It is sufficently evident for those who are diligent and unbiased contemplators that nature itself is the supreme force.where, one natural cause is the mover of another natural phenomenon.Hence, nature is the mover of itself without any ‘supernatural’ intervention or precept. Human nature for instance is the force which shapes the world in it’s own image global warming,environmental pollution and exploitation,massive industralization and development,corruption,crime,violence,conflict,wars,capitalism,socialism,humanitarianism,empirialism ,racism,nationalism,liberalism,totalitarianism,aspirationalism,terrorism,probity,infidelity etc…are all manifestations due to human nature.

Pantheists consider nature itself as a God which absolutely makes sense because it is true.Nature is self-existent,self-evident and self-competent as mentioned in my other articles.


But if so how do we engage nature? should we engage it via the mystical route like pantheists as if nature is a person pretending nature has organs of perception and establishing prayers,pledges,rhapsodies and what not or should we consider nature for what it is a blind insensible force governed by various and numerous laws which control and govern existence ?

A sapient man with good sense will definitely choose the later.Nature has no benevolence or malevolence towards its creatures it operates unbiasedly inaccordance to strict laws.It does not posses a consciousness or awareness; every manifestation has a rationally explainable natural cause.


Humanbeings for instance are the cause of evolution as postulated by Darwin (see figure 2) he forwards cogent and numerous  attestements to his intelligent theory.The solar system is the product of accretion which kicked off billions of years ago.where the planets have taken that momentum of rotation even today after having been fully formed which we call revolution that they make around our parent star the sun.

Epidemics are the products of pathogenic microorganisms like Yersinia pestis and  Vibrio Cholera; accidents are the products of human recklessness and so forth.If nature can move itself then that will leave no working space for a ‘supernatural’ force.

The theory of supernaturalism must be replaced by Intranaturalism because all experiments,researchs and observations eventually will lead to this conclusion.

Intranaturalism is open for debate and discussion by the massess and  can be comprehended by any one because it states that one natural cause moves another natural manifestation.where these natural causes are fully fathomable by material man unlike supernaturalism which states unintelligible ‘supernatural’ agencies as the primary causes.

Most interestingly though what makes intranaturalism sensible and acceptable by people is that most of our solutions and answers to our most stubborn problems and questions emanated from intranaturalism.for example Kochs postulates formulated by Robert koch (see fig 3) recognized natural causes as the sources of maladys rather than supernatural causes in his time and gravity as the cause of revolution around celestial bodies by Newton; and the protective Ozone layer on earth as the cause why this planet is flourishing with life and so forth.


The digression from intranaturalism can only lead to delusion and annihilation.In a universe governed by the absolute tyranny of natural laws this so called supernaturalism is not just trivial labor and buffonery but a dangerous practise of invoking ones own extinction. supernaturalism as the valiant  Jean meslier  (see figure 1) puts it is “but the ignorance of natural causes.

There can never be a relationship between a supernatural agency and a natural being like man because it is incompatible and incoherent in theory and practise.These two entities cannot have a mutual understanding and consensus on any issue.whereas, in intranaturalism  any natural agency and another natural being like man can definitely have a relationship of cause and effect because material man can be influenced and can understand any intranatural force.

As it has been said if indeed intranaturalism is the righteous and correct school of thought and movement what would this imply to the question “what is the purpose of life?” I think it will be plausible to conclude that investigating and understanding natural causes is the purpose of life.Because without the understanding of natural causes mankind is doomed and dangling on the brink of extinction.

The several humanities challenges like poverty,inequality,domestic violence,calamities,terrorism, dictatorships,dischords,unemployment,racism,illiteracy an so on could only have natural causes according to intranaturalism.Hence, it is our duty to investigate these causes and provide a remedy.

For example lets consider poverty most of the population on earth are poor.Then we ask what is the cause of this poverty ? It can be lack of natural talent, lack of opportunity, illiteracy,indolence,communism and so many others.

when it comes to domestic violence it might be due to alcoholism,drug abuse,poverty,behavioural issues, mental illnesses and so on.

when it comes to terrorism it might be caused by nationalism,empiralism,psychosis,unemployment and so on.

Seeking supernatural solutions to these mundane ills is definitely a waste of time and energy. As Baron the magnificent says ” The source of mans unhappiness is his ignorance of nature.”

In another of his quotes he says “Man has always deceived himself when he abondoned experience to follow imaginary systems–He is the work of nature–He exists in nature–He is submitted to the laws of nature.He cannot deliver himself from them:–cannot step beyond them even in thought.” [1]

If one examines objectively with diligence and unbiased altitudes the works of nature will be revealed onto him that natural causes are the sources of natural manifestations; that God is a euphemism for nature herself; that natural laws are in absolute tyranny and control; that nature is an eternal entity; that sluggishness and indolence are the fertile grounds where the thorns of supernaturalism and superstition flourish; that commonsense and reason are the sentinels of human existence and progress; that all wise legislative bodies throughout the world always put human nature under consideration before promulgating laws because they know without aligning themselves strictly to the laws of nature nothing can ever be possible.

Despite the obscurantism of supernaturalists.Intranaturalism backed by evidence and sedulous scientists is making a remarkable progress.Natural science is our real savior because it is through this field that humanity solved several of its issues and challenges.

We need to invest and promote hugely in intranaturalism so that this promising begining could continue into a brighter future for our posterity and their descendants.Finally, i like to conclude by stating that intranaturalism investigation is not a cake walk it requires fortitude and sedulity.Hence, i propose  we should be industrious enough to investigate nature and valiant enough to fight supernaturalism.



[1] System of nature-part-1,chapter-1, page 1: 1770