There are two types of Idealists spiritual idealist like theists and material idealists like communists in the case of spiritual idealism the very idea that there must be an ‘ideal’ candidate behind unideal world and flawed universe is a contradiction in itself. A world inundated in so much challenges and unperfectness no sane spiritual idealist can honestly state that the universe is a perfect entity.
How can there be something perfect behind an imperfect world ???
In the case of material idealists like communists they are the votaries of a concept which is absolutely impracticable which can never materialize.Both spiritual and material idealists are more like cousins who have lost themselves in a fancy and onierism detached from the righteous path of realism and commonsense.
The most sapient and efficient way of distinguishing Idealistic ideologies whether they are spiritual like theism or material like communism is to understand the very fact that all idealist ideologies i.e the subjective sciences are sensationalistic,self-contradictory, totalitarian,obscurant cults whereas all realistic ideologies i.e the objective sciences are objective,self-evident/self-explanatory, empowering, liberal schools.
The best way to analyze any claim or theory is to see if it is sensational or objective,self-evident or self-contradictory,obscurant or empowering,liberal or totalitarian.Because if a theory or claim is true then there will be no need for sensationalism,self-contradiction,obscurancy and totalitarianism.
It has been said so many times that mans curiosity either drives him into a paramount or an abyss in the case of Idealism it will be an abyss.Idealism has created more bedlamites than any other force because of mans attempt to function in contrary to his design. Man is seen to fall into ridiculous gaucheries and severe infirmities.
Material man with a material consciousness existing within the exclusive realm of reality can only comprehend its own kind i.e realistic material entities.It does not matter how hard man toils mentally and physically he won’t be able to create any concept of Ideal candidates like a perfect immaterial God or a perfect classless society. In the case of spiritual idealists the evidence that they provide after long mental and physical ardour for the existence of ideal candidates like immaterial God is still going to be a material evidence or nothing at all.
The paltry attempt to reach beyond the realm of realism will end in disappointment and catastrophy.The difference between Idealism and realism is the difference between insanity and sanity; eidolon versus certainity.All idealists are not discovering or solving anything by their transcendental nonsense but fooling themselves in a toill of futile labour and self mortification.
Idealists whether theists or communists have considered the groans of man as a virtue his mirth as vice.The more man approximates a delusional the righteous he is considered; The more detached he is from reality or psychotic he gets the more ‘holy’[in the case of theists] or ‘loyal’ [in the case of communists] he is considered.we are existing in a society where mental patients are regarded as indispensable role models for us to emulate. So that we can join the herd of woolgathering and insanity called idealism.
Idealism can be considered as an anxiety pill that people take [in the case of spiritual idealism] to sooth their ignorant egos until realistic explainations about natural manifestations come about or are formulated.Idealistic mythologies fill the void temporarily with fictive tales and folklores to relieve man of his anxiety of the unknown.
Realism is not just the righteous and just path but the exclusive salubrious and progressive path a man could ever take.Therefore we must reject idealism not as a theory but as a malady and treat to human civilization and triumph.It is a well known fact that people who fall for inane idealistic pseudosciences are shallow,naive,individuals who cannot tell the difference between Idealism and Realism;mysticism and materialism; masochism and salubrism ;Intuition and reason ; dogma and evidence; subjectivism and objectivism ; totalitarianism and liberalism and so forth.
Individuals who do not understand their nature ;who are not sage enough to notice that their nature itself is the one which gives rise to all multifarious manifestations on the ground.people who are gullible and trusting; unsophisticated humanbeings;people who are delirious enough to the extent that they cannot notice the destruction and gradual devastation brought about by Idealism to their salubrity and the entire socio-political sphere.Idealism as a pursuit of the clouds if you like nums the brain restricting it from curiousity, alacrity and creativity encouraging precious man to embrace ideas without scrutiny.
Spiritual idealism encourages man to kneel down before superstitious toys and chimeras as a powerless slave and minion.To commit himself to the servitude of a gallery of toys.what could be more insulting to human dignity and self-esteem ??? when man with a higher faculty surrenders in submission to blocks of stones and blocks of wood ??? spiritual idealism does not cease just by enslaving man to powerless wooden toys but also encourages self-mortification and sacrifice which makes spiritual idealism a masochistic death cult.There is no gain for man with in Idealism whether spiritual or material.Man has every thing to loose within idealism he will corrupt, injure,and bankrupt himself psychologically,physically ,economically and socially.Idealism encompasses and represents all the ills within human nature.
There might be some people who defend spiritual idealism by stating morality issues and charity issues.But we must understand the purpose of the charity of idealists is to create even more idealists, masochists and mystics.The very nature of idealism forbids human bliss and liberation so philanthrophy can never be forwarded as an excuse for condoning and embracing idealism.when it comes to morality spiritual idealists pride themselves as the formulators and champions of morality or ethical philosophy to govern human behavior but for those who have observed with diligence their so called moral policies inscribed in their so called ‘holy’ literature whether it is the Bible or the Quran one will shiver in repugnance at the brutality,savagery and misanthrophy of their nature. An eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth,the stoning of adulteresses,beheadings of dissidents,amputation of thieves who happen to be desperate enough to steal,Assasinations of people who happen to be sensible enough to be infidels or realists and so forth paints all spiritual idealists as an organised ochlocratic mafia rather than an organized philanthrophic institutions.
I believe their moral teachings are repulsive to the extent that  even if we tried to implement them on the most brutal beast found in the wild animal right groups will be up in arms let alone humanright groups if we tried to implement them on humanbeings. Idealists always regress to ethics or morality when they loose the debate on metaphysics but either way they are destined to loose.