What could be more sensible than having a healthy respect, love and sense of self-preservation for oneself ?! Incontrast to having an abnormal attitude of self-inferiority,self-loathing,and a zeal for self-mortification ?!  what could be more demented than to unconditionally surrender and sacrifice oneself to a totalitarian deity or a states man ? The exponents of Altruism i.e Idealists and mystics have always choosen altruism over salubrism; totalitarianism over liberalism; communism over capitalism.

As an ethical principle Amystology promotes Salubrism as a teaching which emphasises self-preservation than self-mortification.It teaches that the individual must pursue his salubrity in five spectrum namely psychological salubrity,emotional salubrity,physical salubrity,economical salubrity and social salubrity.These five forms of maintaining one’s buxom are choosen by the independent individual’s deliberation and pre-option.where, the individual in his day to day activity when confronted with various issues which demand his judgement

and decision, he must always place his five forms of salubrism into consideration in his decision making process.Inorder to stay afar from Idealistic and mystical teachings of self-mortification and self-sacrifice.

Therefore,salubrism can be called a well organized rational hedonism.Man is innately an objective animal designed exclusively for the material world endowed with senses and a rational faculty to make sense of reality.Idealism whether spiritual or material is against the design and operation’s of the human organism.Alturistic ethics promoted by spiritual and material idealists whether theists or communists is extremely devastating and catastrophic to the individual and society because an alturistic policy will eventually leave the world vacant.

Suffering is not a blessing  !!! Turning yourself into a self-mortifing anorexic monkey like Mother Teresa is not a virtue but a vice.Alturistic ethics in spiritualism or communism renders man a zombie without the capacity to reason,deliberate and maintain his self-interest.Advocating to sacrifice ourselves to an imaginary deity or an arrogant statesman/cult leader.These doctrines and teachings have only ended up creating not a social bliss but a social calamity with hundreds ot thousands of people suffering from schizophrenia and malnutrition.The notion of stigmatizing selfishness has not created a mirthful society but a wailing one.I do not believe that irrational self-sacrifice is a healthy attitude it can be equated with insanity.

Hence,maintaining psychological,emotional,physical,economical and social salubrity is utmost important within the ethical teachings of salubrism in particular and within Amystology in general.It is only when the individual sustains himself that he can sustain others; it is only when he makes profit that he can distribute; it is only when he becomes selfish that he can become ‘selfless’ and charitable.It is only when he has peace with himself  that he can have peace with others.

The 1st spectrum of salubrism which is psychological salubrism states that the individual must maintain and sustain his mental wellbeing.

The 2nd spectrum of salubrism states that the individual must maintain and sustain his emotional wellbeing.

The 3rd spectrum of salubrism states that  the individual  must maintain and sustain his physical buxom.

The 4th spectrum of salubrism states that  the individual  must maintain and sustain his economic wellbeing or material gain.

The 5th spectrum of salubrism states that  the individual  must maintain and sustain his social wellbeing or good relationship with society i.e concord.

These spectrums are choosen by the individual’s independent pre-option,deliberation,and perlustration in his day to day activities.For instance, he might have to make a decision to enlist for the military.Here,he analyses whether this choice is salubrious to him in the five spectrums.Inorder for any decision to qualify as ‘salubrious’ at least it must fullfill one spectrum i.e it must be either psychologically,emotionally,physically,economically or socially beneficial to him.

If any decision in the life of the individual doesnot entail any spectrum of salubrism it will be designated as Alturism.Which is an ethical value of Idealists hence,banned by Amystology. Another example may be the individual deliberates going to the cinema; Now this moment in his life needs his decision; thus he must ask himself what form of salubrism he would acquire if he went to the cinema; may be psychological and emotional recreation thus fulfilling two spectrums; Inaddition he may also acquire physical and social salubrity but not so much of economical salubrity because he would be spending money not gaining it by going to the cinema.Therefore,the above examples are just models explaining how salubrism works.

Amystology as an exponent of realism and materialism and an antipathy of Idealism and mysticism holds Salubrism as an ethical and moral principle.Encouraging people to think and stand for themselves and maintain their salubrity; Calling onto them to be an apostate of Idealism and an apostle of Realism.

what is moral is what is salubrious for the individual in the above discussed five spectrums of salubrity.Alturism which is a systematic destruction of psychological,emotional,physical,economic and social salubrity must be a form of unclassified mental illness.we must remember that spiritual or material idealism is not an alternative theory to realism and materialism but an impairment of the natural processes of the human organism.It is always those who possess slothful and shallow minds who fall victim for idealistic propoganda.

Nurturing and loving oneself is the true virtue; it is only when man loves himself he can love others; it is when he takes care of himself that he is motivated to take care of others.

Finally, let me end this article by saying take care of yourself and be well.