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1- What is this website/blog about?

Answer: CAMIDRCS; which promotes Freethought, Logic and Science.

2- What do you call your secular philosophy?

Answer:  Amystology

3- What do you call  anyone who supports the philosophy?

Answer:  Amystic

4-What does CAMIDRCS stand for in case of ethics?

Answer: CAMIDRCS and amystology doesn’t really care about ethics. The organization stands to defend epistemological and metaphysical truths.


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Spiritualism is dead

In this article I what to mention some arguments which I hope are sensible and meaningful enough to stand against idealism and spiritualism and why Spiritualism and Idealism are futile and can never provide solutions to humanity either in metaphysics or ethics. I will begin by stating that he question which opens the door for the so called spiritualism and idealism is the question ‘why there is a universe?’ Or the lack of the existence for the complete theory of life that science cannot provide at this moment. But, as new developments start to evolve the question why there is a universe is becoming meaningless. Because, now we are seeing some evidence about the existence of other worlds or universes out there; meaning there is a multiverse which is infinite. If this is proven to be solid true by repeated evidence; then, the question why there is a universe will be meaningless and a deviation to error. Because it will be asking ‘why is there a god?’ Because the multiverse and all of reality without a center will be identical with the divinity. The quest for a ‘beginning’ will be meaningless in a multiverse proven to have no center and thus, will have no beginning. It must have existed for all eternity.


The arrogant and stubborn attitude not to submit to logic (sensibility), sincerity, thorough calculations, reality, and evidence to be tenaciously stuck on the ideas of idealism and spiritualism not by evidence; but, by dogma and authority will only lead to injury and psychosis. As I say elsewhere when mystics lose the metaphysical argument they tend to appeal to morality; stating their theories provide unequivocal solutions to human conduct and morality. They say that religion can make the world a better place; it can make people morally just and righteous; if this so; let us test this argument and observe ground reality let us see the most spiritual groups on the planet like Boko-Haram, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. There is no group so spiritual in its stands; but, what they exhibit is pure nihilism and the work of the devil himself.  Even, ordinary people on the street are not perverted enough to commit the evil that these people do. The solutions to metaphysics as well as ethics lies in nature. Our observable reality is natural and the provenance of human behavior is also natural emanating from the human body and mind which are material. Thus, to solve metaphysical and ethical issues we must embrace realism and nature to see into our design; man is animal whether he is an atheist or believer; therefore, the solution for morality lies is understanding nature to rectify our design which is the source of all evil and perversions; we need to change what is; in order to formulate what ought to be. We cannot formulate what ought to be  first without changing what  is; and we can only change what is i.e. human design through one and only one means i.e. through science.


Twaddle, chicanery, reverie, dogma, indolence and authoritarianism have always been the hallmark of idealism and spiritualism instead of logic, sincerity, reality, evidence, sedulity, and free thought. These systems need to be barred and eliminated in order to save mankind form injury and peril. The governments who stand in support of these concepts must be wise enough to understand the threat they pose for humanity and futurism to support realism and naturalism as well as the ramification of free thought and technological solutions to all humanities issues. They must shelf these concepts under the category of pseudoscience. In order to protect and save their people that they profess to stand for and are so eager to lead; they must lead them to the future not to the grave.


Leaders have a great responsibility in maintain the wellbeing as well as progress of every individual member of the society. And they need to show us their leadership capabilities and wit by choosing realism and technology rather than idealism and psychosis; if they really deserve to be called the title of ‘leaders’. But, most leaders except few today that we witness like President Bush Junior and others unfortunately either through ignorance or by peer and party pressure or habit seem to dismiss the essential nature of natural science in the progress of society but cutting funds to research. We must remember that cutting funding and support to science as if it is the source of problem; when, in fact it is the source of all solutions is to cut the growth and progress of the state, the discovery of truth and triumph of humanity.


Religion can never make people ethical as I said above; if religious people were ‘god fearing’ then, there wouldn’t have been a single nihilistic group in existence mentioned above; religious organizations are not the biggest charity and philanthropy organizations; but, the biggest nihilistic and terror groups on earth; thus, cutting funding to science and technology considering the moral and ethical ‘solutions’ from religion and spiritualism is utter nonsense. In addition, the solution that the so called idealism provides to mankind by teaching them that their experiences can be defined and altered just by dreaming a better experience is puerile; because, the cosmos is controlled by natural laws not by human reverie; thus, it does not work on the ground. Idealism nowadays comes in different packages but with the same content; they call it ‘The law of attraction’, ‘Biocentrism’, ‘spiritualism’ and other names but they are all futile and actually dangerous to human health and transcendence.


So, I hope the arguments that I made above are rational and evident enough to indicate the fact that mankind does not have a choice; but, to stick to nature in his quest for either metaphysical or ethical solutions. To discover truths and also formulate codes of conduct to govern a society where individuals are naturally designed to exhibit the just behavior expected from them—transforming the society into a peaceful and mirthful union. Embracing the eternity of nature outside the observer as in realism as well as reconfiguring human nature for ethics as in transcendence are the only options out there available for humanity to address all issues. Free thought, Logic and Science in contrary to the abuse of the individual, twaddle and mysticism are the ways into the future.  The future will be brighter when politicians become apostles of individual liberty as well as dignity, logic and science. Promoting true sciences formulating policies conducive to research, natural understanding, to fight against diseases, to spread the space expansion program; so, that humanity could have alternative homes in the Cosmos other than earth and so forth are the real positions that our leaders need to have to lead us to triumph and to not to oblivion; that spiritualism has prepared for us. It is time to choose realism, naturalism and transcendence.

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