The Prisoners of Conscience: Believers are under the snare of fictive characters

Theism as a pseudoscience has failed to back its extraordinary claim of ‘super’ natural dimension with extra ordinary evidence; thus, its founders saw a need to incarcerate the inquisitive and rational faculty of their fobbed victims by inventing another antagonistic fictional character called the ‘devil’ other than their so called supernatural god to proscribe rational inquisitive attitude and freethought by the individual. Faced with not just the incapability but the impossibility of providing immaterial evidence to material man supernaturalists opted for a stratagem; a stratagem which involves as stated above inventing another fictive antagonist character called the devil; to confuse and control the individual between two bipolar characters; a good god on one hand and an evil villain on the other where the individual will be confused and controlled right in the middle to become a prisoner of his own conscience.


Theism as a pseudoscience has been another curse on mankind ever since it was formulated and its ideas circulated in various forms throughout society. It has halted the progress of humanity backwards rather than forward; it is a retarding force you actually tell the progress of a society by the level of superstition in it; less superstition means more research, a healthy society and progress towards true origin, high quality of life and happiness. Theists as irrational fanatics possessed by the god delusion commit crimes against mankind by becoming an obstacle to innovation, freethought, and the pursuit of happiness. These people like other pseudoscientist see their interests not in the discovery of truth but in the accumulation of wealth and popularity that their deluded empire provides. They want to erect the legitimacy of their claims by popularity contest rather than by evidence.

Those politicians who defend theism on morality grounds have no evidence on their sides because the belief in a fictive supernatural god has never restricted the passion, selfishness, bestiality, irrationality, vulgarity and other animal traits of man placed in his genes by nature. The belief in god is not a deterrence for people to do and be good; but, a motivation for evil as can be witnessed with ISIS and Boko Haram religious terrorists who are nihilistic perverted by false hope and go on to perform sadism on sentient beings. I have said repeatedly that the solution to human morality resides in his design; if it is necessary to have ethical beings then we must design ethical creatures which are not animals; how can we possibly expect morality and logic from an animal? The solution for a well disciplined and strong society is not mythology and totalitarianism but reality and transcendence.


Thus, theism is not doing mankind a favor by proscribing the discovery of the truth or incarcerating the individual in psychological warfare techniques by creating fictions of antagonistic characters to confuse and control the individual to rob off his dignity, freedom of thought, action, and choice. But it is driving humanity into an abyss of extinction with metaphysical and ethically erroneous policies for the society.


They say that man is a dangerous animal he needs to be controlled; but, we must say that man is an intelligent and sentient being who needs to be liberated and intelligently designed; who deserves to know his true origin, inherit the cosmos and be the master of his destiny. They say that monism and natural philosophy do not teach people morality and direct them how to behave; but we must say that man is not designed to be moral in the first place because he is built to be an animal. Only intelligently designed beings express intelligent and moral behavior. Design determines purpose and purpose determines behavior. People who develop these toxic ideologies do not have the interest of man and his transcendence in their agenda but their own to satisfy at the cost of metaphysical truths and a futuristic society.

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God is dead; but, nature is alive

Most critics of rational, secular and monist philosophy say that if there is no god or god is dead; then how did you get here? Did you create yourself? Which is a very good question and my response is also a very good answer ―as a monist I will answer as follows: mankind has always been curious to explain his experience inside what has been called the Cosmos—in the process came with several mythologies and fairytales which contradict each other and are more equivalent to bed time stories and delusions than real metaphysical concepts.

When I say god is dead; the god and goddesses that are dead to me are the ones that are supernatural, fictive, and myths; but, not the real natural force or forces responsible for our evolution, and experience inside our multiverse. This undiscovered or may have already been discovered natural force or forces have to be exclusively something natural for two main reason:

1- As I said this before elsewhere man has a material mind or soul in ancient terms; thus, can only understand natural entities.

2- The so called supernaturalism theory when tested ends up becoming a legalized schizophrenia adored by politicians and monarchs rather than a true metaphysical solution to our conundrum in metaphysics. Besides there is nothing supernatural about supernaturalism; all its ‘evidence’ are natural.

Thus, what mystics have called god and symbolized with fictional characters like Ganesh, Jesus and Allah I call the foundation of reality that resides in nature. And this foundation of reality is what is responsible for every single event in our life; it may be just atoms and molecules or maybe there is more to nature than atoms.
When we observe our Cosmos; as explained by Cosmologists we understand that it had a ‘beginning’ and will have an end and die out in a heat death in the future. Now, consider this if something starts from zero and goes out to be zero again what meaning would it have? It would be meaningless. There needs to be something which is eternal in nature in order for our reality to make sense. We are just observing what has been called the observable universe 90 billion light years in length; and that is like observing reality through a key hole and I do not think that is all there is there must be more; actually something infinite inside nature. I believe that the Big Bang was not the ‘beginning’ of reality but an event inside nature within what has been called hyperspace. The big bang was most probably created maybe by a black hole, or colliding universes; thus, if we solve what caused the big bang then we will understand what is divine and what is priori.


We will understand what created our universe and that will be the death of the so called supernaturalism and the triumph of pantheism. Therefore, as a man obsessed with the pursuit of wisdom and mankind’s true origin and fate I do not deny a divine essence ;but, I only recognize a divine of reason and mathematics; a force of nature end of story. Atoms capable of computation may be the tip of the ice berg; there may be other forces of nature yet to be discovered to give us an elegant and complete explanation of reality; why we are here; what created and still is perpetuating evolution and what the meaning and purpose of life is. And at this pace of technological progress I think we are closer to the answer than ever before.

Thus, finally I recognize that there is a foundation to reality responsible for my existence because I did not vote to be here today something voted on my behalf and that foundation of reality has to be natural; I reject the fictive gods of poets, charlatans, as well as mythologist and embrace nature that was, is and ever will be.

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