Evolution: The Inconvenient truth

Some people find it offensive and morally degrading to consider that they are just one of the many animal species that transmutated and evolved from a single primitive life form that emerged from the sea on this piece of fertile rock we call earth. They deject the theory of evolution not on basis of evidence but on emotive grounds. In spite of numerous millions of years of fossilized evidence of bones that fill the cabinets of University archives all over the planet; they capriciously reject reality to become delirious and out of touch with the physical world. Evolution is not a dogma but a theory that can be dismissed at any time if new discovery or evidence deems it to be so.


The beautiful thing about Science is that following the scientific method it starts with observation, hypothesis, theory and finally law or natural fact. During the process of investigation there is testing of theories over and over again for inconsistencies or consistency to dismiss or affirm that whatever we are trying to establish as a fact is indeed a fact. It is not founded on subversive, threatening, emotive, or monetary agenda to deceive humanity like all pseudosciences but it is founded on pure reason and naturalism. Evolutionary genetics has passed this test and stood the challenge of time― actually the passing of time did not devalue its place in history but enriched it with new evidence of fossils especially from the African continent. Africa has become a bounty hunters paradise for paleontologists and anthropologists who reaffirm Darwin’s hypothesis of missing links that get discovered frequently that are closing the gap between modern man and primitive hominids.

When scientists try to discover or prove something they try extensively to rid their theories from personal, and emotional bias by employing several methodologies. Science is not a political campaign or discipline it is a metaphysical investigation tool. Thus, when Darwin went ahead and published the descent of man in 1871; his ideas was founded on the scientific method based on observation of man’s anatomical structure, his internal visceral organs, vestigial organs, embryological development with other similar animals and other physical factors that anybody can observe. In short, on ideas and concepts that are rational and palpable.

Evolution clearly presents man’s origin; but, that is just half the story uncovered in the quest for the complete theory of life― we know where we come from in biology but still we have no idea where the Universe came from in Cosmology. In order to solve this mystery I think we can learn something from evolutionary biology itself: meaning if all the creatures that ever set foot on earth branched off from one another and there is no independent creation of species starting from the dinosaurs to modern humans then I think we can apply this logic to the Cosmos itself by stating that the Universe must have branched off from something natural which preceded it.

Any ways, returning to biology we understand that there are several unanswered questions that we must address like why is there mutation? Why do species evolve? Is it just adaptation to their environment? Is evolution fortuitous or run by Universal computation? The questions are just numerous. Creationism can never be the answer to these questions because can we designate something which makes mistakes divine? Why are there terrible errors in ‘creation’ like birth defects and malformations if life is really the work of an infallible author? What type of God creates a world where his creations are mandated to eat each other and without which they cannot survive and incur health complications even if they wanted to be vegetarians? What type of god creates a world of cannibalism? If you are a creationist I would say to you that it is obvious everyday science has to correct and deal with the silly defects made by your god like cleft lip and palate, dwarfism, prognatism, conjoined twins at the hip or head, syndactyly, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, congenital pyloric stenosis, autosomal trisomy like down syndrome, autism, Klinefelter syndrome and so on. If we see defects as well as marvellous things in nature together side by side can we honestly say that life is intelligently designed?

Anyhow I think there is nothing degrading with being called an animal because that is what we all are; we reproduce, give birth, look, behave and nurse our young like any animal in the animal kingdom; thus, our origin can never be distinct or superior to the rest of the animal species. We must always be realistic follow the evidence and keep a sharp rational mind when we analyse metaphysical concepts. Hype and naivity should never cloud our judgement.

In short, as a conclusion I would say that evolution is definitely half the story to our origin; but the rest of the story is still missing and know body knows the complete story ―even Darwin was agnostic on this basis. Nobody knows why there is evolution may be this is an irrelevant question but I would say to creationists that you need to come back to your senses and observe the evidence; try to be rational and embrace the currently available data provided by scientists through years of arduous labor of research and help your fellow humans uncover the rest of the story to our strange, bewildering and confounding Universe rather than being capricious and subversive like little children; it is time to grow up.

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Vetting Creationism: What is Exorcism?

During the Dark ages and Medieval time exorcism was seen as some sort of medical procedure by ancient peasants and farmers to threat several illnesses like epilepsy, and several other mental and physical maladies that medieval technology did not understand― this occurred of course due to the weakness of natural science at that moment of human history where life was very miserable for our ancestors at that time compared to our high tech health care today. Today technological progress has made a tremendous leap forward to provide several solutions to mankind’s myriad problems. At the dark ages where mysticism and the church were very dominant people practiced trepanations and exorcism to treat ailments from epilepsy to other unknown pathologies. The experts at that time were part time farmers and part time priests―who tried to alleviate the suffering of people in their primitive society from several issues. But, today creationism and its tool kit of several solutions which it thinks and provides as a remedy for mankind have expired and are defunct to the stage if applied today cause more misery and pain than which already have existed; even at the middle ages creationism and its tool kit of several products like metaphysical theories, ethical theories, esoteric medical remedies and so on where not based on the scientific method but on pure suppositions, hype and error.

Today despite the defunct nature of creationist theories and its components we have what is called exorcism which today has a very different agenda; it is a tool used to maintain a totalitarian control over society and the interests of the church. Now, what does this mean you might ask: Listen carefully—exorcism is not a method of ‘helping’ people rather it is a method of dispelling ideas or ideologies from the subjects minds or soul that is contradictory with the church; ‘possession’ is interpreted as a possession of ideas especially rational ideas about our origin and metaphysics begotten by free thought and rational investigation of reality that could kill the ideas of the church. Any idea that is contrary to their nonsensical and irrational concepts of fairytales and myth has to be destroyed and dispelled out of the minds of people. Ideas like evolution, multi-planetary existence, multiverse theory, the rotundity of earth and so on are a threat to the dogmatic and inflexible concepts of the church. Which are basically the obsolete ideas of ancient farmers formulated in an attempt to explain reality.

According to the church people are only required to have mythological and defunct ideas inculcated by the church and the church likes to own their minds. Free thought and inquiry is a threat to their strangle hold over society; because new discoveries will always create problems to the inflexible doctrines of the church. Hence, it is combatted fiercely and its exercisers are stigmatized, exorcised and even executed like Bruno. If an individual begets new ideas by his labor of investigating reality which is different from the myth of the church―then they cry he is possessed! Thus, he must be exorcised to destroy that idea out of his mind— meaning brain washed and re-indoctrinated by creationist nonsense.



The devil as a fictive character has severed them very well is scaring and controlling the society. Considering that human rational faculty and brain power are not really that developed which facilitates the expansion of irrational nonsense and pseudo sciences in our society. The human brain has made Logic a taboo subject that should never be discussed or practiced in the society as a method of unraveling nature’s secret; because it is just too mathematical, demanding, painful, and dull even though it is effective. As I have said elsewhere—the human brain is advanced for our bodies but to frail for all of reality. That is the reason that pseudosciences and mythologies gain a strong foot hold in a society which is so challenging for us to disprove and dispel through logical discourse and scrutiny. Because we are not really fully rational creatures; thus, it will be challenging to deal rationally with irrational humans.

Our origin is a huge mystery that our brain is struggling to solve; in this attempt man has come up with several theories; but a theory needs to be tested in order to verify its veracity and those schools of thought which stand against testing and demonstrability are institutions like the church which defend dead hypothesis with a brave face and combat any new idea that we get from several years of sedulous investigation of nature. These people are a hindrance to human progress and advancement into the future.

So, finally if I was a president of a country I would have banned all pseudosciences which are a hindrance to social progress, scientific discovery and futurism. These systems challenge individual liberty, new breakthroughs and high quality of life that humanity could have enjoyed. Their totalitarian techniques of maintaining control over society like exorcism is a source of stagnation, suffering and unhappiness of man which needs to be identified and expelled from the culture of society in order to create a better future for all mankind. A free and philosophical society is the only one that can unravel the secrets of human origin and provide a high tech future that our posterity can and must enjoy.

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The Myth of Spiritual Morality

Can an animal be ethical? Can a human being notwithstanding his anatomical build, raging hormones and bestial selfish genes be moral? Can an animal if inebriated with mythological discourse to the stage of detachment from reality and emaciated beyond repair be all of a sudden a docile being and exhibit that ideal behavior which philosophers for millennia struggled to formulate and render? Will this emaciated and deluded animal exhibit the exemplary behavior which humbles and motivates people to emulate and even bring some people to tears? Is spiritualism the solution to morality? Aren’t spiritual people animals with the same instincts like the rest of us? Do not they hold within their build that same creature we do which is given to basic instincts like bestiality and salacity? What could possibly make them different from the rest of us? Can a label change the content of a bottle— metaphorically speaking? Isn’t the content of the bottle that really matters―meaning the very essence of what is in the bottle?
As it has been said already all human challenges are natural; unnatural solutions to natural problems are impractical and a digression. Humanity has nothing to gain by deriding and abandoning the natural world even for morality issues; human behavior is a natural phenomenon which could only have a natural solution. Supernatural escapism triples and multiplies human morality issues rather than render a solution for it. It perverts the sexuality of the so called ‘holy’ people to go after children and same sex individuals like rabid beasts. It renders human behavior to become even worse. Spiritualists insist that their methodology of reality denial, individual abuse, and tenacity concocted with fairytales will restrict human passion and compel people to be good in the animal kingdom.
Let’ perform a reality check then and observe spiritual people in action; let’s go on a world tour if indeed spirituality helps to tame raging man. Let us observe ISIS, Lord’s resistance army in Central Africa and other spiritually motivated groups and their behavior or even individual priests and rabbis. What we find here is actually the reverse― spirituality is a motivation for evil rather than good. It is a tool of oppression for politicians and a path to psychosis for the common people. These groups above justify all the evil and nihilism that they perform in the name of spirituality; because nobody can sue God—thus, whatever they declare in his name has be acceptable it does not matter what it is; these, spiritualists whatever that word stands for can never pride themselves as docile angels in the animal kingdom who exhibit the ideal ethical behavior mentioned above; but opportunistic people who exploit common people for their own interests.
I think we need to come back to nature and rectify or eliminate our lowly self. That is the solution to immoral behavior. That is the way forward―reality and transcendence is the cure rather that idealism and spiritualism. If the issue of morality is human nature then how could we expect to find a solution by dejecting nature? It is obvious for several reasons that they despise nature either because it is too hard to understand and makes them think; or for other reasons— mystics do not like to think they like to be entertained with myth and fairytales because that is what is simple for their souls. They loathe math and logic because there is nothing entertaining about it; it is all calculations and analytics.


Thus, finally I would say that spiritualists should never pride themselves as if they are on the right direction— in an illusion that they have solved humanities moral and metaphysical problems. Metaphysically what they are doing is that; they are hindering the quality of life that people could have enjoyed by retarding scientific progress and directing human attention outside nature as if there is an outside. In ethics they promote self-mortification and degradation of the self rather than preservation and enhancement. Therefore, no spiritualist can claim that spiritualism has made the world a better place; by solving mankind’s problems; because that is not what we witness on the ground. Spiritualism has become a source of conflict among different sects of spirituality in the world rather than a solution to the human race. Therefore, how could it be an error to say after observing the behavior of spiritualists engaged in pedophilia, religion motivated genocide like that of Armenians by the Turks and the Canaanite by the Jews as well as several other examples in the world that spiritual morality is a myth rather than a reality? How could it be wrong to say that spirituality is actually one of the many motivating factors for evil rather than good?

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The Prisoners of Conscience: Believers are under the snare of fictive characters

Theism as a pseudoscience has failed to back its extraordinary claim of ‘super’ natural dimension with extra ordinary evidence; thus, its founders saw a need to incarcerate the inquisitive and rational faculty of their fobbed victims by inventing another antagonistic fictional character called the ‘devil’ other than their so called supernatural god to proscribe rational inquisitive attitude and freethought by the individual. Faced with not just the incapability but the impossibility of providing immaterial evidence to material man supernaturalists opted for a stratagem; a stratagem which involves as stated above inventing another fictive antagonist character called the devil; to confuse and control the individual between two bipolar characters; a good god on one hand and an evil villain on the other where the individual will be confused and controlled right in the middle to become a prisoner of his own conscience.


Theism as a pseudoscience has been another curse on mankind ever since it was formulated and its ideas circulated in various forms throughout society. It has halted the progress of humanity backwards rather than forward; it is a retarding force you actually tell the progress of a society by the level of superstition in it; less superstition means more research, a healthy society and progress towards true origin, high quality of life and happiness. Theists as irrational fanatics possessed by the god delusion commit crimes against mankind by becoming an obstacle to innovation, freethought, and the pursuit of happiness. These people like other pseudoscientist see their interests not in the discovery of truth but in the accumulation of wealth and popularity that their deluded empire provides. They want to erect the legitimacy of their claims by popularity contest rather than by evidence.

Those politicians who defend theism on morality grounds have no evidence on their sides because the belief in a fictive supernatural god has never restricted the passion, selfishness, bestiality, irrationality, vulgarity and other animal traits of man placed in his genes by nature. The belief in god is not a deterrence for people to do and be good; but, a motivation for evil as can be witnessed with ISIS and Boko Haram religious terrorists who are nihilistic perverted by false hope and go on to perform sadism on sentient beings. I have said repeatedly that the solution to human morality resides in his design; if it is necessary to have ethical beings then we must design ethical creatures which are not animals; how can we possibly expect morality and logic from an animal? The solution for a well disciplined and strong society is not mythology and totalitarianism but reality and transcendence.


Thus, theism is not doing mankind a favor by proscribing the discovery of the truth or incarcerating the individual in psychological warfare techniques by creating fictions of antagonistic characters to confuse and control the individual to rob off his dignity, freedom of thought, action, and choice. But it is driving humanity into an abyss of extinction with metaphysical and ethically erroneous policies for the society.


They say that man is a dangerous animal he needs to be controlled; but, we must say that man is an intelligent and sentient being who needs to be liberated and intelligently designed; who deserves to know his true origin, inherit the cosmos and be the master of his destiny. They say that monism and natural philosophy do not teach people morality and direct them how to behave; but we must say that man is not designed to be moral in the first place because he is built to be an animal. Only intelligently designed beings express intelligent and moral behavior. Design determines purpose and purpose determines behavior. People who develop these toxic ideologies do not have the interest of man and his transcendence in their agenda but their own to satisfy at the cost of metaphysical truths and a futuristic society.

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