Once upon a time on the month of late october 1986 there was a an egg which was released from a follicle which went into a fallopian tube stuck there for 24 hours waiting to be fertilized….after a vigorous commotion, maoning, and tremor there came along a spermatozoon and syngamy occurred voila…!!! there was a zygote starting to be an embryo and decending slowly into the uterus where it implanted itself and started to divide and develop rapidly.
After almost 40 weeks of gravidity this somebody came to the world on july 29,1987 kicking and screaming via ceasarean section his male and female creators were mirthful and excited to see there creation they named their creation Negash.
while in the processes of being a baby on his first several months of life a deranged and socially accepted psychopath came into baby Negash’s life and said with a thunder voice believe or perish…!!!…I tell you…!!! baby Negash couldn’t understand what the hairy fat man was saying and he just replied
Dada….lala….yaya….drooling on his shirt and on the floor extending his hand to hug the man.
Socially accepted psychopath said Believe that babies come out of clouds,believe that Chris tucker is white, believe that HIV virus can be cured by jumping up and down in a church or a mosque,believe pink elephant’s fly at night because if you believe hard enough babies will come out of cloud’s,Chris tucker will turn white,HIV will be cured by jumping up and down in a church or a mosque,and pink elephant’s will be able to fly at night.
Baby negash starred at the deranged man with perplexion.Before Copernicus came along in the 15th century people believed the earth was the centre of solar system but no matter how hard they believed their ‘ belief ‘ did not move the earth an inch to the centre.
Finally, baby negash was confused and perplexed………he said in his head someone get me out of here….!!!
Finally,more than 20 years passed and baby Negash became an adult now at his late 20’s after a lot of diligent contemplation and thoughtfulness he decided to declare his status to his parents and tribe the date came for his speech.
He said pointing his index finger to the ground my respected fellow tribes men I have something to declare which is constructive to our society and all humanity.I declare today that after diligent contemplation things are exactly what they seem they are there are things that we know and things that we don’t know….I like to stick and trust want i know and progressively figure out what i don’t know i want to stay as far as possible from speculations and fabrications….I like to think this is safe,healthy and progressive.
His tribe were at shock,perplexed and stunned…..so what are you saying said one of his people…are you declaring yourself an Atheist ?
Negash replied valiantly yes !
The entire tribe shouted oh lord !!! have mercy !!! what has got into you ?… he must have been reading a lot you know how those people are they….whispered and murmured.
The tribal chief:- Silence,silence….order please !!!
yes…yes said negash I declare my self an Atheist…..I vehemently reject speculations and fabrications and embrace facts and trooth.
Help me out my people he said starring into their eyes we are better off
sticking with what we know and sedulously researching what we don’t rather than speculating and fabricating.
Let’s uncover the source of humanity and the entire universe via hardwork and research rather than indolence and mysticism…the more we know the better….trust your 5 sense’s listen to the voice of reason and utilize your criticality in fact’s we shall trust…he said
Negash held his silence for several seconds and stepped down from his spot and walked away hoping for the best and that his tribe will follow him.