There is no so called supernatural dimension that exist’s but there is the one and only eternal realm of reality or the realm of existence the failure of man to heed the voice of reason and embrace the verasity of reality has created a manner of thought known as mysticism a childish play like behaviour where man ends up postulating far fetched and bosh claim’s like the pregnancy of a virgin ! ,the existence of after life, the existence of a diety, babies who talk, dead man who walk,etc…

These claim’s are absolute nonsense which should never be taken seriously if they had any verasity to them or whatsoever they should have been backed up by overwhelming and irrefragable evidence to begin with which would have automatically incorporated them into the realm of reality at an instant…….fortunately these claims are not genuine claims but symptoms of a possible  psychosis.

There couldn’t be two realities at the same time like the mystics claim……because the fictional and mythical character’s like God and his corollaries like demon’s,angel’s etc…even if they existed they could only and exclusively reveal themselves within the realm of reality that we exist in which further strengthens the fact that reality is indestructable and eternal.

Therefore, we can only have two options to deny and reject reality or embrace reality we should take notice here that the rejection of reality cannot be used as an evidence for the existence of God and all other fictional claims.