Ethics in the animal kingdom: Can we really expect morality from an animal?

First and foremost I think the idea of ethics in the animal kingdom by itself is ridiculous; because, as it may be obvious the phrase ‘animal kingdom’ by itself nullifies any hope of discipline that we expected to acquire within the subject of our argument. Unfortunately, when nature created our world it was not meant to be a utopia and a morally regulated just world; but, a world or selfishness, brutality, survival, bestiality and territorialism. Just observe our world; it is filled with conflicts of competing nations and individuals for territory, glory, power and resources to feed their people and families; whatever natural force created life on earth; it did not place morality in its check list but survival. The planet is not made for us or our happiness; we are struggling to survive in a Universe that is trying to kill us with asteroids, pestilence, floods, landslides, hunger, earthquakes, and heat stroke. Our world is a world of callousness and brutality; which is really sad for us. It would have been better if it was a world of morality, altruism and discipline.



Thus, given the above argument it will be wise to conclude that our very design and the very essence of reality forbids ethical behavior and promotes libertinism. Thus, morality will be a struggle against our very nature notwithstanding it being extremely necessary in our society. Man unfortunately is designed to be selfish, salacious, predatory, and bestial. This ofcourse does not mean that just because our very essence is evil and bestial we should go savage and nihilistic; it means that the solution for ethics and morality lies within our nature, transcendence, transformation, and evolution into metahumans to change the natural order if we can; through artificially design. Mythology can never be a source of ethics; mythology can never make people civil; actually mythology has always been a tool of oppression and life extension for monarchs and dictators throughout history to suppress and silence the people rather than a legitimate metaphysical theory or a source of morality; it inflames the lowly irrational side of humans to be perverted with false hopes of ‘another’ dimension that is fictive and perform inhuman acts against their fellow humans.



Most politicians today object to realistic and rational philosophies because they encourage realism, individual liberty, freethought, the pursuit of wisdom, reason and naturalism which ofcourse are invaluable and great virtues which need to be promoted. But, they consider these strains of philosophies as a ‘threat’ to social order and discipline because they assume that if people become sober from mythological delusions and come back to their senses; then they will retreat  to their animal nature. Well, I say that a creature needs to behave exactly how it is designed to behave; if not it will be impaired; because we are forcing this subject to behave against his design; man is an animal he has lust, rage, selfishness, and etc. in his very essence; considering this how in the world can we possibly expect an ideal behavior from animal? If we do not like the way humans behave then we need to change their very essence; if not we are doomed; the solution is transcendence rather than mythology which does not convince or restrict anyone these days.



Thus, in short the solution for morality and ethics lies within reason, natural philosophy, and science; an intelligently designed species will never have an issue with discipline. We can create evil creatures worse than humans or benevolent beings civil and powerful than humans because technology is always a double edge sword which can be used for evil as well as for good. Behavior emanates from design not from anywhere else. Thus, as we have looked before for solutions for our environment, transportation, defense, and communication in reason and nature we need to look into nature and reason once again to solve the issues of morality by promoting metahumanism rather than Iron Age scriptures of myths that restrict social progress and cause more problems than solutions.

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