Q: what is amystology ?

Amystology is an antonym of mysticism (conceptualism) and a synonym of corporealism (realism). An advocate of pure reason and naturalism founded on a single pillar of evidence based existence.

Q: Can we simplify the definition please ?

Certainly, Amystology is an anti-mystical philosophy based on ebeism promoting masterdom.

Q: what or who is God ?

According to diligent observation and evidence the force of creation,annihilation,and transformation is nature herself.

Q: Is amystology a dogma ?

Absolutely NOT.It is as said earlier stands only on the principle of evidence based existence.Amystology is the science of observation and comprehension of reality not an art of fabrication and speculation like mysticism.

Q: what is mysticism ?

Mysticism is the product of the whim where ideas fabricated by imagination are dogmatically asserted as ‘true’.which is a medically recognized impairment called delusion.mysticism has two main branches spiritual mysticism and material mysticism.where spiritual mysticism involves all religions in history,withchcraft,spiritualists,magicians/illusionists,psychics,shamanists,reincarnationists,theosophy,ghostists etc…and so on.

material mysticism involve all those who assert conceptual entities as corporeal facts like homeopathy,astrology,alchemy,phrenology,alternative medicines,scientology,paranormals,intelligent design,the law of attraction,psychokinesis,Ufology,herbalism,acupuncture, yoga,meditation, and so on and so forth.

Both these school of thoughts are identical in a sense because both lack evidence of efficacy and demonstration.

Q: what is conceptualism?

Conceptualism is the world of ideas within the fancy of man i.e what is in his head.

Q: what is corporealism ?

Corporealism is the world of reality which exists outside the observer i.e the material world.

Q: what makes amystology different from other school of thoughts ?

As i said so many times elsewhere, amystology is founded on a single pillar of evidence based  existence.Because claims without evidence are either useless  or pointless and sometimes may even be extremely dangerous.

Because material man possess a material mind built by matter for matter designed by nature to function exlusively via rationalism and empiricism.Hence, claims without evidence which do not strike our senses and eventually create a concept are either useless or pointless to us due to our natural limitations.

Q: Is there a difference between atheism and amystology ?

No. Atheism and amystology are identical.Atheism promotes evidence based existence so does amystology.

Q: If so why not call yourself an atheist rather than  an amystologist ?

Because i believe that theism is not the only pseudoscience out there.Theism is just a sub-branch of the main branch of spiritual mysticism.Hence, i wanted to denominate myself with a terminology which rejects all main branches and sub-branches of mysticism.

Eventhough atheism appears terminologically as a rejection of theism it also rejects all forms and branches of mysticism or non-evidence based existence and this is the reason i stated earlier that atheism and amystology are identical.

I am just comfortable calling myself an amystologist inaddition to calling myself an atheist.

Q: why is reason stressed in amystology ?

Reason is seen as the guardian,sentinel and shield protecting the individual from harm and extinction.Reason is the tool we employ to  analyze reality and evaluate evidence.

Q:why is realism seen as a virtue in amystology ?

Because man exists within the realm of the corporeal world with a corporeal consciousness.One cannot reach beyond reason and reality.Just like Baron states ” men always fool themselves when they gave up experience for systems of imagination man is the work of nature, he exists in nature , he is subject to its laws, he cannot break free , he can not leave even in thought; it is in vain that his spirit wants to soar beyond the bounds of the visible world.” [1] Hence , realism is the esteemed virtue in amystology.

Q: what is meant by masterdom ?

Masterdom is a term which refers to the idea that man must be a master of nature rather than a slave.Technology which is a higher understanding of nature gives him this capability required to surmount any natural challenges brought about by natural forces on the existence of man.

Q:what is meant by ‘being a master’?

In oppossition to mysticism which  calls for the martyrdom of precious man to unintelligable ,non-existent, figmental dieties. Amystology calls for the empowerment and enhancement of frail man into an all capable and all powerful organism through research and technology.

Q: So you mean turning  puny man into a God ?

Well- that is a mystical term of reference so i would use another term as an amystologist which is secular and neutral like  a Supremebeing.And YES ! Every man on the planet has a potential to be a supremebeing if he reaches the stage of masterdom this might seem far fetched but with technology anything is possible.Because if matter is not going anywhere and nature is eternal we might as well make the best of it by enchancing our knowledge of matter while in the process enhancing ourselves.

Q: You talk about masterdom as the ultimate destination.what do mean by this statement ?

Masterdom is the highest stage of human understanding of  the natural world.It is when humans comprehend in total or almost in total nature herself with a capabitility to manipulate her in any desire.

Q:what is the gist which distinguishes mysticism from amystology ?

Evidence and efficacy.Amystology is a science of evidence and efficacy whereas, mysticism is an art of onierism and spuriousness.

Q:where does the word amystology come from?

Amystology is an amalgamation of an alphabet,a word ,and a suffix.where-myst- comes from mysticism itself and it has an -A- infront of it which denotes a negation.Hence, we have -Amyst- which stands for the negation of mysticism; then we have a suffix-ology- which denotes a school of thought.finally,we have Amystology at the end which is a school of thought with an extra-ordinary emphasise on reason, reality, evidence and truth rather than trust and faith.

Q:what is the objective of amystology ?

Amystology vehmently rejects all forms of pseudosciences whether spiritual or material promoting as an objective the principle of evidence based existence throughout the world.

Q: Finally to conclude our dialogue can you state the vision of amystology ?

Certainly, the vision of amystology is to usher in the era of reason and naturalism and bring about the masterdom of man.


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