220px-Aedes_aegypti_biting_humanThe name chikungunya comes from an african word and kimakonde language translated as ” that which bends up” because of the posture patients show while in the process of the malady.The origin of the virus is traced to south-east africa transmitted by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes while being infected themselves in the first place they infect humans. The virus eventhough originated in south-east africa out breaks manifested in Asia,europe, and the Americas specifically  according to the WHO countries infected in Asia include:-Cambodia,east timor,India,Indonesia,Laos,Malaysia,Maldives,Mayanmar,Pakistan,Philipines,Reunion,Seychelles,Singapore,Taiwan,Thailand and vietnam.

Africa:-Benin,Burundi,Cameroon,Central african republic,Comoros,Congo(DRC),Equatorial Guinea,Kenya,Madagascar,Malawi,Mauritius,Mayotte,Nigeria,Senegal,South africa,Sudan,Tanzania,Uganda,and Zimbabwe.

The Americas:-US and the Carribean.

Europe:-Italy in 2007 due to immigrants.

The symptoms of this disease include Muscle pain,joint pain,nausea,fever/pyrexia 40’c,skin rash 4-7 days after the infection specific treatment doesnot exist except the management of symptoms reducing pain and fever via Ibuprofen and Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs to suppress the immune symptoms eventhough they may be counter productive at this time of infection.The disease has a very low rate of fatality 21 deaths in 5,037 infection according to WHO.

People with senility,infants and patients with underlying diseases are particularly venerable.Caution and prudence for travellers to the area of infection include use of repellents,use of bednets,clothes which cover up all exposed skin using long sleeves,hats,long socks etc…Further more,Chikungunya prevention and prophylaxis depends  mostly in controlling  the Mosquitoes themselves by using insecticides according to proper guidance of WHO (pesticide evaluation scheme),disposal of water-storage objects like old tyres,flower vessels,discarded plastic containers which will deprive the mosquitoes a place of development and growth.