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June 2015

Theology:-The cogitation of nil.

Are you a believer? a believer in what? may be a God…a God that you don’t see hear or perceive at all !!!…one can’t perceive zero or nothingness the perception of a non-exsistent entity is called psychosis. Absurdly enough schizophrenics and psychotics are held in high regard esteemed in our society which is an absolute travesty.

Theology as field of cogitation of zero is an absolute bosh and waste of time and human energy  eventhough,this is the fact mystics apply terrorism and totalitarianism to sustain their institution of zero because of lack of premises and evidence.The only way you can sustain nothing is through the above stated means.

It can only be those who are either intellectually immature or mentally infirm who accept creationism as an explaination for the origins of life.mystics in general  and theologians in particular prevent people from being intellectually mature and mentally firm via terrorism and totalitarianism and even worse they prevent you from discovering and embracing your true origin.

The sentinels of zero reach a conclusion without a premise and solve a problem without a question this is a routine route and thought pattern of dogmatics we should always remember the burden of proof is always on the claimer if an individual deduces without a premise then he is declaring himself a mystic and mysticism is a gradual desent to psychosis and self extermination due to the tyrany of reality which is the governor of our existence.

There hasn’t been a single incident in human history where a  divine favor has solved a  single problem there is nothing solvable via prayer,mannerisms and rituals.even if this is the case humanity seems reluctant to ditch his dogma.

Fortunately,the universe is an objective and rational universe the universe doesnot have a mind to listen to your prayers and eyes to see your prostration.It is not goverened by wishful thinking and howl or russian roulette.

Inorder to manipulate and understand nature or the universe you have to be fluent in math and science the real language of the universe its through science that nature expresses itself not through Aramaic,sanskrit or arabic.

One cannot bend or break the laws of nature but you can manipulate them if  you can understand the language of nature which is science.Nature is absolutely deaf and ignorant to your “wish” but reponsive to your manipulation.

It’s time to ditch the instituion of zero.


Plasmodium knowlesi :-The fifth human malaria parasite.

Malaria as a malady has an incipience starting from (2700 BCE-340 CE) where the symptoms were discribed in ancient chinese medical writings called Nei Ching (canon of medicine) edited by Emperor HuangTi and also on Sanskrit texts of Susruta.

Meanwhile, in europe malaria became widely recognized in Greece around 4th century BCE which at that time was responsible for many mortality rates.
Typically there are 4 types of malaria parasites namely plasmodium vivax,plasmodium falciparum,plasmodium malariae and plasmodium ovale but recently reports of a resurfacing pathogen from south east asia including areas of Cambodia,China,Indonesia,Laos,Malaysia,Myanmar,Philippines,Singapore,Thailand,and Vietnam that a new Zoonotic plasmodium parasite called plasmodium knowlesi is causing human morbidity.
This parasite has a life cycle of 24 hrs and can give rise to daily fever high dose of parasitemia spikes 9-12 days after initial infection.Plasmodium Knowlesi has not been known to posses hypnozoites or dormant parasities in the liver which causes relapsing malaria eventhough this parasite can cause severe organ failure and death very fast.

Scientifically the parasite is classified as:-

Plasmodium knowlesi is a primate parasite malaria which causes malaria in Macaca fascicularis and Macaca nemestrina.It was reported for the first time in 1965 and represents 75% of all malaria cases in south east asia.
The discovery:-
Giuseppe franchiti should have beeen the first man to distinguish P.knowlesi from plasmodium cynomolgi and plasmodium innui which infect Macaca monkeys.But Biraj  mohan das Gupta who was the assistant of Dr.Robert Knowles received an infected Macaca and after progressive research they discribed the pathogen in detail in 1932 and eventually was named after Dr. Robert knowles.

Life cycle

Asexual (human host)

The parasite replicates fast within 24 hours accordingly


sexual cycle (mamalian host)

Gametocyte (micro and macro gamete)—zygote—Ookinete—Oocyst—sporozoites.

N.B:- P.knowlesi has no hypnozoite hence it is non-relapsing.

Transmission route:

Infected monkey to uninfected monkey

Infected monkey to un infected human

Infected human to uninfected  monkey

Infected human to uninfected human.

This infection could happen naturally through  vector route i.e (Anopheles hackeri, A.cracens) or artificially.

Diagnosis:- The erytrocytic stages of P.knowlesi is microscopically indistinguishable from  p.malariae and early satges of p.falciparum.Hence,diagnosis is made my PCR and molecular analysis.

Treatment:-P.knowlesi responds well to chloroquine for 3 days and primaquine for 2 days.Mknowlesi


Hello, I started this blog to promote reason,reality,liberty and science I hope you will find my blog informative and empowering.The school of CAMIDRCS promotes Amystology a term I coined to define a principle and thought which in opposition to mystical non-sense promotes natural philosophy and the objective understanding of nature.Amystology trys to distinguish and define the differences between fact,fiction and faith/delusion. Reality which is another nomenclature for the observable material world does indeed exist outside the observer notwithstanding he is conscious,unconscious,present or absent.

In todays world of benightedness and confusion man has inundated himself in what is an organised house of ignorance and perplexion which goes by the name of mysticism.  Mysticism has two branches the spiritual branch and the material branch.


Ever since man evolved and gained consciousness he had an itch to explain the provenance of motion and cause of manifestations while neglecting to study motion and manifestations themselves.He lost himself in a state of confusion futily trying to understand the so called prime-mover, and bestower of motion while neglecting  the fact that nature is already in a state of restlessness,vivacity and tumultuousity.

Starting from the chaotic sub-atomic particles to the seemingly ordered galaxies everything is already in motion. what causes this motion ? frankly I don’t know. I am restricted by nature epistemologically to empirical and rational knowledge I am only capable of knowing via the above means not anything beyond that hence, I consider nature to be the ultimate truth.

In retreat from the arduous task of investigating and understanding nature man has recoursed to mysticsm designed himself phantoms and chimeras and assigned  them the position of ‘prime-mover’ position  to these superstituous mystical toys that he created himself with his own hand and imagination. what a travesty !!! All our problems have natural causes and natural solutions all our questions only have natural answers.

If this is so why do we had and have thousands of branches of spiritual mysticism starting from the early religion of mesopotamia and their God Marduk to the present day several religions which get invented early day which believe a ‘spirit ‘ is the  mover and author of nature? why do we have hundreds of branches of material mysticism from scientology to biocentrism,communism,the law of attraction and several others which believe that some sort of ‘law’ or human consciousness is the prime mover of nature? as if human consciousness which is made up of Na and K  ions among others is older than the universe.

Spiritual mystics believe that reality is created by a ‘spirit’ and material mystics  believe by some ‘law’ or consciousness which they don’t have a shred of evidence to propose. Hence, in defence of natural philosophy and the arduous task of understanding nature The school of CAMIDRCS  has been launched.

what is Amystology ? Amystology is the fundamental principle advanced by CAMIDRCS. It strictly promotes evidence based existence in opposition to mysticism which advocates non-evidence based existence. Amystology exposes the spuriousness and treachery of  every single branch of mysticism whether spiritual or material on one hand while promoting truth on the other. Amystology is a rational and realistic movement which emphasises evidence and verification rather than trust and faith because it enunciates the truth cannot be suppossed or imposed by authority but can only be substantiated by proof and demonstration.       

In a world inundated in arrogance,delirium and delusion Amystology provides an alternative vantage point of world view striving towards the demystification of global populus putting forward which it considers to be the highest virtue which is the pursuit of truth.

A short tale of fact and fiction :-The Creation and prosecution of Negash alamin

Once upon a time on the month of late october 1986 there was a an egg which was released from a follicle which went into a fallopian tube stuck there for 24 hours waiting to be fertilized….after a vigorous commotion, maoning, and tremor there came along a spermatozoon and syngamy occurred voila…!!! there was a zygote starting to be an embryo and decending slowly into the uterus where it implanted itself and started to divide and develop rapidly.
After almost 40 weeks of gravidity this somebody came to the world on july 29,1987 kicking and screaming via ceasarean section his male and female creators were mirthful and excited to see there creation they named their creation Negash.
while in the processes of being a baby on his first several months of life a deranged and socially accepted psychopath came into baby Negash’s life and said with a thunder voice believe or perish…!!!…I tell you…!!! baby Negash couldn’t understand what the hairy fat man was saying and he just replied
Dada….lala….yaya….drooling on his shirt and on the floor extending his hand to hug the man.
Socially accepted psychopath said Believe that babies come out of clouds,believe that Chris tucker is white, believe that HIV virus can be cured by jumping up and down in a church or a mosque,believe pink elephant’s fly at night because if you believe hard enough babies will come out of cloud’s,Chris tucker will turn white,HIV will be cured by jumping up and down in a church or a mosque,and pink elephant’s will be able to fly at night.
Baby negash starred at the deranged man with perplexion.Before Copernicus came along in the 15th century people believed the earth was the centre of solar system but no matter how hard they believed their ‘ belief ‘ did not move the earth an inch to the centre.
Finally, baby negash was confused and perplexed………he said in his head someone get me out of here….!!!
Finally,more than 20 years passed and baby Negash became an adult now at his late 20’s after a lot of diligent contemplation and thoughtfulness he decided to declare his status to his parents and tribe the date came for his speech.
He said pointing his index finger to the ground my respected fellow tribes men I have something to declare which is constructive to our society and all humanity.I declare today that after diligent contemplation things are exactly what they seem they are there are things that we know and things that we don’t know….I like to stick and trust want i know and progressively figure out what i don’t know i want to stay as far as possible from speculations and fabrications….I like to think this is safe,healthy and progressive.
His tribe were at shock,perplexed and stunned… what are you saying said one of his people…are you declaring yourself an Atheist ?
Negash replied valiantly yes !
The entire tribe shouted oh lord !!! have mercy !!! what has got into you ?… he must have been reading a lot you know how those people are they….whispered and murmured.
The tribal chief:- Silence,silence….order please !!!
yes…yes said negash I declare my self an Atheist…..I vehemently reject speculations and fabrications and embrace facts and trooth.
Help me out my people he said starring into their eyes we are better off
sticking with what we know and sedulously researching what we don’t rather than speculating and fabricating.
Let’s uncover the source of humanity and the entire universe via hardwork and research rather than indolence and mysticism…the more we know the better….trust your 5 sense’s listen to the voice of reason and utilize your criticality in fact’s we shall trust…he said
Negash held his silence for several seconds and stepped down from his spot and walked away hoping for the best and that his tribe will follow him.

God:-The invisible bullet proof vest.

Inorder to understand what faith is please consider the following story as a paradigm.Let’s say for instance you have a best friend which you grew up and went to school together with he is your best buddy he is your ‘homey.’ So one day you are at his home playing video games relaxing in his home and all of a sudden he say’s to you Alex we should rob the bank down the block….and you say what are you crazy do you want to be shot ! by the police it’s dangerous men !
Tom:-Don’t worry about that i have something to take care of that besides bullet proof vests are expensive we don’t have the budget for it.
Alex:-What do you mean you have something?
Tom:-I went to this holy voodoo spiritualist and he gave me one bottle of holy water and another bottle of holy powder plus a long scripture to perform a ritual before we rob the bank.
Alex:-What !? how does it work ?
Tom:-Well, before we rob the bank three days earlier we mix the holy water with the powder at 6:00 o’clock at night while reading the holy scripture simultaneously then let it stay till the morning.
Alex:-Then what…..?

Tom:-Then we wash our face and hand’s three times with it before we go to the bank and finally we have to really,really,really believe which is the magic word here really hard and have faith in the invisible bullet proof vest inorder to activate it.Which will manifest after we do the ritual.

Alex: Invisible bullet proof vest ?!

Tom: Yeah.

Consider the following question’s first………..
a) Can you “wish away” a bullet due to your strong faith?
b) What will you do in this circumstance would you experiment with the invisible vest to see if it works first and shoot yourself?
c) Do you trust the vest and just go directly to rob the bank?
d) Do you 44ditch your faith and buy a real bullet proof vest to rob the bank?

picture credit :-Google

The eternity of the realm of reality.

There is no so called supernatural dimension that exist’s but there is the one and only eternal realm of reality or the realm of existence the failure of man to heed the voice of reason and embrace the verasity of reality has created a manner of thought known as mysticism a childish play like behaviour where man ends up postulating far fetched and bosh claim’s like the pregnancy of a virgin ! ,the existence of after life, the existence of a diety, babies who talk, dead man who walk,etc…

These claim’s are absolute nonsense which should never be taken seriously if they had any verasity to them or whatsoever they should have been backed up by overwhelming and irrefragable evidence to begin with which would have automatically incorporated them into the realm of reality at an instant…….fortunately these claims are not genuine claims but symptoms of a possible  psychosis.

There couldn’t be two realities at the same time like the mystics claim……because the fictional and mythical character’s like God and his corollaries like demon’s,angel’s etc…even if they existed they could only and exclusively reveal themselves within the realm of reality that we exist in which further strengthens the fact that reality is indestructable and eternal.

Therefore, we can only have two options to deny and reject reality or embrace reality we should take notice here that the rejection of reality cannot be used as an evidence for the existence of God and all other fictional claims.

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