Atheism renders man prudent and skeptical restoring commonsense as oppossed to mysticism whether, material or spiritual which turns man into a delirious mammal in a cult of the folly and the fobbed.Matter is sovereign inclusive of all known microcosm man is restricted due to his nature  not to acquire  knowledge beyond experience and rationalism.These thoughts i am entertaining right now are made up of matter sub-atomic particles swirling around in my skull, I can’t even escape nature with my imagination.There is no such thing as an occult domain or dimension unless it is a euphemism for nothingness or a non-entity dragons,elfs,unicorns,devils,angels,souls,hell,heaven,Gods,Ginii’s etc…are products of the imagination not products of the senses.Adults eventhough mature with age are not mature with sapience, most of them behave like eight year old girls caught up in the paltry task of affecting matter with their minds they find it onerous to distinguish between products of the imagination and products of the senses, staggerring in the swampy trap built for them by their beloved Oracles they consider ignorance and arrogance as a virtue and enlightenment as a vice, holding high  their motto “Ignorance is a blessing” they prostrate and grovel before superstitious toys they made up themselves with their own hands and imagination sacred toys made up of stone and clay facetious therianthrophic characters which are absolutely powerless against the elements which can’t even defend themselves against gravity if they fell ; can’t chase a bird nesting on their heads mute futile marbles can’t even help themselves let alone help their creators.

How preposterous and senseless is man to seek protection and guidance from these statue toys built by themselves !!!??? The imaginary God is no different from the material one mentioned above except it is a therianthrophic character in the realm of whim rather than in  the realm of reality.He is not susceptible and helpless against the elements like the material God but to reason and commonsense.

Reason and commonsense heed man to see the world for what it is man is no different from a rock except in organisation but not in form.He is exclusively a material being.Materialism is the right state of mind not because it feels sensible,buxom or ethical but because it is true.Limits have been imposed on man by nature concerning his epistemology which limits him to empiricism and rationalism.

Prophets are nothing but audacious fingelers determined in deceiving and deluding mankind exploiting the very sensitive question of Ontology and Origins that we all have.They exploit humanity by pretending to have a solution to our questions about our origin,purpose and fate.

These pleonexic cunning imposters build an empire of dupe gullibles using the intellectual naivity and immaturity of people.They pose as intermediares between the anthropomorphic character called God and his creators (yes i said creators not creations).How frivolous and nit-wit of man to concescrate,adulate and deify objects of his own creation !!! This must be an act of desperation to influence matter with his mind with the help of a material or whimsical deity.

Our self-proclaimed intermediares tell us that they perceive a ‘super’ natural dimension notwithstanding they possess the same eyes,ears,nose,mouth and skin just like the rest of us their futile attempt to deceive and fob us is more convincing than their attempt to persuade us of another dimension.I vehemently deny any ‘super’ natural dimension  i proclaim there is no ‘super’ natural dimension due to the limits imposed on me by nature.

I rebel against the invitation to slavery and minionhood by the Oracles.I trust  reason and commonsense as my only guide experience and rationalism as my detectors and discoverers of truth.I am not indolent enough to invent fables rather  i am sedulous enough to investigate nature to seek all solutions to my problems and all answers to my questions i am not morally corrupt to allure,seduce and delude humanity to perdition i am willing to setup a crowd funding and charity for mystics to help them get the treatment they deserve to treat their irresistable pulse to exterminate mankind.

The purpose and objective of man is to investigate and comprehend  the material world asking questions like how nature works? not why nature works because epistemologically man is limited exclusively to the  natural world as mentioned above already.There is no such thing as Holybook,Holymen,Holyland,Holywater,and Holy carcacass.“Holyness LTD” is a business run by flamens,priests,Imams,Rabis,and specifically their headmasters prophets who devised this Holycapitalism to rip-off the credulous and the delirious to fill their treasury with an ambition in enslaving humanity under their social system.