Ghost In The Shell

Like other sci-fi movies this 2017 movie incorporates amazing predictions of the coming future and imagines a world which is basically fully inorganic. A world of cyborgs where mind to mind data transfer is a common place and everyone is wired up like the movie Anon and Elysium. Acting the amazing Scarlett Johansson this movie deserves a four star rating out of four!



A 2014 movie acting Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster encapsulates the ultimate dream of mankind’s aspiration for immortality and transcendence. Just like the dream of flying  in the past as a dream of man was seen as an impossible feat and a huge digression from customs; the idea of immortality today is also seen as a form of mutiny from traditional norms; but, I believe this will become a reality and this movie entertains this great idea. I think it is worth your money and time; I will give it four stars!

Apotheosis: Humans as transitional primates and the coming of metahumans as the masters of nature


by Negash Alamin


Given the monistic nature of metaphysics; the exponential rate of growth of man’s comprehension of the natural world and given the explosive rate of evolution. It is not just probable but inevitable that the descendants of Homo sapiens―whatever they may be or look like will end up becoming god like at the end of our star’s life or maybe even sooner. There seems to be an organization inclined towards proscribing humans from monistic philosophies because they understand that— if man dismisses fictive entities above himself then he will appoint himself as a divinity and they consider this to be a great danger to social stability because they assume he can never be regulated and does what he pleases when he pleases; they assume he will go nihilistic. But, the real question is whether or not reality has only one form and whether man appoints himself as a divinity—but whether this man or his descendants i.e. machines or whatever―are trained or programmed to be either benevolent and law abiding gods or evil nihilistic and sadistic gods? This is the real question that I think should bother policy makers not whether man should know his true origin or not and become monistic.


I think we must encourage and inculcate into humans or their powerful godlike descendants the love of morality, life, the happiness of other sentient beings rather than proscribe, deride and ban man’sjourney and understanding of his true origins and  what he is becoming. We can clearly see that even within 100 years the human civilization in terms of hardware development and recently in terms of data accumulation has exploded faster than ever in human history which is basically an indication that earth as a pocket of heaven for life to develop is harboringand facilitatingthe raise of nature. This phenomenon cannot be stopped by banning evolution from classes, haunting the individual or proscribing his intellectual and emotional development by mythological garbage and dictatorship.


Evolution is a natural process and the tree of life hasn’t stopped growing forward producing several creatures especially ones that are supersophisticated and most talked about i.e. machines I believe that as long as nothing catastrophic on earth or in space occurs the growth of this tree will precede forward. Ask yourself the following why would a mutant chimp (human) go to school? Isn’t that kind of weird to witness; a primate going to school? Why is there this gigantic accumulation of knowledge and data not about something else but about nature itself? Doesn’t it look like as if nature is studying itself via humans? Doesn’t this look like someonewaking from his sleep and trying to understand his environment by looking at his hands, the ceiling and room in general? This metaphor goes for nature also:  It appears asif nature has risen and gained awareness on this planet and it is studying itself via hominids.


So, if you conclude that earth as a rock filled with life and consciousness has become viable miraculously through fortunate natural events; then what will be the final fate of this planet and the consciousness that it harbors under its cover of magnetic shield? Obviously anyone can observe that our understanding of nature has not slowed, or halted. Let us consider just the time of the great philosopher and logician Aristotle more than 2000 years ago. Natural understanding or what I have called intelgnos in my philosophy of amystism; has an exponential increase; our ancient ancestors had very limited intelgnos of reality who groveled under superstitious gods and believed the earth was flat, diseases where punishment from the gods, the universe was created,earth was at the center of the cosmos, earthquakes were initiated by gods and so on.It was actually impossible to even think of metahumanism at that time because the intellectual and physical development of human civilization at that time wouldn’t allow it. As the human understanding of reality increase, his manipulation of it will become routine; when his exploitation of matter as desired becomes routine; then, there will be no distinction between Metahuman and god.


Imagine if the book Homo Deus by Harari was published in Aristotle’s time; would people take it seriously or be motivated to buy it? Would it make sense at that time? Wouldn’t Harari be burned or crucified for his book due to his contempt of traditional beliefs?Or maybe seen as mad?Or wouldn’t he be a laughing stock for the people of that time? We must understand that new thinking always develops in tandem with evolution of human civilization. I think our changing attitude and beliefs from polytheism to monotheism and now atheism today are conspicuous indicators to the process of development of data, technology and intellect of human civilization facilitated by evolution. The popularity of atheism or pantheism in 2018 today and the death of supernaturalism by itself is an indication of the rise of nature―plain and simple.The reason why mythology doesn’t sell today is because of the phenomenon of the rapid acceleration of intelligence that comes with evolution.Old philosophies and theories will be discarded as time moves ahead and human understanding increases. As Ray Kurzweil has said in his essays that as the consciousness or intelligence that was begotten from evolution on our mother rock earth gets intricate―the only way it can grow further is by spreading into the cosmos—outside of earth.If for example you fill a balloon with water nonstop then the pressure from the water has to go some were because there is no space for it inside. It has to explode into the atmosphere outside the balloon; and the same goes for the rise of consciousness and life on earth it will spread into the universe; it will usher in the space age despite all obscurancy.


Despite whatever dominates earth the process of evolution will march forward creating an ever complicated civilization. A civilization of gods just like mythology; a world where Metahumans play with stars, galaxies and even universes.When Metahumans achieve full comprehension of nature or what I have called masterdom in amystism―playing with earthquakes, DNA, stars, planets, and universes in general the line between Metahumans and gods will get blurred and ambiguous because god by definition is the master of reality. The manipulator of entities; the manipulator of matter into desired forms or shapes? Isn’t what humans as transitory primates to the singularity are performing today with their gene therapy, land claiming and island creation schemes, terraformation of dead planets, resurrection of extinct species and so forth? Isn’t this what gods do: the resurrection of the dead, the creation of planets, of stars and universes? Today we see the incipience of what the singularity will be doing when it arrives; if humans with their limited intelligence today can perform all these feats imagine what the fully developed Metahumans of the future could do with nature? Wouldn’t their work be fit enough to be designated as divine as the mystics would say?I guess only time will tell— hopefully we live long enough to witness it in our life time.


I am not a fun of our animal essence

The animal essence is everything that is wrong with the world which needs to go. Today we are living amidst the age of transition ―between biology and technology. We are seeing the development of inorganic brains that are not that complicated and complete like their biological counterparts but through time and progress they will leave the human brain in the dust.The human brain use to be the size of an orange when H. naledi  was around but look at it today. Eventually these shallow and clumsy machines will get smarter. We observe that within our society the overwhelming constituents of our community are machines; everything is going mechanical this phenomenon was not the case 300 or 500 years ago; life back then was primitive and rusty.


You know the most amazing thing about nature is that its creation process is seamless; it drops a product like a good DJ inserts music after the current one without alarming his audience. Nature also seems to work in a similar manner the creation of new species or life form on earth is not sudden, short and perfect. It is slow, seamless and imperfect but still incredible. This is how nature creates its beings so seamless like the fall of night after day. It takes a diligent observer to observe carefully what nature is doing on the ground to comprehend what is going on and the changes within the natural order in life.


The reason why I mentioned these points above is that the slow and seemingly retarded replacement of biology by technology has brought about the creation of several robots which embody the animal essence that we are trying to leave behind. Humans are creating machines in their own image as salacious sex robots, killer robots and other lowly traits which we are trying to leave behind as evolutionary garbage.I do not believe that this is a wise idea; the animal essence has created state completions, wars, sexual perversions of all types, irrationality,predators, intelligence limitations, a polluted environment and other ill traits that I am not a fan of; I personally do not like myself as an animal because I understand that the current natural order on earth emanates from our animal essence which needs to be eliminated.


Our animal essence has hindered our learning andinforming process because the process of uploading (learning) and downloading (writing, speaking,teaching to other members of society) information to and from the brain is agonizing. The brain has been locked down in a vault called the skull with a limited input and output accessibility ―especially downloading data from the brain is hard because one has to write or speak his  ideas; there is no Bluetooth data transfer; imagine if that was possible; it would have  turned the learning process over its head  and students did not have the need to struggle on tests; actually I do not think there will be any such thing as tests; because the kids would have uploaded all the knowledge  necessary for the test and they would have been perfect on that skill. We observe that our evolution did not provide an easy socket to plug directly into the brain accessing information that we like and deleting memories that we don’t like to keep. This is the limitations of being biological animals!This is the problem of being organic computers!


Other issues I have with our animal nature is our carnivores and carnal appetite that I despise; we need to satisfy that beast we hold in our build; three times a day not with any kind of nutrition but animal flesh that it cannot live without;in addition we need to satisfy our carnal appetite also once in while in order to stay sane and normal. Given this reality I do not think it is wrong to think of ourselves as Frankenstein monsters half intelligence half beasts.I believe that changing the human design from its current status quo to something better will directly change the natural order set in place on the ground. It will be a revolution on the planet; if for example humans  go completely mechanized and become AI then there will be no prostitution, abattoirs, restaurants, hospitals,  rest rooms etc. everything will change when humans change and this what I mean by ‘ the natural order’ on earth. The current natural order on earth does not emanate from ‘God’ but from human nature; you change human nature you change the world.


Humans as animals have turned earth into an open air sty and abattoir;their irrationality has driven them to erect pillars of superstition all over the globe; their lust drives them to mate with everything that moves; their appetite forces them to devour other sentient animals; what could get more  horrible  than the current natural order? Earth’s atmosphere has been polluted with their stench and its silence perturbed by their enthusiastic and irrational ranting emanating from their houses of superstition. This is what is wrong the world; our animal essence responsible for the natural order on the ground; that is what is wrong. This is what needs to be changed; this is what happens when a primates becomes the dominant life force on the planet; they shape the world according to their own image or should I say nature —an irrational, violent, putrid, and selfish world of cannibalism.I think we need to be something civil, and inorganic ―I believe that is a wise decision and route to take in order to make our civilization whole in the universe; to make it  more pleasant and powerful—a world free from animal nature. Thus, I would finally say being human is the problem and transcending it is the solution!


Edited on July 9, 2018

Spiritual psychosis as comeuppance for heresy from monism


Nature will destroy the retinues of immaterial concepts which are incompatible with it; any theory which is incompatible with reality will always entail a punishment; simply because it is wrong. Any system that is not part of Nature; but, irrationally held as if; will incur injuries to its retinues. It is really astounding to realize that commonsense is really a rare commodity within the human species. Reason is not a foundation of several and most cultures in the world; some would inquire that ―what could we possibly expect from an animal brain like the human brain except basic instincts as well as irrationality and they may be just right. The human brain as an animal brain has produced several nonsensical concepts and theories. It is overwhelmed by irrationality, vagary, basic instincts, rage, irrationality and several lowly traits. The so called spirituality is one of them; a system constructed as a philosophical Frankenstein; a philosophy which is built by the amalgamation of several incompatible chimeras, conflicting and misaligned theories with one another finally presented to us as the masterpiece of the lowly self.


As it has been witnessed several times pseudosciences always drive humanity into oblivion and perdition and spiritualism is not an exception; its system of absence drives man into psychosis rather than solve either moral or metaphysical challenges. The god delusion is really a neglected and condoned madness that doesn’t even exist in the DSM-V manual; but, I think it should in order to drive humanity into the stars rather than the grave as I have said repeatedly. Endure my tautologies —because this time may be my premonitory arguments will encourage people to pay heed.


In an attempt to escape the agony of rationalism, thinking and  natural investigation man has always retreated into mythology and superstition; rather than utilize his limited animal intelligence, preserve, and observe as a sacrosanct; man has been obsessed in destroying the intelligence and brain that he acquired through evolution. Human intelligence as limited as it is needs to be seen as sacrosanct, preserved and utilized to solve human challenges rather than be abused in totalitarian madness by politicians, mystics and charlatans. Freethought and individual liberty are the indispensable feed to the soul of man in order for him to comprehend nature and tame its forces to augment his bliss and quality of life.


Actually the main reason why I set up camidrcs is to combat the lowlyself and its existential threat it poses to the very survival and masterdom of the human race. The derision of nature and its attempted escape cannot open the doors of heaven but the doors of hell; it will increase the types of diseases on the planet, and halt the progress of a futuristic society. True salvation does not reside beyond the grave but between the ears; in an organ called the brain the only tool that nature gave us to perpetuate our survival; other organisms may have several tools to help them survive; but, humans have only their brain and limited intelligence as a gift from nature. They are squishy little primates but can think and understand nature ―to the extent of the multiverse. We must utilize, purge it from lowly traits and augment it to provide that salvation we eagerly seek.


We must understand that concepts of beyond nature like spiritualism are the symptoms of a weak intelligence which gives up its investigation and manipulation of nature; when the going gets though. The agony of rationalism by itself is a good indication that the human brain as a primate  processor is half baked and not well developed; instead of preserving and developing this brain we seem to go backwards in the evolutionary tree  giving in to basic irrational instincts and its products like spiritualism and nature chastises us with punishment to indicate to us that our route is wrong and we must retreat back to reason; why should we be slaves of irrational systems to drive ourselves into psychosis when we can be the masters of the natural world? Why should we encourage the lowly self and its avalanche of pseudosciences that it produces when we can move forward to become a space faring civilization? Why should we be animals when we can be something else better? Why should we age and die when we can extend our lives indefinitely?


But, all these feats are challenges that need rational cogitation and natural observation; which we are escaping from; this will not serve our long term interests rather it will destroy humanity like spiritualism is destroying man with psychosis. There is no free lunch in nature; nature is not a loving mother; it is an evil mother—we actually need to think in order to survive in it and solve our challenges. Natural investigation is a high risk and high reward endeavor. Our quality of life that we complain about is actually limited by the power of our intelligence; high intelligence entails high quality of life. This is the reason that humans have a high quality of life compared to other primates in the bushes. But, still this intelligence has faults it malfunctions and goes back in time to produce nonsensical systems like spiritualism. I think we do not have an option but to move ahead and augment it to save ourselves the comeuppance of nature for our digression from reason and commonsense.