What is biocentrism? what does it represent ? according to wikipedia’s definition which was displayed on Dr. Lanza’s website “Is a theory proposed in 2007 by american scientist Robert Lanza.In this view, life and biology are central to being, reality and the cosmos-life creates the universe rather than the other way around.Biocentrism asserts that current theories of the physical world do not work and can never work and can never be made to work,until they finally account for life and consciousness.” Hence, according to Lanza the consciousness is the prime subject of his theory or ideology. which begs the question what is consciousness ??? what is the mind and what is the brain ??? Is there a distinction between the mental and the physical ???

According  to my observation i don’t see a dichotomy or conflict between the brain and the mind or the mental and the physical.I define consciousness not as a distinct entity from the brain but as a nomenclature of the functional status of the brain. It is a term used to define the level of activity or activity of the brain. The higher the activity the higher the consciousness ; the lower the activity the lower the consciousness. Consciousness is a tool of measurement of the activity of the brain. As an example or metaphor consider a ruler with graduated scales and numbers etched on it.This ruler is meaningless without the graduated numbers and scales which makes it understandable and functional.

The same thing applies to the brain a brain without consciousness or activity is meaningless it does not fit its definition. without activity we cannot understand the brain and the individual.In order for the brain to be valid is must be one and the same with mind or the consciousness.consciousness= activity and Brain = mind. There is no conflict.

It is a well know fact that mysticism throughout history has always erected its foundation on ignorance and confusion.Creationism for instance has established its foundation on human origins dictating mystical twaddle which are incoherent with one another as a true discourse in regard to human origins.Due to the existence of human ignorance and illiteracy about origins in ancient times ignorant peasants at those times had no optional theory. Hence the fictive twaddle of creationism was dominant.

But this reign and dominance was overthrown when the Great Darwin eliminated the darkness of ignorance with the torch of evolution and buried creationism and its twaddle.It is the same scenario with Biocentrism which has erected itself on the ignorance of people about the field of neuroscience.

Just because we do not totally comprehend the field of neuroscience that does not mean that we should retire to ‘meta’ physical explainations. This is the same mistake all ancient mystics made and advertised as a great breakthrough and forced to be embraced by every segment of the society. Just because we don’t understand something that does not mean we have to invent and conjecture something even more obscure to augment our confusion even more.

Dr. Lanza as a material mystic is embarrassing himself infront of the global audience and standing on the wrong side of history.He should have taken note from his ancient mystic contemporaries. The crusade on Realism and Materialism from spiritual and material mystics continues till this day in an attempt to plunge humanity into darkness and drive it to extinction. A criticism on reason and science  in support of Idealism and mysticism can only be a criticism on human progress and success.

It has always been convenient for many to employ their whim  and entertain fables than employ their reason and calculate facts. Inaddition Biocentrism has established it self on phenomenology a school of thought devised by idealists which is concerned with phenomena like awareness,happiness,sadness,fear,aspiration and so on.On matters seemingly ‘abstract’ and which seem non-material activities of the brain or consciousness.we must understand that if all these activities of the brain are rendered immaterial something distinct from the brain. Then it will automatically nullify the brain itself.The activities of the brain and the brain itself are one and the same.There is no vacancy for Dualism or Idealism.

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy phenomenology is defined as ” phenomenology studies conscious experiences as experienced from subjective or first person point of view.” It goes on to state “In recent philosophy of the mind, the term “phenomenology” is often restricted to the characterization of sensory qualities of seeing, hearing etc.: what it is like to have sensations of various kinds” [see website:http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/phenomenology/%5D.

Just like the Idealists and mystics of yesterday like G.W.F Hegel ,Edmund Husserl ,Immaneul kant and so on. The mystics of today like Mr.Lanza are preaching the same topsyturvy muddled tommyrot of ‘meta’physics.Therefore, we won’t be wronging ourselves if we proclaimed that Biocentrism is yet another branch of Idealism in the 21st century a metaphysical dualism and a guild of confusion and delirium.