when it comes to distinguishing reality from reverie; corporealism from conceptualism the measuring stick and tool of analysis becomes man himself. Man is a biological computer with input and output outlets or organs. Man is similar to a technological computer and functions through input, feedback or evidence without which man cannot process data and create a concept.

Therefore, if man is the measuring stick for what is real and what is not then non-material entities will become absolute paltry to him and his fellow human beings. Humans posses a material consciousness designed to analyze and comprehend subjects of its own kind any subject beyond matter is indecodable and unprocessable.

If an object is incapable of generating sound waves for mans ear drums ; photons for his retina; texture for his sensory nerves; odor for his olfactory nerves; taste for his taste buds.Then that object is basically non-existent for man even if it did.

That particular object is not made for man and man is not made for that object.Idealistic concepts like God and spirits etc…themselves are not ‘super’ natural entities but conceptual material thoughts and entities in the fancy of man.They are not corporeal material entities which are tangible and examinable in the realm beyond the observer.

Therefore the spiritual world itself is a conceptual material world. Mystics may ‘transcend’ beyond reason and reality but only in to the world of ideas and fancy. where,these ideas and thoughts themselves are material ions and atoms. Hence,elucidating the fact that there is nothing beyond matter.

Based on these arguments we can boldly state that nature is the only exclusive and legitimate entity in existence.I will not be transgressing the truth if i proclaim that materialism is the theory of everything and mysticism is a futile labor of onierism and self-deception within conceptual materialism.‘Super’ naturalism is an absolute impossibility.

when men are in despair and in need of an explaination for material manifestations it is a routine approach of man to regress to conceptual ideas born out of the imagination than corporeal facts born out of research.

Enunciating statements like people are animated by spirits not by complex physiology; planets orbit the sun due to ether not due to gravity; tsunamis arise due to the ire of Neptune not due to tectonic plates; Lightening and thunder occur due to Jupiter not due to electrically charged particles and so on.

Therefore, spiritualism can be considered a crippled erroneous materialism and fallicious conclusion of natural causes.Inventing fables is the habit of Idealists and mystics. Any natural manifestation occurs due to known and unknown natural causes.The digression from corporeal materialism can only be an impairment in itself not a system or a theory.Here we should take note that we are recognizing two realms within materialism itself which are conceptual materialism and corporeal materialism.which are the world of ideas and the world of objects outside the observer respectively.

Materialism can be considered the incredible truth or sometimes the inconvenient truth because people either look out to the microcosm and express their repugnance of matter due to their sluggishness or express their repugnance of matter because it is against their interests.By stating statements like how can an oxygen atom determine my metabolism ? how can calcium determine my heart rate ?  atoms are not conscious and they don’t talk back to us ??? Are you insane or something ?

First of all consciousness is a form of motion within our brain.There is nothing more to it. Oxygen, calcium and others forces of nature need not be conscious or talk back to you to determine your metabolism and very existence.The material world is self-existent and self-capable.Motion is the inherent principle of matter itself.People do not realize this though they expect something ‘conscious’ while being nescient of its determining nature. I would not say I think hence, i am like the Idealist Descartes.But I would say I am a physio-chemical. Hence, I am. My physio-chemistry determines my state and status.

People are in no position to rebel against the forces of nature they are  almost under the absolute thralldom of physio-chemistry.



The conflict between Realism and Idealism goes back in history and still is present today the distinction between these two is conspicous for those who are observant it is the differrence between materialsm vs mysticism, Reason vs Intuition, Liberalism vs totalitarianism, Aspirationalism vs terrorism, alacrity vs delirium,salubrity vs morbidity,advancement vs primitiveness, prosperity vs expendability,sapience vs nescience,evidence vs dogma,True science vs pseudoscience.

Hence, as a conclusion if all Idealist ideas of all kinds are conceptual matter and all Realistic ideas are corporeal matter how can it be erroneous to claim that materialism is the theory of every thing ?