Creationism as a dissertation of ignorant peasants is no more than a speculation and fabrication asserted by conjecture and maintained by force.when Abraham the so called founder of all the Abrahamic religions and their several branches of spiritual mysticism started to hear voices of a character which  he called God telling him to sacrifice his own son mysticism at that very moment stopped becoming a rudimentary philosophy and became an impairment.

There are the descendents of this primordial patient of the BC’s on the 21st century who hear voices,see images of non-existent entities who instead of being incarcerated are revered as Saints,Gurus and Holy men by vulgars and intellectually shallow lay men who due to their sluggishness did not bother to empower themselves with wisdom and truth.

These zealous and dotting sentinels adore what should be regarded as tommyrot and abhorable.Human intellectual development did not just happen over night but was a gradual progress from an intrepid cave man to a more or less sapient ape compared to his ancestors who dwelled  in confusion and ineptitude primordially experimenting with ideas inorder to augment their understanding of nature and environmental manifestations. Man invented numerous theories and numerous systems. Creationism as one of them may be held laudable if man did exist in the time of Abraham where man was dwelling in a nebula of darkness,ignorance and scientific backwardness.

But as we can notice Creationism is a theory which gradually and progressively was proven wrong and it will continue to do so to the future until man realizes he is the work of natural forces not a ‘design’ of a super natural deity.

How can an entity possibly occupy space outside space? possess time outside time? Interact with a domain out side a domain?? where space and time are exclusively found and are the included elements of nature.Hence, existence ‘super’ or ‘outside’ nature is a logical impossibility.

The more we discover facts the more Creationism dies out with all its evil tentacles; when people get sophisticated when they dare to doubt,read and empower themselves the more they will be able to tell between mysticism and naturalism.we don’t have a savoir and redeemer except our level of understanding of the natural world.

Natural science is the savior of humanity.Naturalism is the correct path and true principle an individual could ever possess.Naturalism has always proven us right in denoting that natural manifestations have natural causes whereas,mysticism has always proven us wrong in deducing without a shred of evidence that natural manifestations have ‘super’ natural causes.

Creationism with all its tumultous sects which never cease to slaughter each other on mere speculative opinions is not a theory which is waiting to be substansiated and proven true with evidence but an already failed hypothesis and a proven physical and mental infirmity.

The so called revelations that creationism proposes are nothing but dissertations of iron age contemplators rather than words of a celestial creator. Where in these texts a sapient individual sees the subconscious mind of  a medieval savage and brute than an enlightening speech of an extra-ordinary intelligent celestial diety.The self proclaimed intermediaries  claim of revelations is another attempt of effronteric deception forwarding their own dissertations as revelations.

Humanbeings are naturally engineered to perceive and conceive excusively material entites within the realm of nature.If an entity is imperceivable and incomprehendable it automatically becomes a non-entity or futile to mankind.There are no ‘buts’ or ‘if’s because when it comes to reality we with our five senses  are the ‘measuring stick’ to judge what is real or reverie.

If man is engineered by nature to perceive only material entities then, how is it possible to perceive let alone concieve a non- material entity? How can we relate matter with a ‘spirit’ a word which does not have any meaning ??? a word without a representative object within the realm of reality ; a subject without an object ??? Creationism is an art of self-contradiction and tenacity.Man is built for matter and matter builds man. Man is not built for spirituality but for materialism.Man does not possess a spirit but a consciousness which is hundered percent matter itself.The ignominy and ignorance that people have for and about matter is the very factor which creates mysticism.

Matter itself is omnipotent enough to create all the various magnificent manifestations that we behold.If matter was created then it must be destructable; if it had a begining it must have an end. But evidently matter is self-existent,self-evident and self-competent eternal non-destructable entity.

Creationism has been in a gradual death since its invention thousand years ago till the present day and the formulation of The Law of conservation of mass has killed it for good the dissertation of ancient peasants has been replaced by the cogent and irrefragable theory of materialism.The ugly and depressing truth is becoming more palatable than the fake consolation and optimism promoted by mysticism.

You can rejoice about the fact that you are an eternal being in one form or another. finally, It will be laudable to proclaim that reason is our saviour and Naturalism the true redeemer of humanity.