Are you a believer? a believer in what? may be a God…a God that you don’t see hear or perceive at all !!!…one can’t perceive zero or nothingness the perception of a non-exsistent entity is called psychosis. Absurdly enough schizophrenics and psychotics are held in high regard esteemed in our society which is an absolute travesty.

Theology as field of cogitation of zero is an absolute bosh and waste of time and human energy  eventhough,this is the fact mystics apply terrorism and totalitarianism to sustain their institution of zero because of lack of premises and evidence.The only way you can sustain nothing is through the above stated means.

It can only be those who are either intellectually immature or mentally infirm who accept creationism as an explaination for the origins of life.mystics in general  and theologians in particular prevent people from being intellectually mature and mentally firm via terrorism and totalitarianism and even worse they prevent you from discovering and embracing your true origin.

The sentinels of zero reach a conclusion without a premise and solve a problem without a question this is a routine route and thought pattern of dogmatics we should always remember the burden of proof is always on the claimer if an individual deduces without a premise then he is declaring himself a mystic and mysticism is a gradual desent to psychosis and self extermination due to the tyrany of reality which is the governor of our existence.

There hasn’t been a single incident in human history where a  divine favor has solved a  single problem there is nothing solvable via prayer,mannerisms and rituals.even if this is the case humanity seems reluctant to ditch his dogma.

Fortunately,the universe is an objective and rational universe the universe doesnot have a mind to listen to your prayers and eyes to see your prostration.It is not goverened by wishful thinking and howl or russian roulette.

Inorder to manipulate and understand nature or the universe you have to be fluent in math and science the real language of the universe its through science that nature expresses itself not through Aramaic,sanskrit or arabic.

One cannot bend or break the laws of nature but you can manipulate them if  you can understand the language of nature which is science.Nature is absolutely deaf and ignorant to your “wish” but reponsive to your manipulation.

It’s time to ditch the instituion of zero.