What is meant by the word subjectivism? Is it really possible for man to acquire knowledge beyond reason ? An understanding beyond the five senses given to him by nature? Isn’t subjectivism a habit of collecting and ruminating paranoid thoughts suggested by the brain without empirical justification?Can we honestly state that knowledge is possible beyond the senses? If so isn’t it to suggest that a man can conceive before he can can perceive? React to stimuli without a corporeal stimuli ? He can conceptualize before he can materialize? How can a humanbeing be aware of an object,event,idea and manifestation without being objective?

The subconscious mind say material mystics is the agent employed in the process of ‘knowing’ and dictating mundane manifestation.But even for the sake of argument we concede to this notion we are urged to ask doesn’t a humanbeing need to be conscious to be subconscious ? In otherwords isn’t  the so called subconscious mind totally dependent on the conscoius mind and its tools of perception which are the senses ? which is empirical and rational in nature ? Doesn’t  the material  mystic enter into irreconcilable paradox, conflict and dilemma destroying one argument with the other?

Hence, the subconscious mind can only analyze and contemplate ideas feed into it via the conscious mind and its tools of perception.As we have elaborated above subjectivism and intuition can never be a means of generating and acquiring knowledge.This term called intuition is suppose to be a ‘tool’ of perception in subjectivism like the five senses are the tools of perception in objectivism.But what is intuition ? what type of organ of perception is it? A tool of perception hidden from sight,touch and observation at all ?In that case it must be just a concept not an object like the other sensual organs.

Intuition is another word void of a representative in the realm of reality; a subject without an object; An orphan vocabulary without a claimant and assigned entity.

How can a blind man acquire knowledge of a painting via a concept i.e intuition another concept i.e a painting ? how can he intuitively understand a painting ? Can subjectivism aid him in comprehending the dimensions,color,genre and figure of this painting without  the corporeal tools of perception and a conscious mind? Isn’t the subjectivist placing the cart before the horse?

Can we not provide subjectivism as an attestment to show the fate of man when he renounces reason and materialism? Those subjectivists put the cart before the horse; place reflection before perception; place a subject before an object; place a concept before the corporeal; place a word before an alphabet and so forth.

Isn’t subjectivism a form of intellectual discombobulation? shouldn’t the object /matter come first before the subject/concept ? Isn’t subjectivism another flummoxed school of thought staggering in the eyes of global audience ? It would have saved them the embarrassement if they heeded the voice of reason and common sense.

Nature will chasitize anyone who strays from reason and commonsense psychologically,emotionally and physically.Our subjective opponents are riddled with paranoia, delusion and other physical infirmities due to their ignorance and neglect of the dictum,precept and the laws of nature.

Nature bestowed upon us reason and commonsense to understand and make sense of the natural world.The second we digress from objective understanding of her the natural course of events will take route we are chasitized with one of her punishments.

Confusion in philosophy is more common than we think; people who cannot be susupected of imbecility and peurility; people who appear erudite and savant are seen falling into preposterous follies infront of global community.

Reason,commonsense and objectivism must be our guiding principles and ideologies if we are interested in the prosperity and progress of man beyond this solar system.

Reason vivifies the mind like a beautiful sky in spring whereas, mysticism obscures the mind like a dark sky and foggy night in winter.Subjectivism is yet another disfigured and disordered monsterous ideology concocted by perplexed self assigned philosophers.