Hello, I started this blog to promote reason,reality,liberty and science I hope you will find my blog informative and empowering.The school of CAMIDRCS promotes Amystology a term I coined to define a principle and thought which in opposition to mystical non-sense promotes natural philosophy and the objective understanding of nature.Amystology trys to distinguish and define the differences between fact,fiction and faith/delusion. Reality which is another nomenclature for the observable material world does indeed exist outside the observer notwithstanding he is conscious,unconscious,present or absent.

In todays world of benightedness and confusion man has inundated himself in what is an organised house of ignorance and perplexion which goes by the name of mysticism.  Mysticism has two branches the spiritual branch and the material branch.


Ever since man evolved and gained consciousness he had an itch to explain the provenance of motion and cause of manifestations while neglecting to study motion and manifestations themselves.He lost himself in a state of confusion futily trying to understand the so called prime-mover, and bestower of motion while neglecting  the fact that nature is already in a state of restlessness,vivacity and tumultuousity.

Starting from the chaotic sub-atomic particles to the seemingly ordered galaxies everything is already in motion. what causes this motion ? frankly I don’t know. I am restricted by nature epistemologically to empirical and rational knowledge I am only capable of knowing via the above means not anything beyond that hence, I consider nature to be the ultimate truth.

In retreat from the arduous task of investigating and understanding nature man has recoursed to mysticsm designed himself phantoms and chimeras and assigned  them the position of ‘prime-mover’ position  to these superstituous mystical toys that he created himself with his own hand and imagination. what a travesty !!! All our problems have natural causes and natural solutions all our questions only have natural answers.

If this is so why do we had and have thousands of branches of spiritual mysticism starting from the early religion of mesopotamia and their God Marduk to the present day several religions which get invented early day which believe a ‘spirit ‘ is the  mover and author of nature? why do we have hundreds of branches of material mysticism from scientology to biocentrism,communism,the law of attraction and several others which believe that some sort of ‘law’ or human consciousness is the prime mover of nature? as if human consciousness which is made up of Na and K  ions among others is older than the universe.

Spiritual mystics believe that reality is created by a ‘spirit’ and material mystics  believe by some ‘law’ or consciousness which they don’t have a shred of evidence to propose. Hence, in defence of natural philosophy and the arduous task of understanding nature The school of CAMIDRCS  has been launched.

what is Amystology ? Amystology is the fundamental principle advanced by CAMIDRCS. It strictly promotes evidence based existence in opposition to mysticism which advocates non-evidence based existence. Amystology exposes the spuriousness and treachery of  every single branch of mysticism whether spiritual or material on one hand while promoting truth on the other. Amystology is a rational and realistic movement which emphasises evidence and verification rather than trust and faith because it enunciates the truth cannot be suppossed or imposed by authority but can only be substantiated by proof and demonstration.       

In a world inundated in arrogance,delirium and delusion Amystology provides an alternative vantage point of world view striving towards the demystification of global populus putting forward which it considers to be the highest virtue which is the pursuit of truth.