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January 2016

Salubrism:The righteous path and endeavour_The critic of Alturism and self-sacrifice_The Ethical principle of Amystology_.

What could be more sensible than having a healthy respect, love and sense of self-preservation for oneself ?! Incontrast to having an abnormal attitude of self-inferiority,self-loathing,and a zeal for self-mortification ?!  what could be more demented than to unconditionally surrender and sacrifice oneself to a totalitarian deity or a states man ? The exponents of Altruism i.e Idealists and mystics have always choosen altruism over salubrism; totalitarianism over liberalism; communism over capitalism.

As an ethical principle Amystology promotes Salubrism as a teaching which emphasises self-preservation than self-mortification.It teaches that the individual must pursue his salubrity in five spectrum namely psychological salubrity,emotional salubrity,physical salubrity,economical salubrity and social salubrity.These five forms of maintaining one’s buxom are choosen by the independent individual’s deliberation and pre-option.where, the individual in his day to day activity when confronted with various issues which demand his judgement

and decision, he must always place his five forms of salubrism into consideration in his decision making process.Inorder to stay afar from Idealistic and mystical teachings of self-mortification and self-sacrifice.

Therefore,salubrism can be called a well organized rational hedonism.Man is innately an objective animal designed exclusively for the material world endowed with senses and a rational faculty to make sense of reality.Idealism whether spiritual or material is against the design and operation’s of the human organism.Alturistic ethics promoted by spiritual and material idealists whether theists or communists is extremely devastating and catastrophic to the individual and society because an alturistic policy will eventually leave the world vacant.

Suffering is not a blessing  !!! Turning yourself into a self-mortifing anorexic monkey like Mother Teresa is not a virtue but a vice.Alturistic ethics in spiritualism or communism renders man a zombie without the capacity to reason,deliberate and maintain his self-interest.Advocating to sacrifice ourselves to an imaginary deity or an arrogant statesman/cult leader.These doctrines and teachings have only ended up creating not a social bliss but a social calamity with hundreds ot thousands of people suffering from schizophrenia and malnutrition.The notion of stigmatizing selfishness has not created a mirthful society but a wailing one.I do not believe that irrational self-sacrifice is a healthy attitude it can be equated with insanity.

Hence,maintaining psychological,emotional,physical,economical and social salubrity is utmost important within the ethical teachings of salubrism in particular and within Amystology in general.It is only when the individual sustains himself that he can sustain others; it is only when he makes profit that he can distribute; it is only when he becomes selfish that he can become ‘selfless’ and charitable.It is only when he has peace with himself  that he can have peace with others.

The 1st spectrum of salubrism which is psychological salubrism states that the individual must maintain and sustain his mental wellbeing.

The 2nd spectrum of salubrism states that the individual must maintain and sustain his emotional wellbeing.

The 3rd spectrum of salubrism states that  the individual  must maintain and sustain his physical buxom.

The 4th spectrum of salubrism states that  the individual  must maintain and sustain his economic wellbeing or material gain.

The 5th spectrum of salubrism states that  the individual  must maintain and sustain his social wellbeing or good relationship with society i.e concord.

These spectrums are choosen by the individual’s independent pre-option,deliberation,and perlustration in his day to day activities.For instance, he might have to make a decision to enlist for the military.Here,he analyses whether this choice is salubrious to him in the five spectrums.Inorder for any decision to qualify as ‘salubrious’ at least it must fullfill one spectrum i.e it must be either psychologically,emotionally,physically,economically or socially beneficial to him.

If any decision in the life of the individual doesnot entail any spectrum of salubrism it will be designated as Alturism.Which is an ethical value of Idealists hence,banned by Amystology. Another example may be the individual deliberates going to the cinema; Now this moment in his life needs his decision; thus he must ask himself what form of salubrism he would acquire if he went to the cinema; may be psychological and emotional recreation thus fulfilling two spectrums; Inaddition he may also acquire physical and social salubrity but not so much of economical salubrity because he would be spending money not gaining it by going to the cinema.Therefore,the above examples are just models explaining how salubrism works.

Amystology as an exponent of realism and materialism and an antipathy of Idealism and mysticism holds Salubrism as an ethical and moral principle.Encouraging people to think and stand for themselves and maintain their salubrity; Calling onto them to be an apostate of Idealism and an apostle of Realism.

what is moral is what is salubrious for the individual in the above discussed five spectrums of salubrity.Alturism which is a systematic destruction of psychological,emotional,physical,economic and social salubrity must be a form of unclassified mental illness.we must remember that spiritual or material idealism is not an alternative theory to realism and materialism but an impairment of the natural processes of the human organism.It is always those who possess slothful and shallow minds who fall victim for idealistic propoganda.

Nurturing and loving oneself is the true virtue; it is only when man loves himself he can love others; it is when he takes care of himself that he is motivated to take care of others.

Finally, let me end this article by saying take care of yourself and be well.



Mysticism:The refugee of the ignorant, blankslated and the insane_The cult of obscurants and distressors_The slavery to fiction and self-mortification_The descent to delusion and psychosis.

I am a naturalist and a materialist. I do not recognize any legitimate entity beyond matter and nature.Nature and her laws are the only legitimate domains governing existence and the only representatives of metaphysical truth. For those sage and diligent observers the mechanisms by which nature operates starting from human physiology which incorporates the very process of consciousness itself will be evidently clear to them.For those with commonsense observing the operations of nature is an empowering, astonishing and liberating phenomenon.Inaddition, to being protective against mystical astrayment and heresy. Any detachment from naturalism is a slow, progressive descent to madness and self-extinction.’any detachment’ means deviation to idealism and mysticism.
Once man starts to observe calmly nature and its operations his reason starts to be cultivated his commonsense starts to kickin.Inaddition, his psycho-physical salubrity and wellbeing will be maintained.The difficulty of providing evidence has deviated man to the dangerous road of mysticism which can be observed prevalent throughout all cultures in the world starting from the western world of christian fetishism to far-east of buddhist adolatry. Ignorance and insensibilty have no boundaries; they are not limited by geographical location or have an exception on race and ethnicity.
All cultures seem to have some sort of explaination to metaphysical questions.It is absolutely okay to formulate theories. But it is never condonable to be arrogantly dogmatic about once already disproved and self-conflicting hypothesis. Reality is not ambiguous or debatable it is self evident. why ??? because real manifestations leave trails or clues of evidence or ‘smoking guns’.For instance, the evolutionary process leaves fossils, rudimentary organs, and aminoacid sequence similitudes. The big bang leaves the CMB behind; accretion leaves behind revolving planets and an ignited star.So one might say that nature is not cruel enough to leave us in absolute intellectual confusion. It leaves clues for us to collect and understand and configure a sound metaphysical theory.
Seeking these clues and joining the dots should be our job inorder to understand and make sense of nature; enabling us to avoid the fatal route of mysticism.The very day when mysticism gets wipped out from human culture will be the incipience of prosperity ,bliss and health for all humanity. The death of mysticism will be the birth of materialism; the death of spiritualism will be the birth of naturalism; the death of naivity will be the birth of enlightenment; the death of indifference will be the birth of observation; the death of non-evidence based existence or Nebeism will be the birth of evidence based existence or ebeism.
It is always those who know little,shallow blankslated individuals who become zealous ardent doctrinized votaries of spiritual and material mystics.Those who are indifferent and indolent but never observant and diligent.They are the best retinues for biased, recalcitrant imposters.Those who do not understand the fact that observing the natural world will provide them all the solutions and answers they crave for. I think it is about time that man understood his true place in the universe; that he is NOT a ‘choosen’ species the universe is not made for him; that he is some sort of bi-product of an evolutionary natural process.If man was really the object of creation as spiritual mystics dictate the universe would have been perfect without a flaw like that mythical place called heaven.But apparently it is not.In our observable world the cry of joy is soon enough replaced by the cry of despair; The mafficking of the affluent is replaced by the bewailing of the indigent; buxom is replaced by morbidity; life is replaced by death; intelligent design exists in tandem with abhorable design ; and so forth.
In the case of spiritual mystics it does not matter if billions of ‘believers’ believe that there is a deity their faith will never create a deity.Reality and truth are independent of the observer.Idealism and mysticism represent the destructive values of human nature.This is the reason why Amystology as a philosophy supports and promotes realism,materialism and naturalism in oppossition to idealism, mysticism and spiritualism.
Mysticism is toxic to human consciousness and human civilization.It detaches man from being pre-occupied with reality and deviates him to the realm of reverie and psychosis; Instead of seeking evidence man starts to seek emotional relief and sham comfort from mystical fairytales.
Awareness or consciousness is man’s precious possession which needs utmost protection and preservation.Man needs to guard his awareness from being abused,re-socialized, and doctrinized by arrogant,knave,and verocious imposters salivating from empirial lust which may be spiritual mystics which includes ‘prophets’ and material mystics which include obsessed politicians.One should never allow his awareness to be abused by anybody he should carry himself with self-esteem and dignity.
The other very important question is are idealism and mysticism biologically acquired or socially acquired identities ??? I believe there is a natural tendency in humanbeings to seek the prime-cause of all causes and consequently it will be natural for imposters biased by self-interest to formulate one. So in an attempt to understand the prime-cause of all causes idealistic and mystical theories tend to be formulated without a single evidence.Theories detached from the reality filled with horror,false promises and fables.I believe the prime cause of all causes can never be revealed through idealistic mystical ideologies and non-evidence based existence; but through realistic materialistic theories and evidence based existence.The attitudes of mystics to repel reality and evidence is not teaching us any thing new except the fact that humanbeings can take arrogant attitudes even if they are doctrinized with spurious theories.
Arrogance and tenacity cannot be an evidence to another dimension or to the prime cause of causes.Eventhough, it is natural to seek the prime cause of causes i don’t think that idealistic and mystical attitudes are biologically acquired identity or inotherwords innate.Naturally man is a realistic objective animal designed to operate through feedback/input or evidence.No man is born delusional.His five senses stand as evidence that he is an objective animal not an idealistic or mystical bedlamite.The very fact that man is incapable of comprehending ‘super’ natural notions is by itself a substansiation that the prime cause of causes has to be material not a mystical entity.In addition when any attempt to reach beyond matter ends up in futile labour and creating more psychotics than evidence for the prime causer; we can here boldly state than man is trying to function incontrary to his very nature and design hence,descending into an abyss.Idealism and mysticism are NOT somesort of alternative theories to realism and materialism but are the disorder of the natural order and design of human nature and function.Realism and materialism are the ones which are biologically acquired and innate identities.Man is designed for reality to perceive it through his natural senses and create concepts in his mind about the objects out there; as an observer of objects he creates subjects of analysis,contemplation and comprehension; through the percepts out there he creates concepts in his mind.This is the true nature of man; this is his design he ought to function.Idealistic and mystical functions of the human mind are the violations of mans natural design and function which do have consequences in the health, and progress of the individual.The natural world is not ideal,mystical,spiritual, non-evident and subjective BUT realistic,materialistic,naturalistic,self-evident and objective.Mysticism is always riddled with self-contradiction and unintelligible twaddle which is an evidence by itself that it is a brain child of a confused and disordered consciousness and probably a sick mind. we must always understand that there is nothing wrong with the objective world out there but there is something wrong with man himself; with his perception, conception and analysis of reality. when issues arise with man’s perception ,conception and analysis of reality mysticism will be born and manifest itself in human behaviour.
we must also understand that idealists are concerned with ‘ideas’ not reality.They are pre-occupied with thoughts than objects as if thoughts can be created without objects ; as if concepts can exist without percepts.The best example for this is  a quote from the material idealist and mystic Vladimir lenin which goes ” a lie told often enough becomes the truth.” ( when we examine this quote we understand a notion that despite the nature of the outside reality idealists believe by deluding the individual they can influence or even change the outside materialistic objective reality which is an absolute puerility on their part.
This is the very pre-occupation of mystics and idealists by distorting and deluding man’s concept of reality they ‘hope’ to influence reality.This is the reason why idealists and mystics are totalitarian because they are concerned with man’s ideas rather than matter.
when we ask the question why do idealists reject reality ? the answer may be because they either are delusional or want to be delusional but that may not be all; when the policies of a power obsessed totalitarian politician become incapable in solving his peoples woes in time he tends to distract them by turning into a material mystic and bombarding his people with idealistic notions of the current state of his country to his people despite the impecuniousity and decay of his country by posting ‘rosy’ utopian billboards,broadcacts, news,TV shows,and other delusion inducing toxic propoganda because reality i.e the true state of the country might be a treat to his hold on power.
In the case of spiritual idealists they crave to create any empire of deluded gullibles crying out their names in praise and honour throughout the ages to make them feel important and to fill their chest with gold and silver bamboozled from their votaries.The spiritual mystic scares and herds precious man away from reality to a world of woolgathering and madness so that these doting zombies which like to be called ‘believers’ become his inebriated minions with a toxic delusion inducing ideology.Praising him and his topsyturvy lectures about metaphysics plus scorning anybody who is valiant and sensible enough to wake them up from their dreams.
Both material and spiritual mystics are mendacious imposters.
Inaddition, before I conclude these article I would want to raise the issue of dualism as a state of being half mystic and half materialist. So we are finally witnessing three heretical positions within metaphysics spiritual mysticism, material mysticism and dualistic mysticism.Individuals who tend to be dualists are emotionally trepidated uncertain individuals who like to ‘stay on the safe zone’ and conjecture there might be ‘something’ beyond matter or beyond nature.
But again they cannot see the contradiction of their position.How can there be something half truth and half fable in the natural world ? Is nature made up of 50% fairytale and 50% fact ??? Is the universe 50% ether and 50% matter ??? How can you be a cozened ‘believer’ buffon and a skeptical materialist at the same time ??? Is there a fossil evidence for unicorns and dinosaurs at the same time ??? Can we find the skeleton of Adam and Lucy lying side by side in  a cave some where on the planet ??? In order for any theory to be true it must be evident and consistent.Inother, words it should never be contradictory or non-evident.Amystology as a philosophy is based on a pillar of evidence based existence or ebeism inshort which is an acronym where ‘ebe’ represent evidence based existence and ‘ism’ a principle of thought.
Amystology inquires two simple questions 1.Does a theory presented before us have evidence ? 2. Does a theory have self-contradictions ? If any metaphysical theory what ever it may be presents with non-evidence and self-contradiction it is instantly discredited by Amystology and categorized as either idealism or mysticism.
Amystology is a philosophy of skepticism and analysis of metaphysical truths and facts.Therefore,all idealistic and mystical theories are vehemently rejected by Amystology as a philosophy and science of skepticism.
As a conclusion I believe I have mentioned the danger’s of Idealism and mysticism to humanity in this article and care must be taken to always stick to thoeries which fulfill the two inquiries and concepts of Amystology which are ebeism and non-contradiction.

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Idealism:The adult peurility._The school of woolgathering and insanity.

There are two types of Idealists spiritual idealist like theists and material idealists like communists in the case of spiritual idealism the very idea that there must be an ‘ideal’ candidate behind unideal world and flawed universe is a contradiction in itself. A world inundated in so much challenges and unperfectness no sane spiritual idealist can honestly state that the universe is a perfect entity.
How can there be something perfect behind an imperfect world ???
In the case of material idealists like communists they are the votaries of a concept which is absolutely impracticable which can never materialize.Both spiritual and material idealists are more like cousins who have lost themselves in a fancy and onierism detached from the righteous path of realism and commonsense.
The most sapient and efficient way of distinguishing Idealistic ideologies whether they are spiritual like theism or material like communism is to understand the very fact that all idealist ideologies i.e the subjective sciences are sensationalistic,self-contradictory, totalitarian,obscurant cults whereas all realistic ideologies i.e the objective sciences are objective,self-evident/self-explanatory, empowering, liberal schools.
The best way to analyze any claim or theory is to see if it is sensational or objective,self-evident or self-contradictory,obscurant or empowering,liberal or totalitarian.Because if a theory or claim is true then there will be no need for sensationalism,self-contradiction,obscurancy and totalitarianism.
It has been said so many times that mans curiosity either drives him into a paramount or an abyss in the case of Idealism it will be an abyss.Idealism has created more bedlamites than any other force because of mans attempt to function in contrary to his design. Man is seen to fall into ridiculous gaucheries and severe infirmities.
Material man with a material consciousness existing within the exclusive realm of reality can only comprehend its own kind i.e realistic material entities.It does not matter how hard man toils mentally and physically he won’t be able to create any concept of Ideal candidates like a perfect immaterial God or a perfect classless society. In the case of spiritual idealists the evidence that they provide after long mental and physical ardour for the existence of ideal candidates like immaterial God is still going to be a material evidence or nothing at all.
The paltry attempt to reach beyond the realm of realism will end in disappointment and catastrophy.The difference between Idealism and realism is the difference between insanity and sanity; eidolon versus certainity.All idealists are not discovering or solving anything by their transcendental nonsense but fooling themselves in a toill of futile labour and self mortification.
Idealists whether theists or communists have considered the groans of man as a virtue his mirth as vice.The more man approximates a delusional the righteous he is considered; The more detached he is from reality or psychotic he gets the more ‘holy’[in the case of theists] or ‘loyal’ [in the case of communists] he is considered.we are existing in a society where mental patients are regarded as indispensable role models for us to emulate. So that we can join the herd of woolgathering and insanity called idealism.
Idealism can be considered as an anxiety pill that people take [in the case of spiritual idealism] to sooth their ignorant egos until realistic explainations about natural manifestations come about or are formulated.Idealistic mythologies fill the void temporarily with fictive tales and folklores to relieve man of his anxiety of the unknown.
Realism is not just the righteous and just path but the exclusive salubrious and progressive path a man could ever take.Therefore we must reject idealism not as a theory but as a malady and treat to human civilization and triumph.It is a well known fact that people who fall for inane idealistic pseudosciences are shallow,naive,individuals who cannot tell the difference between Idealism and Realism;mysticism and materialism; masochism and salubrism ;Intuition and reason ; dogma and evidence; subjectivism and objectivism ; totalitarianism and liberalism and so forth.
Individuals who do not understand their nature ;who are not sage enough to notice that their nature itself is the one which gives rise to all multifarious manifestations on the ground.people who are gullible and trusting; unsophisticated humanbeings;people who are delirious enough to the extent that they cannot notice the destruction and gradual devastation brought about by Idealism to their salubrity and the entire socio-political sphere.Idealism as a pursuit of the clouds if you like nums the brain restricting it from curiousity, alacrity and creativity encouraging precious man to embrace ideas without scrutiny.
Spiritual idealism encourages man to kneel down before superstitious toys and chimeras as a powerless slave and minion.To commit himself to the servitude of a gallery of toys.what could be more insulting to human dignity and self-esteem ??? when man with a higher faculty surrenders in submission to blocks of stones and blocks of wood ??? spiritual idealism does not cease just by enslaving man to powerless wooden toys but also encourages self-mortification and sacrifice which makes spiritual idealism a masochistic death cult.There is no gain for man with in Idealism whether spiritual or material.Man has every thing to loose within idealism he will corrupt, injure,and bankrupt himself psychologically,physically ,economically and socially.Idealism encompasses and represents all the ills within human nature.
There might be some people who defend spiritual idealism by stating morality issues and charity issues.But we must understand the purpose of the charity of idealists is to create even more idealists, masochists and mystics.The very nature of idealism forbids human bliss and liberation so philanthrophy can never be forwarded as an excuse for condoning and embracing idealism.when it comes to morality spiritual idealists pride themselves as the formulators and champions of morality or ethical philosophy to govern human behavior but for those who have observed with diligence their so called moral policies inscribed in their so called ‘holy’ literature whether it is the Bible or the Quran one will shiver in repugnance at the brutality,savagery and misanthrophy of their nature. An eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth,the stoning of adulteresses,beheadings of dissidents,amputation of thieves who happen to be desperate enough to steal,Assasinations of people who happen to be sensible enough to be infidels or realists and so forth paints all spiritual idealists as an organised ochlocratic mafia rather than an organized philanthrophic institutions.
I believe their moral teachings are repulsive to the extent that  even if we tried to implement them on the most brutal beast found in the wild animal right groups will be up in arms let alone humanright groups if we tried to implement them on humanbeings. Idealists always regress to ethics or morality when they loose the debate on metaphysics but either way they are destined to loose.



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