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November 2015

The evolution of homo-machine._The need for immortality_.The rise of Homo-Domini.

In a universe of rapid transformation we can’t help but notice the emergence of homo-machine from its provenance as an ancient primordial soup deep in the ocean of young protoplanetary earth this creature has evolved to constitute the best of organisms with his biological intelligence far exceeding any other organism but still riddled with defects and weaknesses.

Therefore, our interest and preoccupation should be in purifing man from his weaknesses and defects either via biological or technological enhancements.Consider for instance a humanbeing resistant to cosmic radiation; no need for oxygen ; sleep chambers and so on. Man can visit any area within spacetime perform the exploration and investigation first hand himself without a need for probes or rovers. If man enhanced himself to a cyborg or a robot space travel and  inquiry will be safer, cheaper and faster.

Our enhanced Professors and researchers without a need for radiation protection or sleep chambers can perform microbiological,geographical,chemical and astro-biological investigation themselves in person rather than depending on probes and sitting in a control room on earth waiting to decode data.

The idea of merging man and machine is a matter of necessity for the sake of human prosperity and progress.It is already happening before our our own eyes we are witnessing people with cochlear implants,deep brain stimulation (DBS) gears,pacemakers,bionic eyes,robotic limbs,hip implants,knee implants and so on.

The eon of homo-machine has already began from a small begining then exploding to a sapient rational being who is becoming a master of nature.

In this technologically exploding era we all should help in the progress of natural science and understanding which will help man to lead a comfortable life in eternal nature.Science has liberated man from arrogance and ignorance and cultivated his reason and commonsense to embrace reality and nature as ultimate truths.

Naturalism did indeed manumit man from the totalitarian cult of spurious mysticism and idealism recognizing his individuality and guaranting his salubrity.The eon of homo-machine is definetly the next step of human evolution katapulting man to the era of space age.

Reality exists independently of the observer notwithstanding his opinions,beliefs,thoughts,moods,whims and caprice. Nature has gained consciousness through humanbeings. Man exists representing a single natural force in a coalesence of other natural forces competing for dominance.Inorder, for man as a part of nature to maintain and sustain his interests within the competition with other parts and forces of nature he has to possess higher capabilities to  overcome the challenges presented by other forces of nature.



If for instance man is infirmed by a parasitic amoeba he can only prevail over this single celled force of nature and restore his buxom if and only if he possesses higher capabilities either in intellect or other means. It has been said according to intranaturalism  promoted by amystology and the school of CAMIDRCS  that nature herself is self-existent,self-evident and self-competent and nature is made up of independent and interdependent forces competing for dominance and influence.That there cannot be any entity outside nature ; nature moves itself via its parts and immutable laws according to my objective observation.

Hence, nature must be approached from a vantage point of ‘forces competing for dominance’ rather than forces directed by a ‘super’natural force .We exist within nature representing a single force of nature. Man has the capability to influence and affect other natural forces and viceversa. Inorder to maintain the interest of man, man has to prevail over his other counterpart natural forces by intellect,physicality and so on where we observe one natural force being smashed and eliminated by the other.The remedy is then to surpass and eliminate mans counterparts and counteracting natural forces which are attempting to eliminate him.

The empowerment and enhancemnet of man is a necessity as stated earlier in this article. Inorder to make him superior and prevalent over his competing fellow natural forces.I believe as an amystologist that sage man is precious and life is even more invaluable from billions of planets just within our milky way intelligent life exists exclusively as long as our current knowledge is concerned on planet earth.Hence, my question is why not preserve life ; eternalize it and spread it beyond this solar system ??? expand the settlement of humanity beyond the galaxy  ?  why not achieve technological triumph and natural understanding ? wouldn’t it be logical and laudable atleast to promote the era of the space age for the sake of our posterity and descendants rather than promote thralldom and martyrdom to idealism and mysticism ? Indeed it will be sound to promote the systematic understanding and taming of nature to further the interest and aspiration of our descendants and humanity in general.

One natural force is the mover of another; one natural cause is the creator of another; one natural cause is the annihilator of another and so on.Each part which make up eternal nature compete for influence and dominance where man as a part goes along in the same manner. From eliminating our weaknesses of mortality; to enhancing our frail bodies and memory capacity technology is the only tool we have at our disposal to bring about the era of masterdom.In this regard reason and naturalism can only be the virtues that will lead humanity to this ultimate destination.

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The Dialogue

Q: what is amystology ?

Amystology is an antonym of mysticism (conceptualism) and a synonym of corporealism (realism). An advocate of pure reason and naturalism founded on a single pillar of evidence based existence.

Q: Can we simplify the definition please ?

Certainly, Amystology is an anti-mystical philosophy based on ebeism promoting masterdom.

Q: what or who is God ?

According to diligent observation and evidence the force of creation,annihilation,and transformation is nature herself.

Q: Is amystology a dogma ?

Absolutely NOT.It is as said earlier stands only on the principle of evidence based existence.Amystology is the science of observation and comprehension of reality not an art of fabrication and speculation like mysticism.

Q: what is mysticism ?

Mysticism is the product of the whim where ideas fabricated by imagination are dogmatically asserted as ‘true’.which is a medically recognized impairment called delusion.mysticism has two main branches spiritual mysticism and material mysticism.where spiritual mysticism involves all religions in history,withchcraft,spiritualists,magicians/illusionists,psychics,shamanists,reincarnationists,theosophy,ghostists etc…and so on.

material mysticism involve all those who assert conceptual entities as corporeal facts like homeopathy,astrology,alchemy,phrenology,alternative medicines,scientology,paranormals,intelligent design,the law of attraction,psychokinesis,Ufology,herbalism,acupuncture, yoga,meditation, and so on and so forth.

Both these school of thoughts are identical in a sense because both lack evidence of efficacy and demonstration.

Q: what is conceptualism?

Conceptualism is the world of ideas within the fancy of man i.e what is in his head.

Q: what is corporealism ?

Corporealism is the world of reality which exists outside the observer i.e the material world.

Q: what makes amystology different from other school of thoughts ?

As i said so many times elsewhere, amystology is founded on a single pillar of evidence based  existence.Because claims without evidence are either useless  or pointless and sometimes may even be extremely dangerous.

Because material man possess a material mind built by matter for matter designed by nature to function exlusively via rationalism and empiricism.Hence, claims without evidence which do not strike our senses and eventually create a concept are either useless or pointless to us due to our natural limitations.

Q: Is there a difference between atheism and amystology ?

No. Atheism and amystology are identical.Atheism promotes evidence based existence so does amystology.

Q: If so why not call yourself an atheist rather than  an amystologist ?

Because i believe that theism is not the only pseudoscience out there.Theism is just a sub-branch of the main branch of spiritual mysticism.Hence, i wanted to denominate myself with a terminology which rejects all main branches and sub-branches of mysticism.

Eventhough atheism appears terminologically as a rejection of theism it also rejects all forms and branches of mysticism or non-evidence based existence and this is the reason i stated earlier that atheism and amystology are identical.

I am just comfortable calling myself an amystologist inaddition to calling myself an atheist.

Q: why is reason stressed in amystology ?

Reason is seen as the guardian,sentinel and shield protecting the individual from harm and extinction.Reason is the tool we employ to  analyze reality and evaluate evidence.

Q:why is realism seen as a virtue in amystology ?

Because man exists within the realm of the corporeal world with a corporeal consciousness.One cannot reach beyond reason and reality.Just like Baron states ” men always fool themselves when they gave up experience for systems of imagination man is the work of nature, he exists in nature , he is subject to its laws, he cannot break free , he can not leave even in thought; it is in vain that his spirit wants to soar beyond the bounds of the visible world.” [1] Hence , realism is the esteemed virtue in amystology.

Q: what is meant by masterdom ?

Masterdom is a term which refers to the idea that man must be a master of nature rather than a slave.Technology which is a higher understanding of nature gives him this capability required to surmount any natural challenges brought about by natural forces on the existence of man.

Q:what is meant by ‘being a master’?

In oppossition to mysticism which  calls for the martyrdom of precious man to unintelligable ,non-existent, figmental dieties. Amystology calls for the empowerment and enhancement of frail man into an all capable and all powerful organism through research and technology.

Q: So you mean turning  puny man into a God ?

Well- that is a mystical term of reference so i would use another term as an amystologist which is secular and neutral like  a Supremebeing.And YES ! Every man on the planet has a potential to be a supremebeing if he reaches the stage of masterdom this might seem far fetched but with technology anything is possible.Because if matter is not going anywhere and nature is eternal we might as well make the best of it by enchancing our knowledge of matter while in the process enhancing ourselves.

Q: You talk about masterdom as the ultimate destination.what do mean by this statement ?

Masterdom is the highest stage of human understanding of  the natural world.It is when humans comprehend in total or almost in total nature herself with a capabitility to manipulate her in any desire.

Q:what is the gist which distinguishes mysticism from amystology ?

Evidence and efficacy.Amystology is a science of evidence and efficacy whereas, mysticism is an art of onierism and spuriousness.

Q:where does the word amystology come from?

Amystology is an amalgamation of an alphabet,a word ,and a suffix.where-myst- comes from mysticism itself and it has an -A- infront of it which denotes a negation.Hence, we have -Amyst- which stands for the negation of mysticism; then we have a suffix-ology- which denotes a school of thought.finally,we have Amystology at the end which is a school of thought with an extra-ordinary emphasise on reason, reality, evidence and truth rather than trust and faith.

Q:what is the objective of amystology ?

Amystology vehmently rejects all forms of pseudosciences whether spiritual or material promoting as an objective the principle of evidence based existence throughout the world.

Q: Finally to conclude our dialogue can you state the vision of amystology ?

Certainly, the vision of amystology is to usher in the era of reason and naturalism and bring about the masterdom of man.



Nature: The exclusive eternal supreme force, law and truth_A discourse on Intranaturalism in oppossition to supernaturalism_.

It is sufficently evident for those who are diligent and unbiased contemplators that nature itself is the supreme force.where, one natural cause is the mover of another natural phenomenon.Hence, nature is the mover of itself without any ‘supernatural’ intervention or precept. Human nature for instance is the force which shapes the world in it’s own image global warming,environmental pollution and exploitation,massive industralization and development,corruption,crime,violence,conflict,wars,capitalism,socialism,humanitarianism,empirialism ,racism,nationalism,liberalism,totalitarianism,aspirationalism,terrorism,probity,infidelity etc…are all manifestations due to human nature.

Pantheists consider nature itself as a God which absolutely makes sense because it is true.Nature is self-existent,self-evident and self-competent as mentioned in my other articles.


But if so how do we engage nature? should we engage it via the mystical route like pantheists as if nature is a person pretending nature has organs of perception and establishing prayers,pledges,rhapsodies and what not or should we consider nature for what it is a blind insensible force governed by various and numerous laws which control and govern existence ?

A sapient man with good sense will definitely choose the later.Nature has no benevolence or malevolence towards its creatures it operates unbiasedly inaccordance to strict laws.It does not posses a consciousness or awareness; every manifestation has a rationally explainable natural cause.


Humanbeings for instance are the cause of evolution as postulated by Darwin (see figure 2) he forwards cogent and numerous  attestements to his intelligent theory.The solar system is the product of accretion which kicked off billions of years ago.where the planets have taken that momentum of rotation even today after having been fully formed which we call revolution that they make around our parent star the sun.

Epidemics are the products of pathogenic microorganisms like Yersinia pestis and  Vibrio Cholera; accidents are the products of human recklessness and so forth.If nature can move itself then that will leave no working space for a ‘supernatural’ force.

The theory of supernaturalism must be replaced by Intranaturalism because all experiments,researchs and observations eventually will lead to this conclusion.

Intranaturalism is open for debate and discussion by the massess and  can be comprehended by any one because it states that one natural cause moves another natural manifestation.where these natural causes are fully fathomable by material man unlike supernaturalism which states unintelligible ‘supernatural’ agencies as the primary causes.

Most interestingly though what makes intranaturalism sensible and acceptable by people is that most of our solutions and answers to our most stubborn problems and questions emanated from intranaturalism.for example Kochs postulates formulated by Robert koch (see fig 3) recognized natural causes as the sources of maladys rather than supernatural causes in his time and gravity as the cause of revolution around celestial bodies by Newton; and the protective Ozone layer on earth as the cause why this planet is flourishing with life and so forth.


The digression from intranaturalism can only lead to delusion and annihilation.In a universe governed by the absolute tyranny of natural laws this so called supernaturalism is not just trivial labor and buffonery but a dangerous practise of invoking ones own extinction. supernaturalism as the valiant  Jean meslier  (see figure 1) puts it is “but the ignorance of natural causes.

There can never be a relationship between a supernatural agency and a natural being like man because it is incompatible and incoherent in theory and practise.These two entities cannot have a mutual understanding and consensus on any issue.whereas, in intranaturalism  any natural agency and another natural being like man can definitely have a relationship of cause and effect because material man can be influenced and can understand any intranatural force.

As it has been said if indeed intranaturalism is the righteous and correct school of thought and movement what would this imply to the question “what is the purpose of life?” I think it will be plausible to conclude that investigating and understanding natural causes is the purpose of life.Because without the understanding of natural causes mankind is doomed and dangling on the brink of extinction.

The several humanities challenges like poverty,inequality,domestic violence,calamities,terrorism, dictatorships,dischords,unemployment,racism,illiteracy an so on could only have natural causes according to intranaturalism.Hence, it is our duty to investigate these causes and provide a remedy.

For example lets consider poverty most of the population on earth are poor.Then we ask what is the cause of this poverty ? It can be lack of natural talent, lack of opportunity, illiteracy,indolence,communism and so many others.

when it comes to domestic violence it might be due to alcoholism,drug abuse,poverty,behavioural issues, mental illnesses and so on.

when it comes to terrorism it might be caused by nationalism,empiralism,psychosis,unemployment and so on.

Seeking supernatural solutions to these mundane ills is definitely a waste of time and energy. As Baron the magnificent says ” The source of mans unhappiness is his ignorance of nature.”

In another of his quotes he says “Man has always deceived himself when he abondoned experience to follow imaginary systems–He is the work of nature–He exists in nature–He is submitted to the laws of nature.He cannot deliver himself from them:–cannot step beyond them even in thought.” [1]

If one examines objectively with diligence and unbiased altitudes the works of nature will be revealed onto him that natural causes are the sources of natural manifestations; that God is a euphemism for nature herself; that natural laws are in absolute tyranny and control; that nature is an eternal entity; that sluggishness and indolence are the fertile grounds where the thorns of supernaturalism and superstition flourish; that commonsense and reason are the sentinels of human existence and progress; that all wise legislative bodies throughout the world always put human nature under consideration before promulgating laws because they know without aligning themselves strictly to the laws of nature nothing can ever be possible.

Despite the obscurantism of supernaturalists.Intranaturalism backed by evidence and sedulous scientists is making a remarkable progress.Natural science is our real savior because it is through this field that humanity solved several of its issues and challenges.

We need to invest and promote hugely in intranaturalism so that this promising begining could continue into a brighter future for our posterity and their descendants.Finally, i like to conclude by stating that intranaturalism investigation is not a cake walk it requires fortitude and sedulity.Hence, i propose  we should be industrious enough to investigate nature and valiant enough to fight supernaturalism.



[1] System of nature-part-1,chapter-1, page 1: 1770




Amystology:- The apostle of pure reason and naturalism.

Amystology as a principle stands as a negation or antonym of mysticism which is a state of delusional onierism detached from reality. Amystology proudly stands firm on the pillars of mans nature itself which is a creature purely material and empirical in nature.It valiantly proclaims that knowledge can never be acquired beyond reason and considers every attempt  by fanatical mystics as a trivial labor and buffonery which is not conducive to the salubrity of the individual.

The minute man digresses to find a cause beyond the natural world that is the very moment that the delusional buffonery starts to manifest itself.Man has been said so many times is made by matter for matter.Hence, mysticism can be considered  as a legalized derrangement and impairment. Mystics are adament in deluding and derranging  the most precious creature that ever existed which is sage man into a trepidated cave animal and thrall to their oneirical tommyrot.

The fact that man possess a material mind itself should have been a deterrance to our mystical zealots. But unfortunately a mind unconquered by reason is like a running car without a driver which continues to run even after a terrible crash or like a drug addict which continues to indulge even if he is witnessing his own destruction.

Reason is the savior of humanity the sentinel against injury and extinction brought about by temporary or permanent insanity.That is why humans in bedlamite assylums who have lost their reason either to delusional disorders or schizophrenia are restricted and locked up until their reason is restored.One cannot fit the visage of a moon into the consciousness of a blind man because his consciousness has been robbed off of a valuable sensual organ.Hence,conception and knowledge are impossible for all mystical creatures invented by mystics and forced upon us to accept because of our material minds. Immanuel Kant (see figure 1) with his so called Trancendental idealism school of thought states in one of his quotes “Intuition and concepts constitute…the elementary of all our knowledge,so that neither concepts without an intuition in some way corresponding to them, nor intuition without concepts, can yield knowledge.” [1] Not just in this quote but in his entire book entitled The critique of pure reason kant is not teaching us anything new or telling us what his ‘transcendental idealism’ can discover. His theory is the negation of materialism and pointing out the short comings of pure reason delving into idealistic onierism and phantasmic hokums staggering in his own imagination as if he can ‘transcend’ beyond reality which might be possible but only into the realm of conceptualism and soliloquy. If man is not engaged in reality he must be engaged in reverie. In other words if man is not corporeal in cogitation then he must be conceptual.


One of the objectives in Amystology is to demarcate a clear dichotomy between  conceptualism and corporealism so that people won’t get flummoxed and derranged. Ayn rand (see figure 2) in her book for the new intellectual  page 126 says “Reality is that which exists; the unreal does not exist : the unreal is merely that negation of existence which is the content of a human consciousness when it attempts to abandon reason.”



Kant finally comes to his senses from mystical fummbling and makes a sensible statements like this one once in awhile “All our knowledge begins with the senses proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason.There is nothing higher than reason.” [2] Once again affirming the righteousness of pure reason and corporealism.

The school of stoicism founded by Zeno of citium have also similar patterns of behaviour with kant once they regard reason’s important and next they become material mystics.Continuing with Kants quotes he states ” But although all our knowledge begins with experience, it doesnot follow that it arises from experience”[3] Now he recedes back to conceptualism which is the realm of ideas detached from corporealism which is the realm of reality. I challenge this quote  by asking the question. How can it be possible for me to acquire knowledge beyond experience ?


As an example i would like to bring up a story of a blind man since birth who has never heard or touched an object called a table.Lets assume that he had not experienced this thing called a table via the five senses.If then how can this poor man possibly ‘know’ of the existence called a table beyond experience ??? Can he “intuitively” know a table and explain it to his audience without empirical experience ? Can he discribe the object when asked by an inquirer ?

we should recognize the difference between knowledge and ideas. Knowledge is exclusively acquired through experience but ideas can be acquired from reflection and rumination. Intuition as i elaborated in my previous article can never be a tool of perception.Intuition by itself is a concept to begin with not a tool of perceptual organ like the eye,ear,nose,mouth and skin. Hence, it will be tommyrot to state that one can perceive ideas through an idea.

Therefore Kant should have said -But although all our knowledge begins with experience it does follow that it arises from experience-. Once again affirming the rectitutde of objectivism. It is absolutely impossible to acquire knowledge from conceptualism but from corporealism.

Amystology as a school of thought emphasises the authority of rationalism above empiricism eventhough both are the exclusive and valid means of knowledge. Conceptualism is not a source of knowledge but a source of ideas some of these ideas may be delusions, paranoidal deduction,and so forth which makes conceptualism dangerous and unreliable. But rationalism which is based on the foundations of mathematics as long as there is no error in calculation is always true and its conclusions can be regarded as knowledge.

we like to hear more of this kind of statements from Kant like this one “It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience.” [4] Once again affiriming the verasity and righteousness of objectivism in oppossition to his ‘Trancendental idealism.” I stated earlier that rationalism is regarded higher than empiricism in Amystology because of the fact that pugnacious cozeners might purposely mislead the human mind by illusions and controlling perceptions.Rationalism is equipped with math hence it is absolutely immpossible to deceive on math and calculation.But still empiricism is also the exclusive means of gaining knowledge eventhough inveiglers might abuse our senses and decieve us so that we reach a wrong conclusion or create a distorted concept .Illusionists and magicians which are mystics make a living out of peoples mystification abusing their senses and controlling perceptions.

As a general consideration there is no conflict between mysticism and amystology except in methodology. Ancient mystical contemplators of the Iron age and beyond had one goal in mind tamming nature.Plato,Jesus,Mosses,Muhammed,Buddha, and so on where all trying to master nature for instance by their attempt to cure societal ills,cure the blind,navigate seas,create rainfall, etc….These primordial ancient mystics were quack scientists. Mysticism is a primordial rudimentary precursor of modern science.Scientists and mytics are all attempting to manage nature.They possess an aspiration which is identical but a methodology which is divergent.

Mystics try to tame nature via prayers,sacrifice,fasting,self-immolation,alms and so forth as if nature is conscious which makes their methodology absolutely spurious and ineffective. In comparison to amystologists or scientists who employ reason and the scientific method in their approach which renders them extremely successful.

Idealists,subjectivists and all other mystics are all thralls of concepts.Slaves of their own imagination and inventions.Amystology stands for the manummision of the individual from the thralldom of concepts.Because man has been terrorized for ages either by a supreme character called “God” or given a false hope of fulfillment by “The laws of attraction”.Amystology aims to annihilate the schackles of Conceptualism and teach man how to bend and tame the laws of nature via reason,science and research.So that man can build a better life for himself and his fellow humans reaching the ultimate destination of human masterdom.


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defending the nature of reality

Subjectivism:-The Cult of Topsyturviness,Oneirism and Buffonery.

What is meant by the word subjectivism? Is it really possible for man to acquire knowledge beyond reason ? An understanding beyond the five senses given to him by nature? Isn’t subjectivism a habit of collecting and ruminating paranoid thoughts suggested by the brain without empirical justification?Can we honestly state that knowledge is possible beyond the senses? If so isn’t it to suggest that a man can conceive before he can can perceive? React to stimuli without a corporeal stimuli ? He can conceptualize before he can materialize? How can a humanbeing be aware of an object,event,idea and manifestation without being objective?

The subconscious mind say material mystics is the agent employed in the process of ‘knowing’ and dictating mundane manifestation.But even for the sake of argument we concede to this notion we are urged to ask doesn’t a humanbeing need to be conscious to be subconscious ? In otherwords isn’t  the so called subconscious mind totally dependent on the conscoius mind and its tools of perception which are the senses ? which is empirical and rational in nature ? Doesn’t  the material  mystic enter into irreconcilable paradox, conflict and dilemma destroying one argument with the other?

Hence, the subconscious mind can only analyze and contemplate ideas feed into it via the conscious mind and its tools of perception.As we have elaborated above subjectivism and intuition can never be a means of generating and acquiring knowledge.This term called intuition is suppose to be a ‘tool’ of perception in subjectivism like the five senses are the tools of perception in objectivism.But what is intuition ? what type of organ of perception is it? A tool of perception hidden from sight,touch and observation at all ?In that case it must be just a concept not an object like the other sensual organs.

Intuition is another word void of a representative in the realm of reality; a subject without an object; An orphan vocabulary without a claimant and assigned entity.

How can a blind man acquire knowledge of a painting via a concept i.e intuition another concept i.e a painting ? how can he intuitively understand a painting ? Can subjectivism aid him in comprehending the dimensions,color,genre and figure of this painting without  the corporeal tools of perception and a conscious mind? Isn’t the subjectivist placing the cart before the horse?

Can we not provide subjectivism as an attestment to show the fate of man when he renounces reason and materialism? Those subjectivists put the cart before the horse; place reflection before perception; place a subject before an object; place a concept before the corporeal; place a word before an alphabet and so forth.

Isn’t subjectivism a form of intellectual discombobulation? shouldn’t the object /matter come first before the subject/concept ? Isn’t subjectivism another flummoxed school of thought staggering in the eyes of global audience ? It would have saved them the embarrassement if they heeded the voice of reason and common sense.

Nature will chasitize anyone who strays from reason and commonsense psychologically,emotionally and physically.Our subjective opponents are riddled with paranoia, delusion and other physical infirmities due to their ignorance and neglect of the dictum,precept and the laws of nature.

Nature bestowed upon us reason and commonsense to understand and make sense of the natural world.The second we digress from objective understanding of her the natural course of events will take route we are chasitized with one of her punishments.

Confusion in philosophy is more common than we think; people who cannot be susupected of imbecility and peurility; people who appear erudite and savant are seen falling into preposterous follies infront of global community.

Reason,commonsense and objectivism must be our guiding principles and ideologies if we are interested in the prosperity and progress of man beyond this solar system.

Reason vivifies the mind like a beautiful sky in spring whereas, mysticism obscures the mind like a dark sky and foggy night in winter.Subjectivism is yet another disfigured and disordered monsterous ideology concocted by perplexed self assigned philosophers.


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