In a universe of rapid transformation we can’t help but notice the emergence of homo-machine from its provenance as an ancient primordial soup deep in the ocean of young protoplanetary earth this creature has evolved to constitute the best of organisms with his biological intelligence far exceeding any other organism but still riddled with defects and weaknesses.

Therefore, our interest and preoccupation should be in purifing man from his weaknesses and defects either via biological or technological enhancements.Consider for instance a humanbeing resistant to cosmic radiation; no need for oxygen ; sleep chambers and so on. Man can visit any area within spacetime perform the exploration and investigation first hand himself without a need for probes or rovers. If man enhanced himself to a cyborg or a robot space travel and  inquiry will be safer, cheaper and faster.

Our enhanced Professors and researchers without a need for radiation protection or sleep chambers can perform microbiological,geographical,chemical and astro-biological investigation themselves in person rather than depending on probes and sitting in a control room on earth waiting to decode data.

The idea of merging man and machine is a matter of necessity for the sake of human prosperity and progress.It is already happening before our our own eyes we are witnessing people with cochlear implants,deep brain stimulation (DBS) gears,pacemakers,bionic eyes,robotic limbs,hip implants,knee implants and so on.

The eon of homo-machine has already began from a small begining then exploding to a sapient rational being who is becoming a master of nature.

In this technologically exploding era we all should help in the progress of natural science and understanding which will help man to lead a comfortable life in eternal nature.Science has liberated man from arrogance and ignorance and cultivated his reason and commonsense to embrace reality and nature as ultimate truths.

Naturalism did indeed manumit man from the totalitarian cult of spurious mysticism and idealism recognizing his individuality and guaranting his salubrity.The eon of homo-machine is definetly the next step of human evolution katapulting man to the era of space age.

Reality exists independently of the observer notwithstanding his opinions,beliefs,thoughts,moods,whims and caprice. Nature has gained consciousness through humanbeings. Man exists representing a single natural force in a coalesence of other natural forces competing for dominance.Inorder, for man as a part of nature to maintain and sustain his interests within the competition with other parts and forces of nature he has to possess higher capabilities to  overcome the challenges presented by other forces of nature.



If for instance man is infirmed by a parasitic amoeba he can only prevail over this single celled force of nature and restore his buxom if and only if he possesses higher capabilities either in intellect or other means. It has been said according to intranaturalism  promoted by amystology and the school of CAMIDRCS  that nature herself is self-existent,self-evident and self-competent and nature is made up of independent and interdependent forces competing for dominance and influence.That there cannot be any entity outside nature ; nature moves itself via its parts and immutable laws according to my objective observation.

Hence, nature must be approached from a vantage point of ‘forces competing for dominance’ rather than forces directed by a ‘super’natural force .We exist within nature representing a single force of nature. Man has the capability to influence and affect other natural forces and viceversa. Inorder to maintain the interest of man, man has to prevail over his other counterpart natural forces by intellect,physicality and so on where we observe one natural force being smashed and eliminated by the other.The remedy is then to surpass and eliminate mans counterparts and counteracting natural forces which are attempting to eliminate him.

The empowerment and enhancemnet of man is a necessity as stated earlier in this article. Inorder to make him superior and prevalent over his competing fellow natural forces.I believe as an amystologist that sage man is precious and life is even more invaluable from billions of planets just within our milky way intelligent life exists exclusively as long as our current knowledge is concerned on planet earth.Hence, my question is why not preserve life ; eternalize it and spread it beyond this solar system ??? expand the settlement of humanity beyond the galaxy  ?  why not achieve technological triumph and natural understanding ? wouldn’t it be logical and laudable atleast to promote the era of the space age for the sake of our posterity and descendants rather than promote thralldom and martyrdom to idealism and mysticism ? Indeed it will be sound to promote the systematic understanding and taming of nature to further the interest and aspiration of our descendants and humanity in general.

One natural force is the mover of another; one natural cause is the creator of another; one natural cause is the annihilator of another and so on.Each part which make up eternal nature compete for influence and dominance where man as a part goes along in the same manner. From eliminating our weaknesses of mortality; to enhancing our frail bodies and memory capacity technology is the only tool we have at our disposal to bring about the era of masterdom.In this regard reason and naturalism can only be the virtues that will lead humanity to this ultimate destination.

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