Inorder to understand what faith is please consider the following story as a paradigm.Let’s say for instance you have a best friend which you grew up and went to school together with he is your best buddy he is your ‘homey.’ So one day you are at his home playing video games relaxing in his home and all of a sudden he say’s to you Alex we should rob the bank down the block….and you say what are you crazy do you want to be shot ! by the police it’s dangerous men !
Tom:-Don’t worry about that i have something to take care of that besides bullet proof vests are expensive we don’t have the budget for it.
Alex:-What do you mean you have something?
Tom:-I went to this holy voodoo spiritualist and he gave me one bottle of holy water and another bottle of holy powder plus a long scripture to perform a ritual before we rob the bank.
Alex:-What !? how does it work ?
Tom:-Well, before we rob the bank three days earlier we mix the holy water with the powder at 6:00 o’clock at night while reading the holy scripture simultaneously then let it stay till the morning.
Alex:-Then what…..?

Tom:-Then we wash our face and hand’s three times with it before we go to the bank and finally we have to really,really,really believe which is the magic word here really hard and have faith in the invisible bullet proof vest inorder to activate it.Which will manifest after we do the ritual.

Alex: Invisible bullet proof vest ?!

Tom: Yeah.

Consider the following question’s first………..
a) Can you “wish away” a bullet due to your strong faith?
b) What will you do in this circumstance would you experiment with the invisible vest to see if it works first and shoot yourself?
c) Do you trust the vest and just go directly to rob the bank?
d) Do you 44ditch your faith and buy a real bullet proof vest to rob the bank?

picture credit :-Google