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The Case for Pantheism: Why Nature is the laboratory of creation

First of all as an introduction I will like to say that all the forces that are necessary to create something in a typical laboratory as an experiment are also present in the natural world. Nature is an open air laboratory; it is capable of boiling, electrifying, magnetizing and cooling things into existence just like a particular laboratory technician would do in his laboratory with his chemicals to create an organism and we are the work of this cosmic laboratory; the idea that life is a natural experiment explains why there are accidents, intelligent design as well as defects in the creation process; because that is also what happens in a laboratory; there are accidents, hits and also misses; that being said I would like to state that the challenges on earth which drives humans to seek another dimension and escape nature are all natural problems with natural solutions; including ethics. First we need to embrace the exclusivity of the natural world and descend to philosophical realism. Humanity today is plagued with so many challenges:  healthcare, hunger, discipline, poverty, ignorance, defense, environmental pollution, construction, transportation, communication, as well as other issues which are critical and in order to solve all these issues you need logic and natural philosophy!  How could you possible solve environmental and healthcare issues without logic? There is no other way that mankind could solve its issues by dejecting nature and reason! It is only when mankind’s thinking is rectified towards the right pattern of thought i.e. realism and logic—that solutions could emerge for all. Today humanity’s thinking is awry and derailed from the right path; we see a world inundated in shallowness and confusion starting from the so called leaders of countries who revere irrationality and anti-nature teachings as something to be held in high esteem; and as if that will lead us to higher truth. Who state that “let’s toss every freethinker in our society in prison before we understand their ideas and vision or read a chapter of their books.”Now, how could this lead mankind to bliss? They erroneously see rational teachings as a threat to morality; not as a solution to morality. It is only when people understand their nature that they start to change it in order to have a better experience.We observe a society deeply rooted in mysticism and pathological thought processes which are really unfortunate; pathological thought processes which are equated as ‘great ideologies’ that need to be revered which is very sad; humanity really needs new leadership. In the name of morality nature is being scorned and tossed aside as if that will solve all ethical issues. But even ethics and morality are the domains of nature because human behavior is natural—which deserves natural understanding and natural rectification (transcendence). Now, moving on to the main agenda of this essay here is my thesis that I think will stand as a case for pantheism— first the issue of human essence and behavior itself i.e. man is an animal; second the manner of the creation of the solar system and third the eventual coming of a non-biological era on the planet where the dominant species in it will be extremely intelligent to the level of divinity.


Man is an animal. He is not ‘unique’ from other creatures on earth; the same forces responsible for creating other beasts in nature also created him. Now, a simple and good evidence for the divine essence of the natural world is the issue of human essence, behavior and the question of ethics which is raised in association with it. As I have said repeatedly the solutions for ethics could only be the reengineeringof the human organism into a globally agreed creature; what creature you might ask:  something which is not an animal would be a good answer; mankind needs to abandon and shed off his animal status; because that is where the problem of ethics is coming from; it is this animal nature that is negatively shaping the world in its own bestial image; full of lust, selfishness, violence, irrationality, perversion, sadism, territorialism and all other ills that emanate from the nature of this animal; the very structure of an animalthat needs to go in order to have a peaceful world. I firmly believe that a ‘supernatural’ god is not the one that is shaping our experiences on the ground; but,  it is us— our on structure, essence and build itself which is responsible for all experiences: look for example why 1st t and  2nd  world war occurred; they occurred due to basic instincts of humans i.e. territorialism and global dominance—that we all share in our genes with other animals; look what territorialism and dominance as a basic animal instinct created with several competing states for territory and glory.  Look at the millions of dead during these wars and the millions to come as long as manstays in his current nature. Now where could that all come from unless from the very essence of human build unless man is no different from other animals? That is the reason that I insist and emphasis the divine essence of nature itself. It is our nature that is responsible for everything on the ground; if this is the case then man cannot be any different from a barking dog or a hissing cat that mark and defend their territories. Unfortunately the natural origin of mankind and his animal essence may be embarrassing for us to accept; but, excepting it and transcending it is the only way out of this predicament.The essence of reality or the truth currently is ugly and disturbing when you observe the world through the glasses of realism. But, this depressing truth and comes with a silver lining: the rapidly advancing transition from organic intelligence to inorganic intelligence; I think this holds a promise of redemption from the lowly self that has and is plaguing human society. This transition might bring an end to the basic instincts of humans creating a better world— a digital world free from biology and its associated luggage. That seems to be the only salvation which is currently underway within the tree of evolution.


Now, let’s turn our attention to our solar system—it looks very much as a failed binary systemthan more of a design that was meant to be which accidental gave birth to earth and the life it contains; thus, making creation some sort of unwanted pregnancyif you like by the forces of nature rather than a design; the level of suffering and callousness in the animal kingdom on earth is tremendous and disturbing which even fortifies the idea of accidental creation rather than a design froma ‘loving’ god. The solid example is Jupiter as a gas giant—it is composed ofabout 90% hydrogen and it is a gas ball which has no firm ground; which gives us an insight into the very essence of our solar system;that it is a failed binary system. Most solarsystems in the universe are binary systems: meaning two stars revolving around each other with disregard for planets and their possible life formation; thus, we see a fragment of this evidence on our own solar system with Jupiter; imagine if Jupiter picked up mass, became a star and ignited there wouldn’t have been no earth and no life!No you and me! Thus, the very essence and scrutiny of reality gives us an idea that we are not meant to exist; it was a gigantic cosmic accident and we adapted to this accident to talk about it today. We need to take advantageto explore this mysterious universe and the secrets that is holds.


Thirdly, it has been already stated several times by so many scientists that biology is just a transitional phase in evolution to a non-organic intelligence; that will probably take over the universe in the future. Thus, I do not want to repeat what has been said and bore the reader with tautology and I would refer him to the literature of scientists and authors who have predicted the transition from organic to inorganic like Ray Kurzweil and others. But, in conclusion the animal human nature, the creation of our failed binary solar system mentioned above through a Cosmic accident aided by the different forces of nature as well as the transition of biology to technology which will create a god like inorganic creature to rule the Cosmos all rule out the supernatural dimension i.e. if human behavior is animalistic, if our creation is a Cosmic accident; and finally if the rise of life is getting more intricate, potent and almost god like; then, wouldn’t that reinforce the case for pantheism? Wouldn’t that ascertain the exclusive essence of the natural dimension? Thus, diligent realistic observation,examination, and experimentation will lead us to the conclusion of the exclusivity of the natural dimension and forces us to accept the divinity of nature. Several other arguments could also be mentioned and stated rather than the three stated in the thesis of this essay; but, would be superfluous for an essay and I will probably leave them as constituents for my other essays.

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Neural networks and artificial brains

The real brain is squishy stuff. Its neurons, blood vessels and fluid- filled ventricles are made of lipid membranes, proteins and a great deal of water. You can poke the brain with your finger, cut it on a microtome, insert electrodes into its neurons and watch the blood pulsing through it.

The study of the brain seems firmly anchored in biology and medicine. However, there’s another way of thinking about it that has attracted the attention of mathematicians, physicists, engineers and computer scientists. They think about the brain by writing equations, making computer models and even hardware devices that mimic the real neurons inside our heads. 

Real brains are highly adaptable. They are able to do things like read handwriting that we have never seen before and to understand the speech of complete strangers. And they can tolerate things going wrong. They function reasonably well for a life-time even though cells are dying and, even in old age, brains are still capable of learning new tricks. Today’s robots are very good at doing the restricted range of tasks for which they have been designed, like building a bit of a car, but much less tolerant when things go wrong.

All real brains consist of highly interconnected neuronal networks. Their neurons need energy and the networks need space. Our brain contains roughly 100 billion nerve cells, 3.2 million kilometers of ‘wires’, a million-billion connections, all packed into a volume of 1.5 litres, but weighing only 1.5 kg and consuming a mere 10 watts. If we tried to build such a brain using silicon chips, it would consume about 10 megawatts, i.e. enough electricity to power a town. To make matters worse, the heat produced by such a silicon brain would cause it to melt! The challenge is to discover how brains operate so efficiently and economically, and to use similar principles to build brain-like machines.



Building brain circuits in silicon



The energy costof signaling – from one neuron to another has probably been a major factor in the evolution of brains. About 50-80% of the total energy consumption of the brain is consumed in the conduction of action potentials along nerve fibres and in synaptic transmission. The rest is taken in manufacturing and maintenance. This is as true for the brain of a bee as it is for ours. However, compared to the speed of digital computers, the speed of nerve impulses is very slow – only a few metres per second. In a serial processor like a digital computer, this would make life impossible. Biological brains, however, are constructed as highly parallel networks.


Most neurons connect directly to many thousands of others. To do this, the brain exploits its three-dimensional volume to pack everything in – bending the sheets of cells into folds and weaving the connections closely together into bundles. By contrast, making connections between even modest numbers of silicon neurons is limited by the two-dimensional nature of chips and circuit boards. So unlike the brain, direct communication between silicon neurons is severely restricted. However,by exploiting the very highspeed of conventional electronics, the impulses from many silicon neurons can be ‘multiplexed’- a process of carrying many different messages along the same wire. In this way, silicon engineers can begin to emulate the connectivity of biological networks.


To reduce power but increase speed, neurally-inspired engineers have adopted the biological strategy of using analogue rather than digital coding. Carver Mead, one of the ‘gurus’ of silicon valley in California, coined the description ‘neuromorphic engineering’ to describe the translation of neurobiology into technology. Instead of coding digitally in 0’s and 1’s, analogue circuits code in continuous changes in voltages, as do neurons in their sub-threshold state. Calculations can then be done in fewer steps because the basic physics of the silicon devices is exploited. Analogue computation easily provides the primitives of a calculus: addition, subtraction, exponentials and integration, all of which are complicated operations in digital machines. When neurons – whether biological or silicon – compute and make ‘decisions’ they transmit impulses down axons to communicate the answer to target neurons. Because spike coding is energetically costly, efficient coding maximizes the amount of information represented in a pattern of spikes by reducing what is called redundancy. Energy efficiency is also increased by using as small a number of active neurons as possible. This is called sparse coding and it provides another important design principle for engineers building artificial neural networks.


Science of the brain: An introduction for young students

British neuroscience association booklet:2003:44

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