-depressants, and so on.
We should never fall victim to the magic words of spiritualist like ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ as Baron puts it but strive to maintain a sharp rational mind all the time inorder to refute ideas emanting from disordered consciousnesses.
Finally,naturalism needs to be funded and supported inorder for it to continue providing us the answer and solutions that it is currently providing and save us from the dangerous and destructive heresy of spiritualism.It is the idealists,mystics and spiritualists who are commiting blasphemy against nature,reality and truth with their arrogant attitude of resisting evidence and a perpetual zeal of sensationalism.Just like the great naturalist Darwin says in his book “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who positively assert that this and that problem will never be solved by science.” [2]
[1] Principles of forensic medicine: Apurba nandy: 2003 page 548
[2] The descent of man:1871:page 4


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